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« on: August 24, 2016, 04:11:18 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The Motiv Trident is Motiv's strongest bowling ball to date. This ball can handle heavy oil while providing a high hook potential. The Coercion HVH (High Volume Hybrid) reactive coverstock, Turbulent asymmetric weight block, and 3000 grit LSS finish combine to provide the traction and revs needed at the mid-lane and a strong transition into a powerful down lane motion. Arm yourself with Motiv's ultimate weapon, the Trident!

Color: Black Solid/Charcoal Pearl All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
Core: Turbulent
Coverstock: Coercion HVH Reactive
Finish: 3000 Grit Laser Scan Sanded
Reaction: Strong mid-lane motion with continuation through pins
RG: 2.49**
Differential: 0.054**
** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil


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Motiv Trident video and written review
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2016, 09:28:00 PM »

Length: Dead man's curve (43') and THS (39')

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Sport pattern and THS


Hi guys! Here is my third review so far and this time I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Trident, the new asymmetrical ball for heavy oil made by Motiv.

Usually Asymmetrical balls are kind of a hit or miss for me. Some of them roll great for me (Hyper Cell Skid, Cruel Intent, Nirvana) and some others hasn't been what I was expecting from them, sometimes they start too early for me and they hit the pins with almost no energy.

I was kind of worried when I read that it was the strongest ball ever produced by Motiv, thinking that it was gonna be too strong to be usable on a wider variety of patterns and that it was gonna be more of a condition specific ball for me. (flatter patterns, heavy oil, etc) Well, I was wrong.

I've been using the Trident for almost two weeks now and I am still impressed of how this ball retains so much energy even with my low tilt and using it on a THS. I have used it in leagues and so far I had a 297 (Yes, I choked lol) and a 279 (another 7 pin ruins it for me) and I also have been able to use it the whole night just moving a couple of boards. I am a lefty, so that might help too, but I have had other balls that after one game and a half I need to ball down, until now, not with the Trident.

Since I am a low rev bowler, my confort zone usually is playing between 10-12 and my breakpoint usually is 7-8, with the Trident I am able to play that part of the lane reserved for the big shots who can play inside 15. This is the first time that I can play that part of the lane and have the ball come back to the pocket without leaving corner pins! A lot of bowlers can do that with a lot of balls, but for me this was a first and I was so happy to finally being able to play that far right!

The ball is a little bit more clean than the Forza GT and a little bit earlier than the original Jackal, having more hook potential than both. I would describe it as if the Vengeance and the Carnage had a kid. The Vengeance is one of my favorite balls because it has this motion that is not early, not late, has a great backend motion without being too angular or uncontrollable and the Carnage was smooth and had a big hook potential, you get those two together, and you have a Trident.

The ball hooks A LOT but not too early making it hit like a wet noodle and it has a great backend motion but it is not angular or unpredictable.

I also used it on the Dead man's curve (43') and honestly I felt like I was playing on a modified house shot. I was able to play 10 to 8 and the ball was just coming back strong to the pocket. I was even able to swing the ball some and the ball rolled great. I used the GT too and while I had a good look with it, I had to be more accurate and play tighter to hit the pocket.

Likes: So far I am really impressed on how this ball rolls, it is really, really strong, but thankfully it seems to be a versatile ball too. Good option for low rev bowlers.

Dislikes: none at the moment.


Angel Loaeza

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Re: Trident
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2016, 07:44:12 AM »

Description: The Trident is an ALL around NEW ball in MOTIVís lineup. MOTIV now again has an asymmetrical ball back in production, with the new Turbulent Core. It also has a new cover, the Coercion HVH (High Volume Hybrid) Reactive. The box finish is a 3000 Grit LSS (Laser Scan Sanded). The RG of the Trident is a 2.49 with a .054 differential. According to MOTIVís hook scale it is their most hooking ball produced.

Reaction: I donít want to just say that this is the most hook Iíve ever seen, but it is. It is NOT just another ball equal to the Jackalís, nor is it a replacement for them. It is an upgrade and provides more hook potential which I will get into with the comparisons. So for me to say this ball really hooks, I really want to back it up with a description. Being asymmetrical it does start up soon, but it is not too early because there is still plenty of shape down lane. There is so much hook potential with this ball and it is not all in the front part of the lane, there is just as much shape and continuation down lane as there is in the front half of the lane. This is also why MOTIV has placed the Trident in the moderate motion column on the ball guide, essentially replacing the same location as the original Jackal. Many balls with a lot of hook potential hook early and get slower down lane, I feel the Trident never slows down. I also tested the pin up Trident with no hole with polish over the box finish. I really like the reaction from this surface change and it was still plenty strong enough, but just delayed the hook and made it much faster when encountering friction.

Comparisons: The Revolt Havoc in my opinion is still earlier than the Trident, but doesnít have near the motion down lane or the hook potential of the Trident. The Revolt Havoc provides a much more even shape throughout the lane. Next, the Jackal Carnage is just a little sooner than the Trident and although it responds a little faster than a Revolt Havoc, it still does not have the response of a Trident. Finally, the original Jackal is cleaner and does respond a little faster than a Trident. NEITHER Jackal out hooked the Trident though, the Trident is 2-3 boards stronger than an original Jackal and 3-4 boards stronger than a Jackal Carnage. I also prefer the overall shape of the Trident to either of the Jackals as I get MUCH better continuation through the pins, especially for how deep the ball pushed me on the lane. Asymmetrical balls can be very forward when encountering friction, although the numbers say the Trident could be weaker than the Jackals, the cover on the Trident just makes it stronger.

Summary: I donít normally rate ballsÖbut if I were to rate them based on first outings, I would put the Trident in my TOP 3. The other 2 being the original Primal Rage and Venom Shock. If this balls is on track with how good those two are this ball should be liked by just about everyone. MOTIV has literally replaced the Jackals with an improved shape and increased hook potential, no duplication here.


Mike Magolan - MOTIV | Turbo | Boom Apparel| Genesis Staff
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The Ultimate Weapon
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2016, 03:28:08 PM »
   90 x 4 x 35

Are you looking for the ultimate weapon for heavier oil conditions? Arm yourself with the Motiv Trident. Combining two brand new technologies, the Coercion HVH reactive coverstock (finished at 3000LSS) and the asymmetric Turbulent core (2.49RG, .054Diff), this ball bolsters an arsenal by providing strong midlane roll without sacrificing backend hitting power. The Trident is slated to be the top-middle piece on the Motiv ball guide and it fits that bill to a T, hooking sooner than my original Jackal but proving more downlane motion than the Carnage. Leaving mine at box finish I found that I could play multiple angles showing off the ballís versatility. When I was outside 10 going straight up the midlane roll would take over and smooth out my reaction; there was no jump from the dry, only a smooth roll to the pocket. When I moved further in and swung it I could easily get it through the heads and see it read the breakpoint stronger, giving me the recovery needed to climb back and drive through the pins. This ball is best fitted for heavier, fresher conditions as a starter piece that you can then easily transition down to a cleaner, quicker cover.

Trent Overbey
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Re: Trident
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2016, 08:47:56 AM »

Length: 41 ft

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS



The Trident by MOTIV Bowling is the newest release to come out of Muskegon, Michigan. This asymmetrical bad boy brings together a brand new core and cover combo that pins stand no chance of standing when itís all said and done. The Trident introduces the new Turbulent asymmetric core and the new Coercion HVH or High Volume Hybrid cover stock, With these two, the Trident give the bowlers more retainable energy and powerful continuation through the pins and phenomenal mid-lane read with great transition and backend motion. If you want hook and want to dominate heavy oil then the Trident is to ball for you.

INNNER CORE          Turbulent
COVER STOCK         Coercion HVH Reactive
FINISH                  3000 Grit LSS


For my game, asymmetrical bowling balls have never been my cup a tea. I say that not bashing any of them because they have always had their place.  I would use them in tournaments because they would always bail me out when I needed them. Then the Trident came along and changes my perspective on them all. All I can say is wow, the Trident makes me want to practice and all around want to bowl more. For being a higher rev player, I can use the Trident on house, not only fresh but also on break down because I can just move left and throw it right and it just comes back. All the sayings the people are saying about the Trident are true, the Trident I believe will be in my top five bowling balls of all time. I believe high rev players with absolutely love this piece both on house and tournament conditions because for high performance, the retainable energy is just outstanding and I think they will love that. For medium to lower rev players this will be the only ball they should bring to league hands down.

Likes: Retainable energy and continuation; strong mid lane read and excellent backend motion.

Dislikes: None

I recommend the MOTIV Trident to all types of bowlers.

MOTIV Staff Player,
John Robertson


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Re: Trident
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2016, 01:28:15 PM »
So youíre looking for that heavy oil ball something that reads the lane early and can make the turn down lane. If you are  like me this is the wish of all bowlers but always seems to be that one thing we canít achieve. The Motiv Trident is that piece. For me the ability to have a ball in my bag that will provide the ability to read the lane early and not stop on the back end is usually unreachable. Most everything in my bag will read the lane when I add surface but always tends to not hit with much force leaving flat 10ís most shots. The Trident provides me with the ability to play a more comfortable line to the pocket even on the longest of patterns. The Turbulent asymmetric core enables the ball to retain more energy and produce powerful continuation.  Coercion HVH (High Volume Hybrid) cover stock is also new technology.  It gives the Trident superb mid-lane read and an incredibly strong transition down lane.
At a recent event on the 52ft Badger pattern the Trident was still quite strong but the continuation was certainly the key. The ability to provide some angle to the pocket is key in getting the ten pin out. For those of you whose A game is deep inside the Trident will allow you to get deep inside and still recover to carry the corners. This ball is a must have and fits well in the Heavy oil spot in your arsenal. The performance of this ball speaks for itself! Get a Trident you will thank yourself for it!
Rick Zakrajsek
Motiv Staff Ohio


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Re: Trident
« Reply #6 on: September 06, 2016, 11:31:45 PM »
Ball Specs and Layout:
Turbulent Core
Coercion HVH Reactive Coverstock
3000 LSS
55 x 4 7/8 x 50

Bowler Stats:
Rev Rate Ė 425
Ball Speed Ė 17 mph (down-lane)
PAP Ė 3 Ĺ over, ĺ up

Test Environment:
Fresh 42í THS

The Trident will be your ultimate weapon for heavy and/or long oil conditions. I compared mine to my Primal Rage Remix which also has a Hybrid Coverstock and a drilling layout. The Trident obliterates the oil that it comes across, as this may be the strongest coverstock Iíve had my hands on. The number of boards I had to move further in with my feet and target, was jaw-dropping considering these two are atop the ball guide.  For as strong as the cover is, the Trident still makes an aggressive motion on the backend. With how much energy the Trident retains, it still gets through the pins just fine. With the slightly lower ball speed and higher revs that I have, Iím sure a little polish will fine-tune this ultimate weapon to get the pins to fall on its knees.

Aggressive through the oil
Controllable backend
Great for heavy oil


The Trident HOOKS! The Trident does retain energy well especially to get a quicker glimpse of how the lanes and oil is playing. With the 3000 LSS finish, some may find a touch of polish will help get the pins to fly around a little bit more. For the longer/heavier oil patterns, the Trident is still very controllable both on the fresh and transition. 

Darryl Carreon
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Darryl Carreon

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« Reply #7 on: September 21, 2016, 12:02:48 PM »
Rev Rate: 500
Axis Tilt: 25
Axis Rotation: 45
Ball Speed:17
PAP Measurements: 4 1/8
Description:  Motiv has taken Poseidonís favorite weapon and has turned it into the ULTIMATE WEAPON for mankind.  The Trident is the new ultimate weapon for heavy oil and features Motivís latest technology to provide massive hook potential.  Featuring the new Turbulent asymmetric core the Trident explores a spec set no previous Motiv release has targeted before. 
Out of box surface: 3000 Grit LSS
Inner Core: Turbulent
Cover: Coercion HVH

Ball Reaction: Honesty is the best policy and the Trident has provided me with the most hook Iíve ever seen out of Muskegon Michigan, it is safe to consider this ball as an upgrade to both the Jackal and Jackal Carnage. Needless to say there is a lot of hook built into the Trident but not all of its muscle is shown off up front as it provides a reasonable shape and continuation throughout the entire lane.  In most cases weaponry with a lot of hook indeed give you a lot of that up front and early, but also become slower down lane.  I am yet to see the Trident slow down. The Trident is nothing short of raw power.

Jackal: The original is cleaner than the Trident however in terms of overall hook pins down the Trident is the bigger ball; the cover on the Trident is also bigger compared to the Turmoil HFP Reactive coverstock on the Jackal.  Overall the Trident provided me with a more continuous ball motion from start to finish compared to the original Jackal.

Jackal Carnage: The Carnage in my eyes was a giant snow tire ideal for heavy patterns; it was early up front and provided me with a slow ball motion due to the Coercion XFS Reactive coverstock.  The Coercion HVH on the Trident provides me with a faster response time and a bigger shape overall, the muscle of the Trident is not only shown up front but more so throughout the entire lane. The Trident is 3-4 boards stronger than the Jackal Carnage.

Revolt Havoc: The Havoc is earlier upfront than the Trident however in terms of hook and down lane shape the Trident is the bigger ball. The Havoc starts early and rolls continuous throughout the entire lane, however  what the Havoc wasnít favorable for me when I wanted open to the lanes as it did not provide a big enough shape down lane.  In terms of the Trident I donít have an issue with shape down lane.


A bowling ball that does as advertised is a bowling ball that will be loved by the masses, and the Trident is just that.  Not to be overshadowed by the huge hook factor is the overall control, because hook not accompanied by a controlled raw power breeds misery.  I was rather impressed with the reaction it gave me on longer patterns and flatter patterns, I was easily able to open my angles and use the shape it provided me with to my advantage. I have never thrown a Muskegon ball that has given me this much hook upfront and shape down lane; itís visually pleasing to watch. 

The Trident will appeal to those that are speed dominate in the same way the Jackal Carnage appealed to the slower/moderate speeds as the cover responds rather early and quick, a definite plus to the bowler.  The Trident is worth your time if you are looking for a serious amount of hook and I promise it will be nothing short of raw power, when Poseidon bowls league at crashing waves lane this is the first ball out of his bag.  May it be the first out of your bag as well.

Your game will thank you for it.

K.C. White II

Motiv Staff
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K.C. White II
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Re: Trident
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2016, 12:35:36 PM »

41 ft Medium THS

Righty 450 RPM
Lefty 350 RPM

We also compared it to the Jackal LE.


Check out our complete review and video.  You can listen to the review or read about it.

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Re: Trident
« Reply #9 on: October 03, 2016, 02:38:39 PM »
Watch as Lane Side Reviews unleashes MOTIV Bowling's #ULTIMATEWEAPON against heavy oil, the #TRIDENT.
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Re: Trident
« Reply #10 on: October 19, 2016, 03:49:46 PM »
        The new Trident from Motiv is a whole different animal. I will start by saying most Asymmetrical balls in the past have been tough for me to use. Being a bit more Rev dominant player and having lower tilt numbers, my experience has been more of a hook stop motion with Asymmetrical balls. With that being said I decided to try something different with the Trident. I went with larger drill and Val angles. 65 X 4.5" X 60 was the preferred layout for the Trident. So the question is would the use of larger angles and longer pin help? The resounding answer is YES.
      The ball motion I have found with the Trident is really what I have been missing on longer heavy volume patterns. Where I typically get stuck is not having something that I can go away from the pocket on heavier patters. The Trident allows me to open the angles up and let the ball motion take over. This ball is more overall hook than the Havoc. The Trident is more motion down lane along with mid lane shape from the Asymmetrical core. I can see myself using this ball to begin blocks on heavier or longer patterns. This is the first Asymmetrical ball in a long time I really like. Though this ball is something that will not see the lane often. When it does see the lane, the Trident has proven itself worthy of a permanent place in the Tourney bags.
     I can see the Trident being great for players with high tilt or lower rev rate. The Trident will allow the ball to shape with ease and still continue through the pins. When you find yourself with a puddle of wax in front of you and you need extra motion this ball is the nugget of choice.
Thank you

Clayton Mohr
Motiv Staff 
Clayton Mohr
Motiv Staff


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Re: Trident
« Reply #11 on: November 22, 2016, 08:20:14 AM »
Motiv Trident

Motiv Bowling has introduced the New Motiv Trident. I drilled the Trident just like i drill all my
asymmetrical balls (55 x 4 1/2 x 65). For this release i went with a pin down layout. I have used this layout on a lot of previous balls like the Motiv Jackal and Motiv Jackal Carnage. I love this layout because it gives me a early roll but since its asymmetrical it doesn't sacrificing down-lane hook for my style. The Motiv Trident has all New Coercion HVH (High Volume Hybrid) coverstock, which raps around the all New Turbulent Core. The box finish is a 3000 grit LSS (Laser Scan Sanded). The Trident has RG of 2.49 with .054 differential. The Trident is one of my favorite balls to date. I have used the Trident on various amounts of different patterns, and is one of my most versatile balls. This ball is great for medium to heavy oil and is a good replacement if you had any of the Jackals. I find this Trident to be much more continuous than the Jackal Carnage and a little more controllable than the original Jackal. This balls is best fitted for heaver, fresher conditions as a starter piece that you can easily tradition down to a cleaner, quicker cover.

Jonathan Sellers
Motiv Staffer