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Jackal Legacy - So pretty
« on: January 20, 2021, 10:32:05 PM »
Bowler Stats:
Rev Rate Ė ~375
Ball Speed Ė ~17.5 at pins
VISE VACCU Grips - Clear
PAP Ė 6 over, 1 up
1 Hand | Right

Ball Specs and Layout:
Core/Weight Block - Predator V2
Cover - Coercion MXC Solid Reactive
Factory Finish - 2000 Grit LSS
Layout -  55 X 5 Ĺ X 35

Test Environment:
THS - Strikes, Rocklin, CA.

The new Motiv Bowling Jackal Legacy, itís pretty, isnít it?.  This ball has the Predator V2 core, found in other Jackals like the Ghost, Alpha, and Flash. It uses the same Coercion MXC Solid cover as the Forge Flare at 2000 Laser Scan Sanded.

I warmed up with my Alpha Jackal and used that as a starting point for the Legacy. I was throwing it at different areas, all with the same result, smashing the pocket, until I finally got too far left, on the 5th shot.

I had some other Jackals and the Forge Flare with me, to compare, my notes are:
Against the Alpha, I was almost 5 left with my feet, and 2 at the arrows.
Against the Ghost, on release my feet were the same, 1-2 boards right at the arrows, and about 5 right at breakpoint.
Against the Forge Flare I was about 2-3 right, with everything as the Legacy didnít want to start hooking as early and I was able to get to the dry, without the Legacy jumping.

This is going to be a ball that I feel like has the versatility to play deeper, like the Ghost and still use the dry, like the Alpha, the best of both worlds. 

Sean Early
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