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Motiv Revolt Uprising review
« on: June 30, 2022, 01:29:49 PM »
I had my first real chance to test the Revolt Uprising LE last night.

Ball is 15 lbs 3 oz. Three inch pin and 3.3 oz top weight before drilling. It's drilled with pin 3/4 inch above ring finger with cg stacked. My PSP is 5 over 0 +/-

Surface was the Motiv claimed "Box Surface". To my eye, it looked to be something between 2500 and 3K.

The pattern was PBA Dragon. I shot 243, 233, 204, 237 for a 917 four game set.

On this pattern the ball was quick to roll and didn't jump left at the end of the pattern. I suspect of this had been something other than Dragon, it would have made more of a move off the pattern though.

I had a fantastic look the entire set with the ball being very predictable. It helped that this was a doubles format and one of the bowlers in the other pair was a lefty, so the pattern didn't change much. I had area to the right and hold to the left the entire night. Probably not so much due to the ball but the topography. But at any rate, the ball gave me a lot of confidence and is easy to control from what I see. Next time I use it, I will probably have a completely different opinion.

The one definite thing I can say, it can handle medium-heavy oil very well.

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