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Radical Slant HD
« on: June 13, 2012, 11:50:32 AM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available

- Color: Blue All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Coverstock: Soaker Pearl
- Core: Slant HD
- Surface: 1500 Abralon then Polished
- RG: 2.47
- Diff: .045
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Medium Heavy Oil
- Description: The SLANT HD is a more dynamic version of the original Slant. We have managed to increase the differential while still maintaining the original RG and mid differential. This increased differential opens up a new dimension of performance for the Slant Line. By increasing the differential from .045 to .054 the performance spectrum has gotten wider, meaning the lower RG drillings (pin closer to the axis) roll up sooner and arc and the higher RG drillings (pin away from the axis ) store energy longer and flip, basically we have created a wider range of drilling patterns. This plus the soaker cover stock has allowed SLANT HD to rev harder and be more angular down the lane. Ideal on Medium to Medium Heavy lane conditions.



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Re: Radical Slant HD
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2012, 12:25:47 AM »

Length: 39ft High volume THS and WTBA Paris 47ft 3:1

Volume: 26ml and 20ml respectively

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): As above.


Likes: Very clean through the front - No need to send way right to the break.

Dislikes: Cover is very responsive - don't sand too much!

First off, Iíll say that this is a very good looking ball. Especially if you like blue and pretty. The colours are rich and inviting and that always helps pro shop sales.

The Slant HD is a new offering from Phil Cardinaleís Radical Bowling. The ball uses a higher differential version of the Booster core used in previous Slants. The extra differential creates wider track flare. This in turn means that the ball rolls a little earlier than previous Slants. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ball is very continuous though.

I like to keep test balls in pretty standard layouts. I laid the Slant HD out with a 5Ē pin to PAP, 4ĹĒ MB to PAP thatís roughly 50į x 5Ē x 40į dual angle. Pin is above my bridge, with the MB slightly right of the thumb hole. Itís something youíd see on any rack in league.

On the house shot, the Slant HD was money when polished. (More on that later.) On higher volumes, the HD has a smooth, very heavy rolling reaction and gave me different shape options on the lanes. I could throw it harder and straighter or move in and slow circle it. The Slant HD seemed at home either way, so it can be adaptable to whatever your house carry angle demands.

The Slant HD is ultra clean through the front. As the test pattern was a bit slick, I took it to 1500 grit Abralon by hand and got a stronger midlane reaction. If you sand it, then youíll need to stay on top of your moves on the approach, as the cover can really change the lane in front of you. This is now a bit too strong on the house shot though, so Iíll probably change it to 1000 and light polish. The surface is very responsive to changes. The ball will shine up and stabilise into a consistent surface quickly, which is an advantage in my opinion.

The Slant HD hit is excellent. Pocket hits suck 10 off the deck like a Cell when itís on. I also threw some scouts and carried quite a few thin hits. In fact, I had to really miss the release at the bottom of the swing to make it hit flat. In my home centre (Bathurst, NSW, Australia) and with my lack of practice lately, that happens. 

Overall, I think the Slant HD presents an excellent, adaptable release from Radical. This ball is strong, but not silly. Itís easy to get through the front and recovers nicely with a crisp hit in the deck. If youíre looking for a ball with a predictable, strong backend motion that doesnít require you to cover a ton of boards out to the breakpoint, definitely consider the Slant HD. Iím impressed with it.

Jason Doust is the proprietor of Bowlerís Edge Pro Shop in Canberra, Australia. In the interests of brand independence, Jason is no longer affiliated with any ball company.