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Author Topic: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl  (Read 11535 times)


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Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Color: Black/Blue Pearl
Cover: Isogonic Hook Reactive
Core: Hole Finder Core
Finish: 1500 Polished
RG: 2.58-2.60
Diff. .046-.048



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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2007, 08:06:36 PM »
Hole Finder Pearl: 15lbs 2-3 pin
Surface: OOB
Lane Surface: Brunswick Synthetic
Lane condition: 39 ft
League: 9pm league after handicap league

I just had this ball drilled. Layout

Pin above my ring finger with the CG kicked out about 1-1/2 inches from my midline. Weight hole in the bottom right section. Its what my ball driller told me.

I wanted a ball that was going to give me more movement off of the point than the hole pounder pearl. It seems that in the first game and a 1/2 of this league that there is a lot of carrydown due to the early handicap league. So I figured that this would be what I was looking for to cut through the carrydown. Wow, was I right. This ball gets down the lane with ease but when it hits the break it cuts right through the backends. I thought the hole pounder hit hard, this ball throws pins around like no other. I threw this ball in league and shot 257-254-238-749. This ball is very impressive, not only the way that it rolls but the color is really cool looking. I have also purchased the hole finder solid and will review it this weekend. I am now a true banger bowling junkie. Up next the XXXPLOSION...I am so glad that name won.  

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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2007, 07:23:15 AM »
The Hole Finder Pearl

This ball introduces the IHRC "Isogonic Hook Reactive Coverstock"

Length Rating: 8.5
Hook Rating: 8.5 of 10
Surface: 1500 Polished
Reaction Shape: Skid/Flip
Color: Blue/Black

Comparing this ball to the Hole Pounder Pearl you will find that the Hole Finder Pearl is a lot more angular off of the break point for more of a defined move. The Hole Finder Pearl's optimum lane condition would be medium oil through the first 35-40 feet of the lane with clean backends. This will give you a defined break off of the oil pattern while driving continuously through the backend. Even though the Hole Finder Pearl gives you the length you need to get the ball down the lane it is a lot more angular than the Hole Pounder Pearl. You will see that the Hole Finder Pearl wants to read the breakpoint a lot stronger than most pearlized equipment and if you see a need to tame that down I would recommend either taking the ball to 2000 or 4000 abralon (adding polish is your choice please ask your local pro shop regarding surface changes). This will delay the balls reaction down the lane and it will not read the breakpoint as fast. By taking it up you will still have the strong breakpoint read but with just some more length. Either way you will have a lot of messengers and pins flying low on the deck with this new release by Banger.

When you don't want to pull out a map to find the hole. You better be throwing a Hole Finder.

If you have any questions please contact myself or visit our website at

David Atwood
President Banger Bowling
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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2007, 11:16:02 PM »
This is a 4 game mini-review definately more to follow,

threw it on med oily conditons after a mixed league let out,ball has alot of backend,I left (7)9 pins in 4 games,its hitting power was excellent though.

I shot 200 plus every game and the deeper I moved in the better the carry,I knows its very early to say,but this ball may even replace my Shift for benchmark ball,it did out hook the Shift a few times where comparing the two,they are both layed out the same.

thanks Mr Atwood,

I do hope to give a follow up on this ball very soon.


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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2007, 09:35:55 AM »

Since i've not seen a review out here i figured that one was long overdue and since these are the only two pearl balls we currently are producing, I felt it was in the best interest to get a comparison review out here so that those wishing to make the right move and try Banger Bowling equipment, will have something to go on.

The Finder Pearl is drilled with a 4 1/2 inch layout PIN to PAP with a drill angle of 75 degrees. This places the pin directly in my ring-finger as my axis is 4 3/8 right, with no vertical. The ball is very clean through the front part of the lane and is definitely more angular at the breakpoint than the Pounder Pearl.

The Pounder Pearl is drilled with a 5 inch layout PIN to PAP with a drill angle of 75 degrees. This places the pin directly above my ring-finger with my axis. This ball is again, clean through the front and not as angular as the FP but definitely rolls hard at the breakpoint rather than snapping.

I've found these pieces with these layouts to complement each other very well. I would almost suggest going even a little farther with the PIN to PAP on the PounderP just to combat drier conditions (for me) even more. On a 41 foot pattern, the FinderP and PounderP were both very clean through the fronts equally, what I did notice (as I should have) was that the FinderP definitely had the recovery capability that the PounderP was lacking as oil pushed down the lane or the shot carried a board or two right of the breakpoint. I played the FinderP around 17 at the arrows with a break point at 12 and migrated left as far as 22 at the arrows as the shot broke down over 3-4 games.

The need for migrating left became predominately more noticeable so my adjustment once I felt I was too deep was to take the 5 inch PounderP and move right back to the starting point of the FinderP which should have gathered some oil from the migration left with the FinderP.

Happily the move was perfect, as I was able to generate the same look as I initially had with the FinderP although the PounderP was a little stronger than I would have liked (hence my suggestion of a 5 1/2 PIN to PAP for me). Regardless of that, the Finder Pearl with the same layout as a Pounder Pearl is going to be 5-6 boards stronger overall with both balls getting through the fronts with the same ease, and the Finder Pearl having a better recovery down the lane than the Pounder Pearl.

I sincerely hopes this helps not only for everyone to see the actual difference of the two balls, but also in helping you build your arsenal appropriately. If you should have any questions, please feel free to reply to this topic, PM me on the forum, or email me at

If you've not already done so, I would highly recommend you going out and getting one or both of these pieces in your hand; you will not be disappointed.

**Side Note On My Style Of Bowling**

PAP = 4 3/8 right, 0 vertical
Rev Rate = Medium to Med-Low (depending on condition)
Ball Speed @ Arrows = 15.5 - 16.5

Stephen Hahn
"It Is What It Is"
Banger Bowling Amateur Staff
Stephen Hahn
PBA Professional
Brunswick Regional Staffer
VISE Regional Staffer

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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2008, 08:33:09 PM »
I LOVE THIS BALL. I've had it for 2 days and I have had front 8 three times, twice in the same series in league play.


This ball goes very long. With this drilling, it is hard to stand left and throw it hard. Kind of a touchy ball, but once you find your line, you cant miss strikes. I usually find myself standing on 32 throwing out to about 12 and the ball comes soaring back. I also stand on the center board throwing to the second arrow out to about 4 and that gives the most carry out of the two shots, but i prefer the first shot.

Great ball Banger Bowling, the Hole Pounders were excellent and the Hole Finder Pearl is as well.
Captain Stabbin

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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« Reply #6 on: February 05, 2008, 10:03:13 PM »
let me start off by telling you how this one is layed out it has a 3 inch pin i placed the pin above the ring finger and kicked the cg out pre drill it had 1/8 of finger and 1 3/8 side after drill and after placing a hole on my pap i had 3/4 side and 3/16 finger left at box finish i start off my night of league with no practice shots only shot 186 the first game with 1 stone 8 and 1 stone 9 but i new from how clean this ball was threw the heads and how great it reacted off of the break point that i might shoot some numbers with this ball but i did not think it would happen so soon i only shot 197 the second game but made a good adjustment in the tenth to set up a great third game i started the third game by going ten back the first 2 shots and then carrying a high shot made 1 more adjustment and from that point on it was nothing but 10 back finished with a very nice 300 game i must say this is the first ball i have every drilled that i was able to shoot 300 with in the first 3 games of drilling it i will say this ball did everything that i new it would thanks david


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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« Reply #7 on: November 19, 2008, 11:52:48 PM »

SPECS 70x20 with a 5 inch pin distance. OOB Surface Drilled for length and backend on drier lanes, to be used as such

RUSCH'S LANES: I practice here alot always gives a tough look. I was on the remains of the league pattern with no open bowling after. House is best played straighter when possible, mild volume in the center with a lighter-mild volume in the track area outside of 5 is the ''NO ZONE.'' I went with HFP, 13-14 at the arrows and going out 8-6 at the break point. Incredible length easily down 45 feet or more before the break, off the BP the ball was quick fast revs not a violent turn but strong, good continuation throw the deck. I moved right played straighter and had a great look going 10 to 5 right the ball was gold still 45 feet of length easy and no sign of going to soon. Back left the last game I went 18-20 at the arrows and slung it more way out around 5-7 and it worked okay, out past 5 was no good obviously but HFP was light and flush didn't have quite enough pop in the pocket.

SUPER BOWL: Brunswick synthetics about 8 years old. I bowled on the women's shot on day before league began. it is only about 35 or 36 feet long. medium oil in the middle nothing right of 7 or 8. Enter HFP, went about 12 out to 5 and quick left at 45 feet again and crunch everything was gone, moved left with my feet and mark at the arrows kept BP the same HFP had a much better mix at the pins on this surface maybe carrying more energy into the pins due to the fresh oil. Got as far left as 15 at the arrows before I was to light to carry, 20 at the arrows with the BP at 15 instead of 5 before it sailed when playing inside overall pretty impressive.

HIT/CARRY This things hits pretty good but it doesn't have a real knock out punch, I would say the HFS hit alot harder than HFP the mix carrys out pretty well, but I seen alot ring tens on flush hits.

COMPARE to my HPP and HFS, HPP specs are in my profile. HFS specs are as follows, Pin over ring MB out 1 inch 1000 abralon finish. To HFS the HFP is much longer a good 5-7 feet and much more angular at the break point, I think the Hole Finder Solid rolled through the deck better, a little more action in the pins. HPP turns one or two feet sooner and alot smoother but covers the same number boards overall. HPP has smoother more finessing hit while the HFP is brute force in the pins.

OVERALL Okay ball, nothing really amazing though. I will keep it for a dry lane ball it does its job okay has easy length but, At a tourney recently I pulled it out planning on using it to back my 70x30 Nsane LevRG the HFP rolled out on me I couldn't belive my eyes I was floored. I immediately went back to the Nsane and went LEFT something fierce and bowled well to Finish the tourney. Other than that nothing bad to say but nothing great

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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl
« Reply #8 on: March 21, 2009, 04:42:53 AM »
The ball: 15 pounds, 3-inch pin, unknown top weight before drilling
The drill: 4 x 2.75, pin over ring, CG kicked towards VAL, weight hole near P3 beyond the VAL. Ball surface at 4000 Abralon plus Storm ReactaShine
Me: PAP 4 over 3/8 up, tweener revs, good speed, preference for high axis rotation (75+ degrees) and low tilt but can adjust


Bought this ball because it was a Visionary pour, and because I'd heard great things about its ability to get down the lane and snap. I usually avoid true skid/snap balls but bowling on a shorter, drier pattern this year convinced me I needed this option in my bag.

I know from experience that Visionary makes good stuff and pours tunable covers, which made the HFP that much more attractive. Plus I was able to get a used ball at a good price.

My experience with the ball in its current surface prep is that it's good for light or medium-light only. It did not offer the kind of backend snap I was expecting. Prior to using, I did a full resurface (ball had what appeared to be 30-40 games on it previously), so there shouldn't be any "death" issues here.

Other gear drilled in similar fashion from Visionary has tended to produce a very strong reaction in the latter half of the midlane and through the backends. This ball, however, makes more of a smooth move but appears to act more like a ball with a 5-inch pin than one with a 4-inch pin-to-PAP distance.

However, I can't complain about the scoring. The controlability of this ball is quite good. It is smooth and offers few surprises. It also offers limited recovery from shots either missed right or pulled. Shots pulled tend to hang up in the oil and hit flat, whereas a stronger ball might cross over.

The issue here is that I wasn't wanting a dry-lane ball. I was wanting a ball that, even at 4000 plus polish, would read better for medium-dry. This isn't a problem other than in the respect that it means the baseline performance of this ball is weaker than I would have expected I suspect taking the ball to 2000 plus polish would fix this.

The other issue is that you won't be able to find one. Banger is either on hiatus or (more likely) gone for good. That's sad, because this ball has a fairly unique look on the lanes, has shelf appeal and, because it's basically a Visionary ball, will be tunable, durable and long-lived. Let's hope Visionary finds a way to get this one back out on the shelves.

Positives: Typical Visionary quality, tunable cover, perfect for drier conditions.

Negatives: Anything over medium isn't in this ball's comfort zone, not as powerful on the backend as advertised, not available anymore

Overall: A nice bowling ball in general for medium-dry that Visionary would do well to produce under its own nameplate.