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40999 - Roto Grip / Idol Pro
« Last post by sportshot on Today at 07:19:49 PM »
Ball Specs:
Roto Grip Idol Pro
Cover stock eTrax-S19  Solid Reactive
Weight Block Ikon Core (Symmetrical)
Color Ocean Blue
Finish 3000-grit Sheen
Layout 55 x 3 x 35

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5Ē Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed at release 17

The new Roto Grip Idol Pro is a very unique and surprisingly angular addition to the Idol line. I have drilled a lot of Idol solids and Idol Pearls with great success so I was confident in this ball being good. What I didnít expect was the awesome move at the breakpoint. This Idol is very different than the solid in the fact it goes longer and makes a stronger move at the break point. The Idol Pro reads the lane sooner than the pearl but in my testing has a better back end move. I am not a high rev player but because of how the Idol Pro reads the mid lane and finishes I was able to move inside on different conditions and still maintain excellent carry. Itís nice when a guy like me can get a few messengers!
I was also able to roll this ball on a typical house shot and the Pro came back to the pocket easily from outside of board 5. I have only drilled a few of these so far for my customers but they all feel they are getting more performance than what they paid for.  It is hard to pigeon hole this ball because of the unique motion but I put it between my Halo Vision and Idol pearl in hook. I look forward to rolling this ball a lot especially when I need a bit more pop in the back end of the lane.

The Idol Pro has a very good and unique motion.
The solid cover is deceiving for a ball with such a nice backend.
The hit is very good due to the entry angle.
The Idol Pro is a lot of ball for the money.

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Storm Pro Shop Staff
50212 - Miscellaneous / Re: Flo Bowling
« Last post by Bowlaholic on Today at 05:43:48 PM »
I to used IE but the service was very poor.  When I contacted Flo Bowling they said I needed to use Chrome.  So the last couple of months using Chrome the service was better until the stepladder finals of the Gene Carter Open.  As previously stated I missed a 1/2 a game due to Flo Bowling.  They sent me a robot email stating someone would contact me,  No one ever did.
18590 - Storm / Re: !Q Tour Emerald
« Last post by hammermike2000 on Today at 03:10:14 PM »
Layout: 60 x 4 5/8 x 40

The IQ Tour 30 is one of my favorite Storm balls of all time, so I was extremely excited when I saw the impending release of the IQ Tour Emerald. Just like the IQ 30, the Emerald has a strong backend but is still quite controllable. The Emerald is best on medium oil patterns, as it is a bit too clean for fresh or heavy oil patterns; when the lanes break down is when this ball shines. It is more responsive to hand position changes than most balls - getting up the back of it allows me to go down-and-in and a bit straighter, and getting around the side of the ball allows it to come off the end of the pattern quite strong and allows me to open the lane up considerably.The Emerald is 3-4 boards weaker overall than the Astro Phsyix, making those two balls a great 1-2 punch that covers most lane conditions, especially house shots.
18590 - Roto Grip / Re: MVP
« Last post by hammermike2000 on Today at 01:48:36 PM »
Layout: 55 X 4 1/2 x 45

The MVP might very well be the most "bang for your buck" on the entire market. The amount of backend arc that this ball has is very impressive; I would not call the reaction skid/flip, but instead, a very strong backend arc. There is enough midlane traction to make the MVP usable on fresh medium conditions, especially for those with slower ball speeds. On medium-dry conditions, and when the lane opens up a bit, is when this ball really shines for those with medium-higher ball speeds or lower rev rates. It will be fantastic for "circling" the lane, due to the amount of energy that it saves for the back portion of the lane. It is easily 4-5 boards stronger than a Hustle Au.

Mike LeViner
55059 - Miscellaneous / Re: is dynamicore all hype or the real deal?
« Last post by BowlingForDonuts on Today at 01:30:00 PM »
The effect is going to be slight and probably barely noticeable.  If it was all that then every other manufacturer would have had their own version out by now as the Brunswick guys/gals would be dominating on tour.  Big B has some good balls out but whether a ball had dynamicore would be like item 78 on my list on whether to buy a ball.
51255 - Miscellaneous / Re: Flo Bowling
« Last post by Cartybowls on Today at 11:35:38 AM »
I can never got Flo Bowling to work on Firefox, my default browser, always have to open IE
43820 - Miscellaneous / Re: is dynamicore all hype or the real deal?
« Last post by JazlarVonSteich on Today at 10:49:37 AM »

Take two different shaped cores, but with the exact same numbers, say 2.50 - 0.042, use the same cover stock, drill them identical and have ThrowBot do it's thing. All things being equal, they should roll identical. Numbers are numbers, science is science.

There is no magic core or cover stock. A core defines spin (early spin, late spin), the cover stock defines length, the bowlers axis rotation, axis tilt and speed define everything else. It's the magic combination of a particular core and cover that matches your physical game that makes a ball special.

Not saying I don't agree with the "hype" opinion, but Dynamicore is the outer core (filler). It supposedly hits harder than traditional filler. It also (again supposedly) replaces the need for 2 piece equipment, thus retaining the core shapes at multiple weights.
21516 - Miscellaneous / Re: Brunswick Ball Help
« Last post by BrunZwick on Today at 10:41:28 AM »
You might have overlooked the Ludicrous Solid, I have seen that one be able to handle more volume then both the Vapor Zone Solid and the Conspiracy, as I haven't drilled a Zing yet to see the difference. The Ludicrous Solid seems to also make a more defined move on the back compared to the Vapor Zone Solid for me as well
53557 - Radical / Re: Counter Attack vs Twist
« Last post by tunaman4u2 on Today at 08:33:34 AM »
I wanted something a little stronger than the twist when it stops hooking. I went with the hustle ink. I couldn't find a Brunswick ball that wasnt a lot more hook. I was tempted by the counter attack solid but the ink was proven with high praise
47285 - Radical / Re: Counter Attack vs Twist
« Last post by amyers2002 on Today at 07:57:43 AM »
From what I've seen the Counter Attack is good bit stronger than the Twist. Twist is one of the weakest reactives on the market
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