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Title: Forge
Post by: BallReviews-scodaddy21 on January 03, 2019, 04:10:37 PM
Motiv Forge
Motiv boasts that the Forge is their strongest symmetrical bowling ball to date. This ball introduces the Detonator weight block and combines it with the Coercion HFS coverstock to offer control with huge hook potential. This ball is ideal for medium-heavy oil conditions where it displays a smooth motion as well as outstanding power and continuation. The Detonator core has a low RG and a high differential that help generate revs easily along with a lot of flare. This ball uses Motiv's outer core material called Reverb helps with massive pin hitting power. Motiv's Coercion HFS coverstock creates traction even when facing heavy oil conditions, as well as a smooth reaction to friction, and superb continuation. The coverstock is finished with a 3000 Grit LSS pad to assist in this motion.

Color: Red/Black
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Core: Detonator
Coverstock: Coercion HFS
Finish: 3000 Grit LSS
Reaction: Impressive control and outstanding continuation
RG: 2.47**
Diff: 0.055**
** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: scottyb300 on January 04, 2019, 02:11:17 PM
I was extremely excited when MOTIV announced this ball! I held my expectations extremely high when they said it was their strongest symmetrical ball to date. I can say with pure confidence I was not disappointed whatsoever!
When I think of a strong symmetrical ball I think of the Venom Shock. So when drilling and rolling this ball for the first time that's what I compared it to. I drilled my first Forge with the layout 30x5x30 with my pap being 4 over 3/16 up (I'm a lefty). I have Venom shock with the same layout. MOTIV was not lying when they said this is their strongest symmetrical to date! This ball hooks!!
What surprised me however was how clean it was through the front part of the lane. Even with its out of box surface this ball read the fronts really well but retained it's energy down lane even better. Comparing it to the Venom Shock for me the Venom reads much earlier. I can honestly say that this Forge is now my new benchmark. It is the first ball on the rack wherever I go!
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: MotivLou on January 04, 2019, 08:59:19 PM
Motiv Forge

The all new Motiv Forge is here !! This ball features an all new core the Detonator ! Wrapped around the Coercion HFS cover !! Born from the fires of the Revolt is a great comparison. It reminds me most of a Revolt Havoc but bigger stronger and shapes way more for me than the Havoc did. I drilled 2 of them. One of them pin up a little further from my pap and another one pin down with a strong layout. My pin down one is extremely smooth and very predictable, best for me on longer pattern and short patterns. My Pin up one really likes to BOOM ! Best for me when I want to open up my angles. In my time since Iíve drilled these balls I learned that itís a great step down from the Abyss. It really bridges the gap in my arsenal ! Canít get enough of this one !! Ball is available on 1/14/19 !!! #GetMOTIVated   
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: Jeff Piroozshad on January 05, 2019, 03:31:31 PM
The MOTIV Forge is a high-end big-bending symmetric ball. The thing I liked most about the Forge is how it never seems to quit. It never loses energy. It never rolls out. The core on this ball is a great match to the coverstock, which is strong but not overpowering. This ball will grab in the oil, but not so much that you can't find a line to use it on.

It's also very friendly towards drill patterns, versatility and coverstock changes. I think you can tailor this ball to be whatever you need it to be, and that's a rare find in this day and age of super-specialized bowling equipment. Even with the strong nature of this ball, don't be surprised to find it's the first ball out of your bag on all but the driest conditions.

I can't imagine there are many styles out there, if any, that wouldn't have a place for a Forge in their bag.

I've made a YouTube review video for this ball, which you can find here: 

Jeff Piroozshad
MOTIV Staffer
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: The SuperHitMan on January 08, 2019, 02:10:08 PM
Coverstock :  Coercion HFS
Core:  Detonator (Symmetrical)
Surface: 3000 Grit LSS
Layout :  40 x 4 Ĺ x 33

Forge (noun):  The strongest symmetrical ball ever created by Motiv Bowling built for a smooth ball motion on medium to medium-heavy patterns that features the low rg Detonator weight block wrapped in the Coercion High Friction Solid coverstock that provides even traction and continuation.

I am a fan of symmetrical weaponry because the ball reaction is even and I love big covers because of the traction I get out of it throughout the lane, the Forge is the perfect combination of both.   The Forge was created to fit below the Trident Abyss once it becomes too big for the pattern allowing you to maintain a similar ball reaction, in my eyes the Forge reminds of the original Forza with a very strong cover with the Revolt Havoc continuation.

The ball motion of the Forge is early as the Coercion High Friction Solid coverstock commands as such and because of that itís rather versatile for me on both flat and wet/dry patterns, as early and smooth as Forge is when itís time for me to move left I didnít have an issue maintaining continuation cornering the lane.


Villain: The Forge is earlier than the Villain due to its low rg of 2.47. The Villain provides easier length as it has a higher rg than that of the Forge at 2.54, both covers offer versatility on heavy to medium-heavy patterns however the HFS coverstock is bigger than the MFS on the Villain. The ball motion is similar but the Forge is more continuous up front than the Villain, the Villain has the asymmetrical Sinter core whereas the Forge has the symmetrical Detonator core.

Villain Scorn: Forge is earlier than the Villain Scorn due to its low rg of 2.47. The Villain Scorn has a higher rg at 2.54 providing more length and has the Hexion SE coverstock, between the two the Forge has a stronger coverstock.  The Villain Scorn ball motion is more angular than the ball motion of the Forge, the Villain Scorn has the asymmetrical Sinter core whereas the Forge has the symmetrical Detonator core.

As a huge fan of the Revolt line I look forward to the success the Forge line will bring, as advertised it does indeed fit underneath my Trident Abyss. If you were a fan of the Revolt line as I was I encourage you to take a look at the Forge as I feel it is worth your time.

Your game will thank you for it. 

K.C. White II

Motiv Staffer

WhyBowl Staffer
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: garrettedmisten on January 12, 2019, 09:11:47 AM



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):




I drilled this ball with the pin in the ring finger and let me tell you that this ball is very versatile on all patterns. I rolled the Forge on the viper oil pattern as soon as I drilled it and shot an 1100 for 5 games. The Forge responded to the condition perfectly. The next night I bowled in league and shot 750. (TPHS). No surface changes, I stayed with it the whole night. This ball will be with me every where I bowl!!!!! Garrett Edmisten, Motiv Staff
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: rayner13 on January 13, 2019, 07:59:38 AM
Motiv Bowling introduces the Forge. Featuring a brand new core, the Detonator Core, wrapped with the Coercion HFS(High Friction Solid) coverstock, the Forge is a very strong and continuous symmetrical ball.

As I started to throw this ball, I could immediately see how this ball is compared to the Revolt Havoc.  It provides that same smooth, consistent shape that fans of the Havoc will remember.  It is clean through the heads but gets into a very heavy mid lane roll. The difference between the two balls is noticeable however.  This ball clearly has more down lane then my Havoc ever did. Where my Havoc had a tendency to flat 10 this ball rips through the pocket.

This is a ball I can see me using once my Trident Abyss starts losing energy.  On sport/tournament patterns this ball will really help you control the lane front to back without having to open up your angles too much. 

Matt Rayner
Motiv Staff Member
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: Motivtylerjlew on January 14, 2019, 11:03:36 AM
Motivís new Forge! This ball is our strongest symmetrical ball ever and I can really attest to that! I really appreciate how smooth and strong this ball is. It features the brand new Detonator weight block and the Coerceion shell, providing low RG/high diff and massive flare. This ball is outstanding when you need something strong and controllable. I use this on medium patterns or when high volume patterns dry up a little and the big asymmetrical balls are too much. Order yours today! #getMOTIVateD

MOTIV Staffer
Tyler Lewis
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: on January 14, 2019, 12:27:09 PM
Forged from fire and built to hook!!

The Detonator core has a low radius of gyration and when it's pared with a higher differential you can get larger track flares plus a really smooth response when it reads the friction. The Coercion HFS cover grips in heavy oil and has outstanding continuation.

I decided to drill this the exact same as my Venom Shock(60x30x5). The Venom Shock has been a great benchmark ball because of it being faster through the front part of the lane for me and now with the Forge being stronger upfront and a bit slower down lane, when I open up my angles, I don't see the ball over hook when touching friction. I like the out of the box finish because it's slower through the front part of the lane and still has the energy to get back to the pocket. This ball compliments my Venom Shock and I am very pleased with its performance.

I recommend this to a friend for sure.

James Turner
Title: MOTIV Forge
Post by: cyafromfla on January 18, 2019, 11:46:13 AM

This ball is a brand new design into the MOTIV line of bowling balls. The MOTIV Forge is the strongest symmetrical ball ever created by MOTIV and features the brand new Detonator weight block in combination with one of the strongest covers ever developed by MOTIV, the Coercion HFS cover stock.  The Detonator core provides a low RG and high differential to create easy revs and massive amounts of flare.  The Reverb outer core material surrounds the Detonator core to provide explosive hitting power.  The Forge is built for a smooth motion on medium-heavy oil conditions.  Creating impressive control and outstanding continuation.

It will be a great fit in your bag on medium to heavy oil.  By merging the a high differential with a low RG, the Forge creates maximum track flare providing traction in the heavy oil, a smooth response to friction, and outstanding continuation  . The Forge will become that ball you can count on when you need the ball blend the pattern, store itís energy and continue through the pin deck.

My Forge is laid out pin up (above my ring finger), the cg very slightly shifted to the right (no extra hole). This ball has already found a place in my bag and drives through the pins with easy from any angle. If you are looking for that go to ball that will smooth out the pattern, not hook at your toes, provides control, has continuation and awesome hitting power. Look no further, you've found it.

Craig Auerbach
MOTIV Staff Member
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: MotivMackie on January 20, 2019, 01:33:44 AM
Motiv Forge Review

For a bigger ball I was nervous this ball would be to much ball overall. I have a med ball speed with a Higher rev rate so usually Med-High solids end up being early but still being a ton down lane for me so I end up polishing them to tame them down a little. With the Forge I left at box surface though. The ball was amazing it read the front part of the lane but still stayed continuous down lane. I had some miss right and left where the ball didnít over react which I was happy to see. It ended up blending the house pattern very well.

Definitely see it being my Bench mark ball to start most days with. After about 5 games and a little carry down I was able to move a couple boards right with my feet and stay firm with my release and keep the ball in play for a couple more games. Overall was really Excited for this piece and it definitely exceeded my expectations!

Title: Forge Review
Post by: sportshot on January 22, 2019, 07:34:35 PM
Ball Specs:
 Motiv Forge
 HFS Ė High Friction Solid
 3000 Grit LSS
 Symmetric Core
 Layout 60 x 4-1/4 x 50

 Bowler Specs:
 Right Hand.  PAP  4-3/4 Over 1/4 Up
 Rev Rate 250. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
 Speed off hand  18

 The Forge is another big hooking ball in the Motiv line. This ball is a bit different than previous hook monsters because it has a symmetric core. Most balls we have seen that can handle oil this well have been asymmetric. Symmetric cores, in my opinion allow you to stay in an area longer and when you move the moves are not as big. When I first rolled the Forge I was very surprised because it hooked more than my Original Villain. The Forge is between the Abyss and Original Villain for me. The Forge has a very strong cover, Coercion HFS that bites early and maintains exceptional drive through the pins.  The Forge is 3000 Laser Scan Sanded out of the box which I think is a nice match. The ball can be surface adjusted easily if required.  The Forge has a similar motion to my Forza SS but is much more overall and delivers more drive through the pocket. The roll also reminds me of the Idol Solid by Roto which has been a great tournament ball for many bowlers. I have to believe the Forge is a bit stronger from what I have seen. The Forges I have drilled for the bowlers in my area have been a hit. I am very pleased with the reactions so far. Speed dominated bowlers or those who need more hook with forgiveness are really enjoying this ball. I have had the opportunity to use my Forge on many patterns and it matches up to all but the dryer ones for me. I can see this getting a lot if use when I need a strong predictable hook.

 The Forge is a big hooking Symmetric addition to the line.
 The ball looks great and cleans up easily.
 The Forge rolls heavy and is predictable.
 The Forge will be a great choice when the Abyss is just too much.
 The drive through the pins with the Forge is very strong.

 Glenn  Wendel
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Title: Forge Ahead!
Post by: toverbey on January 25, 2019, 04:17:20 PM
   55 x 5Ē x 25

From the ashes of the Revolts, a new heavy-oil symmetric ball has been born into the MOTIV lineup: the Forge. If the Jackal and Villain asymmetric lines are acting too violently on the conditions you are bowling on, this ball is the go-to complement to pick up. Sporting new technology all around (Detonator core at 2.47RG, .055Diff and Coercion HFS coverstock finished at 3000LSS), the predictability and control this ball shows fits into the top end of the current line up quite well. Since this ball is meant to provide traction in the oil and provide a slower (read: more controllable) reaction at the breakpoint, I put a higher-pin layout on it to help it get through the heads and respond a little quicker at the friction; I felt this was also necessary as I typically do not see true heavy-oil patterns very often. I must say, I have been quite impressed with the versatility the Forge has given me so far. While it does give me predictability on fresh patterns, allowing me to keep my line squared up, it also has the ability to open the lane up more than expected. On a typical league night I can start with a laydown of 14, crossing at 12, and not have to ball down (currently to a T10) until my angle is around 23-17, a full nine and five left. Balls of this nature in the past usually have me putting them away as the transition hits, or after game one, but the wider range in which this Forge carries allows me to get well into, if not through, game two. Even with this steeper angle the ball does not jerk once it hits the dry, it just makes its smooth-shaped motion and continues left through to the pit. There is a distinct advantage in having a ball in your hand that reads the transition well but also gets you through it until you can pick up a cleaner, faster responding piece and take a step left to bank off the dry. The best way I can summarize the Forge is to call it a higher-end benchmark ball. While stronger than a traditional benchmark, the way it reads the lane and the versatility it shows from various zones gives it every indicator to be titled as such. 

Trent Overbey
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Title: Re: Forge
Post by: platnium on January 28, 2019, 01:23:43 AM
Motiv Forge !
    Small meaning making a shape the Forge is great smooth reacting Motiv Bowling Ball. That gives me as player ball to use on medium to heavy conditions to smooth oil pattern out down lane. I drilled my Forge 45x3 Ĺ x45 which gave me even shape down lane and easy way to make adjustments. Even though Motiv Forge rolls smooth down lane it has lot left on back end and powers through pins. It great ball for medium to oily lane condition and very smooth. Again must have for any novice bowler who loves the Motiv Brand altogether great ball.  :) :) :)

Jarvis Greene
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Title: Re: Forge
Post by: jrob857 on February 05, 2019, 02:07:16 PM

The Forge is the latest release from MOTIV Bowling. The Forge is the strongest symmetrical bowling ball ever created by MOTIV and also one of the best. The Forge replaces the revolt line with a brand new core and cover stock the MOTIV fans will absolutely love. The Forge brings together the New Detonator core which gives the Forge a low RG and high diff to create easier revs and high flares. Combining the new Detonator core is the new Coericon HFS cover stock that provides high traction, as well as a smooth response to friction on heavier oil conditions. You wonít go wrong with the Forge by MOTIV Bowling.

Weight Block       Detonator
Cover Stock        Coericon HFS
Finish                 3000 Grit LSS


I absolutely loved the Revolt line. That line brought me so much success but on house and tournament conditions and lie most was upset that MOTIV as replacing that line. However, my sadness quickly went away throwing the Forge. The shape that the Forge gave me was something that I have never seen in a strong symmetrical. Usually something this strong will lose energy therefore wonít be able to throw this piece on house but thatís not the case. The Forge is the first ball out of my bag and I have sold a lot of them mainly because of the slower response off of friction therefore the retainable energy through the pins I can throw this on any condition and have the confidence to have success.  Higher rev players will love this piece on both house and sport because of this and lower rev, lower speed bowlers will love the Forge as well because if that as well. Itís all around a wonderful piece from MOTIV.

Likes: Smooth reaction down lane; slow response off of friction; retainable energy.
Dislikes: None

I recommend this bowling ball for all types of bowlers.

MOTIV Staff Player,
John Robertson
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: Wolfstrike on February 08, 2019, 01:50:21 PM
So I recently received my Motiv forge a week ago and let me tell you it's exactly as its described in the videos and literature. It's very strong Maybe a board or 2 weaker than my jackal gold. But its much early and often. Meaning it reads the earlier part of the pattern and blends the pattern down lane. So if you are bowling on something where you need some control from a big hooking ball or bowling on a cliffed house shot this ball is exactly what you are looking for!
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: kshipley17 on February 13, 2019, 02:49:17 PM
Hello MOTIVnation.

Let's talk about the Motiv Forge.
This ball uses the Coercion HFS coverstock and the Detonator core.
It is manufactured at 3,000 LSS with a RG of 2.47 and a DIFF of .055.

This ball is very smooth through the moddle part of the lane hits with a ton power. This ball was designed to be the ball down from the Trident Abyss. I have really enjoyed throwing this ball and is usually my go to ball once the lanes start to show transition or carry down.
This ball  along with the all new Motiv Golden Jackal will keep you in the pocket all day or night long.
 I have witnessed first hand that this ball is made for all styles and all rev rates. I bowled in a local tournament 2 weeks ago and there were 4 of us throwing this ball, all different styles and all different lines. Order yours before time runs out. Highly recommend this ball
Title: Re: Forge
Post by: MOTIVmags on February 21, 2019, 11:16:59 AM

Description: The Forge brings a brand-new core to MOTIV’s arsenal, the Detonator Core (2.47 RG/.055 DIFF). The Forge has a modified version of the Coercion Coverstock that is used in the Jackal series, called Coercion HFS. The all NEW logo brings some nice shelf appeal to the ball as well!

Reaction: There is no doubt that the Revolt series was very popular, but the Forge will be taking its place in the Medium-Heavy oil row on MOTIV’s Ball Guide
( I am surprised, but so far, I have been able to successfully use this on fresh house patterns. It has allowed me to move into the thickest part of the lane without being in an asymmetrical core and really blend out the very wet/dry house patterns, which has really opened the lane up because it never loses continuation. Once the Forge lost a little bit of it’s box cover and had some lane shine it started to look even better on league conditions. I felt like when I got into a Revolt Havoc it was too early and too slow for house patterns and I felt the same about the Forza SS and original Forza, the Forge just continues so much better than those pieces.

Comparisons: I compared the Forge to the Villain and the Rogue Blade, comparing to older balls as described above just doesn’t make any sense when it’s a significantly better piece designed for modern conditions. The Villain forced me deeper on the fresh house pattern and I feel has more shape down lane than the Forge, those that want to use more friction on the house pattern will veer towards the Villain, while those who wanted to use that unlimited hold on
the house pattern will want to use the Forge. The Rogue Blade is significantly cleaner and has more shape down lane than the Forge. The Rogue Blade would be a good compliment to the Forge when it’s too soon or too smooth.

Summary: Well, there are no tricks to this ball, you know exactly what you’re getting. An earlier rolling ball with amazing continuation. It is designed for when you want the ball to start sooner and maintain control and a lot of continuation. The is MOTIV’s strongest symmetrical release to date!

Mike Magolan
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Title: Re: Forge
Post by: jamotivated on March 09, 2019, 02:12:07 AM
Introducing the all new Motiv Forge, featuring the the never before seen Detonator Core and wrapped in the Coercion HFS cover. This is the strongest symmetrical ball I've ever thrown. It reminds me of a much stronger Venom Shock or Revolt Havoc.

I find this ball to be great on a variety of patterns, and itís become a sort of benchmark ball for me. I drilled mine 45x5.25x40, which is one of the weaker layouts Iíve ever used for something symmetrical.

This ball excels anytime thereís free hook to the outside and a puddle in the middle, and with surface can be used to tame flatter shots with ease.

Jamison Peyton
Motiv Staff
PSO at BowlersMart Texas Station in Las Vegas, NV