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Motiv Nuclear Forge video and written review
« on: November 14, 2023, 05:57:51 PM »

We tried this ball on our typical house shot and the ball does exactly as advertised. The Nuclear Forge is clean through the front part of the lane, with a strong, angular backend motion.

What makes this ball unique is that the Detonator core with the low RG mixed with the new Propulsion HVP cover creates a unique shape with a ball that is responsive to friction without being uncontrollable or unpredictable. This combination makes the Nuclear Forge a versatile piece to use on a lot of different patterns and a great option for a wide variety of bowling styles.

This ball is easy to read. After a couple of shots I realized that I needed to play deeper than usual since the combination of core and coverstock is quite strong to play around my comfort zone. Once I got lined up and found the breakpoint, I felt that I can just throw the ball to watch it come back and strike.

The Nuclear Forge allowed me to swing the ball to watch it come back from almost anywhere. Misses outside offered a lot of recovery and I mean, A LOT. I just had to make sure to keep my regular speed to avoid unpleasant washouts. Misses inside were almost as effective as misses inside.

As you can see in the video, I was able to play on different parts of the lane successfully. It is definitely a versatile piece.

I've been using the Nuclear Forge in league and one of my teammates already ordered one. He doesn't even let me switch balls because he says that this ball strikes from everywhere. This ball offers me a lot of margin of error, its honestly pretty impressive.

For a slow/medium speed bowler like me, the Nuclear Forge is a great piece to start on most league nights.

This ball will be a great option when you need to create more shape down the lane in medium and heavy oil conditions. Tournament bowlers will find in the Nuclear Forge a great piece for the transition in flat patterns and sport shot conditions.

The Nuclear Forge will be a great step down from balls like the Sky Raptor and a natural step up from other pearlized balls in the lineup like the Ripcord Launch.

Overall I feel this is a great addition to the Motiv lineup.

Thank you for watching!
Angel Loaeza

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