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Motiv Trident Nemesis
« on: March 25, 2020, 06:50:53 PM »

The Trident Nemesis comes with the Infusion HV Pearl Reactive coverstock wrapped around the all new Sidewinder core. Being that this cover is a new formulation of that on the Motiv Supra, I was pretty excited to see just how angular this asymmetrical ball would be. I drilled mine with the pin above the bridge which is the same layout I used on my Alpha Jackal.

Out of box at 5500 Grit LSP, this thing is super clean through the fronts. I was a good step right off my Alpha Jackal line and felt like this ball played great for my play style up the boards. After a few games with the Trident Nemesis, I switched to the Supra and moved about 3 boards parallel right to get the Supra to the pocket. I wanted to get the Trident Nemesis to roll just a tad sooner, so I hit it with a 3000 pad and went out for another practice session before a big tournament coming up. As you can see in my review video, the Trident Nemesis became much smoother and easier to read when carry down was present. It was still about 4 boards weaker than my Alpha Jackal so it earned a spot in my bag for the tournament. The Trident Nemesis came in handy as that seemed to be the only ball in my hand the entire week. Whether it was the fresh squad or the burn, the Trident Nemesis rolled great on this heavier and longer pattern. This would make a great pearl asymm piece in your bag if you’re looking for something cleaner than your Alpha Jackal or Jackal Ghost.

Adam Yoshii
MOTIV Bowling, VISE Insert, and Logo Infusion Staff
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Adam Yoshii
MOTIV Bowling, VISE Inserts, and Logo Infusion Staff Member
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Re: Motiv Trident Nemesis
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2020, 08:04:31 PM »
Just wanted to know if you doing this video during moonlight bowling? Cuz the lighting really sucked a--! Would've been a much better vid. It's a great ball no need to hide it in the shadows.