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Author Topic: Radical Outer Limits Pearl (WWRD 3/21/2024)  (Read 2442 times)

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Radical Outer Limits Pearl (WWRD 3/21/2024)
« on: March 07, 2024, 06:11:56 PM »
Radical Outer Limits Pearl    @15lbs 2.499 .051 .014 DynamiCore/HK22
WWRD 03/21/2024    12-16 lbs Alternate cores 12-13 lbs.  Volume- Medium
Core- Outer Limits Asymmetric       Coverstock- HK22 Pearl
The original Outer Limits was one of the first Radical balls using a unique motion development system. It was an incredible hit and looked great going down the lane for this hybrid. Some will ask, why make a pearl that looks very similar? The reason is this release will clear further and have a sharper response down lane. On some older lane surfaces, even balls designed to skid further would burn up a bit too soon. This is due to the friction on the lane and the strong core numbers. This happens in many levels of balls and effects pin carry. The Outer Limits Pearl will create that sharper entry angle where it needs to be when the lanes transition- closer to the pins. The Radical Hitter is a phenomenal piece and the Outer Limits Pearl is a step down from The Hitter. For the lighter weight balls, the core is adjusted and unique in the numbers. For bowlers who require the 12 and 13 pound choices, the Asym is there in a more controlled combination and the cover gets the ball down lane for slower speed bowlers. The colors are beautiful on the piece. If you bowl on medium volumes and need to open your angles, take a strong look at the Outer Limits Pearl. of course, DynamiCore is there for durability and added hitting power
Box Surface- 500/1000/1500 Siaair/Factory Compound   Color- Indigo/Purple/Silver
Recommended Cleaner: Brunswick Reaction Recharge
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