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Author Topic: Radical Max Bias (WWRD 6/14/2024)  (Read 10752 times)

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Radical Max Bias (WWRD 6/14/2024)
« on: May 30, 2024, 03:05:55 PM »

Radical Max Bias       @15lbs 2.494 .050 .030      DynamiCore/HK22
WWRD 06/13/2024    (12-16lbs)   12-16 lbs Alternate Cores on 12-13lbs
Volume- Medium-Heavy   Core- Maximum Results Asym    Coverstock-HK22+ Textured Hybrid
Radical is bringing back the Maximum Results core in the new Radical Max Bias. The Maximum Results was a big ball that would roll forward a little early if there wasn’t enough volume down lane. The big diff of .050 intermediate diff of .030 is a slot of engine. High speed dominant bowlers really liked it. Updating the cover to the HK22+ Textured Hybrid will blend the ball motion out for more bowlers. This is the tournament ball for heavy volumes. Depending on your specs, the after drilling numbers for layout A can blow up the numbers to .062 and .044 respectively; that’s a lot of ball! New to the Top Shelf for Radical is producing this level of ball in the 12 and 13lb weights. There is a core change, but this combo creates a big ball for those who use these weights. The Radical Maximum Results core is a Mo Heritage Series ball and Mo would like the hook power.
Box Surface- 500/1500 Siaair      Color- Blue/Aqua
Recommended Cleaner: Power House Clean N’ Dull
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Re: Radical Max Bias (WWRD 6/14/2024)
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2024, 02:03:13 AM »
Not impressed with this ball at all.  I saw a few videos of it and it didn't look great.  My driller said it just needed a lot of oil, and the ball will shine on heavier patterns.  Well they put out the 46 ft US open pattern the other day and this ball looked like garbage.  Thought it was just my lower revs and horrible ball roll, so I had a pretty good two hander throw it.  He has slower speed for a two hander, but has a lot of revs and rotation, and can adjust his roll at will. He threw the Max Bias and it didn't move much more for him than it did for me.  It had some lane shine on it so I started changing the surface.  Fresh 2000, 1500, 1000, 500, 240, 180... None of them made the ball look any better at all or hook any more.  Meanwhile the two hander is throwing his dull Eternity Pi and the ball is hooking great.  He couldn't explain why the Max Bias wouldn't hook either.  Pin is about 5" to PAP, above the bridge, with the max bias in the thumb hole.
350 RPM, 17 MPH