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Sigma Sting
« on: November 12, 2013, 08:39:21 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
Motiv Sigma Sting Ball Specs:
- Color: Black Pearl/Yellow Pearl All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Reaction: Medium-High
- Coverstock: Fusion Pearl Reaction
- Core Type: Sigma
- Factory Finish: 1500 Grit Polished
- Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.47**
- Differential (Diff): .047**
- ** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
- Hook Potential:
- Length:
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil



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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2013, 09:28:51 AM »

Sigma Sting - #Strikeupabuzz

The original Sigma Tour was my initial MOTIV piece drilled as a MOTIV Staffer. The NEW Sigma Sting represents a different reaction despite using the popular Fusion Pearl Cover combined with the reliable constant motion of the Sigma Core.

Although the Sigma Sting uses the Fusion Pearl Cover, I wouldn’t characterize the ball as having an angular motion. Even with the low RG (2.47) core, it still gets plenty of length with the out of box surface (1500 Wet Sanded/Polished). This time the #redball cover provides a very continuous motion that makes the Sigma Sting very distinct.

In comparing the Sigma Sting to MOTIV’s previous release the Cruel Intent, the Sigma Sting doesn’t provide as much over all hook. For me the Cruel Intent allows me to play further in and exits the pattern more forward than the Sigma Sting. Next, the Tribal is much cleaner and has a much more pronounced backend compared to the Sigma Sting. You can see in my video how each ball actually differs and will notice how different the shape is for each ball.

I currently have two Sigma Stings, one pin up and another pin down. The pin down Sigma Sting is noticeably earlier and stronger overall as it should be. The pin up is obviously cleaner and stronger downlane, but the similarity between the two is that they both see the same continuation throughout the roll phase.

This will be a benchmark ball for anyone, both of mine are still benchmark balls even with the different layouts. The Sigma Sting it is plenty of ball to throw on the fresh, but is clean enough and can corner with deep angles on a lighter or broken down conditions without over reacting. I have thrown it on several occasions on different patterns and I know we can all tell right away how much we like a ball, well this one is sooooo good!

MOTIV/Boom Apparel/Turbo Staff Member
Mike Magolan

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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2013, 06:35:35 PM »



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):


Likes:Here's my video for the MOTIV Sigma Sting.This is the first pearl coverstock on the Sigma core.This ball makes a great benchmark ball.Hope you like the video.



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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2013, 02:36:57 PM »



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):


Likes:     MOTIV Sigma Sting

    My Information-
    Right-handed / Ball Speed-15mph average/ Rev Rate-300-325 rmp’s average
    Axis Rotation-45 degrees/Axis Tilt-15 degrees/PAP-5” over and 1” up

    Layout of ball tested-80* x 50* @3 1/4” P-2 X-hole

    Lanes tested on-14 year old Anvilane lanes. With a 42’ blended house shot.

    Color- Black/Gold with Orange and White logos.
    Coverstock- Fusion Pearl Reactive
    Core –Sigma
    Factory Finish-1500 grit sanded/with MOTIV Power Gel Polish
    Flare Potential-Medium
    RG-2.47 15lbs. Diff.-.047 15lbs.

    Opening Thoughts

    The basics on the MOTIV Sigma Sting : MOTIV has finally put a pearl coverstock on the popular Sigma core. The ball is a fairly medium revving ball ,that gets good length through the heads with a long and continuous movement to the pins. It is the longest continuation I have ever seen from a MOTIV ball. Lengthwise it compares to the Thrash Frenzy but more aggressive at the breakpoint. and more continuous.

    The Sigma Sting fits somewhere between the Primal Rage and the Thrash Frenzy.
    One of the nicest things about the Sigma Sting is that it performs well on such a wide variety of conditions .And works well for a lot of styles.

    The Sigma Sting has all the features that make a ball great. It is predictable and keeps you in control of your breakpoint. It has a strong enough movement that is arcing and continuous without being uncontrollable. Yet strong enough to allow bowlers to open up the lane.

    In 2011 MOTIV produced one of the best control balls ever.The Sigma Tour.It was one of the most predictable balls made.
    Now MOTIV has updated the Sigma line with the Sigma Sting. They took the popular Sigma core and wrapped with the Fusion Pearl Reactive coverstock.

    On the oil,a condition that that you would think wouldn’t be a strong suit for the Sigma Sting,it performed very well.With the heavy oil in the fronts and the fresh backends,I saw nothing but positive things. It navigated the heads with ease and turned up the revs late in the midlane ,showing no sign of squirt or jump at the breakpoint.When it encountered the dry at the breakpoint,it never overreacted,it just went into it’s long continuous movement to the pins. The breakpoint was always predictable.The ball reacted to the way the bowler rolled it.
    When the heads got spotty and the carrydown became evident, it just took a simple move left to adjust for the angle to the pocket.

    On the blend and breakdown condition,I still had plenty of oil in the heads left ,but could now bounce it of the dry downlane without overreaction.This is where the longer continuation helped.I never had any fear it wouldn’t recover.I now could confidently use the length of the ball to get it through the heads and around the pattern without fear of it burning up to early and hitting weak.The pin carry was still good.

    When the lanes became fried and the heads were gone and the pattern blown up,it was time to put up the Sigma Sting,and pull out the light bulb core of the Tribal.
    The Sigma Sting is very user friendly for all styles.The power player will be able to use drilling and surface to get even more length so the ball can use it’s powerful,yet predictable backend movement.

    The Tweeners will be able to increase their hook potential at the breakpoint,but still allow them to play more down the boards.Yet still have a ball to help them open up the lane.

    And the Straighter and speed dominate style players will be able to drill it up stronger and still stay in their comfort zone.And have a little more hit and carry from the outside angles.

    The Sigma Sting is not the strongest ball in the MOTIV line, but it is a ball that will allow you to go to it with confidence.

    Angela Wilt : MOTIV Staff Member




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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2013, 12:05:47 AM »

Pin Length: 3.3"

Starting Top Weight: 2.9 oz.

Ball Weight: 16 lb, 1 oz.


60 x 5 x 70, no extra hole.


Rev Rate: 400 RPM

Ball Speed: 18 MPH

PAP/Track: 4 3/8 left, 5/8 up


Grit: 1500

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): polish


Length: variety

Volume: variety

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): both


Length: 6/10

Back End: 7/10

Overall Hook: 8/10

Midlane Read: 8/10

Breakpoint Shape: 7/10


Likes: This ball responds extremely well to all of my physical adjustments. From lofting, to hand position changes, and ball speed adjustments. It can be used so often and is incredibly versatile. It is that trademark heavy mid lane roll that MOTIV is known for, but also offers outstanding continuation through the pin deck.

Dislikes: It is really hard to point out any dislikes with the Sigma Sting. I have quickly fell in love with it. It has potential to replace the Primal Rage as my favorite bowling ball! Drill one up for that ideal "benchmark" ball that every bowler needs.

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Darren Andretta
Vise Staff

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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #5 on: December 04, 2013, 09:32:14 AM »

Lane pattern:  Seoul
Drilling:  Pin up above bridge

The Sigma Sting is one of those balls that once you start throwing it you will have a hard time putting it down.  The Sting has decent length and loves to start to rev up in  the mid-lane with great movement through the pins.  The Sting has quickly become my benchmark ball as I can use it on most patterns.  What I love the most of the Sting is its ability to open the lane patterns up and find its way to the pocket.


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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #6 on: December 08, 2013, 12:29:25 PM »

5” x 4 1/8”
65 x 5” x 40

Test Pattern:

Modified House Shot, 39ft
Brunswick Pro Lane

The Sigma core is back and better than ever!  Wrapping this award-winning core (2.47 Rg, .047 Diff) in the potent Fusion Pearl coverstock (finished at 1500-grit) has provided the market with one the best benchmark balls that anyone can have.  I drilled this ball to give myself a perfect compliment to my Primal Rage, especially knowing that the only difference between the two is the engine inside of them.  While the Rage effortlessly glides down the lane and then unleashes a fury on the backend, my Sting gives me a slightly earlier read and a more controlled motion at the spot without sacrificing any hitting power.  I have found so far that it does not matter what angle I am playing, the Sting reads the lane beautifully and still drives strong through the pins.  I have been able to move as much as an 11-7 from frame one to field ball game three and not have to worry about whether this ball was up to the task or not.  If you need versatility in a ball that is also the perfect benchmark for your arsenal, look no further than the Motiv Sigma Sting.  Strike up a buzz!

Trent Overbey
In the Zone Pro Shop
Motiv Staff


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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #7 on: December 11, 2013, 07:01:46 PM »
The Sigma Core really put MOTIV on the map a few years ago when it first came out. Due to the core’s versatility and predictability the original Sigma Tour was the “Go To” ball on tough tournament conditions for competitive bowlers. MOTIV took this popular, proven core, and paired it with what most would say is the most successful cover to date (Fusion Pearl Reactive – first seen on the Primal Scream) and you have the best of both worlds.

I drilled my Sigma Sting with my favorite layout, 60* x 5” x 40*.  I am a somewhat rev-dominant player, with a rev rate of 400, and a launch ball speed of about 18mph. The first thing I noticed is that the Sting was stronger than I was originally anticipating. In fact, for me, the Sting hooked 3 to 5 boards more than the Primal Rage (The Redball). The difference was in the mid-lane read. The Sting picks up earlier and has more continuation through the back portion of the lane. This difference is no due to the low RG Sigma Core.

Here is a video where I compare the Sigma Sting to several other MOTIV bowling balls on the 39 foot WTBA Seoul Pattern.

The Sigma Sting is a perfect compliment to the other recent MOTIV releases. Even though it has the same cover as the Cruel Intent, Tribal and Primal Rage, the shape of the hook is completely different. This is just what you want – bowling balls that go through the pins in different ways to optimize your carry percentage.

For me the best time to use the Sigma Sting is when I’m looking to blend out the pattern a bit. When the back-ends are a bit unpredictable, the Sting gives me my best look. The tougher the pattern, the more play my Sigma Sting sees. I am able to control the pocket really well on fresh oil with this ball as it seems to stay in the pocket zone longer than the other balls in my arsenal. When I need to make a big jump inside and open up my angles, I’ll switch to my Tribal or Rage.

--Kevin Gallagher—
    PBA Member
    MOTIV Staff


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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #8 on: December 18, 2013, 10:04:50 AM »
SO …Replace my Sigma Tour will you?  I’ve always said all I need in my bag is a Sigma Tour, a
Sigma Tour and  a Sigma Tour as this ball has been everything to me! Its earned me multiple top 16 PBA Regional Finishes. A PBA 299 game and multiple league honor scores including an 842 Series. So you cant get it out of my hands. I won’t do it! When I heard we were coming out with a new Sigma I just couldn’t believe there was more that this line of ball could give. BOY was I wrong!  This ball not only gives me everything the original Sigma Tour did but so much more.  I’ve always loved the ball continuation the Motiv product line has provided but this one is just plain CRAZY!  With its repeatable, reliable and consistent motion and its unbelievable continuation through the pins the STING in now my new benchmark ball.  This balls shape combined with what the Cruel Intent and Primal Rage bring makes them the PERFECT 1-2-3 punch for any condition. This ball is truly amazing and will give you the response you are looking  for on THS as well as many of the tough Kegel Challenge  or PBA patterns.
This SIGMA STING is the ball you will grab to measure all other balls against. The proven Sigma core with the new  Pearlized shell is what makes this ball so versatile. Don’t miss out …COME GET STUNG!

Rick Zakrajsek


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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #9 on: December 25, 2013, 05:34:02 PM »
Ball Specs:
Motiv Sigma Sting
Pearl Reactive
4000 Grit Sanded
Ball Specs: Symmetric Core
Layout 65 x 3.75 x 30

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 4.75 Over 1/4 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed off hand 18

The New Motiv Sigma Sting is a fantastic ball that will fit a huge range of styles and lane conditions. This ball will be a great, strong benchmark ball for the newer competitive bowler or fill a nice slot in an arsenal. The ball is angular but predictable and hits extremely hard. The Sting fits between my Rage and Tribal in hook and motion. The ball comes with a 4000 grit surface, and to me seems to be a good choice to match the core. We have not polished one yet because everyone has been so happy they are afraid to change anything. I am confident a polished surface would work great on the Sting if you wanted more length and angle. There have been other balls with this cover that we have polished and the motions were very good. The Sting hits very hard and if you have seen my ball motion video you will see an amazing move at the breakpoint that my lower rev rate is not used to. This is a ball that anyone who had the original Sigma Tour was looking for. I feel Motiv will keep this ball in the line for a long time but you don’t want to wait on getting one. The Sting is just too good.
The latest releases from Motiv have been incredible and I can’t wait to see what is coming next!

The Sigma Sting is a long awaited ball for anyone
that had the original Sigma Tour.
A great fit between the Rage and Tribal
Will cover a large range of styles and conditions.
A must have from Motiv.

Glenn Wendel
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Motiv Staff
Turbo Staff
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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #10 on: December 26, 2013, 02:58:45 PM »
Bowler Stats-Ball Speed 15.5 MPH Rev Rate-App 315 Axis of Rotation-30 to 60 degrees Axis Tilt 9 degrees Right Handed PAP-5 over, 1/4" up
The Motiv Sigma Sting is designed for medium patterns according to Motiv. The core is symmetrical (same core used in the Sigma Series), wrapped with the same cover, the Fusion Pearl Reactive used on the Primal Rage, Cruel Intent and the Tribal.  The ball is as advertised and more for me. It glides easily through the heads retaining energy for its down lane more.  The backend reaction is not nearly as angular as the Tribal but still delivers plenty of recovery and power when friction is encountered.  The Sigma Sting covers close to the same number of boards as the Thrash Frenzy, with a different shape.  I have already found that if the Frenzy is not carrying but hitting the pocket, the change of motion provides immediate carry benefits.
 Once the Sigma Sting finds friction the slowdown/change of direction is quick without being a checkmark.  The Sigma Sting then makes a strong move that is less sudden and sharp then the Primal Rage, but a quicker transition then the other balls in the Motive line without the Fusion cover. The Sigma Sting's make a continuous move at the end of the pattern and can cover a lot of boards in on the backend when the volume of the pattern is lighter or the length of the pattern shorter.  The core/cover combo has allowed me to play up the boards as well as playing very deep, but almost always the Motiv line has provided me this type of versatility. Getting the ball in the soup (house shot) in the middle of the lane will cause the ball to skate past the breakpoint, however getting it to the friction to early generally does not penalize the reaction as happens with stronger equipment The Sting also has been effective on wood with it not being overly strong, but strong enough to still give me plenty of reaction on the backends.  From the box condition of 1500 I had to add a little more shine, getting it to 2000.  As usual with this coverstock, changing the surface was easy and the results were immediate.
If you use this ball as designed it will be a very effective ball. To throw it on a burnt condition will require a healthy polish and a longer drill pattern but those will ball speed will be easily able to adjust with this ball.   I bowl with a number of athletes who are throwing Cruels or another ball in the Sigma line.  I believe this ball will be a great fit for their tournament arsenal.  Also, the Sigma Sting Motiv has a piece of equipment that acts as a great arsenal builder working in conjunction with the Cruel Intent, Primal Rage and the Tribal.  The coverstock has become very popular with its strong read of the friction and for those that like to keep their arsenal of equipment very linear these will be a great this completes (?) a very competitive grouping.
I'm very colorblind but really see this ball well with the color combinations Motiv used.  The Neomark Graphic makes the ball very pleasing to the eye, give it good shelf appeal and make it very easy to see the transitions of the ball on the way down the lanes. 
Dug Barker
Motiv Staffer
BTM Youth Writer
Ken Bowl Lanes Youth Director
Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach
BWAA Member
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USBC Silver
2003 GLBA Youth Coach of the Year

Dug Barker
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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #11 on: December 27, 2013, 01:51:29 PM »
Bowler Specs:
Right Handed
Ball weight 15lbs.
P.A.P. 4 1/2 right and 1/8th up
Ball Speed on monitor: 15.5 to 16mph
Rev Rate: 375+
Rotation: Med
Tilt: Med/High

Ball Layout:
70  X   4"  X  65
Used O.O.B. Surface only. 1500 polished

Both High friction AMF and Med friction AMf Surfaces
39' medium oil house condition
41' light/medium oil house condition
32' PBA Wolf Pattern (durring South Regional Tournament)
Really broken down 39' house pattern.

Ok, this is what I was looking for to compliment my Primal Rage.  I drilled it exactly the same as my Rage and kept the surfaces the same as well.  I got exactly what I thought I would get.  An earlier, more continuous version of my Rage.  The super clean cover is wrapped around a super LOW RG core.  This means all the energy is saved for end of the oil pattern.  It just hooks so hard off the spot.  Unlike the Rage, you do not have to worry about throwing it through the breakpoint.  The Sting begs to be thrown hard!  I have still not changed the cover and found it to be the best benchmark ball I have ever thrown.  From 32' flood to a house shot that hasn't been oiled for days, you can find a way to use the Sing with a little versatility in your own ability. In contrast to the Rage, the Sting didn't kick the corner pins out as well but I didn't really need the help because it usually was a "10 in the pit" type of strike when it hit pocket.  However, I would much rather use the Primal Rage when the lanes were wide open.  The Sting was a bit too strong when the oil wasn't as fresh.  You can use it but it meant moving way left and not giving up the pocket.  That is generally not as fun as throwing the Redball at the ditch and watching the pins fly everywhere.

The Sting is the ball you want first out of your bag!  I recommend a Low RG drilling to go along with the Low RG core.  Using a "pin down" layout will take full advantage of all the power the Sting has to offer.  This is a must have for Motiv fans but should be a top contender if you are looking to add your first MOTIVated ball into your arsenal.

The SuperHitMan

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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #12 on: December 27, 2013, 02:08:31 PM »
Rev Rate: 420

Axis Tilt: 20

Axis Rotation: 45

Ball Speed: 17


PAP Measurements: 4 1/8

Description: The Sigma Sting is designed to combat medium oil conditions providing great length down lane with a continuous angular backend reaction. Utilizing the proven Sigma core the Sting is a versatile benchmark piece that will provide the perfect match up for both league and tournament bowlers on a variety of conditions. The cover of this gem is Fusion Pearl Reactive coverstock, the same cover that is on the Rage, Cruel Intent, and Tribal.

Reaction: My Sigma Sting gets through the heads without issue while retaining energy down lane, The reaction is not as angular as my Tribal as it rolls sooner and heavier but still has a lot of recovery and power when its encounters the friction. As the Sigma Sting encounters friction the response reaction is strong and continuous, the Sigma Sting can cover a lot of boards when the oil pattern is lighter or the length of the pattern shorter.


THS (41 feet): I played where the friction was which was down five and throughout league play I gradually moved further right  throughout the night no further than 15, The recovery and response to friction was phenomenal and I saw no burn up out of the Sting ever.  If I got the Sting into the oil the ball would skate beyond the break point and not recover, as the lanes break down and transition the Sting truly shines as it does not over reaction in the friction.

Wolf Pattern (32 feet): The Sting shined bright on this pattern, with all of the friction this pattern had to offer the sting covered as many boards as the red ball just with a smoother reaction. I stood ten from the left and targeted five to the right and watched the sting roll and recover, it was a smooth reaction all the way to the pin deck. If I accidentally got the Sting into the friction early I didn't pay a price for it as you would expect from other pieces, this ball excels in the friction.

Summary: The Sigma Sting is a great addition to the Motiv line up as it definitely fits in between the Rage and the Tribal, when you come across the over under conditions this is a perfect ball to have in your bag. I've also played with the surface taking it from 1500 polish, to 2000 without polish, to 800 without polish. Out of box the Sting allowed me to play right and stand in the friction without any hint of burn up , at this surface I was not able to play in the oil as the ball would skate through the break point. At 2000 the ball reaction was more delayed than it was at 1500 polished and still did not react as well as I expected to in the oil, it was a delayed smooth reaction. At 800 without polish the Sting became more suitable to play in the oil with, at this surface I was able to play more normal shot while standing in the oil. The Sting responds very well to surface adjustments and when used on its intended condition(s) its flat out phenomenal , the Sting is a brilliant arsenal addition along with the other recent Motiv gems. 

Sting without warning and with no apologies.

K.C. White II
Motiv Staffer
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K.C. White II
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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #13 on: January 03, 2014, 04:48:28 PM »

Length: 41

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS



The Sigma Sting is the latest release from Motiv Bowling. The new Sigma Sting brings together one of the best cores and coverstock that Motiv has ever produced and what turned out was a benchmark ball that everyone will love. The Sigma Sting provides great length and a smooth angular backend motion that continues through the pins and does not stop. The Sigma Sting is built by the award winning Sigma core and the Pearl Fusion Coverstock and what you get is a striking machine. What these to do is make the Sigma Sting a perfect ball for any league bowlers because of the angular backend motion that’s not too jumpy and has the most continuation out of any ball Motiv has ever made.

INNER CORE -     Sigma
COVERSTOCK -   Fusion Pearl Reactive
FINISH1 -           500 Grit / Power Gel Polish


Most of my friends know that the Sigma Tour is what got me to really look at Motiv. It was arguably the best ball I have ever thrown until I got the Sigma Sting in my hand. The Sigma Core if one of my all time favorite cores because it retains its energy so much while in motion down the lane that the stored energy will just complete destroy the pins once it hits its breakpoint. I love every time I throw the Sigma Sting because it is exactly what it’s labeled to do, be a great benchmark ball for bowlers and a true house shot killer. I can’t say enough how good this ball is other than you have to get one and see for yourself. The Sigma Sting is and will be your go to bowl when you get in trouble on any shot.

Likes – Everything about this ball

Dislikes – None

I recommend this ball for all types of bowlers; you won’t be disappointed on the performance of this ball.

Motiv Staff Player,
John Robertson


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Re: Sigma Sting
« Reply #14 on: January 08, 2014, 10:21:34 AM »
My Motiv Sigma Sting: Drilled with the pin above my bridge and the CG kicked out with a hole in the P2

The Sting has the Fusion Pearl Reactive that can be found on the Primal Rage, Cruel Intent & Tribal. The core in the Sting is the “Sigma” core which is found in the Sigma line of bowling balls.

The cover comes out of the box at 1500 grit sanded with polish.

Conditions I have used the Sting on: Yellow Brick Rd, Bourbon Street and various house/modified house shots.

Where it fits in my bag: It's my new benchmark ball and a great ball for the local THS.

When I use it: This is a ball that all level of players can use during their nightly league sessions. Tournament players will see this ball in their hand around game 3 if on a longer pattern.

Get ready to #STRIKEupaBUZZ

Bowler Specifications:
Right Handed - Power Stroker
Ball Speed – 15 mph
Rev Rate 320
Positive Axis Point (PAP) 5 right ½ up

Brian Hirsch
USBC Coach
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IBMA Member & Director –
Brian Hirsch
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