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Motiv Alpha Jackal video and written review
« on: January 13, 2020, 05:09:25 PM »

I had the chance to try this ball on our fresh house shot pattern and the Alpha Jackal is definitely one of the strongest balls I have ever thrown. I had to play deeper than usual to keep the ball in the pocket. This is a Jackal Ghost on steroids.

The Alpha Jackal offers a strong midlane read and a smooth and predictable motion down the lane. It is very strong.

Most of my misses outside ended up hitting the pocket almost every time. When I missed outside too soon, the Alpha Jackal burned up a little bit, resulting in some flat corner pins. As long as I kept the ball in the oil, it really shines. Misses inside weren’t as forgiving. The core and cover and combination is so strong that the ball went sideways as soon as the ball hit the friction.

I really liked how the Alpha Jackal was able to blend the pattern, the ball was never unpredictable or inconsistent, and it made it hard for me to miss the pocket, even on my bad shots.

Compared to the Jackal Ghost, the Ghost has less hook potential than the Alpha Jackal. The Ghost is a tad cleaner and it has a faster response to friction than the Alpha Jackal. Overall, it is weaker than the Alpha Jackal.

Compared to the Trident Abyss, the Alpha Jackal is more versatile and overall a more usable ball. The Trident Abyss is earlier, smoother and slower down the lane.

The Alpha will be a great option for low rev and speed dominant bowlers on a different variety of conditions. The Alpha Jackal will be a great option to use on fresh oil and on house patterns with heavier volumes of oil. For more balanced or high rev bowlers, the Alpha Jackal might be too much ball to use on most house shot conditions, but it will be still a great piece to use on more challenging conditions and a good weapon to control the breakpoint on sport shot patterns.

The Alpha Jackal is definitely more versatile than I thought. I have used this ball in two different bowling centers with different volumes of oil and the ball worked great from different angles.

Overall, I feel that the Alpha Jackal is a great addition to the Motiv lineup. It is definitely the strongest Jackal ever produced and a great option for a lot of bowling styles. This ball will be a great option to use on a different variety of conditions. It will be the ball to go when you bowl on heavy volumes of oil, a great weapon to use on a fresh house shots where you need to blend the pattern and it will also be a great option on flat patterns where you need to control the breakpoint.

If you liked the Jackal Ghost, then the Alpha Jackal is a must for you. The Alpha fits exactly where Motiv placed it on the Ball Guide. It is the strongest Jackal Motiv has ever made and it will fit into a lot of bowling styles.

Thank you for watching!
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