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Author Topic: Tank Blitz ball review by Doug Anderson  (Read 917 times)


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Tank Blitz ball review by Doug Anderson
« on: November 07, 2019, 08:32:36 AM »
Wow... Just wow. The Tank Blitz has a ball motion that has made me do a double take multiple times. Early and more forward rolling balls aren't supposed to create this much continuation. They just aren't. Once you start to open up your angles, they never seem to go through the pins the right way. This was the case pre Tank Blitz. I can play as far out or as far in with this ball and have zero concern it'll turn the corner. The versatility comes from how this ball moves off the spot. The Blitz just keeps coming around. The new Frixion+ Microcell Polymer cover 2.0 is wrapped around the iconic Gear Core. This marriage produces the most unique ball motion currently on the market.

In my Tank Blitz ball motion video I compare it to the Covert Tank and the Venom Shock. The Blitz is significantly stronger than both. Click on the link below to see the Tank Blitz in action.