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Tag Cannon
« on: June 23, 2017, 10:03:32 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The brightly colored Motiv Tag Cannon stands out on the lanes in a good way. This ball was designed for light oil conditions to provide length with a quick response on the backend as well as great continuation. This design is achieved by combining Motiv's Halogen core with their Agility Ski-Flip Pearl (SFP) Reactive coverstock. This pairing retains energy and then releases it at the back of the lane. This ball busts through the pins like a cannon ball. Due to the energy retention on higher friction patterns this ball will be attractive to many bowlers including tournament bowlers.

Color: Blue Pearl/Lime Pearl with Orange Pearl NeoMark
Core: Halogen
Coverstock: Agility SFP Reactive
Finish: 5500 Grit LSP
RG: 2.55 (for 15# ball)
Differential: .037 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Light Oil


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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2017, 02:53:29 PM »

Length: 41'

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

Using the Halogen core and the new Agility SFP coverstock, the Tag Cannon is very clean with a fast response at the backend on higher friction surfaces, making it a useful weapon for bowlers of all styles.

I tried this ball on our house shot pattern (Kegel Main Street 41') and this ball does exactly as advertised. It is very clean through the front part of the lane and when it hits the friction it has a strong move to the backend.

When I found out about this release I was expecting a weaker ball and something more close to the Graffiti Tag, but this ball is completely different than the first Tag. the Cannon is stronger overall, it is not as clean as the Graffiti Tag and it has a more predictable backend motion.

As a low rev, medium speed bowler, sometimes I have issues with low-medium performance pearlized balls. If the ball hits the friction too soon, the ball goes sideways, if I stay in the oil a touch extra, the ball goes long and it moves late, so most of the time I have to use surface to get the ball to read the lane earlier. With the Tag Cannon I didn't have to touch the out of the box surface and I was surprised on how the ball read the mid part of the lane and gave me a continuous motion through the pins.

I was able to start close to my confort zone around the second arrow and I could swing the ball a little bit farther down the lane than what I was expecting. The Cannon is definitely stronger than advertised. I can see myself using this ball on fresh without a problem or concern that the ball would be too weak for me.

I compared the Tag Cannon with the Freestyle Rush and with the Octane Carbon.

The Freestyle Rush goes a tad longer than the Cannon and it has a slower response to friction, making it smoother down the lane and a good step down from the Cannon.

The Octane Carbon is definitely stronger than the Cannon. For me I had to move 4 boards to the right compared to the Cannon. The Carbon has similar length, but it is more angular and it has more hook potential than the Tag Cannon.

Overall I really liked this ball. I wasn't a big fan of the first Tag and I thought I was gonna experience the same issues I had with the original... Well, I was wrong. The guys at Motiv did a great job keeping the same shape of the original but making it a touch earlier, more rounded, stronger and more predictable down the lane. I feel that this ball will be useful to open up the lane on most light-medium oil conditions or to play straighter angles while bowling on fresh.

This ball will be a great fit for all the tournament bowlers who need a ball that provides length and controlled angularity. The Tag Cannon will also be helpful for all the league bowlers that encounters lighter oil conditions on their leagues and want a ball that will allow them to play in their comfort zone longer than with stronger balls.

Thank you for watching!


Angel Loaeza

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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2017, 09:16:56 AM »
Being a huge fan of the Graffiti Tag, when I saw the Tag Cannon I could not wait to get my hands on it. Besides the fact that it is easy on the eyes, I have seen great results with this ball on a house shot and also on sport shots. The Cannon provides length on my typical house shot when playing the drier/outside part of the lane, control down lane, as well as continuation through the pins. I have also used it on a broken down PBA Bear pattern, getting cleanly through the fronts with good response downlane. I find the Cannon to have a more controlled/predicatable response down lane in comparison to the original tag, but still with great response to friction. Seeing how the Cannon has reacted on different patterns and in various parts of the lane has impressed me, carving its own space in my bag wherever I go.

Danielle Merino
Motiv Staffer


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Tag Cannon Review
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2017, 10:27:13 PM »
Ball Specs:
Motiv Tag cannon
Skid Flip Pearl Reactive
5500 LSP
Ball Specs: Halogen Symmetric Core
Layout 50 x 4.5 x 30 (no balance hole)

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5 Over 1/4 up
Rev Rate 275. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed off hand 18

The New Motiv Tag Cannon provides good length through the front part of the lane, then reads the middle well and finally provides a predictable flip when it encounters friction.  The Tag Cannon features an upgrade in reaction to the Original Tag. The new evolution is more predictable and hits harder than the Black and Green Tag in my opinion. I like the cover better on this Tag because I can roll it multiple sets and just wipe off dirt and oil with Motiv Power Gel Clean or a good spray cleaner.  My original Tag needed to see the ball spinner after a few sets to stay at box finish. The Cannon fits between my Freestyle Rush and Venom Shock in total hook. The ball motion is also between these two balls as well. The Cannon took the best parts of The Shock and Rush and put them together in one ball. I feel the Cannon was stronger than expected on a house shot, yet very playable on all but the very oily, flat patterns. I do have a lower rev rate. The Tag Cannon hits hard and carries very well.  The Cannon digs the corner pins out nicely. I even have been getting more messengers!   I let a few no thumbers with high rev rates try my Tag Cannon and the ball really shines for them. They cleared the heads easily and the backend was ridiculous!  These bowlers got easy length with a devastating hit. The Cannon plays well from many target lines. The Cannon will definitely have a place when I need control and hit on beat up or drier patterns. The colors are really nice and the ball looks better in person than in print or on line. I wasn’t sure if I would like the bright orange logo on Blue and Green but it really looks good. If you liked the original Tag but wanted more control and less maintenance the Cannon is for you!

The Tag Cannon provides easy length with an angular but predictable backend.
This is a great choice when playing Drier lanes.
The entry angle creates great pin carry.
The Tag Cannon is an eye catcher and looks great rolling down the lane.

Glenn Wendel
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Motiv Staff
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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2017, 06:38:14 AM »
Bob Benton

Motiv Freestyle Rush (
60 x 4 x 40 (3000 Abralon)

Personal Stats:
400-450 RPM
18-20 MPH
PAP - 5 5/8" over, 1" up
Axis Tilt - Estimated 8-12 Degrees
Current League Average: 238

Intended Use:
I used a stronger pin position on the Tag Cannon to get the low-end core to start up a little earlier. My goal for the Tag Cannon was to have a ball that I can shape downlane later in blocks when there is friction and significant lane traffic.

The Tag Cannon is nice and quick off the spot when there is friction to throw it to. This fills a spot in the bag where I had previously used balls that were a little earlier in motion, sacrificing pin carry. Now, with the Cannon, I can open up the angles late in blocks and see the shape I need to get corners out downlane.

The Tag Cannon hooks a good bit more than the original Graffiti Tag. It fits in between the Graffiti Tag and the Octane Carbon for me. Where the Carbon is a little slower in the midlane, the Tag Cannon is quick and allows me to maximize entry angle when I'm confident that I have friction to throw it to downlane.


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Make A Statement
« Reply #5 on: July 18, 2017, 11:11:59 AM »
   70 x 4 x 35

Be ready to make a statement. The Tag Cannon is a bold ball that was created to compliment the Octane Carbon and Freestyle Rush yet still stand out on its own. The proven Halogen core (2.55RG, .037Diff) stays in this new Tag iteration as the motion it helps create fits really well with the medium-light conditions this ball is built for. The new Agility SFP cover (finished at 5500LSP) not only stands out because of its bright color choice, it also creates a motion that will give bowlers a strong option later in the day when friction is aplenty. I drilled mine with a stronger pin placement in order to get the core revving a bit more for increased flare-traction. Even with this in mind, which I did obtain, the Cannon still effortlessly glides through the heads to retain energy for its downlane motion. Once at the breakpoint the ball makes a strong, but not uncontrollable, move towards the pocket with excellent continuation through to the pit; one of my teammates is continuously impressed by how well this Tag goes through the pins. I can throw this on a fresh summer house-shot, making sure to stay right of ten the entire time, but this is built for, and excels, once the lanes open up. As I stated above, this is a good compliment to my arsenal as it is about two boards weaker than my Carbon (due to additional length) yet stronger than my Rush (about three boards stronger). If you need length without sacrificing breakpoint control for the medium-dry conditions, the Tag Cannon is a solid choice to make.

Trent Overbey
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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #6 on: July 21, 2017, 08:08:58 AM »

The Tag Cannon is the latest release from MOTIV Bowling. This light oil monster provides MOTIV fans with length and fast back end motion through the pins on high friction conditions. The Tag Cannon brings back the Halogen Core and paired it up with the new Agility SFP pearl reactive cover stock. With these combinations, the Tag Cannon most length and retainable energy from a light oil bowl, something MOTIV fans will love to have.

INNER CORE          Halogen
COVER STOCK       Agility SFP Reactive
FINISH                    5500 Grit LSP


If you ask most people that know me, they would say how much the original Tag. Loved the length and backend motion it gave me but I always felt something was missing. Once I received and put holes in the Tag Cannon I knew what it was. What the Tag Cannon brings to the table that the original tag didn’t was at times the more I got left, more I loose hitting power. With the Tag Cannon, I feel I can continue left as lanes breakdown and with how well the Cannon retains energy, I don’t have to worry about hitting power through the pins. And the color combo is straight money. I love everything about this piece and I think MOTIV fans will love this in their bag as well. High rev player I think this will be the first piece out of their bag because it’s something they can use all series during league or on lighter oil sort conditions. Medium to lower rev players will love the Tag Cannon when lanes break down and can use the cannon and stay in their comfort zone.
Likes: Length; Retainable energy through the pins

Dislikes: None.
I recommend the Tag Cannon for all types of bowlers
MOTIV Staff Player,
John Robertson


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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #7 on: July 24, 2017, 06:45:06 PM »
INNER CORE   Halogen™
COVERSTOCK   Agility™ SFP Reactive
FINISH   5500 Grit LSP
WEIGHTS      16   15   14   13   12
RG RATING      2.54   2.55   2.56   2.59   2.64
RG DIFFERENTIAL   .036   .037   .038   .038   .031            
Bowler Info:
Hand: Right
Weight: 15
PAP: 5 ½ > ¾ ^
Rev Rate: 460
Speed: 17mph
Track: High
Layout – Dual Angle 60x5.5x30
Favorite Surface – BOX

The new Tag Cannon is a force to be reckoned with on dry lanes, even some of the more challenging house conditions will not stand a chance. The ball creates easy length on higher friction lane surfaces and a fast response at the back of the lane.  This is achieved with the proven Halogen core and the new SFP (Skid Flip Pearl) cover stock. The Tag Cannon explodes on the backend of the pattern still retaining plenty of energy to be a nightmare for bowling pins. I personally love throwing this on typical house conditions because it allows me to play all directions and angles, reducing my need to make a ball change in the later games. On sport conditions, when the front of the lanes start to become frustrating, the Tag Cannon versatility shines when it allows me to get past the mess in the front without losing reaction.  This ball absolutely exceeded my expectations and is awesome to watch roll down the lane.

Scott Wiley
Scott “Scotty” Wiley
D.Y.'s Pro Shop
Colorado Springs & Pueblo, CO

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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #8 on: August 20, 2017, 07:06:05 PM »
Rev Rate: 500
Axis Tilt: 25
Axis Rotation: 45
Ball Speed:17
PAP Measurements: 4 1/8
Inner Core: Halogen
Coverstock: Agility SFP Reactive
Finish: 5500 Grit LSP

The Tag Cannon features the proven Halogen core wrapped in the all know Agility SFP coverstock, the characteristics of the Cannon is to provide the bowler with not only a fast response down lane as the original Tag but also a smooth response as well. I got exactly what I expected out of the Tag Cannon in terms of overall ball motion as it is different from the original Tag, the Cannon is bigger than the Tag up front and smoother down lane so whereas the original Tag would check upon encountering friction the Tag Cannon smooths out upon encountering friction. Because I was pleased with the out of box reaction I got from the Tag Cannon much like the original I did not feel the need to alter the surface, however for the sake of science I did anyway. Adding surface to the Tag Cannon will even out the ball reaction more than what it does naturally which I found to be beneficial on heavier medium patterns, to an extent I was able to take advantage of its natural end over end roll and had zero issues with carry.

Freestyle Rush: The Freestyle Rush is longer than that of the Tag Cannon and is also smoother upon encountering friction, because it is smoother I feel it can be a reasonable step down from the Tag Cannon depending on how you lay it out.
Carbon Octane:  The Carbon Octane is much bigger compared to that of the Tag Cannon, although they do share similarities in terms of length however ball motion wise the Carbon Octane is more angular down lane and provides more overall hook.

Overall I am pleased with the Tag Cannon as it does as advertised and a great build upon the Halogen core, I was a huge fan of the Tag however because I like sitting on top of the ball it wasn’t something I could force feed into the spot if I needed to. No problem doing that with the Tag Cannon.  Instead of seeing the ball check down lane I get a smooth roll over and no grab and that is something I consider to be a plus, the Tag Cannon will be a great fit for all the tournament bowlers who need a ball that provides length and controlled angularity, for league bowlers that encounters lighter conditions in league the Tag Cannon will allow them to play in their comfort zone longer than with bigger weaponry. In football they say a QB with a cannon for an arm is a dangerous thing…..Well a bowler with a Cannon for a bowling ball is worlds dangerous more so I encourage you pick one up.
Your game will thank you for it.

K.C. White II
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K.C. White II
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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #9 on: August 23, 2017, 01:44:00 PM »
Check out our complete review and video here:

Short excerpt:
Motiv has done well to add the Tag Cannon to the Light Oil Angular slot in their lineup. Firstly, it fits well in terms of both light oil and angularity. For those with medium or good hand, you could use it on medium and medium-light conditions. Same if you have less speed but be careful with the angular nature of the ball when laying it out. If you are very speed dominant or low rev, you will want less volume to allow this ball to be most effective. I find that the Tag Cannon is easily a ball that could be put in someone’s bag who decided they only want one or two balls and sees these medium to lighter house shots. For Summer house shots on the east coast, I could easily bring only this and one other slightly stronger ball to manage. It’s an attractive ball that has performance to support its place in Motiv’s lineup.
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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #10 on: October 09, 2017, 10:21:17 AM »
Ball Specs and Layout:
Halogen Core
Agility SFP Reactive
65 x 3.5 x 45 with p3 hole

Bowler Stats:
Rev Rate – 425
Ball Speed – 17 mph (down-lane)
PAP – 3 ½ over, ¾ up

Test Environment:
Fresh 42’ THS

The Tag Cannon will be the necessity piece for the medium to high rev player, for when lanes tend to burn up. For the lower rev players, the Tag Cannon may be more in play especially on fresher patterns and for longer blocks. I drilled my Tag Cannon to create a slightly earlier motion, but did not want to sacrifice the angular shape it can create. The more the lanes transitioned, I felt more comfortable with the Tag Cannon. Granted the cover is slightly weaker than most the arsenal, I know playing medium to bigger angles, this ball definitely helps create the shape I need when playing further in.

Long and Strong motion
Clean through front part of lane


While some may think the Graffiti Tag was too angular, the Tag Cannon creates an unbelievable 1-2 punch. The Tag Cannon will fit any arsenal whether you are a high rev, high speed, low rev, low speed. During any lane transition, the Tag Cannon now is one of the first balls out of my bag to help combat that. 

Darryl Carreon
MOTIV Staff / Bowlifi / PBA Member
Darryl Carreon


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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #11 on: October 13, 2017, 03:35:46 PM »
The Halogen core provided me with great continuation down lane mixed with the Agility SFP cover which gave me a little more traction down lane which was much more
controllable than  the original TAG. I use this ball late in the day around game 5 or 6.

I drilled this ball pin in the ring same as m first TAG and the ball i can use 1-2 games sooner that i would have used the original tag which is my closer in long sets.

Thomas (Boz) Bosquez Jr.
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Thomas Bosquez
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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #12 on: October 13, 2017, 06:52:13 PM »

Ball Specs


Cover stock
Agility SFP Reactive

Bowler Specs
PAP 4 1/4 over 1 1/4 up
Speed 18mph
Rev rate 525

Tag Cannon is the newest ball in the tag line. This ball is a perfect ball for someone who bowls on lighter volume house patterns. For tournament bowlers it will be good for light -medium patterns later in the block. Compared to the original tag the cannon has a stronger cover and is a few feet sooner. This will give more overall hook and the cannon more versatile as it can be used in more oil. The cannon is a great add to anyone's arsenal who is looking for a lower end piece!

Kris Rogers
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PBA Regional Champion
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Re: Tag Cannon
« Reply #13 on: August 09, 2019, 07:29:11 PM »



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  Lower volume THS


Likes:  This is a criminally underrated ball for lower volume house shot.  The ball reads the midlane without overreacting better than just about any other pearl I have thrown.  If you tug it inside it will sit amazing well and as long as don't photon torpedo it will recover on shots missed outside as well.  Also seen virtually no over under but did knock polish off to start.  Think nearly Marvel Pearl control but cleaner and can be thrown on less oil.  The carry is phenomenal as well for non 2 piece low diff ball.  More than likely this will end up being my only league ball this year as bowling in the dry house.

Dislikes:  Since I am speed dominant this is not the ball to use on heavier fresh THS.  I could see this being an amazing transition ball though.  For those with more hand this could be a house shot killer on nearly any medium condition.

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