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Author Topic: Motiv Trident Horizon video and written review  (Read 887 times)

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Motiv Trident Horizon video and written review
« on: April 01, 2021, 02:34:01 PM »

The Trident Horizon is a versatile ball that will benefit numerous bowlers of various styles.

For me the Trident Horizon is one of those balls that you always need in your bag. It is a hybrid, so it gives you a nice combination of length without being too clean or angular and a strong midlane read without being too early and smooth.

The Trident Horizon is what I call a house shot killer, specially house shots with heavier volumes of oil. It blends the pattern quite nicely, is not too jumpy when it hits the friction and is not too clean to miss the breakpoint in case you miss inside your mark.

I was able to play in my comfort zone with the Trident Horizon throughout the whole session. I started laying out the ball around second arrow and having the 5th board as my breakpoint. The Trident Horizon provided me a smooth, predictable shape with a strong and continuous downlane motion. I was able to play up the boards with it or moving in and the ball provided me the same motion shot after shot. I had a hard time missing the pocket with this ball, even on my bad shots, I still had great carry with it.

As you can see on the video, I was able to play different lines, playing more up the boards, playing down and in, moving in and swinging the ball and the ball showed great consistency and provided me with a big margin of error, this ball is fun to throw.

The Trident Horizon is smooth and predictable as a solid but it also has a strong backend motion. It gives you a great balance of both worlds.

On sport shot patterns, this ball is also a valuable weapon when your stronger ball produces too much friction and you need something a tad cleaner with more shape down the lane without being too angular.

The Trident Horizon offers a lot of control on these conditions while it is also clean through the fronts and keeps the same strong but controlled backend motion.

This ball will be a great option on everything but the extremes. On patterns with a higher volume of oil the Trident Horizon will be a good ball to use while keeping the pocket in front of you, unless you are a rev dominant bowler. On lower volumes patterns or drier conditions, the Trident Horizon might be a tad stronger and Motiv has some other options to bowl on those conditions, but on most medium and heavy oil conditions, the Trident Horizon will be a great option.

Overall, the Trident Horizon is a versatile ball that will fit into a lot of different bowling styles. This is one of those balls that will be helpful in a variety of different conditions and a ball that will always find a spot in your bag.

Thank you for watching!
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Re: Motiv Trident Horizon video and written review
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2021, 10:35:31 PM »
Layout 50x4.5x20

Well this ball has Motivs sidewinder core in it and that's exactly what it does.
I am extremely stoked about this one. The all new Trident Horizon is a great piece to have in your arsenal when you need to open the lanes up.
This has been a great go to ball after the Forge flare is too much ball or starts to read to early and need to go to something that will be clean but still strong enough to eat through the oil.
I think what has most impressed me so far is just how angular this ball is for an asymmetric. But with Motiv has done such an amazing job developing the new Coercion Hybrid reactive cover technology it makes sense that this ball has this much angularity. This ball will be with me everywhere I go regardless of any pattern. A must have.