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Motiv Supra GT
« on: July 01, 2024, 01:42:43 PM »
Hey all, wanted to kick a thread off on the Supra GT. The Supra Rally that came before it for me was really good when the lanes were torched, but if there was any oil in the middle, any time I missed in was catastrophic as the ball would just hydroplane. The GT has a bit stronger cover and for me it doesn’t really hook much more off the dry; but what it does is still have a fighting chance to hook when you clip the oil in the later blocks of wet dry.

I can see some folks using this on fresh, higher friction lane surfaces or shorter house patterns. It’s definitely a ball below a Hyper Venom in terms of handling oil, so it may be a little niche for some, but it shapes really well when creating pretty big angles in the fronts and letting a ball really boom downlane.

Below is my video review with some comparisons.

-MOTIV Staff