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Trident Quest
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:59:13 PM »
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Motiv was on a quest to find a ball with a coverstock that offers a violent and angular response to friction, that is suited for medium to heavy oil conditions and is aggressive. This quest resulted in the Motiv Trident Quest. This ball uses the asymmetric Turbulent weight block which is versatile and offers agility at the backend. This ball introduces the Hexion Reactive coverstock which boasts fast response skid-flip on the fronts with an aggressive backend snap. This ball is finished with medium to heavy oil conditions in mind.

Color: Dark Purple/Dark Blue
Core: Turbulent
Coverstock: Hexion Pearl Reactive
Finish: 5000 Grit Laser Scan Polish
Reaction: Violent and angular response to friction
RG: 2.49**
Differential: 0.054**
** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil



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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2017, 02:35:38 PM »
Ball Specs:
 Motiv Trident Quest
 Cover stock – Hexion Pearl Reactive
 5000 LSP
 Asymmetric Core
 Layout 45 X 4 x 50

 Bowler Specs:
 Right Hand.  PAP  4-3/4 Over 1/4 Up
 Rev Rate 250. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
 Speed off hand 18

 The Trident Quest features a new cover stock from Motiv. It is a new development to help the ball glide through the front part of the lane then provide increased friction in the back. The new Hexion cover really increases entry angle. The Turbulent Weight block paired with this shell creates a very strong Asymmetric ball. The Quest gives bowlers a good amount of hook that is angular with a reliable motion. I took this ball to a tournament recently, (the Hoinke) where the center part of the lane is dry and outside of 7 was out of bounds. I was able to move deeper even with my lower rev rate and carry the 10 pin easily. I am right handed.  The Quest fits above my Original purple Paranoia and under my Ghost in my lineup. The Quest was a rare occurrence where a Motiv ball actually hooked less than I expected. I guess since I know how strong the original Trident is, I was expecting a lot of total boards.  This shows how much a cover can change ball motion even on the same core.  I have drilled a good number of these now with all styles having good success. I have been very happy with how well it fits the game of the higher rev players. It seems that this is an Asymmetric the rev dominate players in my area can have great success with.
 I tested the Quest with box surface and then wet sanded it to 2000. The ball maintained its back end angle with the rougher surface even though it hooked more in total boards. The Quest looks great and will be a great addition to any arsenal.

 The Trident Quest gives easy length with strong flip.
 This ball is a good fit for any style.
 The Quest is very versatile for an Asymmetric Pearl.
 The Quest is a powerful match of new core and cover technology.

 Glenn  Wendel
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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2017, 10:47:29 PM »

Hello guys! This time we had the chance to try the new Trident Quest. We bowled on our house shot pattern (Kegel Main Street, 41’) and this ball definitely performed as advertised. Really impressive.

The Trident Quest is an easy ball to read. As most pearlized balls, is very clean through the front part of the lane, but what makes the Quest different in my opinion is how strong reads the mid part of the lane. This is really helpful since the ball never missed the breakpoint, and somehow, the Quest still have tons of energy to make a strong move down the lane. This the first Motiv ball with this type of reaction, and a much needed one.

I started laying the ball around 10 with 6 as my breakpoint and the ball had a great reaction. The only thing I noticed is that at least for me, with my low/medium rev rate, misses inside resulted in the ball going high. The ball stores so much energy so when it hits friction, it makes a hard right turn. When I missed outside, the ball offered me great recovery down the lane and I was still able to hit the pocket nicely.

I started moving right with both my feet and my eyes and the Trident Quest surprisingly let me swing the ball away from the pocket and see enough recovery. I was able to move up to the third arrow, having 8 at my breakpoint and the Quest always recovered with a strong backend motion.

Overall this ball allowed me to play from multiple angles, it is definitely a versatile piece.

I compared the Trident Quest with two balls. The Trident and the Primal Fear.

The Trident is a bit stronger than the Trident Quest. The Trident has a more rounded shape, it is earlier than the Quest, it also provides a strong midlane read, but the Trident is smoother down the lane.

The Primal Fear is weaker overall than the Trident Quest. The Fear reads the lane a tad earlier and is not as fast off the spot as the Quest is. While is also an angular ball, I feel the Quest is a bigger ball in terms of hook potential and angularity.

The Trident Quest fills a hole in the Motiv lineup. This is the first asymmetrical pearl in years for Motiv and it fits perfectly into the current lineup. The Quest offers a shape that Motiv didn’t have before. It is very clean through the fronts, but combines a strong midlane read with a strong and predictable backend motion.

It is a great complement to the Trident and strong solid balls like the Jackal Ghost and the Forza SS. When these balls start to hook too early, the Trident Quest will be a great option to go to on most medium and heavy oil patterns.

On a house shot, this ball can be easily used both on fresh and on broken down conditions. On sport shot patterns, the Quest will be a great option once there are some friction and you have to open up the lane.

Overall, The Quest is a versatile piece that allows to play from different angles and on different conditions. This ball is the most angular piece in the Motiv lineup and it will definitely fit into a lot of bowling styles.

Thank you for watching!
Angel Loaeza

I am just an average bowler, I don't work for any company nor I am on staff with any ball company.

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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2017, 12:23:59 PM »
Motiv Trident Quest
Being older presents many challenges when competing on higher volume oil patterns- Yes ball speed is reduced as we get older but finding the right piece to not push past the break point on the longest of patterns is always a difficult task. I find myself migrating more and more right physically pointing the ball versus realizing the full potential of the balls power. If you are like me you need a ball that give you’re a competitive edge. The new Motiv Trident Quest is that ball. Its new Hexion cover provides that needed recovery and helps to open up my angles on even the heaviest of oil patterns. The turbulent weight block provides the needed reaction and continuation you tend to lose as the ball accelerates down the lane due to heavy oil patterns. Opening up the lanes and increasing the miss area is something the Quest allows you to do. If you need something that gives you mid lane reading with a strong back end reaction the Quest is the ball for you! The 7+ “ flare potential helps to assure your ball will be rolling over a clean surface on the ball each time down the lane thus providing much more consistent reaction. Don’t miss your chance to own one of the best medium- heavy oil balls on the market! Motiv Trident Quest is that good!
Rick Zakrajsek
Motiv Staff-Ohio


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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2017, 04:20:58 PM »
Ball Specs

RG 2.49   Differential .054

Bowler Specs
PAP 4 1/2 over 1 1/4 up
Rev Rate 525
Speed 18mph

Trident Quest is the latest HP ball in the Motiv line. The new Quest use the same core from the original trident and pairs it with the new hexion cover. This is the newest and cleanest cover that motiv has used to date. This allows the Quest to easily get through the front part of and create much more down lane motion than the original trident. With a low RG core and very clean and responsive cover the Quest is the most angular ball Motiv has made. For me the Quest is about three feet longer and about five boards stronger down lane then the original trident. In tournaments this ball will come out of the bag during the transition period once the trident or ghost starts to hook to soon. For people who bowl league on higher friction surfaces or are looking for something to go to as the lanes breakdown this will be the perfect ball to add to your arsenal. For tournament bowlers the Quest will be great on longer or higher volume patterns once the front part of the lane starts to hook. Anyone who is looking for a angular HP ball should look no further than the Trident Quest!

Kris Rogers
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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2017, 11:26:31 AM »

Name: Will Schnack
Rev Rate: 350 rpms
Ball Speed: 17.5 mph
PAP: 4 5/8" over 1/2" up
Right Handed


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


WEIGHT BLOCK: Turbulent™
COVER STOCK: Hexion™ Reactive
FINISH: 5000 Grit LSP
RG: 2.49 (15 lb)
DIFF: 0.054 (15lb)

We're going on a quest!
The Trident Quest is a special ball and deserves a spot in everyone's bag.  Once my Jackal Ghost starts to pick up the mid lane too much for me I immediately switch to my Trident Quest.  This ball is so clean through the front part of the lane and really picks up on the backend to deliver a massive payload to the pins.  Let's go on a quest!

Will Schnack
Bowlersmart Rockford
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We're on a Quest!
« Reply #6 on: October 25, 2017, 12:49:01 PM »

   65 x 4 ¾ x 40

The next step in MOTIV's coverstock technology has arrived: the Quest is on. The Trident Quest follows up the original Trident by using the steady Turbulent core (2.49RG, .054Diff) but takes a radical departure in its reaction thanks to the brand new Hexion reaction coverstock (finished at 5000LSP). This new cover brings back the length and backend reaction not fully seen since the Fusion Pearl reactive coverstock first used on the Primal Rage. I drilled mine for length with backend snap and that is exactly what I received. Even with the stronger core the Quest glides through the fronts easily. In the mids you can see the ball starting to read but you do not see it starting to bleed any energy, it still keeps pushing down the lane towards the breakpoint. Once friction is found a pronounced, sharp motion is produced thereby allowing the ball to enter the pocket at steeper angles. While I have had to keep my lines in front of me to start on a fresh house shot, I have been able to continue moving left as the lanes break down without any hesitation; not yet have I found 'too far left' to be in this ball's vocabulary during a typical league set. Anytime I can project the ball through oil to friction, the response and left turn impresses me. Simply put, the Trident Quest is Medium-Heavy to Medium skid-snap.

Trent Overbey
In the Zone Pro Shop
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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #7 on: November 06, 2017, 09:33:25 PM »
Its time to pick up your weapons and start the hunt for pins! Join Lane Side Reviews as they take up the challenge and take the new MOTIV Bowling #TridentQuest to the lanes!

The SuperHitMan

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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #8 on: November 22, 2017, 01:44:10 PM »
Weight Block:Turbulent™
Cover Stock:Hexion™ Reactive
Finish:5000 Grit LSP
Flare Potential:7"+

I’m a fan of the Trident so needless to say when the Trident Quest was announced I was thoroughly pleased at the TQ creation, the Trident Quest features a cleaner coverstock than that of the original the Hexion Pearl Reactive.  At the center  of the Trident Quest is the Turbulent core which was also featured in the original Trident producing  the continuation that we all love,  the Hexion cover makes the Trident Quest very clean throughout the lane and allows it to create more motion down lane than that of the Trident.  The low RG within the Trident Quest combined with the Hexion cover makes the Trident Quest the most angular ball to date.

The Hexion cover brings back both length and backend reaction that really hasn’t been fully seen since the Fusion Pearl reactive coverstock first used on the Primal Rage, I laid mine for length with a smooth backend snap and that is exactly what got as the ball does as advertised. As clean as the cover is you can see the read but not bleed out as it rolls down lane into the breakpoint.

I like what the Trident Quest offers me and I have developed a love jones for the Hexion cover and it offers what the Trident doesn’t, the Trident wasn’t something I could get to corner and face up and when I made it do so through manipulation the results were not always desirable.  I can play sharper angles with the Quest as the cover is so clean it isn’t going to face up too early and corner too late.  In comparing the two the Trident is stronger than the Trident Quest overall however I find the Trident Quest to be the more versatile between the two because of the Hexion cover. 

Do you self a favor and go on a Quest.

Your game will thank you for it.

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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #9 on: November 26, 2017, 01:46:05 PM »
Ball Specs and Layout
35x5 1/2x75 & 70x5x35
Ball Weight: 15
Bowler Stats:
Rev Rate – 425
Ball Speed – 17.0 mph (down-lane)
PAP – 5 1/4 over, ¾ up
5000 LSP Polish on Typical House Shot
Skid Flip Ball Reaction:
For those of you looking for a skid flip reaction out of a high performance core...Then the Trident Quest is the ball for you. The Hexion Pearl cover creates just the right amount of skid in the front part of the lane. Then the core begins to take over and creates a perfect amount of backend reaction. This has been my go to ball since its release. The core is very driller friendly and can be drilled to give you a wide variety of ball motion. My 35 x 5 ½ x 75 layout allows me to begin the set left of most of my competition and as they begin to dry out I can seamlessly change to my 70 x 5 ½ x 40 layout as this layout clears the fronts with easy and creates a huge move at the break point. This is the best Asymmetric Pearl in the market today.
Dan Knowlton
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Motiv Staff
Dan Knowlton
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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #10 on: November 27, 2017, 12:56:21 PM »
     Trident Quest.... What does this ball do. The Quest seems to be a strong heavy roll with all out hook potential. My initial thoughts on this ball varied from all out wow too oh boy what did I get myself into. I drilled this ball with the same lay out I have on the OG Trident. 60 X 4.75 X 70, Places the pin below the middle finger, mass bias about an inch or so from the thumb. My issue with most Asymmetrical balls is they do not have the continuation, lots of over under for the most part. This layout seems to really help me negating the over under. What I found initially thought was the ball would not make the corner and seemed to lag off the spot down lane. I thought this was going to be another over under dud.
       Now decision time, Do I call it a day and self the idea of Asymmetrical's working for me. Nah! Time to put a P3 hole in this and see what happens. The P3 hole was a savor for this ball. Now what I see with the Quest is a heavy rolling pearl that is more controllable and has over all motion through out the lane. The Quest is one of the strongest pearls I have thrown in a while, I would say this is a good 5 boards stronger than the new Lethal with more overall shape. Mid lane traction with the heavy rolling core is no issue and as of yet I have not seen enough wax to really scare this ball. I have always been a fan of big hook pearls as they have a look my eyes like better than big hook solids.
     I think this addition is a welcomed addition to the line up as those who like Asymmetrical balls will sure like this ball. The cover has a strong motion down lane and the core makes for easy revving. Anyone who is looking for a truly strong pearl should highly consider adding this to their arsenal.

C Mohr
Motiv Staff
Clayton Mohr
Motiv Staff


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Re: Trident Quest
« Reply #11 on: January 29, 2018, 08:41:52 AM »

Length: 42'

Volume: 26ml

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Modified Stone Street THS


Likes: Beautiful skid/flip reaction and violent backend. Seams to carry everything

Dislikes: None


Drilled this ball 70x5x70 and it has a beautiful reaction. Very versatile ball that gets through the heads cleanly and I always know it is coming back. Love the core/cover combo on this setup. Just threw 300 with it last Wednesday.


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Versatility you would have never thought about!
« Reply #12 on: August 30, 2018, 10:42:28 AM »
This ball is one of those that either takes you a game or two to figure out, but once you do...Jackpot. As its name states, it is a trident QUEST...In your quest to find the perfect reaction on the lanes, this ball can work on almost any pattern. To me, I can throw 3 different angles off my track. At 15 degrees has control, at 45 degrees flushes 9 of 10 shots, and at 60+ degrees gives me the push and for transition and backend that I need!
Sandro Perrino - MOTIV Staff
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