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Author Topic: Radical "The Hitter" Review w/Video  (Read 2128 times)

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Radical "The Hitter" Review w/Video
« on: October 06, 2023, 01:28:27 PM »
I drilled The Hitter to (hopefully) be my long awaited replacement for my favorite Radical ball of all time, the original Conspiracy. Needless to say, early returns say my wait is now over! The Hitter uses a new core shape and the Utility Solid cover, so you get that big sweeping motion, with shot to shot predictability. The layout used on The Hitter was 50 x 4.5" x 70 to mimic the same one I used on my original Conspiracy and shot 259, 259 right out of the box with it. The Hitter picks up a touch sooner than the Innovator Solid, but more overall hook than the Outer Limits. On a THS, it handles the puddle with ease, and does not react too sensitively to the dry, making it THE benchmark asymmetric ball in your bag. I love the reaction on medium-heavy sport patterns such as Beefy Burrito and Earl Anthony, control with enough hook to get out those pesky corner pins! WWRD is 10-19-2023, but you can pre-order yours now from Bowler Builders Pro Shops.

Check out my two shot YouTube video of The Hitter and join the Radical Revolution today:
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