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Title: Trident Nemesis ball review with video
Post by: Dougbsu123 on February 12, 2020, 10:09:15 AM
When it comes to Asymmetrical bowling balls, the stigma for years was that they rev up early and are usually read early or in the mid lane. The Trident Nemesis fully and unequivocally breaks that trend. This ball has zero issue getting down lane on medium heavy oil conditions with an extremely fast response to friction. I was be perfectly honest, I was skeptical when told the Nemesis was just as fast as the Supra. I mean, c'mon. An aggressive Asymm vs a high RG symm designed for lighter oil? There's no way. Well, I'm here to say I was wrong. Dead wrong. The Trident Nemesis almost gets as far as the Supra down lane, and it has the same fast response off the spot. When bowling on longer, heavier patterns when you need a ball to respond down lane and the Supra isn't enough, the Trident Nemesis will give you that same shape. I am thoroughly impressed with how fast this asymm is.

Check out my video in the link below. I compare the Trident Nemesis to the Golden Jackal, Jackal Ghost, and Villain Scorn. As always, the comparison shots are thrown from the same line so you can see the hook and shape difference.