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Motiv VIP video and written review
« on: October 17, 2020, 05:06:26 PM »

Hello guys! Here we are with another review. This time we had the chance to try the new VIP from Motiv. This ball is a special one. It is a limited edition ball developed alongside EJ Tackett, being the first time Motiv produces a signature ball.

This ball features the Quadfire core used on the Octane (which is one of EJís favorite balls of all time) and it is wrapped with the new Infusion Pearl coverstock.

The first thing I noticed is how clean and angular this ball is. The VIP is definitely the one of the cleanest and most angular ball in the Motiv lineup. Motiv was known for how smooth and controllable their balls are, but lately they have come up with some impressive, angular pieces like the Supra, the Trident Nemesis, the Jackal Flash and now the VIP.

I started laying the ball close to the third arrow and having 7 as my breakpoint and I noticed that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and move deeper. I had to move in between the third and fourth arrow to find a good line to the pocket. The VIP is very clean through the front part of the lane and as soon as it hits the friction it makes a strong move down the lane.

This ball never hooked too early for me. It has great length and it has a FAST response to friction. As soon as it exits the pattern the ball makes a strong move to the pocket. For me being a low rev bowler with medium speed, seeing this kind of shape down the lane is something I donít see that often. The ball offers a lot of recovery and it comes back from almost anywhere.

With the VIP, I found that misses outside are better than misses inside. When I missed outside, the ball had enough recovery to come back from almost everywhere, while misses inside or hitting the friction too soon resulted in the ball going high. The VIP is controllable for being such an angular ball, while it still offers a skid flip motion.

This ball complements other balls in the Motiv lineup like the Jackal Flash and the Supra. I believe that in terms of strength the VIP sits in between these two. When the Flash starts reading the lane too early and the Supra is not enough ball, the VIP will be a great option to use.

I feel like this ball will be a great ball to use on fresh for the high rev, power players, providing them with enough length and a fast reaction off the spot. For speed dominant or low rev bowlers, this ball definitely will come into play when you need to open up the lane or when you face broken down patterns.

For the tournament bowlers, this ball might be a little unpredictable or over/under if you bowl on fresh, flat patterns. To get a better reaction you can always adjust the surface of the ball to match up with the pattern. But once the pattern starts breaking down and you created a hook spot, this ball will be a great option to move in and create more angle.

Overall, the VIP is a great addition to the Motiv lineup. Unfortunately this is a limited edition ball, so if you like balls that provide an angular motion or if you are a fan of EJ Tackett, you should definitely get this ball while you can. We believe only 2500 were made. This a great piece that complements some of the other balls Motiv have in their lineup.

Thank you for watching!

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