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Title: Thrash Frenzy
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- COLOR: Blue/Aqua Pearl All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- INNER CORE: Quadfire
- COVERSTOCK: Whiplash Pearl Reactive
- FINISH: 2000 Grit / Polished
- RG: 15#-2.55
- RG DIFFERENTIAL: 15#- .043
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- BALL REACTION: The Thrash Frenzy bowling ball is long and clean down the lane with a violent backend reaction. Designed for medium oil patterns that are beginning to break down and build friction, this is the most angular ball MOTIV has ever released.

Description: Motiv has combined their proven Quadfire core with a new Whiplash Pearl Reactive coverstock to create a ball that will go long down the lane and have a strong backend reaction on medium oil lanes. This ball will move down the lane with ease while maintaining energy for the backend.
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Post by: MOTIVmags on January 22, 2013, 09:40:09 AM
Thrash Frenzy

MOTIV’s current goal is to release bowling balls that will be able to provide bowlers with an arsenal of equipment to combat all conditions.
Description: The Thrash Frenzy is the second Thrash produced by MOTIV, again being added to the mid-performance range.  You will find the motion of the Thrash Frenzy exactly the opposite from the original even rolling Thrash.  The Thrash Frenzy uses the same Quadfire core as the previous Thrash, but with a pearlized version of the Whiplash coverstock.
Reaction:  The addition of Thrash Frenzy has filled MOTIV’s slot for a late hooking, medium oil ball.  With the release of the 2 Cruel and Primal Scream, MOTIV has added some balls that really change direction down the lane and the Thrash Frenzy is no different!  I’ve heard people say, “I don’t like balls that skid-flip”.  I agree, skid-flip to me means it goes forever and has an uncontrollable backend motion, who would want a ball that does that.  The core is very predictable and the pearlized coverstock on the Thrash Frenzy proves to easily get down the lane and once it starts to hook you will see the reliability of that strong down lane hook!  I am very up the back of the ball and still have no problem seeing a strong down lane motion.

Comparisons:  The Thrash Frenzy is a great ball for transition. When my Primal Scream is too strong I am able to switch to the Thrash Frenzy and get the ball much deeper on the pattern.  I am not suggesting moving further in but the ball will allow me to play in a similar spot when throwing the Primal Scream, yet it gets down the lane further and still has plenty of recovery. I also say it’s a great transition ball because it also has been good when my Venom Strike is hooking too soon.  I can pull out the Thrash Frenzy move in further with my feet and the ball is long enough and strong enough to fit in there as well.

Summary:  The Thrash Frenzy is one of those balls I can always transition to and will be in my bag on almost all occasions. The only time the ball may not be beneficial is on extreme wet patterns.

MOTIV Staff Member - Mike Magolan
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
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Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):




:My video for the MOTIV Thrash Frenzy.<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: stwr on January 28, 2013, 08:46:58 PM
The New Motiv Thrash Frenzy is long and clean with a violent backend reaction.  On medium oil patterns that are beginning to break down and build friction, this is the most angular ball MOTIV has ever released. High rev rate players will love the motion of the Thrash Frenzy. As medium oil pattern break down, the Frenzy retains its energy and drives through the pins with a ton of power and keeps the pins very low.

I laid my Frenzy out with the pin above the middle finger and put the cg on my mid-line out to the right 3/8 of an inch. I am a high rev player and I love the back end reaction it provides is awesome!!!!

Ted Pritts
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: dna300x on January 29, 2013, 07:28:17 PM
BALL WEIGHT: 15 lbs (2.55 RG, 0.043 Diff)

DRILL PATTERN: 50 X 5 X 50 with P3 hole (3/4" bit, 2 1/2" deep)


Rev Rate: 400 RPM

Ball Speed: 19 MPH

PAP/Track: 4 3/8 left, 5/8 up


Grit: 2000, 4000

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): 2000 Abralon with Power Gel Polish, 4000 Abralon with no polish.


Length: 39, 40, and 42


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS, Earl Anthony, Carmen Salvino


Length: 8/10

Back End: 8/10

Overall Hook: 6/10

Midlane Read: 3/10

Breakpoint Shape: 9/10


Likes: I am very impressed with how clean this pearlized version of Whiplash coverstock is. It has much less mid lane read than the 2Cruel and Primal Scream, but has a much quicker response to friction. This ball is best suited for bowlers competing in second shift leagues and tournament bowlers on the "BURN."

Dislikes: Too much volume will force this piece back into the bag. It was a bit wet/dry for me out of the box so I scuffed it with a 4000 grit pad to break the shell and it seemed to do the trick for me.

Here is the link to my video review for the Thrash Frenzy:
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: Mappa on January 31, 2013, 09:23:27 PM
      The Thrash Frenzy has the most has the most back end motion of any MOTIV ball to date.  I drilled mine up 80* x 5” x 40* to enhance the natural motion for this ball. On a medium volume house shot, I can play some pretty impressive bank shots off of the dry outsides. It’s as if someone kicks the ball left at the break point. This certainly can generate “oohs” and “ahhs” from the audience. But, on the fresh oil, I generally tend to choose a more even rolling ball, like the MOTIV Raptor Talon or Venom Strike.

    The best time to use this one is on medium to long patterns when the heads are fried, and you need a ball to retain as much energy as possible, while playing as deep as you need to. I recently used this ball at the end of a 4 game league session & a few games of practice afterwards on Kegel’s Route 66 pattern (45 feet). By the end of the night, I was playing as deep as I ever have - (between 5th & 6th arrow) and I had some tug left and hook right.

Here is a video of me bowling on Kegel’s Main Street pattern, and that practice session after league on the Route 66 Pattern:

   When building an arsenal – you need a skid/flip ball. This is quite frankly the best one I’ve thrown. It’s comforting to know as a I get later into a tournament or league session, that I have that ball ready to go, should I need to open up my angles and maintain my carry.

--Kevin Gallagher—
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Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: dmarkowitz on February 07, 2013, 07:12:45 AM
The Ball: MOTIV Thrash Frenzy

The Layout: Traditional Stacked Leverage. 3“ Pin with it set above the ring finger. 1/2 Side and 1/4 Finger with no weight hole.

The Style: Power Stroker. (Rev rate and speed untested since shoulder injury.)

The Conditions: Riverside Lanes in Laughlin, Nevada. 40 FT House and 39 FT Modified Tournament Pattern. High friction environment.

The Plus: Amazing angular read with a controllable breakpoint for high friction environments.

The Minus: May misread the blend on heavier and longer oil patterns.

The Score: 5 out of 5.

The Review: Since joining with Motiv I have been a huge fan of the direction the company has gone in improving their product line in order to accommodate the wide variety of different styles and conditions that bowlers will face in their respected bowling centers. My first year with the company saw such balls such as the Raptor, the Sigma Tour and my personal favorite in a high-friction environment which was the blue QZ2. Unfortunately, I suffered a serious shoulder injury in late 2011 which put a halt to my competitive tournament bowling for a while and put a bigger focus to finding a ball which would be best suited simply for hitting my house shot during my rehab period.

Approximately one year later I was healthy enough to start bowling on a regular basis again and found myself in a situation where I had a bunch of new equipment but unfortunately nothing that would match up between my game and the condition I was bowling on in a consistent way. While I had a great travel arsenal from my 2012 equipment, the majority of it was designed for early roll or lower friction and tournament environments which simply did not fit into what I needed currently. I found myself facing a situation that I had not had to face in a long time which was being a one ball league bowler and needing something simply to overcome my standard house shot. Fortunately for me, the Frenzy filled that void.

Out of the box I knew I was going to be happy as Motiv had built an eye-pleasing ball and went with a philosophy of a stronger coverstock on a traditional symmetrical weightblock which has been a favorite of mine since my days throwing the Hammer Vibe series when I was still a staffer for Hammer. When drilling this ball, I took into consideration some of the changes in my game over the last year. I have noticed a reduction in my revs since sustaining the injury as well as an inconsistency with my ball speed as my series progress. As such is the case, I decided to go with a slightly more aggressive drill to give myself a bit more backend and to really see what this ball could do to help me when it read into the dry.

During my initial testing, I threw the ball on slightly broken down open play lanes utilizing a 40 foot pattern. I found right away that this ball reacted a lot differently than the previous several balls by Motiv by offering a much more distinctive wet to dry read and a smooth skid snap that I hadn’t seen from the earlier equipment. The Whiplash Pearl coverstock reacted very similarly to several bowling balls I had thrown in the past with a strong comparison to the Emerald Vibe by Hammer with the notable exception that it read much cleaner as the lanes broke down. I was actually able to play much deeper than I had expected and lost almost no transition power down lane.

The second time I took the ball out was during my league which was going to be the big test for this piece of equipment. On the fresh, I played a bit more down and in to see if I could remain up the boards without finding that over/under reaction many people come to expect from a symmetrical pearlized ball. The ball reacted like a dream and was just as effective on the fresh as it was on the broken down oil. As long as I was able to lift through my shots I had the same consistent snap on the back end and a strong enough finish where I saw almost no corner pins whatsoever throughout the night. One 783 series later made me wonder if I could play with this ball on another condition as well.

I had the opportunity to play on a slightly shorter house tournament oil pattern which, amazingly enough, yielded the same kind of performance I had seen on the league condition. Playing a little deeper and not being afraid to send the ball right allowed me to open up the lane and score extremely well. A perfect game helped cement this as my new number one house shot ball in my bag.

The Conclusion: The new Frenzy is easily going to become a top seller in a high friction environment and can benefit a lot of bowlers who are looking for a more angular offering from the Motiv line. I can happily say this is my favorite ball from 2012-2013 and I look forward to experimenting more with it as time passes. As of the writing of this review, I am averaging just a hair over 254 with this ball in competition and am very happy with what it has done for my game. Give it a peek and see for yourself the new look of Motiv today.

Dustin J. Markowitz is a Motiv Staffer and the CEO of
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: rickzakrajsek on February 07, 2013, 10:49:43 AM
This ball by far is one of my favorites in the line. With the Primal Scream now becoming my Benchmark piece I was in need of something long and strong with that angular finish I so desired. This ball gave me that and so much more. My first experience with this ball was at the PBA winter swing where I had the opportunity to throw it on 4 quite different patterns. ( Salvino,Roth,Carter,Anthony)  As expected this ball was quite a bit longer than my Primal Scream and just as angular as I had hoped it would be. Surprisingly though it still performed well on the longer patterns as it is just angular enough to get back to the hole at the back end of the oil. My second go around was on PBA cheetah and all I can say is WOW!!! Long, Strong and Angular are the only three words I could use. Such a great compliment to the Scream, Talon and everything else I own. Whether its House shots , PBA patterns and tournament oil patters or others this ball does have a place. Medium to heavy oil patterns fit best or THS. If you have a ball that reads well early or midlane and you are looking for that longer piece of the puzzle this is the ball for you! Strong off the back of the pattern but not crazy..controlled angle is probably the best way to explain it!!! Don’t shy away from this one I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Rick Zakrajsek –MOTIV STAFF

Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: etMOTIV8 on February 11, 2013, 11:45:21 AM
The Trash Frenzy!! When this ball hit my doorstep I was very excited, and when I opened the box the first thing I noticed is how nice this ball looks, I knew this would be a ball I would be using a lot, and I was right on that one! Motiv's cleanest ball through the front part of the lane in my opinion, when this ball starts to hook though it is a total beast, ultimate continuation through the pins, maintains energy very well, and hits like a truck. Because of how clean it is and how well it recovers, it creates a lot of room for myself, those balls that get a little wide seem to get back and still hit the pocket and still give great hitting power and slap those pins around. I would recommend this ball to anyone, fits almost any style of game whether you hook it or throw it really straight. Motiv continues to make winner after winner, the Thrash Frenzy more than take the cake as far as a winner goes, get one today!! There will be no regrets.

Elliot Ten
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Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: AGbowling on February 11, 2013, 04:09:43 PM
RG: 2.55

Differential: 0.043

Coverstock Name: Whiplash Pearl Reactive

Factory Finish: 2000 Grit / Polished

Core Type: Symmetric

Core Name: Quadfire

Motiv strikes again with their newest release in the Thrash Frenzy. They took the proven quadfire core and wrapped it in a brand new shell the Whiplash Pearl Reactive featured partly on the 2Cruel and Primal Scream with a new enhanced pearl additive.

This ball for me is the perfect compliment for when the primal scream and its solid cover start to check up early in the friction the pearl cover on the thrash frenzy clears the heads with ease. The Thrash Frenzy is going to be a main stay in my bag for every tournament I bowl in with my heavy roll and slightly above average rev rate this ball is the perfect match to my game and preference of lane play.

Motiv has truly come through time and time again with their releases and they yet again prove why they are here to compete with the other brands of the business. Watch out bowling world its time to get MOTIVated!

Aaron Gall
Motiv Staff
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: jrob857 on February 12, 2013, 12:27:20 PM

Length: 41

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): YHS



The Motiv Thrash Frenzy is the latest release but Motiv bowling. The Thrash Frenzy is the cleanest and most backend ball I have ever thrown. This ball is best thrown on medium oil patterns when there breaking down and is building friction; this is best new release out there in the bowling world and the most angular ball Motiv has come out with. The Thrash Frenzy is built by the Quadfire core to compliment length and backend motion and has the pearl version of the Whiplash coverstock that was found on the 2Cruel and the Primal Scream. This cover gives this ball outstanding angular motion in the backend. When the lanes break down and you need something that doesn’t burn up, the Motiv Thrash Frenzy is the perfect ball for you because once it hits that friction, it just keeps on continuing and driving threw the pocket.

INNER CORE:   Quadfire
COVERSTOCK:   Whiplash Pearl Reactive
FINISH:   2000 Grit Sand / Power Gel® Polish


What can I say other than that this is the best ball I have ever thrown. The Thrash Frenzy just fits my game and has been a house shot killer and for tournaments, this has been a go to ball when conditions are breaking down and friction is building out on the lanes. The Thrash Frenzy is the most angular and most violent backend ball I have ever thrown and is already the best ball I have ever thrown. This ball will fit perfectly in any style bowler’s bags. For tweeners, the Thrash Frenzy is an excellent choice because when lane conditions break down and you need something to get a little more length and you’re not comfortable moving, switch the Thrash Frenzy to give you that length. More people with medium to a lot of revs, this is the perfect ball to use for start to finish and to light up the score board. I can honestly say this is my new benchmark ball in my bag and is the best ball I have ever thrown and I believe this will be your favorite if you buy this ball, the Thrash Frenzy by Motiv Bowling.

Likes: Angular, good length and back end motion

Dislikes: None

I recommend this ball for any style and caliber bowler, the perfect ball for anyone.

Motiv Staff Player,
John Robertson

Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: mattyg3535 on February 13, 2013, 07:39:03 AM (

                      Motiv Thrash Frenzy Review

     Drilling Layout:  75 X 4 3/4 X 25
                  2000 box surface
     Rev Rate: 300+
     Speed:  Around 15 on the monitors
     Axis Rotation: 30 to 45 degrees
     Axis Tilt:  15 to 25 degrees

     Intention:  Looking to take advantage of the Skid/Flip nature of the ball.  Wanted length and an aggressive backend move when playing outside line during league and a quick pop when playing closer to the headpin in tournament conditions.

     Lane Conditions:  Kegel Stone Street and 38' "walled up house shot"

     I was looking for a long pin to cg to start but I only got a 3.4".  Had to do the best with what I got.  I wanted a 5 1/5" pin to pap but that would put the cg in my finger.  Didn't want to destroy the core to make it legal.  As far as the reaction, I thought that the ball was not as Skid/Flip as some of the other brands but for a Motiv ball, they are on the right track.  Length was never a problem but it didn't just see dry and just boomerang.  With the other brands you can just aim the ball to the right and it does what it does off the spot.  I used that method and was not happy.  I soon figured out that I had to try and play the ball more like I was trying to get it to ROLL of the end of the pattern, then it came to life!  It has a super late/sharp reaction.  I realize that this most people are unable to alter their release to get a ball to move sharp off the spot so that is defiantly an advantage to the Thrash Frenzy.
     Something I often wonder [in league] is how people with less hand have so much room.  It always seems as if I am plagued with over/under reaction and others (NO HAND) can have the whole lane.  The Thrash Frenzy made those over/under conditions just go away.  The more the over/under gets the more the TF shines. On the fresh THS I was able to play right along side those who seem to dominate that area.  I was able to miss a little into the dry and the length of the ball helped the over reaction.  If I tugged the ball, the move off the breakpoint was so sharp it didn't need much room to rev up and carry all 10 pins in the pit.  I was really easy to play the THS though.  I didn't have to pull any tricks out of the bag or play extreme angles to make it to the pocket flush.  Normally I find myself moving after almost every shot to avoid a random reaction down lane.  The Thrash Frenzy was my cure to all the craziness!
     On the sport shot I am normally around 9 at the arrows.  That was just not going to happen withe the Thrash Frenzy.  I was actually able to play closer to 5-6 at the breakpoint with confidence.  If I were to get out there with another ball it usually doesn't recover.  Mind you, I use my Motiv Raptor Talon on this pattern as a league shot.  I am 9-10 at the breakpoint.  The Thrash Frenzy gave me enough length in the dry to clear the oil pattern and make a good "hard" move to the pocket.  I did't see the skid/flip motion. It was more a delayed, fast, continuous motion.  Not bad.  Just not skid/flip.  I found myself limited in the area I could play.  I was stuck between 9-14 at the arrows (where most house bowlers play anyway).  Anything beyond that and the Thrash Frenzy just didn't have enough core to leave me anything but the 2-8-10.  Seeing how the cover is so clean, I don't know why you would have to move out of that area though.  So is was a wash as far as I am concerned.

     Conclusion:  Higher rev players will have a great time playing in an area of the lane they haven't seen in a long time.  It is a great ball in the fact you don't have to sacrifice ball reaction just to play where 90% of the house plays. The other 90% will love the length of this ball and how well it moves in the back end.  Great ball to transition to when you aren't as comfortable hooking the whole lane when they get dry.  Although not as skid/flip as some other brands, Motiv's attempt is a much better reaction for most bowlers looking for such.  It will keep you out of trouble while your playing around the track.

     Likes:  Again, Motiv makes some of the best looking overstocks on the market!  The length is amazing while still having a "real" core to go through the pins hard.

     Dislikes:  The NAME.  How many people call this ball the "Trash" instead of Thrash by mistake?  Isn't Thrash and Frenzy kind of the same word?  The ball wasn't amazing on the really burnt up lanes. Still needs more oil than other brands to maintain it's "skid/flip" motion.

BowlerX Staff Member
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: jumhowar on February 14, 2013, 09:20:15 PM



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):




Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: sportshot on February 17, 2013, 11:06:33 PM

Ball Specs:
Motiv Thrash Frenzy
Pearl  Reactive
2000 Grit / Power Gel Polish
Ball Specs: Symmetric Core
Layout  60x4.25x40  (no balance hole)

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5 Over 3/4 up
Rev Rate 275. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed off hand 18

The New Motiv Thrash Frenzy is a lot of hook for a polished pearl.  The Frenzy is 3-5 boards more than my primal Impulse. The ball picks up very well in the mid lane, but is clean enough to have a nice backend move. I found that my Thrash Frenzy plays best on medium to medium-wet conditions. It works well on a house or sport shot. The ones we have drilled so far have all been pin up higher RG drillings. The balls all seem to have great recovery and hit like a truck! The ball has nice reaction if you miss into the dry but stays predicable. This is another great addition to the Motiv line and fills a gap for Motiv which I think needed  an aggressive pearl.
The hit and pin carry of this ball is very strong. The Thrash Frenzy carries light hits almost every time. This may be due to the increased entry angle of this ball. The Thrash Frenzy will probably become one of my go to balls on league night.  The Frenzy has a great color and shelf appeal. Almost everyone that comes into the shop is drawn to it. The only downside is I keep selling out!

Nice mid lane read with strong backend motion.
Strong hit and carry  with great continuation through pins.
Will play well on a variety of oil patterns.
A great piece needed in the Motiv lineup.
If you liked the original Thrash, get the Frenzy!

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Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: hfkwill on February 19, 2013, 06:56:25 AM
The MOTIV line keeps getting better and better. This release, the Thrash Frenzy is the most angular MOTIV ball to date. The phrase attack from the deep is quite factual here. With its smooth blue, teal colors combined with a silver and red neo-mark, it is visually appealing as well as a beast when it hits the pocket!

I have drilled one Thrash Frenzy so far. I laid it out pretty simple with the pin over my bridge and a slight kick of the center of gravity with a hole 5” over on my grip centerline. Using dual angles this ball measures 50 x 5 x 40. Out of the box this ball lives up to its full hype, going very long and unleashing on the backend! Knocking off the polish with a 4000 abralon pad amplifies the reaction of the Thrash Frenzy and can be used in earlier transitions. Hitting the Thrash Frenzy with a 1000 grit abralon will really surprise you as it can be used on the fresh oil, and not lose any hit through the pins.

In comparison to other bowling balls in the MOTIV line, the Thrash Frenzy is intended to be your go to ball once the lanes transition. This ball is great when you have no oil in the front part of the lane and are forced to move left. In respect to the other symmetrical balls MOTIV produces, the Thrash Frenzy is cleaner through the fronts then them all and is much stronger on the back end. The only symmetrical MOTIV ball to cover more boards is the Primal Scream.  Stop by your local pro shop and get MOTIVated!

Here is a link to my Thrash Frenzy in action:

William Welch
Manager, 10 Back Pro Shops
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: wleto on February 28, 2013, 10:37:40 PM
Inner Core - Quadfire
Cover - Whiplash Pearl Reactive
Finish - 2000 polish
15# RG rating 2.55 / RG Diff .043
Flare potential - 4”+

Bowler specs:
Speed: 18-20 mph
Rev: 450+

Dual angle layout on my Frenzy: 70 x 4.5 x 45

   For me, the Thrash Frenzy is very clean up front and with a serious change of direction motion when it reads friction.  When patterns start to breakdown, this ball will afford you the ability to store energy and not worry about carry down. Being that I am a higher rev rate player, this ball does not cause me problems by reading too early. The length this ball has before it reads is incredible. I love the fact that during league I can get in and create my own area and not worry about the ball not recovering. I can play the track and trust the ball to get through the heads with it’s clean front and still have the stored energy to go through the pins like it has a purpose.

Likes: Motion, aggressiveness off the spot, colors, price....
Dislikes: When I miss left, it doesn’t know....

William Leto
Motiv Amateur Staff member
Title: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: nmbr1sun99 on March 07, 2013, 11:39:17 AM
Lane Conditions: Medium Oil
Typical Conditions: House Shot
Type of Lane: All Synthetic
Weight of bowling ball: 15
Surface of bowling ball: Factory/Box

Ball stats: Core-Quadfire Coverstock-Whiplash Pearl Reactive
Surface-2000 sanded/MOTIV Power Gel Polish RG-2.55 15lbs. RG Diff-.043 15lbs.
Color-Dark Blue/Light Aqua Blue with Silver and Red logos.

My information
Ball speed: 18/19 mph
Rev rate- 430 average
Ball drilling on the ball reviewed-45 x 35@ 5” P2 X- hole


The Thrash Frenzy is a perfect fit just below the Primal Scream for length. The delayed movement through the heads thanks to the Pearl Reactive cover, provides more skid flip than the Primal Scream.

Typical use:

42' fresh house pattern.

This has been the only ball out of my bag since i have received it other than my Sniper. With this ball I have been able to gain control of the lanes and make gradual movements with the transition.

The Quadfire core has always provided me with one of the best read reactions on a ball and now with the Whiplash Pearl cover, it now provides the best length and down lane reaction in the transition.

In the later games when I need to move deeper on the lane, the ball reaction never gives up. Being able to play the steeper angles, i saw a great increase in pin reaction.

As a high rev player I am finding this ball best on the medium oil patterns.

Brandon Joseph
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Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: fishin 4 strikes on March 09, 2013, 08:06:45 PM



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Old House Shot
Rev rate 325
speed  17mph
tilt  11
rotation  45

Likes: The Frenzy get down the lane and makes an angular move.  This ball is meant to be used when the lane gets a little friction in the front part of the lanes.   


Anthony Jordan
Motiv Staff
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: Npahr on March 10, 2013, 03:14:08 PM
The Thrash Frenzy from Motiv utilizes the proven quadfire core from the Thrash and QZ2 Backdraft along with a new Whiplash Pearl Reactive coverstock to create the cleanest and most angular ball yet! The quadfire core has a high rg (2.55) and medium differential (.043) to create a strong continuous motion downlane once this core takes over. The new Whiplash Pearl Reactive coverstock is a new version of the Whiplash cover that was seen on the 2 cruel and is the cleanest cover that Motiv has produced yet. This new cover gets downlane with great ease and stores an incredible amount of energy to be unleashed at the end of the pattern on medium patterns or when the lanes begin to break down. This is an incredible new release that will be sure to turn heads with its strong angular motion downlane!

Nick Pahr
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Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: Onefrombills on March 24, 2013, 12:22:08 AM
MOTIV Bowling Thrash Frenzy 
The Thrash Frenzy is long and clean with a violent backend reaction.  On medium oil patterns that are beginning to break down and build friction, this is the most angular ball MOTIV has ever released.  Bowlers with higher rev rates will really appreciate the easy length of the Thrash Frenzy.  When medium oil patterns begin to break down, rather than see a ball burn up in the friction and hit weak, the Thrash Frenzy will retain energy and produce a violent backend motion.
Drill Layout/Pattern
Pin above ring finger
Grit and/or Polishes used
Ball comes at 2000 Sanded with Polish
I use this ball a lot on a THS league games 3 & 4… This ball has a pearl version of the shell that was on the 2 Cruel but it still holds the line very well AND still has stored energy in the ball when it comes off the pattern. I also see this as a great ball for a beginner that is looking for 
Bowler Specifications
Right Handed - Power Stroker
Ball Speed – 15 mph
Rev rate 320
Positive Axis Point (PAP) 5 right ˝ up

Brian Hirsch
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Title: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: toverbey on March 25, 2013, 02:15:38 PM
Lane Condition:
   40ft THS on Brunswick ProLane
   Medium  Volume

   4 1/2” x 4 1/8”
   70 x 4 ˝ x 40

Following the success of the original Thrash, Motiv has given us a compliment worthy of its name: the Thrash Frenzy.  Using the proven Quadfire core (2.55 RG, .043 Diff) with the brand new Whiplash Pearl Reactive coverstock (finished at 2000 + Power Gel Polish) has produced a ball that attacks the lanes later in the day when you need something that can be projected right into the burn and will hook back with aggressive angularity.  The layout I placed on mine gives me a good mix of downlane projection and a strong revving motion at the spot.  I have had no issues with this ball getting through the heads and mids cleanly.  With the energy stored up from this clean projection, the backend has been nothing less than explosive once the ball finds the friction.   Just like my original Thrash, the Frenzy drives through the pins without reservation.  If you are wanting a ball that gives you that explosive backend reaction on fresh medium or broken down lane condition, let the Thrash Frenzy be your new benchmark.       

Trent Overbey
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Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: dugbark on March 31, 2013, 03:42:43 PM
Bowler Stats-Ball Speed 15.5 MPH Rev Rate-App 280 Axis of Rotation-30 to 60 degrees Axis Tilt 9 degrees Right Handed PAP-5 over, 1/4" up

The Motiv Thrash Frenzy is designed for medium patterns according to Motiv. It's description also includes the words violent back end.  The ball is as advertised. It pushes through the heads with ease on all but the driest of heads, revs up very late in the mid lanes and make a strong quick transition but continous move at the end of the pattern with plenty of energy saved.  The core/cover combo requires me to move deeper because of the angularity of the move on lower friction surfaces/conditions, and allows me to play the outsides on higher friction surfaces/conditions.  I am  someone who prefers keeping the ball in front of me so this took me out of my comfort zone.  But, it worked even better then I understood it would. It slides in oil and reads the friction quickly.  The Core of the Ball, the Quadfire, revs later in the lanes and has a lower flair potential then the Primal Scream. Compared to the last ball with the Quadfire core, the Thrash, the ball is longer and more angular. I have to have friction right, but those who are not as rev/speed challenged as this old man may be able to use in on heavier volumes and lengths.  If I tug the ball into the soup the ball skates but as long as the Frenzy finds a part of the lane to read it will still hit.   I think it will be a great match up for me later in long format tournaments after the Primal Scream becomes too much ball. 

This was my first attempt with 14 pound equipment and I averaged 245 with this ball for my first eight sets.  I have been able to find the pocket with this ball on my all conditions, and I have lost no hitting power. 

If you use this ball as designed, that is on medium oil patterns of volume or length as a skid/snap reaction, it will be a very effective ball. With the Thrash Frenzy Motiv that for me was not previously available with Motiv equipment, the go long and snap ball.  The pleasant surprise for me was that it carried well.  Previous to this ball I had trouble consistently carrying and controlling any skid/snap equipment.  This ball is very manageable.

I'm very colorblind but the Neomark Graphic makes the ball very pleasing to the eye and give it good shelf appeal.

Dug Barker
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Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: PBAMurph on April 18, 2013, 08:34:32 AM

Length:39 Feet


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS


Likes:In one of my previous reviews, I raved about the Primal Scream and how it was the best ball I've had drilled in the last 15 years. That is still true, however, the Thrash Frenzy is quickly becoming my 2nd favorite. This pearl cover is extremely clean through the front and is very angular. As the pattern breaks down and I moved deeper, the ball continues to have a very nice angular motion on the back with fantastic hitting power! This is a great ball to go to once the pattern is too dry for the Scream. Motiv is continuing to step up it's game, and it's helping me do the same. I'm gaining more and more confidence with each new release.

I can't wait until the next release and test!

Along with the Scream, this is a must have! I'm getting ready to drill another layout in the next week...............


Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: Bronson on April 18, 2013, 09:09:11 AM
The Motiv Thrash Frenzy is an awesome ball to add to your arsenal. When the lanes start to break down this ball easily gets through the heads which is especially beneficial on wood lanes. The ball goes long with a great backend finish. This will give you an easy to read reaction and a higher percentage of strikes to continue bowling high scores throughout your games. The ball looks great also. My customer’s scores are also increasing with this ball as they are able to create area and carry more strikes. 

I have used this ball on a medium oil pattern at 41 feet on a wood surfaces.
I am right handed and throw the ball at 17mph. I use the Motiv Power Gel Clean to keep the ball clean and ready to react at all times.

If you want a ball that is very clean on the fronts with a strong back end reaction then this is a great choice. Thank you Motiv for another excellent ball.

Bronson Schalizki
“Motiv Staff Member”
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: jameskfogg on April 18, 2013, 09:55:34 PM
Ball: Thrash Frenzy
Core: Quadfire
Coverstock: Whiplash Pearl Reactive
Finish:    2000 Grit Sand / Power Gel® Polish
Layout: 55° x 5”x 65°
Ball Speed: 18.5 mph
Rev Rate: 450+
This ball goes extremely long and makes a very readable back end movement. This ball is a great compliment to the Venom Toxin utilizing the same layout. This ball fits well into the game of a high rev rate player. It does not burn up down the lane when it transitions to the breakpoint maintaining plenty of energy.
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
James Fogg - MOTIV Staff
Title: Re: Thrash Frenzy
Post by: BobDaBowler on April 19, 2013, 02:30:57 PM
The Thrash Frenzy is long and clean with a violent backend reaction.  On medium oil patterns that are beginning to break down and build friction, this is the most angular ball MOTIV has ever released.  Bowlers with higher rev rates will really appreciate the easy length of the Thrash Frenzy.  When medium oil patterns begin to break down, rather than see a ball burn up in the friction and hit weak, the Thrash Frenzy will retain energy and produce a violent backend motion..
Its time to Get MOTIVated with the NEW Motiv Thrash Frenzy.  I drilled two Thrash Frenzys. Ball one is drilled 75X4.5X40 and ball two is drilled 60X4X75.  This is the most angular ball I have ever thrown by Motiv!  This ball gets down the lane with a sharp angular motion on the back end.  This ball allows me to play the deepest part of the lane on drier/brokendown conditions without sacrificing pin carry.  Comparing my two Frenzys, ball one gets much more length with more recovery in the back end.  Ball two picks up sooner in the midlane and a lil smoother but still angular in the backend. Another winner by Motiv, this is a must have in the bag!!!! Get MOTIVated!!!!
Bobby G Middleton Jr
MOTIV Staff Member