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Author Topic: Motiv Forge Ember review  (Read 1193 times)


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Motiv Forge Ember review
« on: September 28, 2022, 03:51:10 PM »
Bryan Ramsey
Motiv regional staff member

Be ready for some serious versatility with the new Motiv bowling release, the Forge Ember. Iíve throw it in multiple patterns now, everything from a house shot to some more difficult patterns and this baby passes with flying colors. When you need that control and predictability itís there, I feel like this ball can be trusted on a wide variety of shots, it just seems to blend out the pattern no matter what your bowling on. Regardless of bowler style, this new ember will fit perfect for any bowler. As always itís a beautiful looking ball that packs that pin deck punch we are all so used to from Motiv. Donít miss out on getting one of these today.