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Motiv Rogue Assassin video and written review
« on: August 11, 2019, 06:16:51 PM »

Hello hello! This time I had the chance to try the new Motiv Rogue Assassin. I tested this ball on our typical house shot pattern (Kegel Main Street 41) and the Rogue Assassin allowed me to play in my comfort zone through all the session.

I started laying down the ball close to the second arrow and the Rogue Assassin provides a strong midlane read that promotes a smooth transition when it exits the pattern. Surprisingly, the Rogue Assassin provides a strong down lane motion for a dull ball.

This ball allowed me to play straighter and keep the pocket in front of me, missing outside and the ball offered enough recovery to hit the pocket and misses in the ball never went sideways, it is really smooth and controllable.

When I had to move right and play deeper, the ball offered me plenty of recovery down the lane compared with the previous ball using the Sigma core, the Forza SS. When I tried to play inside third arrow the ball started leaving some flat corner pins due to my lower rev rate. For me, balls like the Rogue Blade or the Ripcord will be better options to open up the lane.

The Rogue Assassin will be a great option for bowlers who are speed dominant or who have a low rev rate. This ball will fit into a lot of different bowling styles and it  can be used on a great variety of conditions.

On a house shot, this ball will be a great option to blend the pattern and fight wet/dry conditions. The Rogue Assassin will also be a great ball for the tournament bowler. It will be a good weapon to use when you need to control the breakpoint and when you need a smoother motion down the lane.

I feel this ball is a great step down from the Forge. Once the Forge either burns up or hooks too much, the Rogue Assassin is a great ball to go to if you want to keep a similar shape. This ball also complements the Rogue Blade perfectly. The Assassin can be used as a benchmark ball so you can read the lanes and see if what you need.

Overall, I feel that the Rogue Assassin is the perfect replacement of the Forza SS. It is stronger overall, it offers a smooth, predictable motion while having a strong move down the lane. It will be a great ball to build your arsenal around and it will fit into a lot of different bowling styles.

Thank you for watching!
Angel Loaeza

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