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Nu_Line X-Celerator
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Flare Potential: Medium to High

Reaction: Strong Hook

Coverstock: MultiColor Reactive

Radius of Gyration: 2.52

Differential: .043

Finish: Polished

Color: Purple/Blue



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Re: Nu_Line X-Celerator
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2002, 10:29:31 PM »
The Nu-Line X-Celerator is Pedal to the Metal!

We just got our first shipment of the lastest Nu-Line Ball,
and with great enthusiasm we ran to the drill press and punched
out a pair of theses babies! Hoping to find a ball that was as good as
the Nu-Line Virus!

The X-Celerator features a weight block design that is a copy of the one
used in the "VooDoo", but with the addition of the "Power Nugget"
or "Ceramic Core", or what ever you want to call it, The Hard Piece!
this will provide the ball with more hitting power!

The Reactive Cover is real close to the "Super-Flex" resin utilized by Track,
(via) Columbia.(Same Family!)A touch more cover than used on the "Hex"

We drilled a pair of 15lb. balls, one is (Label Leverage) or what you may call
a 4 X 4 Pin & CG. with No balance hole!

We took this ball out for a test spin on typical league conditions, or Top Hat that many call it, and the first 6 shots found this ball providing great
length and sharp turn at the break point! WoW! what a turn!!!

The hit at the pins was everything we could want from a ball!
Explosion! Hard Hitting! Pin Devastation!

We rolled five complete games and found this ball was so friendly that all
we had to do was follow the oil line with our feet by moving left, and give the ball some room and let it work! We were impressed that as the lanes broke down
we still could get the ball down the lane and turn the corner and hit with authority! This ball will help many bowlers who need length and snap!

The Nu-Line X-Celerator is one of those "Must Have" balls that every serious
bowler should have in their bag!!

Run, Don't walk!, to your local Proshop and be one of the first in line to order this one! It's another winner from the Track/Nu-Line Family!

We highly recommend this ball to all bowlers!



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Re: Nu_Line X-Celerator
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2002, 07:30:27 PM »
Drilled stacked leverage with the pin under the ring finger ( Cg is kicked out about a 1/4 inch).  Wow gets throught the heads clean and turns left about 42 feet.  Carries very well keeping the pins low.  Left a couple 9 pins but took care of that with just a foot adjustment.  The ball even recovered when I missed right.  A solid ball.  I give it a 9


Mike Austin

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Re: Nu_Line X-Celerator
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2002, 11:57:36 PM »
Thanks to David Hickman with Bowling and Billiards of Dallas for sending me this seed ball.

I drilled this ball for one of my Regional Players, Tony Melendez.  Tony is right handed, with medium to better than average ball speed, but a monster hand release.  Tony really straps on it for his strike ball.  He wanted a ball that would get him great length, so I thought we would check this ball out.

Ball had 2 3/4 top weight before drilling.  We put the pin over Tony's fingers, and swung the cg/mass bias directly out to the right.  I used a small hole just below his axis point, about 2 inches, to get the ball back to static legal.  For Tony, the pin was about 5 1/4 inches from his PAP as he is a high track player.

This ball did the trick for him.  It was Verrrrrryyy long, with a wicked, monster back end.  This ball never quit on the back, running over the 8 pin every time.  For Tony this would be a medium lane ball, as he has too much hand to use it when they are dry, and the ball is too squirty on fresh.  Once they break down some, and there is still some head oil around 5th arrow, watch out, this ball will come back from way out there, even on our Brunswick synthetics, which are not know for being really snappy.

I think the tweeners will love this ball on mediums to drys, they will get much use for this ball.  For big hand players, this will be a condition specific ball only.  The really straight players will only use this on dry, as it does get great length.  This ball is a power pearl resin, and will have it's uses for most people, but I think this will be an arsenal ball for most.  The ball hits great, and the price is in the mid range, which is nice.  Weight block looks similar to the Ti Messenger, and shell is Columbia, and they have great pearl shells.  If you are Nu Line fan, this ball is certainly something different for them.

Hope this helps ya.....
Mike Austin
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