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Author Topic: Spark a Fire with the Forge Ember!  (Read 1160 times)


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Spark a Fire with the Forge Ember!
« on: September 29, 2022, 11:13:23 AM »
   55 x 5” x 25

When needing a new weapon for your arsenal, what better way is there to obtain one than to hit the forge? The MOTIV Forge Ember is the newest entry into the Forge line designed to combat Heavy/Medium-Heavy oil volumes while delivering the consistency known from these pieces. Wrapped around the trusty Detonator core (2.47 RG, .055 Differential) is the Infusion MXC Hybrid coverstock (2000 LSS), a fast-reacting cover system with some added teeth from previous releases.

As I have had great success with the Forge line in the past, I chose not to change my approach with this one and gave my Ember the taller-pin layout used on the others. While I was expecting the strongest iteration of the Forges yet, I did not foresee exactly how strong this one turned out to be. Even with the higher pin placement, the core and cover combo power the ball to read the midlane aggressively. This heavy-revving action creates quite a bit of control on the lane as I have yet to see a shot truly ‘squirm’ through to the breakpoint. The backend, as can be anticipated with the previous solid and hybrid Forges, is a predictable motion with enough roll to get through the pins with power. While using the Ember on my fresh house shot, I can start in a similar place as I would with my Trident Odyssey, but because of the hybrid coverstock, I can make several more moves left with it and still get the ball back to the pocket with energy. Once the transition occurs, and angles to the dry become steeper, you can still get to the pocket with this ball, but it would probably be best to step down to your Iron Forge or Pride Empire for the cleanliness and backend recovery power. 

If you are needing a heavy-handed piece for your arsenal without fully giving way to heavy rolling action, the Forge Ember is a great direction to look.

Trent Overbey
In the Zone Pro Shop