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Title: Motiv Blue Tank video and written review
Post by: Average Joe Reviews on May 18, 2022, 02:02:16 PM

The Microcell Polymer has been a home run for Motiv. They have created something unique in the market and now with the release of the Blue Tank, they have raised the bar a little bit more.

There is one word that I truly hate to use, but this time I cannot use any other word to describe this ball than this: CONTINUATION. You don't believe me? You need to watch the video to understand what I'm saying.

If you are a regular viewer, you already know that urethane balls have never been my favorites. They have been really condition specific for me and I have to be really accurate to have success with them. My carry is usually not the best since I tend to leave a lot of flat corner pins and I can only use them for a short period of time before I have to ball up and move in because of the carry down.

I tried the Blue Tank on a fresh house shot pattern. The first thing I noticed is the strong downlane motion and how continuous it is.

The Blue Tank is extremely controllable and easy to read. I bowled for about an hour while doing the review and I was able to play different parts of the lane and playing different angles. I started playing up the boards and the ball had a faster response to friction than balls like the Covert Tank, providing more shape downlane. I started moving right and swinging the ball and the Blue Tank offered me a lot of recovery.

Misses outside and the ball had good recovery to hit light pocket as you can see on the video and misses inside the ball still digs in the oil to make its move. I had a lot of room to miss and still hit the pocket, but it definitely works at its best when it finds friction. With the Blue Tank I was able to use parts of the lane that I never could with urethane. I mean, swinging the ball with urethane? No way.

I found the Blue Tank to be more versatile than I thought. Motiv described the ball perfectly. The Blue Tank is definitely stronger than advertised, provides a smooth and early read and great continuation and shape down the lane.

The Blue Tank provides a motion I have never seen before. It is like a Covert Tank on steroides. This unique motion will be helpful to a lot of bowlers. High rev bowlers who needs a piece stronger than urethane but weaker than reactive will love this ball. Speed dominant bowlers that struggle with urethane but wants to have a ball that provides control without losing carry will find in the Blue Tank a useful weapon.

Overall I feel that this ball is a great addition to the Motiv lineup.

This ball will be a great option to blend those typical over/under conditions and also a great weapon to use on short oil patterns where you need to control the breakpoint but at the same time have a stronger down lane motion without creating the carrydown urethane does.