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Author Topic: Banger Bowling Hole Pounder Pearl  (Read 13298 times)


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Banger Bowling Hole Pounder Pearl
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Hole Pounder Pearl / Ball Line: Exotic Line
Banger brings you the ultimate in pocket destruction! With the "CHRC" (Control Hook Reactive Coverstock) & the explosive "Hole Pounder Core”, this ball will bring your game to a level you''ve only fantasized about! With its predictable hook, and unbelievable hitting power, this ball is a MUST for any bowler! Make sure you have the right ball in your hand when you want to score BIG!



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Re: Banger Bowling Hole Pounder Pearl
« Reply #16 on: September 27, 2007, 11:15:42 AM »
Ouch!! Quite the ball here.  I picked one of these up after reading the fairly solid reviews on here.  What I was looking for was a tamer piece from my A-ball which is the TNV at box finish, 4000 and polished.  Lanes to start have been dryer this year, although I expect that to change once the weather turns cold and the heat is on.  I prefer to play deep rather than try to go around the oil and while I have a decent look the first couple games the last becomes a matter of trying to wheel it as hard as you can.  Both houses have Pro Anvil and shot is fairly similar.  We punched this 15 LB HP Pearl 4x4 w/the CG at 70 degree.  
    Last night we bowled a team that has 4 guys that like to play my area and they usually fry out by the middle of game 2.  I liked the reaction and hit in practice so decided to throw it from the start.  This is no tame piece by any means, at least with this layout.  The ball gets through to the mids very effortlessly as advertised and once it reaches the break point charges left.  No over under, just a hard charge that just splatters the pins.  
    This time of year with humidity and centers not running air to at least dry that up a little I always have issues with thumb sticking and use easy slide to get out of the ball.  I have tight fits so there is no need to squeeze, ever.  When I got this off my hand the way I normally do there was no doubt it was a strike.  If I did hang a little, either speed would be a tad slow or rev rate dropped a little and it wasn't as likely to strike.  And once the lanes did fry I found myself where I normally am with the TNV.
    Two sides are.... knowing who we bowled last night and what they do to the lanes do I leave it alone and see what happens next time on the lanes.  Or, if I want it that much mellower than the TNV go to 4000 and polish rather than the box 1500 and polish?  I am impressed with this piece though, both in the shape of the shot and the hit at the pins and can see this being a ball that I can shoot some big scores with.  I'm looking forward to the next night I bowl and throwing this again.  I'm leaning at leaving it alone for now & see how it does on a more normal night transition wise knowing I can always go 4000 if I need to tame it down some.