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MOTIV Supra Review
« on: November 18, 2019, 08:51:31 AM »

The Supra is one of the latest releases from MOTIV Bowling products. You want long and angular than look no further than the Supra. The Supra is built with an all time favorite core and pearl Cover stock that will give MOTIV fans than shape that will push the limits a bowling ball can do. We brought back the Impulse core that was in the Primal Rage and combine that with the Infusion Pearl Reactive Cover Stock that gives the Supra sharp, down lane motion with a heck of a lot back end motion through the pins and donít worry about length because you get that and more with the new Supra from MOTIV Bowling products.

Weight Block          High Impulse
Cover Stock           Infusion Pearl Reactive
Finish                    5500 Grit LSP


This is the part of the review I love to talk about which is my honest review and honestly this bowling ball is special. When it was announce that the Impulse core was making a comeback, I was itching with anticipation getting this bowling ball in my hand and it has not disappointed. My all time favorite shape is long and strong motion and the Supra is exactly what that is. This is by far the longest bowling ball on the market. It will get down the lane with ease but then my god the sharp, backend motion is absolutely insane and the drive through the pins is just wow. When we say special, we mean it and this bowling ball is special. Higher rev players will love the Supra because when bowling on higher friction conditions, the Supra will give you the length you need. Medium to higher rev players I feel will like it because of the length and backend motion as lanes break down so you can stay in your comfort zone.

Likes: length; Strong and sharp backend motion
Dislikes: None

I recommend this bowling ball for all types of bowlers

MOTIV Staff Player,
John Robertson