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MOTIV Thrill Video and Written Review
« on: April 01, 2019, 09:13:32 AM »

DESCRIPTION: The Thrill is MOTIVís latest release in the entry-level category. It utilizes the all new Flux weight block, which has an RG of 2.57 and MOTIVís lowest DIFF ever on a performance ball at .015. The cover is also brand new, Agility XP and comes at a 5500 grit LSP box finish. The Thrill also comes in two color options, magenta & wine as well as purple & blue.

REACTION: The Thrill will be in play when you want a ball that can get down the lane on even the driest conditions, itís by far the cleanest ball in this category compared to previous releases such as the Recon, Ascent and Freestyle lines. As far as shape goes, itís also the quickest ball in this category compared to the same previously mentioned lines. The core has finally changed in the entry-level line and that is a big part of why this release is so easy to get down the lane. The previous releases in this category ALL had a DIFF of .030, the Thrill now has a .015 DIFF, so it literally has half the DIFF. With how clean this ball is itís also important to note that it still shapes up down lane very nicelyÖit doesnít necessarily show that in my video because itís on a fresh house pattern.

COMPARISONS: There is only one comparison needed and that is to the Freestyle Rush, which will shortly be discontinued with the release of the Thrill. In my video you will see just how much cleaner the Thrill is compared to the Freestyle Rush as I compared both balls on the same line. Where the Thrill Strikes and goes through the pins with ease from the track area on the fresh house pattern, the Freestyle Rush is too early and goes right through the nose resulting in a split. The Thrill provides bowlers with an option on even the driest of lanes, honestly it probably even belongs in a new row below the bottom row on the ball guide. I personally see the Thrill getting more action than any previously released entry level ball because of the length and shape it provides down lane.

SUMMARY: I would recommend the Thrill to anyone who is looking to purchase a quality ball at a very affordable price, as this is the lowest price point MOTIV has ever offered. Those who liked the Ascent or Freestyle series will appreciate the upgrade on this release as the Thrill offers even less hook potential at an even lower price point.

Mike Magolan
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Re: MOTIV Thrill Video and Written Review
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Written review added above!


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Re: MOTIV Thrill Video and Written Review
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Thanks Mike,

Great review as always!
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Re: MOTIV Thrill Video and Written Review
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Thanks for the video! Being an equipment enthusiast I'm guilt of watching many videos to gage ball reaction. May dabble with a fall purchase on this one.

The free style comparison is especially helpful, even though I never rolled one. Interested in the comparison with it's urethane counterpart? Been fighting the urge to pick up a Purple Pearl Hammer or Fever Pitch.
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