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Neo-Tac Khameleon
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Specifications are as follows:

Coverstock: Neoactive

Color: Black

Surface: Dull 600 wet sand

RG Diff: .041 Average

RG: 2.56 average

Available Weights: 14-16 Pounds



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Re: Neo-Tac Khameleon
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2003, 09:19:21 PM »
This ball is awesome. Dull or shiny, this ball is predictable, hits hard and carries everything in the world. The ball surface should be fine tuned to the bowler. If you are a boomer, then shine the ball (renew-it works great) If you are a stroker leave the ball 600 grit out of the box and put some (liquid sandpaper) on it. Tweeners can use the ball either way depending on your ball speed. On a scale from 1-10 I rate this ball an 11. By the way, I own two of them. One dull, One shiny.


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Re: Neo-Tac Khameleon
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2003, 03:18:11 PM »
I've had my Khameleon for about 6 weeks, and it has become the first ball out of my bag. It is extremely predictable, even arcing, hits hard, and carries better than any ball I've ever had, especially the corners. I had to shine mine up a tad, I think the box surface (600 matte) would be a touch too much for my speed. I've been using it exclusively on a 42' sport pattern, and have averaged almost 195 with it. On all but the driest house shots around here, it saves energy well, and maintains it's hitting power. For a mid-priced ball, the performance is awesome. I give it a 10.

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Re: Neo-Tac Khameleon
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2003, 02:11:09 PM »
We drilled this up for a shop person. This person has a spinner release and is able to hook the ball pretty good.

We laid this ball out with a 4 1/2" by 5" layout.

This ball was clean through the front part of the lane, and read the mid lane well, making a strong/controlled move to the pocket.

The ball has good hitting power and very versatility when playing different lines on the lane.

We were able to polish up the coverstock with Control it to get the ball further down the lane on the drier shots. With the polish the ball was still clean through the front and making a later move to the pocket with the same control and pop at the pocket.

This ball is a great start for Neo-Tac, and a solid entry into the mid price lineup.

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Re: Neo-Tac Khameleon
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2003, 04:43:21 AM »
The New Neo-Tac Khameleon is the sleeper ball of the season!

The Khameleon comes to us (via) Brunswick for Neo-Tac. This ball uses the same core design currently being used in the Monster Frenzy, Monster Smash/R, Swamp Monster series. The NeoActive Coverstock is fully adjustable and can be set-up for many different lane conditions. Out of the box, this ball is ready for Oil, but with a light shine, this ball will play your typical light oil league conditions with NO problem! This ball is "Driller Friendly" and can work well with just about any special drilling you would want to use.

Hitting power is excellent! As with all the Monster Series.

This ball is a "Solid Version" of the Monster Frenzy in our opinion.

We have already put several dozen of this ball on the lanes and just about everyone is coming back with some kind of success story.

Crankers, Tweeners, Strokers, just about every style of bowler will find a place in their bag for this ball! Its my first ball out of the bag and its easy to use the entire night during typical league play.

If you want a "Friendly" and usable ball for many different lane conditions then this ball is for you! We highly recommend this ball to all bowlers!




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Re: Neo-Tac Khameleon
« Reply #5 on: February 26, 2004, 11:33:26 AM »
14lb 9oz
3" pin
3.9 oz top

Pin above ring finger with cg stacked below, no weight hole.  
Approximately a 4 X 3.5 layout

Applied "The Khameleon Particle Sand High Tech Ball Restorer" to give a nice sheen/matte surface.  

Lane Conditions / Oil Pattern:
Throwing on older wooden lanes that haven't been resurfaced in a couple yrs.  The house shot is heavy oil with "hang" outside.  Not enough to be considered out of bounds, but enough to miss the hole.

I picked up a couple new balls in preparation for this years Nationals tournament in Reno.  The Khameleon was very attractive to me due to the easy with which you can change the ball surface.  Doesn't even require a spinner, but rather some Neo-Tac polishes/cleaners.  My experience is the surface adjusts extremely easily...a plus for any tournament bowler.

I punched this ball out, and without practice, headed directly to league.  Normally the lanes play very well up the track area until they start to dry.  At this time, you are forced to move inside to catch a little more oil.  As you progressively move deeper inside, the carry percentage gets progressively worse.  It truly plays as a track shot.    

Started the first game playing the track area as normal.  The ball cleared the heads easily and had a nice midlane arc.  Very smooth and arcing backend.  Initially the carry was only average.  I think I was a little deep on the lane, as I was getting numerous wrapped 10's.  Probably would have carried better if I had played closer to the ditch and pick up a little more angle to the pocket.

Towards the middle of the second game, this ball started too shine.  I bumped in a couple boards deeper and swung the ball out to around the 5 board.  The ball set up very nicely and made a pronounced hard arc to the pocket.  This gave a little better angle and carry increased.  Amazingly though, the ball still cleared the heads and I wasn't forced inside.  

Overall a very nice, strong arcing ball.  Matte finish gives a nice read/reaction on heavier oil conditions.  The biggest thing I noticed about the ball was how insensitive it seems to be to minor release variations.  The ball read the mids and got into a strong roll on every shot.  In my opinion, this sets the ball apart from most others.  

I'm excited to try the polished surface on medium to light oil conditions.  I think this will provide super length and a strong arcing backend reaction as well.  With the polished surface, I think this will be a valuable ball to have in Reno (or any other tournament/league for that matter) if you happen to get caught on late shift oil.  This will allow you to swing the ball and have a consistent and predictable backend reaction.  With the matte finish, I feel this ball plays better up the boards on medium to heavy conditions.  It gives a good midlane read and strong arcing backend.  This is perfect for most non-walled league conditions.  I think it would also be very useful for other types of shots where predictability and control are needed.

Overall I rate this as a super ball and can tell you that it will be pack in my bag when I arrive in Reno!

I finally got around to putting some polish on the Khameleon.  Cleaned the surface up with the "Khameleon Particle Sand High Tech Ball Restorer" first, then applied ebonite factory finish.  The factory finish is known for leaving sanding lines(i.e. applying it to 600 grit usually leaves lines), but this ball polished up very easily.  It was almost no effort to get a high gloss on the khameleon using a ball spinner.  The ball looked super, and not a single sanding line remained.

I threw the polish Khameleon on the exact same house shot as described above.  This time, the ball got a little bit more length and a TON more backend reaction.  The balls seems to rev extremely easily towards the end of the mids and makes a pronounced flip to the pocket.  

I have thrown it on a couple of other shots now, including our version of the Reno shot (same pattern, but adjusted for synthetic lanes).  This ball is amazing!  It seems to carry from everywhere..swinging the lane, playing down & in... doesn't care.  Just get lined up where ever you are comfortable and shoot the lights out.  

This is a SUPER all around ball.  If I only had one ball to take with me, this would be it.  Its easily the best ball I own right now and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.  I'm excited to see what will be next from Neo-tac.  Keep up the good work guys!


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Re: Neo-Tac Khameleon
« Reply #6 on: April 10, 2004, 06:39:16 AM »
Thanks to Billy Baccus, owner of B&J Pro Shop in Garland, Texas, for letting me trade my 14 with his 15.  We drilled it 4x3-pin over ring finger with the cg kicked out a little.  Bowling at the Richardson center and with just 2 warm-up shots(got stuck in traffic), I shot 743 with an opening in the 10th of my 3rd game.  There was a shot up the track but really dry if you hit outside of 5.  The ball did exactly what it supposed to do. It cleared the head really smooth with a strong midlane roll but it does not jump in the back-end.  It just continued to roll strongly into the pocket if you hit your mark with great carry.  I left only 3 ten-pin the whole night and a stone 8 after 7 in a row and I really felt that was the best shot I've thrown that game Great work Neo-Tac.



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Re: Neo-Tac Khameleon
« Reply #7 on: September 10, 2010, 10:48:50 PM »
First review in 6 years. First off, drilled Rico left box finish. Right handed tweener somewhere around 330-350 revs maybe. The Khameleon is truly an amazing ball. With the Rico drill on it, it gets down the lane and reads in the mids strong. When it hits the pocket it leaves none standing! Awesome ball, to bad Neo-Tac and Brunswick only made this one ball. If you can find one of these and need a good mid-lane reading ball with a continuous hook, pick one up. Got 2 of these gems(neither are for sale).Pic of layout is below. Thanks for reading.

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