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Motiv Forge
« on: January 20, 2019, 11:16:44 AM »

The Motiv Forge is the strongest symmetrical ball Motiv has ever made. It features the new Detonator core and the Coercion HFS cover which is a modified version of what is used on the Jackal line. I didn't have a chance to throw the Revolt line, but was really excited to punch the Forge out. I drilled mine with the pin above the bridge and left the cover at box finish, 3000 Grit LSS. I brought my Villain Scorn and T10 out to compare with the Forge.


I generally play more down and in around the track. I tested the Forge on a fresh house shot. Right off the press I threw the first 6 before leaving a 4 pin. My first impression was no matter how far I got it out, the Forge always found its way to the pocket. I kept moving left to see how well the Forge would do in oil. The Forge creates so much room for error for me. Before you say anything, in the video above I tried to move deeper as the video goes on. You can see that even the lighter hits still carried. When compared to my Villain Scorn, the Scorn definitely is longer and quicker off the spot. I see a similar motion from my T10, but the Forge covers more boards overall.

I feel this would be a great ball for those looking for a symmetrical option when playing in the oil. The balls that make the cut to be in my bag are those I feel I can use on multiple conditions. The Forge is one of those balls. When the Abyss is too much ball, the Forge will fit nicely and keep you in the same general area. This would make a great ball for league to start and maybe ball down to a Venom Shock or T10 later in the night.

Adam Yoshii
MOTIV Bowling & VISE Inserts Staff
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Adam Yoshii
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