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Fatal Venom Review
« on: November 23, 2020, 01:31:17 PM »

The Fatal Venom is one of the newest releases from MOTIV Bowling. This piece is not only great looking, but the performance will have MOTIV fans wanting multiple of these in their bag. We brought back the original Gear core and paired it with the Infusion Pearl Reactive cover stock, the Fatal Venom has a stable ball motion down lane that will retain its energy longer, and with the pearl cover stock the Fatal Venom will be long and angular and just destroy the pins.

Weight Block        Gear
Cover Stock         Infusion Pearl Reactive
Finish                    5500 Grit LSP


Benchmark performance, the venom series has always been a staple in my bag and the Fatal is just that for me. The Fatal is the first ball out of my bag everywhere I go because it gives me what I always love out of a bowling ball, long and angular. With my higher revs, I need something to do just that and still retain its energy as I move in and the Fatal will do just that. I do recommend to break the surface a little because the Fatal does come super shiny out of the box. I used 2000 and it just opened the lane up for me and I can strike at will. Lower rev players will love this piece and probably prefer the box finish because it will go nice and long and still have the hitting power to knock all 10 down. Medium to higher rev players will like this piece because it will be a first out of the back and as lanes break down, you will need that piece that will go long and still retain its energy through the pins.

Likes: Long and angular; Retainable energy; Continuation
Dislikes: None

I Recommend the Fatal Venom for all types of bowlers.

MOTIV Staff Player,
John Robertson