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Motiv Covert Tank
« on: July 08, 2019, 09:45:59 PM »
The Covert Tank features the Torx core found in the Forza line, and the all new Frixion Microcell Polymer cover that is NOT urethane or reactive resin. This ball will bridge the gap between resin and urethane, and will give bowlers with lower rev rates the look of urethane without sacrificing carry. I drilled mine pin above the bridge and compared it with the Venom Shock Pearl drilled the same.

I tested the Covert Tank on a late night session after a league had finished bowling. With the previous Tank releases, I always had trouble carrying with my lower rev rate. The Covert Tank is like a previous tank on steroids. It rolls so smooth but hits and carries like a truck. When compared to my Venom Shock Pearl, I was about 2 and 1 left and compliment eachother very well. I also compared it with the new Ripcord and was about 4 boards left with my feet.

Id feel confident recommending this ball to bowlers who want to that urethane look but may not have the big revs like the guys on tour. For those with higher rev rates, I feel this would be a great ball to get you to your urethane equipment.

Adam Yoshii
MOTIV Bowling & VISE Inserts Staff Member
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Adam Yoshii
MOTIV Bowling, VISE Inserts, and Logo Infusion Staff Member
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