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Motiv Jackal Flash
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:54:50 PM »
After 7.5 months, I was finally able to hit the lanes again and test out the Jackal Flash. The Flash features the Predator V2 core from the Jackal Ghost and Alpha Jackal, and is wrapped with the Infusion HV Pearl Reactive Coverstock featured on the Trident Nemesis. I matched up well with the Alpha and Nemesis before the pandemic hit and I've been very excited ever since I heard the Flash incorporating both balls like they did with the Forge and Ripcord to make the Forge Fire. I drilled mine with the pin above the ring to keep things consistent with my Alpha and Nemesis.

It took a few games, but I was able to get my legs under me. In comparing the Flash to the Alpha, I feel this will be a great transition when the lanes start to break down and bridge the gap to get into my Venom Shock or Supra (Fatal Venom coming soon!). On house, I was about 4-5 boards left with my Alpha vs the Flash. When throwing the Nemesis, I was pretty close to where I was standing with the Flash but the Nemesis read the lanes sooner and was much smoother overall. I ended up hitting my Nemesis with a 3000 pad by hand and it created a bigger gap between the two balls. I absolutely feel you can keep all 3 balls in your bag. From the Alpha, I now have options if I need something smoother or need more pop in the back end.

Adam Yoshii
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Adam Yoshii
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