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Title: Apocalypse
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
The Apocalypsetm marks the end of average bowling! We've taken the best characteristics of the Cyclotron II tm core along with a totally new Rev-elationtm reactive coverstock giving you the ultimate performance on those medium oil patterns.

The Rev-elationtm coverstock combines the best properties of solid and pearl reactives. Our extensive testing has shown the strong mid-lane traction of a solid reactive combined with the sharp backend motion of a pearl reactive.

A new world of ball reaction awaits!


Factory Finish  1500 Polished  
Radius Of Gyration  2.54 (Medium)  
Differential  .055 (High)  
Lane Condition  Medium Oil  
Flare Potential  7+ Inches  
Length  14 On A Scale Of 1-20  
Backend  20+ On A Scale Of 1-20  
Coverstock  Rev-elationtm Reactive  
Available Weights  14-16 Lbs.  
Weight Block  Cyclotron Core IItm  
Color  Brimstone Black / Aurora Blue  
D-Scale  73-75  

Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: PBABOL1 on January 18, 2004, 12:50:13 PM
The apocalypse is a hard hitting with a smooth transition from skid to roll. THe ball gets through the heads clean and rolls hard on the back end. I have a drilling that is pin a 2'o clock and 3inched from axis. this gave me a clean transition through the heads but a hard roll on the backend that was controlled. I think this is what I thought the rush was going to be. If you are looking for a hard rolling but controllable ball this is for you.

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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: crit300 on January 21, 2004, 03:34:45 PM
The Apocalypse is now what I think is our best ball yet.   It combines two of the best characteristics we have in our arsenal:  It has the back-end aggressiveness of the Top Fuel, but is VERY smooth through the heads like the Silver Streak Pearl.  It does what I call “pays attention” through the heads because it reads the mid-lane extremely well.  When it gets to it’s break point, it moves extremely aggressively and consistently, and revs beautifully through the mid-lane into the back-end.

I first used this ball last week in my Sport League with a 39 ft. flat pattern.   During some practice shots beforehand, I noticed it was hooking well but pushed a little too much with the carry-down.  So I went to the shop and scuffed it very slightly with a green pad.  Now, it’s scary how well this ball reacts!  I didn’t know it at the time, but just knocking the shine off gives you an entirely new bowling ball.  One with teeth, I might add!  I have the pin located just above my middle finger with the CG located 1” right of center palm.  My extra hole is a 1” hole located about 4 ½” from center and about 1” below center line.  This will give you a "strong" mapping with your Mass Bias.

On a pattern that I would normally use a Top Fuel and throw around 15-18 out to about 12 with a little bit of speed, I was now throwing between 21-26 and plenty of read/reaction outside of my break point.  It really opened the lane up for me and I didn’t have to pay so much attention to speed, as much as getting it to my spot.  This makes bowling on a sport pattern much easier.  Plus, it not just carries well, it runs over racks!!!

With my particular style, I love strong pearlized coverstocks that I can scuff or shine for flexibility.  This is the Roto-Grip ball that I’ve been waiting for since I became a staff member.  So far, I’m very pleased and cannot wait to use it in the U.S. Open in a couple weeks.  It should be perfect for that particular condition when I need something to get through the first 35 feet cleanly, then give me that aggressive back end.  I’m pumped!

Marc Massie
Roto Grip PBA Regional Staff
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: walt8398 on January 22, 2004, 01:48:02 PM
3"-3.5" pin

Placed the pin under the middle finger, CG kicked out on the midline. Placed x-hole 1" before PAP.

I saw this drill on one of Tim Criss' balls and loved the way it rolled. This layout with this cover is ideal for PBA Patterns E2, E3, A and D. I was very impressed with the hitting power as well. THIS BALL WILL COMPETE FOR PLAYING TIME WITH MY SILVER STREAKS! :-)
Tony Walton
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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: STEVEN HAUK on January 23, 2004, 05:59:56 PM
This ball is awesome, it reads the front part of the lane like a solid shell reactive ball and reads the mid-lane smooth through the backends.  I used drill pattern "C" with strong reaction characteristics, pin placement was 3-3.5.  
I bowled with it on two different conditions; wet with dry backends and wet with carrydown and the ball read both conditions smoothly.  This is the best ball I've seen in a long time, very versatile.This ball has crushe dthe lanes last couple weeks. I have shot 299 sloild 9 on the fill ball, and have 2 300 in the last 3 weeks and i 800 nice 804 this ball is still the best on the market for anybody.
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: K_Korner on January 31, 2004, 01:02:15 PM
Pin 3", 4 3/4" span, placed pin above ring finger and about 3/4oz side weight.  High rev rate , high speed, medium tilt.  Wood lanes, 7 to 7 with 1 billion units of oil to 20 feet and moderate carrydown.  Threw it in a later league when carrydown was a major factor. This ball has no problem getting around the carry down and hitting real hard.  Tried it again on fresher conditions with drier back ends.  Played my release point around 40 and my focal point was right of the 10 pin.  When the ball hit the 6-8 boards at about 36-38 feet, it made a left, rolled out and still hit hard.  
Even after soaking the ball with oil for about 12 games, it still reacted the same.  I like the longevity of this ball and the overall response on different conditions.  I would like to see how it clears burnt up heads, so I will try it tonight after rock-n-bowl dries out the lanes.
Overall rating - A
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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: Mr Scary on February 01, 2004, 03:32:45 PM
Drilling: Pin above my ring finger, with the CG kicked out, and a weight hole to bring it back to ¾ oz. Side.

Holy Hook!!  If you have hand, be prepared to play the whole lane.  This ball is a monster.  There is no quit, it just keeps hooking.  Great reaction, and even better carry.  This is a great ball for heavy oil, I know it states medium oil ball, but it will move good in oil as well.  You may want to keep it in the bag if the lanes are dry, but pull it out with any kind of oil on the lanes, and enjoy.  I know I did.
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: vivasrv on February 06, 2004, 02:30:08 PM
Very sweet ball-- in a nutshell it's like the pearl SS on steroids.  Great backend movement and HIT.  I drilled this one about 5x3, pin on grip line above fingers, cg swung out 50 deg. with a large hole on VAL from center of grip through CG.  Ball is very smooth(hand friendly) for 40 ft and then it goes hard.  Reminds me of a Teal Rhino I had that seemed to float in slow motion at the breakpoint, but this one has a much stronger move.  It's a keeper for me,  Plan to drill one more with a shorter pin for earlier roll.

Corey Atkinson
Roto Grip Reg. Staff
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: JOE FALCO on February 08, 2004, 06:53:49 PM
According to the DRILL SPECS supplied by ROTO GRIP my ball is drilled 6" Pin from PAP. I used the ball in the third of a three game set .. The first two games were HVY/MED oil and at this time there was carry down. My 16 lb ball rolled beautiful .. a nice arc to the pocket and the hit was better then I've got from all my other balls. Strange about this ball when making the approach /delivery the ball seemed to have it's own FORWARD MOMENTUM .. trashed the pins .. looked like an ATOM BOMB exploded! Have 20 balls .. best reaction I've seen! GREAT BALL!
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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: Bob Hanson on February 17, 2004, 06:29:15 PM
This ball was 3 1/2 pin out.  I laid it out with the pin above my ring finger and slightly right to give 4 inch pin to PAP.  I kicked the cg out to about 3 1/2, requiring a  deep balance hole below my PAP.  I was looking for a strong pearl resin that would give me a a strong back end with a more angular look than I get from my Inferno or Bruiser.  I picked the Apocalypse because the Roto Grip balls seem to give me lots more flare than the differentials would suggest.  Overall strength is very close to my Bruiser, but shape and look of the roll are totally different.  The Bruiser gives me very arcy look on many conditions, with nice continuation.  The Apocalypse wants to make a strong late move and stand up.  Carry has been real spotty so far.  The wrong hand postion gives me a boat load of corners, but I seem to be able to up my carry by making small changes.  I one condition I got a great reaction by staying behind the ball and hitting up on it.  One another condition I had to go to about 11 o'clock and extend with almost an open hand.  

This could be a real good choice for someone who wants to take advantage of their own versatility and limit their arsenal.  Much stronger in oil than you expect, but gets push through the heads that you never see with stonger particle equipment.
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: rotomike on February 19, 2004, 08:37:16 AM

Talk about momentum through the pins!!!!!
Strongest most consistent hitting ball I have thrown yet.

I drilled the ball with the goal of getting strong recovery.  I laid the ball out with the pin @ 4 1/2 and the MB @ 5 3/8. It gives me the exact look I want.

I did not expect the extreme pin action.  I have thrown more messengers with this ball than any I can remember. It matches up so well with a very wet house condition that I have had 706,727,773,739 the last four weeks with this hit machine.

I have a senior friend with bad knees and no leverage and he gets a great look and phenomenal hit with his Apocolypse.  When the ball turns for home it does not quit.

It is rare that you find a ball with a core/coverstock match this good.

This brings a whole new meaning to power pearl.
This ball will make a major impact.
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: Apocalpce on February 25, 2004, 07:54:44 PM
This ball is great for those medium to heavy oil patterns. I had to change everything because this ball hooks i hooks more than my wow sanded. When it hits the pocket there no doubt it going to be a strike. I recommend this ball for heavy oil patterns.  
                     Great ball try on of these times
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Bill on March 06, 2004, 05:02:21 PM
I drilled this ball up for myself with the pin 4 1/2 inches from my axis and the RG also 4 1/2 inches from my axis. No weight hole needed

With this layout the ball was clean through the fronts and made a smooth arcing move around 40 feet.  

I tested the Uranium Buzzsaw along side of the Apocalypse.  The Apocalypse would read the midlane sooner and didn't make as hard of a turn as the Uranium.

This ball is best on Medium to Medium-Light oiled lane conditions.  With the familiar core of the other Fuel series balls, you will have a similiar reaction.

Any questions, please email me.

Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: hookem on March 08, 2004, 01:13:04 PM
I am quite suprised at this ball.  I drilled it with the pin above the ring finger, 5' to the PAP the RG to the right of the thumb and wow does this ball have backend.  I first threw it on a medium Saturday afternoon shot and the more I moved left the harder it came back.  On a fresh medium shot it reacted very well.  Good read through the midlane and a very strong backend with excellent drive through the pins.  It's speed sensitive though and it's better to miss right than to miss left.  This is my first Roto ball and after the reaction I have received with it, it won't be my last
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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: fatboyinillinois on March 10, 2004, 03:08:10 AM
This ball is in my opinion the best ball on the market. I drilled mine with the pin directly above the fingers, with the cg stacked. This ball is awesome just shot 300 792 in the final game of a 6 game set in the local city tournament. If there is a better reacting, hard hitting ball on the market please let me know.
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: Charlie on March 11, 2004, 02:27:30 PM
Ball drilled with 5x5 with pin above ring finger.  Ball can be used on a wide variety of conditions as it is very receptive to surface changes.  If you need a ball to turn the corner with phenomenal hitting power, then this ball is for you.  Ball fits great with the rest of the Roto-Grip Fuel line and is must have.
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: Steve Richter on March 11, 2004, 03:27:45 PM
I drilled my Apocalypse in a 4-1/2” stack with the MB 1-1/2” right of the thumb and a large balance hole through the CG on the VAL.

Seeing a few box finish Apoc's go a little long for this layout, I chose to scuff it with a scotch brite pad to read the lane a little sooner and not overshoot the breakpoint.  In this initial layout I easily had a 5-8 foot earlier read vs the box finish and because the ball read the lane sooner, it also smoothed out the backend reaction and took away some of the angularity.  If I could get matched up with this ball it was devastating however, getting to that wasn't easy.  I eventually felt it was drilled too strong for my rev rate and I found it was spinning out on me too frequently.  You know, open up enough to get it to the breakpoint and it didn't make the corner.  Square up and it seemed to read too soon and hook at 30 feet.

So, back to the pro shop to plug and redrill this ball with the CG-out to get it to still read the lane sooner and let the cover give me the pop at the breakpoint that I was missing.  I changed it to be a 5-1/2” pin to PAP (in the bridge) and the MB about 1” left of the VAL with a large balance hole 1” inside the VAL.

Back on the lanes this layout rolls through the carry down that I couldn’t get it to roll through before.  I believe I also increased the hit with this ball in this layout and dare I say it may hit too hard.  This is a nice problem though as I anticipate on our stiff 41’ Sport pattern with little backend this ball will allow me to soften my ball speed to make the corner and still hit with authority that I lacked with other manufacturer’s balls last year.

This is an interesting match up with core and cover stock and I have seen better results with the cover slightly scuffed or with a surface change to 600-grit with rubbing compound than in the box finish.  All the locals we have in this ball are very happy with the results so far and we’re looking forward to what the future brings us with this in our hands.  I personally am encouraged by the change since I redrilled it and hope to report on Monday that I won our Association match game tournament with it.

Thanks Roger making the best balls on the planet!

Steve Richter
Roto Grip Test Staff Member
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: RonCase823 on March 12, 2004, 12:03:21 AM
Drilled with pin 5" from PAP.  CG 4" from PAP.

Ball goes through the fronts very easily and makes a sharper turn than any other ball I've thrown, sometimes too sharp for fresh house shots with strong back ends.  The answer to that is lightly scuffing the ball and then it reacted a little earlier and took care of that problem.  Ball works great when there is carry down on the back ends and you need a little help turning the corner.  Would be a great ball for someone needing that extra kick in the back end.  Those with strong hands may need to get pretty deep.
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: heckler17 on April 15, 2004, 02:56:29 PM
I just got this ball monday, and bowled with it tuesday and wednesday...tuesday night there is some kind of BS league before me, all they do is throw plastic balls, and push the oil there is a decent amount of carry down...under these conditions, the ball wasn't as strong in the backend as i was expecting...but it still hit like a mack truck...i shot 259-224-200-683...which is pretty good for the first time out...last night i used the ball for the second time...this league has fresh oil, but they don't strip the backend...the ball was better with less carry down...253-232(all strikes, and two 8-10's which i never see)-235-720...i can't wait to see it on striped backends...overall i give this ball a 9/10, with room to improve to a 10/10...this thing hits hard...i think the next ball i get will be the retro resurrection...i hope it hits like this ball...
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: pin-chaser on April 26, 2004, 07:05:07 PM
I have just drilled this ball with a 3.5" pin. Pin under ring finger and mb kicked out 2.5" on the strong (about 3" from pap).  I use this layout to maximize the midlane read since this ball is polished.

I used it on a flood 44" with a taper from 7 to 2. Friction was available only on the first 3 boards. This ball would stand up when it finds friction. It has average revs down the lane but once it finds the friction it stands up a goes. It hits good.

This sounds like a skid/flip reaction but it is not. When it moves it moves smooth and I never felt like it was skidding out of control even in the 44 of 40 units. For a polished ball it really seems to be able to provide a good combination of reaction through the oil and yet move on the backend and hit strong.

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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: Michael W Walls on May 10, 2004, 08:00:20 PM
Pin Out 2.5-3 Top weight 2.74.... I drilled this ball 5x4. The pin above the ring fringer and the MB in strong.. I am surprised at how smooth this ball is at break point.. It seems to find the pocket more often than not
Michael Walls
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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: rick stubbs on May 21, 2004, 09:56:47 PM
WOW! great ball, drilled pin under ring finger,cg kicked out,balance hole, super ball down the lane, BIG snappy turn! This ball paired with the Resurrection is a fantastic combo!
Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: C-G ProShop-Carl on July 06, 2004, 08:18:44 PM
Ball: 4.5x 4, pin in the ring finger....kept with the factory finish

Lane Conditions: 44ft house shot, dry on the outsides.

Reaction: Strong transition from skid to HOOK. If you like to open up the lanes on a house shot that has dry outsides, get one of these. Good length, but the pearl/solid combo will allow this thing to be used on carrydown easily.

Hook: All of the hook comes in the backend of the lanes, but that is where the strength of this ball comes from. With mild oil handling abilities, it could be used on heavy oil for those with slower speeds. 8.5

Control: I know I said the reaction is skid---->hook, but it is so consistant at the breakpoint that once you get lined up with it you should not have a problem. On sport shot it plays really well right up the oil line. 8.5

Hit: The hardest hitting Roto Grip ball I have owned. Absolutely levels the pins. Carries strikes high, flush, brooklyn, long as it had enough drive off of a dry board. One shot I threw had the head pin bounce off of the left sidewall flew across in front of the 10 pin slid over to the 5 pin spot THEN rolled over and knocked down the 10. I never saw anything like it. 9.5

Readability: I am not sure this is where you want this ball to be. It will let you know when it gets to the drier boards or even to the buffed oil because it will start its move then. 7.5

Overall: Not the best Roto Grip ball I have owned, but it is not far behind the Rush. I would like to see this coverstock on an even stronger core. Roto Grip did it properly though....this ball should get alot of "play"---meaning can be used by many styles on many conditions. With a slight surface added to it this ball could be an oiler.

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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: MichiganBowling on July 08, 2004, 02:35:32 PM
Another awesome release from Roto Grip!  My Apocalypse has a 3" pin just to the right of the ring finger, with cg in the negative portion of the ball slightly outside the middle finger, and just northwest of the thumb.

This ball makes a superb transition at the break point, standing up and staring for a few feet, then turning toward the pocket and thrashing the pins.  The Apocalypse REALLY hits the pins well and throws them everywhere.  I have not found enough oil yet (summer time conditions) to try it out straight up the boards, but it works magnificantly as a swing and bring piece.

I imagine wet/dry conditions might not be ideal for this ball, but it works very well on pba or sport patterns that require you to bounce off the oil line a bit.  It generally will not blow through the breakpoint on those shots.  Also, it works great on carrydown!  I can usually just send it out a little sooner and it will make an earlier read and still thrash the pins

I loved the Silver Streak and the entire Fuel Line, but I gotta say this is my new favorite Roto Grip ball.

99% A

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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: Strapper_Squared on December 04, 2004, 11:47:55 AM
I would like to start this review off with a quick comment on the customer service provided from Roto-Grip.  I call the company up on the phone and from the very first second, they were nothing but helpful and friendly.  After some discussion, I was recommended the Apocalypse and with some additional information was given some ideas on the best layouts for my style and needs.  This really impressed me that they would take the time to answer my questions and give suggestions.  100%!

I picked up a 15lb Apocalypse with a 3.5" pin and 2.8 oz top.  After speaking with Roto-Grip and deciding the reaction I wanted, I decided on a 4 X 2.5 layout with the pin under the ring finger and the mass bias between the strong and early roll positions.  This layout required a weight hole that was placed on my VAL, 2" below my PAP.  I was looking for a ball for medium-heavy to medium oil conditions that would give me a good mid-lane read, but still save up some energy for the backends.  I left the ball in box condition (1500 grit polished).  

I tested the ball on a fresh house shot, 40ft medium heavy (actually I believe it is 36ft pattern buffed to 39ft), synthetics.  On this pattern I lined up swinging the lane, 17 at the arrows out to around 8 at my breakpoint.  The ball shot the heads with little to no resistance, and continued through the mids without showing much sign of a mid lane read...  When it got to the backends, it was a different story...  I got a very strong move to the pocket.. overall a strong skid/flip type of reaction.  Normally I would be happy with this, but I was looking for a more even arcing type of reaction.  I had been warned previously by Roto-Grip that the 1500 grit polished surface may need to be altered in order to achieve the desired results.  And they were right on here...  makes sense as the ball surface has the greatest influence on overall reaction.  On a side note, I was able to carry very well from this line and with a small hand position change, I was able to square up and play more up the boards with great success as well.  

Anyway, in order to achieve the desired reaction, I took the ball back to the proshop for some spinner work.  I wet sanded the surface to 600 grit, and applied a light coat of Storm polish to bring back the shine.  Quite a drastic move from the "out of box" finish, but I needed more mid-lane reaction.

Back to the lanes to try it out again.  Over all, the ball became around 5 boards stronger (quite a large difference on this pattern).  This time the ball had a defined mid-lane read and a still surprisingly strong backend reaction.  The ball fit the bill exactly with what I wanted to achieve as far as reaction.  I am now able to use this ball on anything from heavier oil (squaring up) all the way through medium oil (swinging the lane).  The ball has plenty of recovery from inside angles and plenty of power to carry from the outside.  I seem to get lots of sweeping messengers from this ball.  Thus, hit and carry have been very good.  Overall this seems to be a very versatile ball, once matched up to the lane conditions.  I rate it very highly and would recommend this ball for just about anyone.  More hand and slower speeds can use this on anything from heavy to medium oil.  Higher speeds and less revs should stick to medium to medium-dry conditions.  Any questions, feel free to message me.


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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: lkp683rg on December 08, 2005, 04:41:17 PM

Intended to buy the Epic but the expert who drills my equipment recommended the Apocalypse because it had similar characteristics to the Pure Fuel.  Even though it had been discontinued by Roto Grip, I bought it anyway.  A wise purchase. He drilled it A ++ (specs I couldn't care less) - it comes out of my hand perfectly. Have increased my average almost 10 pins. Ball is forgiving - even if I miss my usual target a board or two right it comes back and gets the mix with a light hit.  

A friend of mine in league says it's "heavy" - does that mean it hits hard?  Who cares? Last night in league it hit like a 100 MPH Peterbilt going downhill.

Great ball, even if discontinued - you can probably pick up one cheap and you will not be disappointed.

The Epic will be next; I'm sure I will be as pleased with it as I have been with the Pure Fuel and Apocalypse.  

Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: JG Bowler on March 26, 2006, 07:59:30 PM
This is A ball that I would say is a high proformance ball. I have my ball drilled to hook out of the house. In my terms I say its a T-R-U-C-K
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Title: Re: Apocalypse
Post by: The SuperHitMan on August 10, 2006, 11:43:09 PM
The END is near as they say...(some humor there) I thought this ball did a whole lot of nothing until I took a look at what the ball wanted to do and then things got interesting (thank you James Cobb). It has a hard arc off of the spot as it easily gets through the heads and it trashes the rack. It makes the pins scream "the end is near" and thats not a bad thing to hear. Needless to say it carries well and I like it. My second RG ball and I must say that its not bad at all.

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