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37878 - 900 Global / Re: Eon Infinite video is up!
« Last post by jimjames on Today at 10:46:48 PM »
Wow, what a ball. I'm genuinely shocked at how well this rolls. The shot around 51 seconds is the purest release I've ever seen from Daria, and the ball sure showed you what it's capable of.

I dislike how far right she moved with the regular Eon though, it looks like it's rolling out and needed to be in the oil a bit longer.

Now you got my curiosity up. Hmmm.
43485 - Miscellaneous / Re: Junior Gold 2019 arsenal
« Last post by bradl on Today at 10:42:06 PM »
Maybe attempt to learn to use the urethane for spares? Would open up another spot in your arsenal.

Itís the route my son has gone in case he qualifies this year.

I was actually going to suggest this. good call. No real reason (yet) to have urethane be a single purpose ball.. Using that for spares as well as for short patterns gives you not only a more versatile ball for spares, but frees up that space in your bag.

52651 - Miscellaneous / Humbling experience!
« Last post by michael.willis9 on Today at 10:23:39 PM »
So I finally had a chance to bowl on something other than a house shot, and all I can say is wow that was rough.

On the base I work on, theyíre doing a league where different military bases are putting together bowling teams for a sport shot league. Each house will put out the same shot for their team and weíll submit our scores for competition amongst them.

Tonight was the tryout and it was on what they said was a competitive shot. But they said it was closer to a sport shot. And we had to go in blind for the tryout. We werenít allowed to be given any information on what the pattern is.

They had 8 lanes set up for this. And it ended up being 1 pair for a 5 minute warmup, and two games on each of the other 3 pairs. And to make it worse, I was the only one who showed up to this days tryout, we have 4 different days.

So practice never showed me anything, I spent the time throwing the ball to get loose and I was trying to figure out a line in the process. I had an idea of my line but couldnít quite hit it. I was using my after dark pearl because itís my go to ball for league and from what I had gathered, outside of 5 was a flood and there seemed to be a decent amount of oil in the middle but it was a short pattern. I figured the after dark pearl would be good for controlling the back end. It was when I hit my spot but not if I missed by the slightest. I tried playing up 10 with it but I wasnít finishing strong in the pocket, a few weird leaves.

So anyways I started off horrible, Iím a 200 on house shot average, so I go 170 to start then 130(ewwwww). Switched pairs but kept trying to square peg round hole. Went 150 then 175 but that 175, I finally made a switch and went with my dare devil trick with out of box finish. I played up 6 with less hand and finished well.

Then I switched pairs again and finished with 20something then 245.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, they drop your high and low game and come up with your average based on the other 4 games.

But I was humbled and ended up proud that I was able to bounce back doing different things to end up shooting a 245 game.

And luckily for me, there are 4 tryout dates, this was the first one, and we can try out multiple times. I canít do Thursday or next Thursday due to regular league so I should be able to come in next Tuesday with a real game plan in mind. Iím going to use the practice to try a couple other things, Iím gonna try to cover some boards in the middle and maybe that will give me another look that works for me.

But tonight really showed where Iím really at and what I need to work on. I canít wait to do it again.
3395 - 900 Global / Re: Eon Infinite video is up!
« Last post by tburky on Today at 09:31:32 PM »
I wonder why 900 global didnít use a hybrid version of S82RX on this ball versus s71 reloaded. By the way infinite rolls great for me
13174 - Hammer / Re: Little bit stronger
« Last post by thedjs on Today at 07:23:53 PM »
31535 - 900 Global / Re: 900 Global - Fresh Start
« Last post by iamone78 on Today at 06:35:19 PM »
Great stuff! Welcome aboard! You'll find that our line is as complete and versatile as most brands if not more. I strongly urge you to get into some of the entry level equipment (i.e. Boost and After Darks). That's not to say they are entry level by any means. You will find they have more performance than a lot of high end equipment. Good luck and I no doubt imagine you will quickly become a huge fan of 900 Global!
44049 - Miscellaneous / Re: Junior Gold 2019 arsenal
« Last post by psycaz on Today at 06:12:31 PM »
Maybe attempt to learn to use the urethane for spares? Would open up another spot in your arsenal.

Itís the route my son has gone in case he qualifies this year.
49115 - General FS/FT/WTB / Multiple NIB balls for sale 15#
« Last post by cimba on Today at 06:07:41 PM »
All 15# new in the box bowling balls for sale.

Brunswick Cutting Edge Pearl 3-4" pin and 2.4 oz. top weight $80.00
Columbia Chaos 2-3" pin and 4.25 oz. top weight $100.00
Track Precision Solid 2-3" pin and 3.25 oz. top weight $130.00
Hammer Flawless 3-4" pin and 2.75 oz. top weight $90.00
Ebonite Choice Pearl 3-4" pin and 3.5 oz. top weight $130.00

Price does not include shipping.  Payment by check or money order only.
If interested, send me your zip code and I will give shipping cost.
55732 - 900Global / Re: Honey Badger Claw
« Last post by Austin Bowen on Today at 03:49:28 PM »
What another great addition to the HB line and Tour preferred Series. The Grapnel Asymmetric core and the Solid S71 cover gives you a tremendous skid/ flip reaction on those heavier oil patterns. The name definitely fits the description. It hits the pins harder than any ball iv thrown in a long time. This ball is so great and I recommend it to everyone looking for a very strong hard hitting piece in their arsenal.

Austin Bowen - 900 Global Staff
18120 - General FS/FT/WTB / NIB 14# Inception DCT Pearl
« Last post by RaginCajun on Today at 12:44:42 PM »
130 Shipped
Msg me for pics
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