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« on: November 06, 2014, 10:59:43 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
Click here to shop.

Features: - Color: Exotic Orange/Black/Gray
- Core: Torx
- Coverstock: Helix Solid Reactive
- Finish: 3000 Grit LSS
- NeoMark Logo: Exotic Orange/Black/Gray
- RG: 2.50 (for 15# ball)
- Diff: .051 (for 15# ball)
- Flare Potential: 5+ Inches
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil



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Re: Forza
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2014, 07:53:39 AM »

Description: The Forza is an all new ball, in every way. The inside consists of the new Torx Core, while the outside consists of the new solid Helix Coverstock. The Forza also adds for the first time the all new MOTIV Badge logo, which gives it great shelf appeal.

Reaction: With any new release there is a lot of anticipation like what does it do and does it do what it’s supposed to do? It’s very simple the Forza provides predictability and versatility. It gets into an early heavy roll and has great continuation. This ball provides continuation through the pins that you just don’t see when you hear a ball is going to be “Smoother”. My first layout (60X5.5X35) was straighter through the front and a controlled change in direction once it hits friction, with good continuation. My second layout (45X5X65) was sooner in the front and middle part of the lane with a very strong arcing motion, allowing it to be very continuous. So far, on multiple patterns I have liked the second layout better, it really allows the ball to stand out and do what it’s intended to do.

Comparisons: The Forza is well complimented with other balls in production by MOTIV. To start, the Venom Shock is cleaner and responds to friction just a little faster, giving it less overall hook potential. Next, the Sigma Sting provides a cleaner and stronger motion downlane, with a close hook potential. Finally, the Tribal Fire is much cleaner and has a much faster response to friction but, less hook potential.

Summary: This release is great for several reasons…A lot of times house patterns present a very wet/dry condition that tends to either make it look more difficult than it really is or carry is just brutal. This ball has looked really good on what people refer to as a typical house shot because of how well it blends patterns. In addition because of the shape and continuation this ball creates I have already found it useful on several lengths of more challenging patterns. #Overdrive

Mike Magolan - MOTIV Staff/Turbo Staff/Boom Apparel Staff
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Re: Forza
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2014, 05:12:33 PM »
Description: The Forza is an all new ball, in every way. The core is the all new Torx Core, while the cover is the new solid Helix Coverstock. The Forza also adds for the first time the all new MOTIV Badge logo, which gives it great shelf appeal.

Reaction: I'm always eager when I hear we have a new ball coming out.  And like every bowler i always have some questions, like what does it do and does it do what it’s supposed to do? The Forza provides the predictability and versatility that every bowler is looking for. It gets into an early heavy roll and has great continuation. This ball provides continuation through the pins that you just don’t see when you hear a ball is going to be “Smoother”.

Comparisons:  The Venom Shock is cleaner and responds to friction just a little faster, giving it less overall hook potential.  the Tribal Fire is much cleaner and has a much faster response to friction but, less hook potential.  The Forza will fit right in with its heavy rolling core and the smoothness the cover provides.

Summary: A lot of times house patterns present a very wet/dry or over/under condition that tends to either make it look more difficult than it really is. The Forza has looked really good on what people refer to as a typical house shot because of how well it blends the over/under out.   #Overdrive

Marc Heninger - Motiv Staff and Team RBT memeber


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Re: Forza
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2014, 12:07:57 PM »
Wow…That’s all I can say is WOW! Motiv continues to move the bowling ball world forward. The all new Motiv Forza not only looks incredible it is INCREDIBLE!  This ball is so versatile it is great for almost any lane condition. Typical house shot bowlers will find its smooth motion and strong continuation mesmerizing. Its so repeatable in its response that any line is playable. PBA and sport shot bowlers will fall in love with its incredible drive and continuation. Multiple lines of play open up with it making it one of the most versatile pieces in the Motiv line. Its all new and if you thought the recent Motiv pieces were Awesome ..You haven’t seen anything yet! Motiv continues to WOW the industry in this new release in nothing but Spectacular! Don’t miss your chance to own this Awesome ball!
Rick Zakrajsek
Motiv Ohio


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Re: Forza
« Reply #4 on: November 28, 2014, 03:57:34 PM »

Length: 41 ft

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS



The new Forza by Motiv Bowling brings together not only new cover/core combination technology but also the Forza is the first to showcase the new Motiv badge logo. The new Forza is a medium oil monster that brings together the new Torx core that will rev up early and easy and then you team that up with the new Helix solid reactive cover stock that will read the mid-lane with ease and still give you that outstanding continuation that Motiv products continue to produce. The new Forza is yet another killer on the lanes that you will need in your bag.

Inner Core –         Torx
Coverstock –        Helix Solid Reactive
Finish –               3000 Grit LSS


The new Forza gives me a shape on the lanes that I have never seen on any bowling ball I have ever drilled. It’s the earliest ball I’ve ever thrown but also the smoothest I’ve thrown and the continuation that this piece brings is just outstanding. Usually for me early equipment was never for me and I never knew why so I stayed away from them. They were all condition specific pieces but the Forza is one of a kind. I have seen a bowling ball with this kind of shape anywhere. Very early rolling piece that will read the mid-lane so well but its also the smoothest piece I’ve ever thrown. And you put that all together with the continuation that this piece brings, the Forza is one of a kind and is a must need in any bag. I love to start with the Foza on fresh conditions because it gives me the best look out there. For lower rev players, they will find the Forza as probably one of their more versatile pieces.

Likes: Early, smooth ball motion; Continuation.

Dislikes: None

I recommended this piece too all types of bowlers.

Motiv Staff Player,
John Robertson


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Re: Forza
« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2014, 08:56:27 PM »
Ball Specs:
 Motiv Forza
 Helix Solid Reactive
 3000 Grit LSS
 Symmetric Core
 Layout 70 x 4.5 x 35

 Bowler Specs:
 Right Hand.  PAP  4-3/4 Over 1/4 Up
 Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
 Speed off hand  18

 The Forza features a new cover stock from Motiv, the Helix Solid Reactive. The Forza also has a new core design, the Torx core. These parts marry beautifully together to produce a very heavy rolling ball with exceptional carry. The Forza drives through the pocket keeping the pins low. The cover cleans and tunes easily and does not seem to glaze even with multiple games rolled on it. I found the Forza to be just under my Revolt in total hook with more of an arcing shape on the lane. Once I got lined up with the Forza I could stay in the pocket all night with only minor adjustments during the transition. I liked the box surface so much I did not want to change it, so there was no choice but to drill another Forza and polish it! I went right over the box surface with Motiv Power Gel Polish and created another winner.  The layouts were very similar with just a longer pin to PAP “5 inches” and CG in the polished one 1/4 inch closer to Grip Line. I got almost the same look on the lane just 5 feet later. There was a little more backend but not what I would call a flip in the polished Forza. Both balls hit equally hard. The Forza plays well with inside or outside lines and is very predictable.
We seemed to have had a ton of Hype from customers with the Jackal, as we do with most big hook balls and it was well deserved. I have not seen the hype with the Forza, but when more of these go down the lane, I feel it will be an awesome seller for Motiv. This ball simply does what a bowling ball is made to do, roll great, hit hard and score!

 The Forza has a new cover, core and sweet shield logo.
 This ball is a good fit for most styles.
 The Forza hits hard and is predictable.
 Polishes well but maintains the same predictability.
 The core and cover are a great match.

 Glenn  Wendel
PBA Member
 Motiv Staff
 Turbo Staff

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Motiv Staff Member
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Re: Forza
« Reply #6 on: December 02, 2014, 01:39:40 PM »
The Motiv Forza has now become a favorite of mine. Featuring the Helix Solid Reactive coverstock and the all new Torx weight block, this maybe one of the most controllable balls I have ever thrown. The Forza is unique to the Motiv line because it is the only ball to have a mid-range core at 2.50. This makes the ball read the middle of the lane very well with great control. The cover is generally used in heavier amounts of oil.

For me, I use this ball pretty much all the time! It is the first ball I put on the rack. It is my go to ball because I can use many different angles with this ball with ease. I am really impressed with how late in the day I can use this ball and still get the corners out easily as I move left on the lane on any kind of condition. If I do end up balling down, I usually go to the covert revolt just to get the ball through the front a little better.

The Forza brings great control to the Motiv line that makes the pins look like they weigh nothing.

Roger Petrin
Motiv Staff
PBA Member



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Re: Forza
« Reply #7 on: December 09, 2014, 06:24:36 PM »
Ball Specs and Layout:
Helix Solid Reactive Coverstock
3000 Grit LSS Finish
Torx Core
14 lb 3 oz
45 X 4.75 X 45

Bowler Stats:
Rev Rate – 425
Ball Speed – 17 mph (downlane)
PAP – 3 ½ over, ¾ up

Test Enviroment:
42’ THS (fresh)

The all-new Forza is eye-catchy going down the lane and rolls great. I tested the Forza against my Venom Shock and Covert Revolt, which are also solids and similar layouts. The ball is really clean through the front part of the lane. Once reaching the back end, I easily noticed that it was powerful and continues really well through the pins. When I began to chase further in, the reaction is very consistent and does not lose energy. I do find the Forza to be a perfect fit in between both the Covert Revolt and the Venom Shock, when the Revolt reads too soon and when the Venom Shock is not quite enough.

Very controllable back-end motion
One of my favorite color combinations
Carries well through the pins


The Forza easily filled a small gap in my arsenal, and I’m also certain that with multiple Forza’s, it will fill multiple gaps for a lot of bowlers. The all-new design, is an absolute Grand Slam for Motiv.

Darryl Carreon
PBA Member
Darryl Carreon


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Re: Forza
« Reply #8 on: December 10, 2014, 09:30:38 PM »
Utilzing completely new technology, the Forza™ is precisely tuned for a smooth and powerful motion on medium oil.  It is engineered using the new Torx™ weight block design and Helix™ Solid Reactive cover stock. 

The powerful new Torx™ engine driving the the Forza™ produces a 2.50 RG and .051 differential on the 15# model.  It revs up easily and is capable of producing over 5” of track flare.  The new Helix™ Solid Reactive shell on the Forza™ is formulated to produce the friction required to read the mid-lane incredibly well, yet still display devastating continuation and drive through the pins.

Competitive bowlers with moderate to high rev rates will certainly fill a hole in their arsenal using the Forza on fresher oil patterns.  Bowlers that are speed dominant or have a low rev rate will find the Forza to be more versatile.

I put my favorite layout (55 X 4.5 X 40) on my NEW Motiv Forza. The NEW Motiv Forza was designed to roll similar to some older Motiv balls from the older product line but with much improved continuous motion downlane. Motiv has done it again! Motiv now has the smooth, slower response, solid ball that everyone was looking for! This ball has quickly become one of my favorite.  I threw my Forza for the first time on a 40 ft typical house shot in my Monday Mens League in which is normally extremely wet/dry. The Forza provided the desired ball reaction I was looking for. The forza read the front part of lane kinda early but not to early and provided a super smooth arc across the entire lane with amazing continuation through the pins! If I got it to the dry too early, the ball wouldn't overhook.  When I missed inside where the oil was, the ball would pick up and still provide great carry. I shot 750 with it out the box with the only misses being user error LOL! I came back next week and shot 300 after only throwing 6 games with it! This ball will be my goto when I want my ball to be smoother or lazier off the spot as opposed to the motion I get from my Primal Rage, Octane, and Tribal which are much more angular downlane. The Forza is very predictable and could be used a benchmark ball as is provides such a medium smooth motion. Based on your ball reaction with the Forza, you should be able to figure out if your lined up or if you need to go stronger or weaker. This ball should provide great ball reaction on flatter medium patterns as well such as PBA Bear or Chameleon. I am excited for the future that the Forza and me have in store!! Time to GET MOTIVated!!!!!

Bobby G Middleton JR
MOTIV Staff Member


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Re: Forza
« Reply #9 on: December 11, 2014, 10:09:59 AM »

Ball Weight:16 lb


45 x 4 x 70 with an 1 1/8 bit, 3" deep extra hole. Extra hole placed on a line from center of grip through the CG and extended to my VAL.


Rev Rate: 350 RPM

Ball Speed: 19 MPH

PAP/Track: 4 3/8 left, 7/8 up. high axis tilt


Grit: 2000

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Abralon pad


Length: variety

Volume: variety

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS and Sport Patterns


Length: earlier than the Revolt and Venom Shock

Back End: Smoothest back end motion out of the entire MOTIV line up

Overall Hook: same total hook potential as Revolt but not quite as much as the Jackal

Midlane Read: very strong, early mid lane. earliest read in the current offerings

Breakpoint Shape: very smooth and continuous. no surprises


Likes: Very predictable and easy to read. For a ball that makes such a smooth, "lazy" shape down lane, it goes through the pins incredibly well.

Dislikes:The bowler is a bit more locked into certain angles and parts of the lane because the Forza's shape is so unique.

I am enjoying my Forza quite a bit. I drilled mine very strong as I wanted something that would read very early and smooth out/back off down lane. The Forza gives me exactly that. It drives through the pins incredibly well for making such a smooth controlled shape. It reminds me a lot of the older pieces like a Thrash, TR2, Sigma Hybrid, etc. I have used it on a variety of patterns. I honestly don't get to throw it on a house shot as we just don't have enough volume here at home and it is too smooth coming off the spot for me to carry consistently. I usually stick to the faster, whippier covers on my local house shots like the Primal Rage and Octane.

On tougher patterns with a lot of volume the ball is incredible. It gives something so unique and different compared to my other pieces. I am in love. When they are brutal and have a lot of oil I add a little more texture (1000 grit roughly) and it blends out the transitions as well as any cliffs in the pattern.

I see high rev bowlers loving the Forza as it will eliminate that over/under issue you may see from a ball transitioning too fast. I think the guys at headquarters did a great job with matching core/cover on this piece. If you have a lot of axis rotation as well and/or axis tilt I think the Forza will roll very nicely too. This ball is all about predictability and control without sacrificing power through the pins. It also makes a great bench mark ball to see what the environment is like. I think the Forza will be very well received in the bowling community.

Darren Andretta
Vise Staff

The SuperHitMan

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Re: Forza
« Reply #10 on: December 12, 2014, 07:42:22 AM »
Rev Rate:420             
Axis Tilt:20               
Axis Rotation: 45
Ball Speed:17                 
PAP Measurements: 4 1/8
Description:  The Forza is proudly built to provide a smooth and powerful motion on medium oil.  The Torx core revs up easily and is capable of producing over 5” of track flare, the new Helix Solid Reactive cover  is built to produce the friction required to read the mid-lane incredibly well and still display devastating continuation and drive through the pins.
Out of box surface: 3000 Grit LSS
Ball Reaction:  I compare the Forza to the Sigma Hybrid with the difference being that the Forza picks up earlier and cleaner, it's going to provide you with continuous predictability matched with a heavy roll.  Much like the Hybrid it has a heavy roll to it but it gives you a bigger backend reaction, as well as you have more swing play with the Forza as it will recover.
THS (40 feet):

Summary:    I love the roll of this ball, the bright orange pigment, and the shield logo. It’s phenomenal. It gives me a shape on the lanes that I haven’t seen in a while since the Sigma Hybrid, it’s rather smooth but it also has that early grab effect that I love so much.  The Forza keeps pins low in the pocket due to the core/cover combo, and it will fit underneath your revolt with its shape being more of an arc roll.  I’ve stood in the gutter with this ball, I’ve played down the boards with this ball, to put it simply is ball is very versatile.  The forza video game was good.  The Forza bowling ball is great.  Put the pedal to the metal and pick one up. Your game will thank you.

K.C.White II
WhyBowl Staff
K.C. White II
Motiv Staffer
MotivNation will take a nation to stop.

Bowling is about what the bowler believes it to be, so what is bowling to you friend?


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Re: Forza
« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2014, 01:18:16 PM »
   60 x 5 x 70

Smoothness.  Control.  Continuation.  Those are all gears that the new Motiv Forza gives you to handle the lanes.  The early, predictable motion that the Forza gives you is a break from the more recent ‘skid-flip’ equipment that has come out which is a welcomed addition to keep the Motiv line up as complete as possible.  The brand new technology combination of the Helix Solid Reactive coverstock (finished at 3000 LSS) and the Torx core (2.50 RG, .051 Diff) presents a powerful ball motion with ultimate predictability.  On the fresh my Forza tracks quite early in the midlane thereby giving me a true read of any friction that is there; this makes reading the transitions very easy.  Once it gets to the end of the pattern the ball makes a very smooth move towards the pocket and then drives through the pins strongly.  Even on the most wet-dry conditions I have encountered this ball tames the pattern; it gives a nice blend of traction in the oil and control in the dry.  If you want a ball that will be your benchmark for reading the lanes, or something that will give you predictability even on the toughest of medium oil conditions, get yourself in gear and grab a Motiv Forza.

Trent Overbey
In the Zone Pro Shop
Motiv Staff


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Re: Forza
« Reply #12 on: January 12, 2015, 12:08:20 PM »



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):






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Re: Forza
« Reply #13 on: February 17, 2015, 08:57:53 AM »
Rev up your game with the all new Forza. Featuring the new Helix Solid Reactive coverstock, the new Torx core and the new Motiv Badge logo giving the ball amazing shelf appeal.

The layout on my Forza, 60X5X30, is pretty much the same layout I use on every new ball. The pin is located above my middle finger with cg straight down and no weight hole. This layout gives me length and recovery.

The Forza continues the same two characteristics of every Motiv ball I have thrown, versatility and continuation. The Forza fits in between my Venom Shock and Covert Revolt. It's not as early as the Revolt but not as strong in the back as the Venom Shock which in turn creates an even blend. The Forza has helped me on wet/dry conditions which I see later in an 8 game block and also some league patterns. When looking to blend out the pattern, the Forza is now my go to ball.

Carl Breaman
MOTIV Staff Member
PBA Member
Right Handed
Ball Speed=17
PAP= 5"right - 1/4"down


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Re: Forza
« Reply #14 on: February 27, 2015, 03:40:53 PM »
The layout on my forza is pretty basic, with the pin over the bridge which puts it about 4inches.  This ball is very even rolling for me and a good benchmark ball.  This ball will help blend out patterns that feel wet/dry for some balls.  It sits right between my Venom Shock and Octane.  If I need something with a little more in the back of the pattern I can just switch to the shock, but if I need something weaker I can just ball down to the Octane. 
Toby Sambueno

Motiv Staff Member
Vise Staff Member