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Author Topic: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Solid  (Read 10451 times)


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Banger Bowling Hole Finder Solid
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Color: Black/Blue Solid
Cover: Isogonic Hook Reactive
Core: Hole Finder Core
Finish: 600 Matte
RG: 2.58-2.60
Diff. .046-.048



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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Solid
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2007, 07:09:59 AM »
The Hole Finder Solid

This ball introduces the IHRC "Isogonic Hook Reactive Coverstock"

Length Rating: 7.5
Hook Rating: 9 of 10
Surface: 600 Matte
Reaction Shape: Skid/Flip
Color: Blue/Black

Comparing this ball to the Hole Pounder Solid you will find that the Hole Finder Solid is a lot more angular off of the break point for more of defined move. The Hole Finder Solid's optimum lane condition would be medium/heavy through the first 35-40 feet with some type of hold area or carrydown in the backends. This will give you a defined break off of the oil pattern while driving continuously through the backend. Even though the Hole Finder Solid is very strong it gives you the length you need to get the ball down the lane to the break point. Once the lanes dry out it is time to put this ball away. Just like the Hole Pounder Solid you will need some hold area to maximize the balls strengths. If this ball is hooking to much please take the surface to either 1000 or 2000 abralon. This will let the ball travel slightly farther down the lane before reading the break point. (Please ask your local proshop for assistance when changing surfaces). Either way you will have a lot of messengers and pins flying low on the deck with this new release by Banger.

When you don't want to pull out a map to find the hole. You better be throwing a Hole Finder.

If you have any questions please contact myself or visit our website at
David Atwood
President Banger Bowling
"When you need the balls to find the hole"


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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Solid
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2007, 11:04:11 PM »
I recently drilled a Hole Finder Solid.  My plan was to drill it fairly strong.  The pin is below the ring finger, cg about 45 degrees and a weight hole a little over 2 inches right of the thumb hole.  Cover is out of the box condition.

There is a center in town that installed new Brunswick Anvilane lanes a few months ago.  I drilled this ball for that center.  I bowl a PBA league in that center and find the backends pretty tight on the longer patterns.

This week was the Shark pattern.  I used the HF Solid the first game.  Very smooth.  I carried some strikes I thought would be weak 10s.  Carries light hits very well.  Even though light hits carried well, the high flush hits also carried.  We finally bowled a team that played the pattern the conventional way and the pattern broke down faster than normal.  

Today I practiced on a broken down house shot, in that same center, from the previous night.  Surprisingly I was able to use the HF Solid on this pattern as well.  I saw the same good carry on light hits.  

The HF Solid was about 5 boards stronger than my Black Widow that has a similar drilling and about 9 boards stronger than my Special Agent with a weaker drilling.  I'm looking forward to trying the HF Solid on more conditions.


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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Solid
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2008, 09:34:16 AM »
All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!  This ball was absolutely amazing.  I've been bowling for about 6 years and currently average 196-198 in three different houses.  Tweener throwing in between 16-17 mph with medium revs.  I brought this ball up to 1000 abralon based on a few reviews that I had read online and in the BTM magazine.  My goodness this ball is so smooth to the pocket, so predictable.  I've owned many balls throughout the years from all the major companies and it always seemed like something was lacking, most generally alot of the high dollar balls seem to be pretty jumpy on the dry and hard to control on the carrydown and over/under condition.  The Hole Finder Solid was smooth off the dry and didn't seem as speed sensitive as alot of my equipment. I stood on 24 and went across 13 at the arrows out to 5.  Ball was amazing, if I missed a little outside ball would always find the pocket, a tug inside, the ball would hold and destroy the pocket. Shot 221, 225 and a 243 for a 689 series, if not for operator error, easy 700.  For those on the fence on whether or not to order a Banger, go for it, you will not be disappointed!! This will definetly become my benchmark ball, first ball out of the bag without question.


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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Finder Solid
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2008, 02:46:03 PM »

SPECS: pin over ring finger MB out about 1 inch pretty basic. I have tryed this ball with 3 surfaces Box, 1000 Aborolon, and 1000 with Storms first step polish over it. The OOB finish was useless.

House 1: AMF Synthetics heavy in the center lighter track heavy five to the ditch. With HF dull this ball was tough to handle on the this shot required getting very deep I got deep inside 15 at the arrows and I zinged the ball out to about 7 at the break about 40 feet down the lane ball had a great recovery and destroyed the pocket I experimented with the break point during the first game and found the ball was forgiving as long as the ball didn't go outside of 5 or inside if 15 at the break it was a ''X.'' Brough the ball back to this house with Storms first step polish on to see what would happen and I really dont know what to say playing the line mentioned above didn't even come close to working properly, When I move right the ball wanted to jump to soon overall over under when playing the areas of the lane I like, In the third game however I grabbed it and gave something a shot way left I went almost to the parking lot slowed it up and kept my hand in it 25 at the arrows and ten at the break with a ball speed of about 16 MPH down from low 19s which is about my usual speed. Shot 250 something that game.

House 2: Old Wood lanes, usually paly drier regarless of how much oil is actually applied to them. Bone dry outsides and backend and oil in the center bump and bowl for adults. HOLY HOOK Throwing 25 at the arrows outside of 10 at the break and left we went right out the back door. I could only hold line with HF in this house for about 6 or 7 frames i was to lazy to adjust so i grabbed a weaker ball. With the polish I was about 5 boards farther right at the arrows but I had a real hard time getting control at the break point Very quick when I found friction and unreliable IMO.

HOUSE 3: Wood lanes with alot of units up front and in the center, lighter but not dry outsides with incredible backends, Only used HF with 1000 aboarlon here, and it was magnificent! just inside of 15 at the arrows and out to ten then the pins got vaporized just amazing. Where alot of other Solid reactives encounter a brutall over under this ball had none at all, Pearl Reactives usually snap to hard and leave the back row all night this ball revved up soon enough to roll into the pocket and carried like a dream. Finally where oil eaters roll to soon this rolled just a little later and saved enough energy to create an untoppable backend motion WOW just WOW.

HIT AND CARRY: This ball hits like a fat dude cracking his red headed step child, just annihilates the pins keeps pins pretty low for how hard it comes into the pocket. Messenger central also. If the lane is dry on the outside however then the carry becomes challenging the ball comes to the pins a little to hard and you end up with 9 pins and high flush 4 pins KEEP THE BALL IN THE JUICE POLISH IT OR PUT IT AWAY!!!

OVERALL: Tremendous piece of gear when their is alot head oil, Or longer oil  this ball is very strong.On the other hand if the backend is strong and their is not enough oil up front then the ball becomes difficult to use it must be in oil a good portion of the lane at least LEAST 40 feet if not more. Great carry when it is in its elemet. One thing I really like is how versatile the ball is you can use it on a variety of shots and it will not fail you but you have to adjust with the ball to be successful. This is one of my favorite in the bag right now and one the more versatile balls in my current line up.
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