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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
- INNER CORE: Quadfire
- FINISH: 4000 Wet Sand / Power Gel Polish
- RG: 16#-2.54 15#-2.55 14#-2.56 13#-2.58 12#-2.59 11#-2.70 10#-2.76
- RG DIFFERENTIAL: 16#-.060 15#- .060 14#-.060 13#-.047 12#.050 11#.018 10#.013
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- DESCRIPTION: Beat the competition on light to medium oil with the black and blue MOTIV QZ2. It features the Quadfire inner core, MOTIVator-Z Reactive cover, Reverb outer core, and exclusive NeoMark graphics.
The proven Quadfire inner core produces an RG that stores energy for the backend reaction and a differential for controlled track flare. The 15# ball has an RG rating of 2.55 and differential of .043.
The 2-color shell on the QZ2 Quadfire is MOTIVator-Z Reactive. This cover gives you a strong and consistent reaction on light to medium oil.
The Black and Blue Pearl QZ2 is 4000 wet sanded and then polished with Power Gel. This gives it a little more length on the lane than the previous QZ releases.
The Reverb outer core of the QZ2 is a low-density polyester resin with pin piercing hardness and strength. Rather than absorb impact energy, this outer core reverberates energy as it explodes through the pins.
The Black and Blue Pearl QZ2 coverstock is integrated with Silver Pearl NeoMark logo graphics. These graphics are also formulated from MOTIVator-Z reactive urethane so you have a consistent reaction 360° around the ball surface.


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Re: QZ2
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2010, 11:49:27 AM »
Another great ball by MOTIV.
I always put my favorite layout in the first ball, so I can get an accurate read and make adjustments on the next layout.
We bowl in a sport league and I used this ball in game 3 on the Chameleon pattern, moved out to the 4 board and just watched this ball walk right in to the pocket. Like all the MOTIV balls this hits like a freight train and makes the loudest sound as it attacks the pins. One of my teammates is on another companies staff and he said, he would throw MOTIV if he could, that's quite the compliment.
If you have not tried any MOTIV equipment the QZ line is a great place to start, good price point for a ton of ball. You will have an advantage over your competition.

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Re: QZ2
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2010, 02:10:07 PM »
This is another great release from MOTIV. I drilled up 2 of these, and they give me two completely different reactions!

#1 95 x 45 x 3 7/8
#2 80 x 10 x 1 7/8

#1 puts the pin under my middle finger and the cg kicked toward my track. This ball gets down the lane nicely with a strong arc on the backend. As with the other QZ balls, this release is great for those med. conditions. This QZ2 is quickly becoming the 1st ball out of my bag!
#2 puts the pin right of my middle finger roughly 3 in and the cg in my center of grip. This layout gives me a very smooth early rolling ball, which is nice on those touchy conditions. It allows me to move further right and not worry about it going crazy on the backend.

If all three QZ's are left in box condition, this ball will be the least and the purple will be the most. You will be able to get a lot of different reactions from this ball depending on the layout and surface. But if you are looking for an excellent middle of the road ball that isn't going to do anything too crazy but will still give you a nice smooth reaction. For me the #1 fits under a similar layout QZ1red with 2000 surface, and the #2 because of the smoothness, fits under a polished 4 in pin Recon.
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Re: QZ2
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2010, 05:24:51 PM »
I am left handed
I drilled the QZ2 with the pin above my ring finger and the CG kicked in.  I had a 2 inch pin.
The surface is out of the box finish.

I have used this ball on the cheetah and also on a house shot.  I recommend using this ball on short and light oil.  I really loved the red and purple QZ's and I am already loving this ball.  I can used this ball when i want to stay outside and throw hard and I love to do that.  Another great ball that Motiv has come out with.  Get MOTIVATED!!!!

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Re: QZ2
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2010, 01:01:06 PM »

The QZ2 bowling ball features the MOTIVator-Z™ reactive coverstock. It provides a strong but controllable reaction on light to medium oil.

Box Finish
The Black and Blue Pearl QZ2 is 4000 wet sanded and then polished with Motiv Power Gel®. This gives it a little more length on the lane than the previous QZ releases.
Inner Core: Quadfire™
The proven Quadfire™ inner core produces an RG that stores energy for the backend reaction and a differential for controlled track flare. The 15# ball has an RG rating of 2.55 and differential of .043.

The Black and Blue Pearl QZ2 coverstock is integrated with Silver Pearl NeoMark™ logo graphics. These graphics are also formulated from MOTIVator-Z™ reactive urethane so you have a consistent reaction 360° around the ball surface.

QZ2 drilled:
Axis Point - 5" over 0" up/down
Pin to PAP- 5" – pin in midline under fingers
CG Placement - lower right quadrant, right of pin
Balance Hole – small hole in safe zone to maintain differential
Basic Drilling 5 X 4
Surface Preparation - Out of Box (4000 Polished)

The reaction from this ball is just what Motiv advertises, a little longer than the original QZ1’s through the fronts because of the altered factory finish and midlane roll for a smooth transition into the back part of the lane. Again this ball is made for medium to light oil patterns. The attractive two-tone black and blue cover almost gives this ball a “Hybrid” look but don’t let that fool you, this ball is a QZ through and through which means that it shines best when the lanes start breaking down and the higher differential balls start reading friction sooner solution is to grab your QZ2 and keep striking!

Ernie Segura
Motiv Seed Program (Michigan)
USBC Certified Silver Level Coach
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QZ2 5 X 4


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Re: QZ2
« Reply #5 on: November 15, 2010, 01:41:37 PM »
Bowler Stats-Ball Speed 17 MPH Rev Rate-App 280 Axis of Rotation-30 to 60 degrees Axis Tilt 9 degrees Right Handed PAP-5 over, 1/4" up

The Motiv QZ2 ball is designed for medium and light oil patterns. The ball is as advertised. It pushes through the heads with ease unless all the oil is gone. When the ball finds friction it makes an agressive angular and continuous move to the pocket. For me it plays more angular then the RX1/Recon as well as the QZ1.  (Note:  My QZ1 is drilled pin in ring finger, CG kicked out  QZ2 Pin above Middle finger CG in Palm) I am able up the boards, swing it out to the dry or play an tight inside shot.  This ball is very versatile for me.  The ball recovers well, in a skid flip/quick transition manner and keeps the pins low when the pocket is hit.

If you use this ball as designed, that is on patterns that have light oil in the heads, or broken down by league or tournament play, it will be a very effective ball. To throw it on a fresh THS (Typical House Shot) will require throwing it to the dry, which many bowlers are very comfortable with.  The QZ2 gives Motiv a piece of equipment for Motiv believers as a step between the QZ1's, when it is too much and the Recon, for when it is too littel.  

I'm very colorblind but the Neomark Graphic makes the ball very pleasing to the eye and give it good shelf appeal.

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Dug Barker
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Re: QZ2
« Reply #6 on: November 15, 2010, 07:38:09 PM »
My stats : 18-20 mph.
                  5-7/8 pap
                  Med revs

I drilled my qz2 ( box finish)pin below ring finger with cg 1" right of center of grip no xtra hole. This ball for me is super smooth thru  the heads and gives a great read off the friction with a angular motion thru the pin deck . This ball is great for Lighter Typical house shot   and have used it later in tournaments when heads get burnt . I also have surfaced this ball to 2000 and got a totally different look . Ball was midlane read with smooth backend motion .
Overall this ball is a great addition to any arsenal !

Jeremy Boyer
Motiv Staff


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Re: QZ2
« Reply #7 on: November 16, 2010, 07:42:12 AM »
Drilled mine with a 4 in. pin and 4 in. cg from my PAP with a small hole just below the axis...threw it for a while with the box finish, but later used MOTIV Power Gel Scuff to smooth out the reaction, and LOVE what this ball does!! Gets through the fronts on the THS with ease, and revs hard off the friction with a continuous motion through the pins. Have thrown it on some dried up heads, and ball still hits hard the deeper I moved on the lane. Being a "tweener", I highly recommend this ball seeing how it opens up the pocket and increases pin carry.

~Nick Miseno
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Re: QZ2
« Reply #8 on: November 16, 2010, 04:27:01 PM »
I drilled this ball with a weak layout placing the pin 5 ½” from PAP.  This puts the pin location above my middle finger by about ½”.  I am a right handed bowler and kept the ball at box finish.  This ball when used on the PBA Cheetah pattern allowed me to move 3 boards right with my mark playing 9 to 6 on fresh versus 6 to 3 with the RECON on fresh oil.  I was able to maintain the same shape off the break point without creating too much angularity.  The ball is clean through the heads while providing a bowler with recovery down lane.  I found this to be true on both the PBA Viper and Chameleon patterns as well.  Overall, this ball is a must have for any bowler looking for lighter oil equipment that is consistent while allowing you to be versatile with your playing angles.  This is a great addition to the MOTIV ball line!

David Schroeder
Turbo Staff

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Re: QZ2
« Reply #9 on: November 17, 2010, 09:37:16 AM »

  My information:
  Ball Speed-15mph average,Rev Rate-265 Average,Axis Rotation-45degrees,
  Axis Tilt-15 degrees.

  Lane Surfaces Tested On-2yr. old Pro Anvilane Second generation.
  10 year old Anvilanes,16 year old Anvilanes,30  year old wood,30+year
  old wood,with 8 year old guardian heads.

  Specs of Ball Used-15 lb.,3”pin,3oz. top,Drilling-60x40 @4”,P3 Hole,1 1/64  
  bit 21/2”deep,
  Fingers drilled 1’” deeper with 7/8” bit.

  Coverstock-The same as the QZ1’s  is  the MOTIVator-Z reactive.The OOB  
 has been adjusted to 40000 wet/sand and highly polished with MOTIV Power
  Core-The Quadfire core is the same found in the QZ1’s.The Rg rating is  
 2.55,and the .043 in the 15-lb balls.
  Color-The color is the all new black/blue with silver Neo-Mark logos and  

  Intended Condition-Light to medium oil.


    Opening Thoughts:
   When I sat down to write this review for the QZ2,it became quite evident
  that it would not be easy.
   What words and phrases,terms,could it come up with to describe the QZ2.

  I was at a lose for words,Since MOTIV released their first ball,they have
  produced one quality ball after another.So finding more to say about these  
  great ball became harder.

    Then a few things hit me.And it became much clearer.

  *Will the QZ2 be any different from the QZ1’s  Red and Purple? Yes,
   the QZ2 is different.
   It offers greater length and a sharper angular backend at the breakpoint.

  *Does the  change in coverstock prep,now at 4000 wet/sand and highly polished
  make a difference.
  Yes.The coverstock  adjustment  gave me about 2’ more length and a larger
  angular look at the breakpoint. It cleared the heads with ease.

  *Why will the coverstock prep at 4000 wet/sand and highly poliished  
   matter to the average bowler.
   Yes.I have found out by talking to average bowlers through the years,that
   most bowlers like to keep the surface of their ball at the OOB surface
   that the manufacturer started with.
   They will just use another ball with a different surface and core,
   and drilling than mess with what is working for them.

    When these bowlers sand their ball,they find that they have a hard time
   getting it back to the same surface it started at.
    Bowlers find it easier to keep the ball at the OOB surface.
   They will then clean and polish as needed.It’s  easier to keep it simple.

    So yes,the QZ2 offers a different look on the lanes.

    Also another choice to choose from.

   *Does color change matter? I have had more comments on the color
   than I can recall.

    Color does matter.One of the most popular colors is blue.So
   blue/black with silver logos and graphics is a great selling


                     Review Comments

      The MOTIVator-Z pearl blue/black coverstock comes wet/sanded at  
      4000 and highly polished.

      It was designed  for length and a fast move when it hits friction
      at the breakpoint.

      The Quadfire Symmetric core helps supply length and decent revs,
     for medium/dry conditions.I got 3”-4” of flare.The ball did just
     what it was designed to do.It gave me more length and a sharper
     move downlane.It got through the drying heads and light push,
     all the while maintaining a sharp angular turn at the breakpoint.

      The QZ2 was best on lighter oil to medium volumes.Higher volumes
     of oil might require you to scuff it up some to improve traction
     in oil.
      Higher rev players may find they will get a great look with
     with more surface on fresh oil and clean backends.

       The QZ2 gave me a late and sharp turn on medium oil patterns with
      fresh backends.The QZ2's hard move off friction allows you
      to swing the ball away from the pocket and still have it recover.
       The length the QZ2  gets  through the heads easy,and still keeps
      its axis rotation which helps to conserve energy when coming
      in contact with the pocket.

       Overall a great ball for most styles.Just find a condition that
       light to medium,and you will not be disappointed.

             MOTIV GIRL

            Angela Wilt:MOTIV Staff Member





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Re: QZ2
« Reply #10 on: November 18, 2010, 01:33:20 PM »
Weight: 15lb
Finish: Box
Layout: 4x3
Pin: Below ring finger

This ball is by far the smoothest reacting ball I have ever owned. The ball, for me, fits extremely well for lane breakdown when I need something with a smooth controllable arc without the worry of an over-reaction.

Please see the following video for a few clips of my layout and ball reaction for this amazing product from Motiv:

When I compare this ball to my Recon, the QZ2 has a smoother reaction where the Recon is more angular. Both allow for great length, but the QZ2 reads the lane a little earlier.
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800''s - 2 (820, 834)
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- Motiv QZ2
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Re: QZ2
« Reply #11 on: November 19, 2010, 04:17:21 PM »
The QZ2 is just another in the great line of bowling balls by Motiv made right here in the US of A.  This ball features the super Quadfire core found in the original QZ1 (both red & purple) and is wrapped in a very attractive, blue/black MOTIVator-Z coverstock.  The core has a RG of 2.55 w/Diff. of .043.  This core/coverstock combo is an excellent match!  

My stats - speed 17-17.5 mph, 12* of tilt, PAP - 5" x 1/2" up.  I'm a reformed old school stroker that has worked the last 5-7 yrs. making the necessary changes to be able to play 3rd & 4th arrow . . bowling is always a work in progress.  I drilled mine w/ring finger thru the pin w/cg about 1" below my midline on the center line, ie. in my palm.  This translates to approx. 75x4.5x45 drilling.  I have had alot of success w/4.5" pin drilling especially w/ring finger thru pin so I wanted to keep it simple on this one.  

This ball is great!! Gives me excellent length but a strong, semi-angular move off the pattern.  Revs up very nicely & surprisingly doesn't 'squirt out' on bad shots to the right (I am a righty).  This ball ate up our THS.  15-out-to-6/7 & this ball came roaring back ripping the pocket.  Used it at another center on late shift w/broken down shot & was throwing 22-out-to-7 & it had plenty left for the backend.  What was surprising is when I used it on a 40' Dick Weber pattern.  More oil so I just moved right & played tighter angle up front.  Slowed it down alittle & this ball made a surprising move off the pattern.  It had a bunch of energy left to get to the pocket. I was very pleased to see that!!

Do your self a favor & get a QZ2!  You won't regret it.  I will definitely be drilling at least one more or maybe 2!
Bob "Mick" Michalojko
Colonial Lanes Pro Shop
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Re: QZ2
« Reply #12 on: November 20, 2010, 02:52:41 AM »

Another great addition by Motiv. The QZ2 gives me more length and the perfect angle to kick out those pesky corner pins. I was a little skeptical thinking it was going to be exactly like my Red QZ1 (which was my favorite) but I was wrong. The QZ2 is perfect for lighter oil conditions or for the higher rev rate players its perfect for any conditions . Every time a new ball comes out I keep thinking to myself how are they going to top this one......well now I am wondering how they plan on toping this one also. Great job Motiv and keep it up. I have also attached my ball reaction video enjoy.

Joel Ray
Motiv Seed Program
Hamilton, Ohio


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Re: QZ2
« Reply #13 on: December 02, 2010, 02:53:05 PM »
Review for the MOTIV QZ2 - Black/blue pearl

Stats are in my profile.
Ball Layout:
45 x 4" x 45 pin up, p2.5 hole, 4000 Abralon

Surfaces I used this ball on: DBA IQ & Anvilane Gen. 1

House #1 (DBA IQ) & House #2 (Anvilane)- I bowl 2 leagues & numerous tournaments at each of these alleys and they are vastly different as to the caliber of player s you see and lines to the pocket. The plan for this ball was to be the ball next in line behind my Cruel (50 x 4" x 60 pin down) on a THS......and it has worked perfectly. Normally the tournies we see here are mainly your league bowlers, the better ones. I play the tournaments alittle different than the league play. I will start a lot deeper with my Cruel knowing that 80% off the field in is the track. As the track dries out, I then have a huge shim to bump off from...once I start to use up the heads in my area, the QZ2 comes out, and I mean out in a big way. This ball will clear the front part of the lane like nothing and then just hook and roll solidly to the hole (more angular than a Solid Recon, but less the Recon Pearl). I really was not sure of the true strength of this ball...but I do now...holy cow. MOTIV has really put a good line up together with all their equipment and there are so many different combos you could make and have a great 1-2 punch with any of the balls!

Thanks you for reading.


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Re: QZ2
« Reply #14 on: December 17, 2010, 09:59:03 AM »
Wt 15lb
300-325 Rev rate
15.5 MPH at pins
Box Finish 4000 with polish
Drilled 50 X 4.25 X 50 Wt hole P1
Pin is just right of the ring finger.

Wasn't sure how the QZ2 would compare to the other QZ1's. First off I think this is the best looking of the QZ's. The Blue and Black pearl looks great. Few things that I have noticed. As expected the QZ2 is very clean through the front part of the lane with the 4000 polished finish. The back end is where this ball can show how versatile it can be. Keeping my hand behind the ball and rolling up the back it is very smooth. If you come around it and have more side rotation it will jump left at the end of the pattern. Just like the Red QZ1 it a perfect option for the 2nd or 3rd game when the lanes start to dry out and you need the little push thru the front and recovery at the back end.

You can see the reaction I get on a day old house shot at


Rob Lange
Motiv Staff