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Jackal Ambush First Thoughts
« on: January 04, 2023, 10:45:38 AM »
I used my new Jackal Ambush in league last night. Out of the box it was DULL. Like a black hole that absorbs all available light dull.

Since Motiv continues to release the same ball over and over (The Jackal Line) and I already have a not so small arsenal of sanded, asymmetrical, low RG, high diff solid Motiv balls, I decided to do something different with this one. I took the box 1000K finish to 1500K and used Storm Step 2 to bring the cover to a high shine.

The result is a very nice long, loopy motion on a house shot that is easy to control. I could play up the boards, or move left and swing it, but then again, it's a house shot. With this shiny surface the ball carries well and drives through the pins as one would expect.

On a cosmetic note, it is an odd mix of dull black and lifeless green on the cover, but it looks much better when shined (if that sort of thing matters to you).

All in all, I'm glad I have one.
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Re: Jackal Ambush First Thoughts
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2023, 11:01:45 AM »
I, too, took mine up to 1500. I didn't polish it, but I had better control and carry at 1500. Shot 723 with it last night. At box finish (1000), it loses its power in the backend.
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