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- Coverstock: 65MH Hybrid Reactive
- Weight Block: Caliber Core (14-16 lbs), Modified Caliber Core (12-13 lbs)
- Ball Color: Orange Pearl/Purple All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Lane Condition: Medium/Heavy Oil
- Ball Finish: 4000-grit Abralon
- Flare Potential: 4-5 inches
- RG: 16#-2.54, 15#-2.57, 14#-2.60, 13#-2.59, 12#-2.65
- RG Differential: 16#-0.051, 15#-0.048, 14#-0.044, 13#-0.045, 12#-0.035
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- Description: With the same consistent, smooth-rolling Caliber weight block that the Bandit rode all the way to glory, the Berserk utilizes increased energy transfer to create maximum pin action for both rev-dominant and speed-dominant players alike.
The 65MH Hybrid Reactive Coverstock is the ideal combination of both solid and pearl reactive. This technology gives you the ease of the pearl through the front part of the lane with the smooth reaction of a solid at the breakpoint.
The Berserk is the perfect marriage of its predecessors, the Bandit and Outlaw. This ball is best suited for medium/heavy oil conditions, but the surface can easily be adjusted to work well on a variety of conditions.



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Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):






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Berserk Ball Review
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My Axis is 5 5/8 right, ¼ up, my speed is average and I would consider myself with higher revs but more up the back.  So not a cranker but not really straight either.

Drilled the pin 4” and the CG 4” from PAP (pin down).

Here is a strong ball that with my game rolls very well.  It reads the mid-lane very good and has a nice smooth turn towards the pocket.  It has worked best when you need to go down the boards or with just a little swing.  I played a couple of patterns where I’ve had to go straight up the edge and this is my ball of choice.  It makes a nice move but not too much coming off the gutter.  To play way inside with it you may need more hand than me so it doesn’t lose energy.  House shot or further out, this ball is great for me.


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Re: Berserk
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Thanks for reading.  The video review that goes along with this is posted here :

Roto Grip Berserk is a great addition to the midline price family.  I drilled mine with an 85 x 5 x 50 drilling with no extra hole to help conserve some energy downlane.  The midlane pickup with this ball and downlane reaction are fantastic.  as you can see in the video, once this ball encounters friction, the ball revs up harder and produces an extremely strong arc to the pins that produces enough angle to throw pins around like ragdolls.  Comparing the ball to the bandit using the same core and slightly different layout shows off how much pickup the ball has while still in the heaviest oil in the center.  If you do notice the ball going outside of 8 for the breakpoint you also notice that the ball does not dive into the pocket when it reads friction early.  Scuff to handle heavier oil or polish to move your feet further right, you still get a great reaction from whereever you decide to play and the Berserk is truly BENCHMARK!!!!  It is directly in the middle of the arsenal breakdown for Rotogrip.  If you are looking for a favorite reaction don't look any further.  Great Job Guys!!!


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Re: Berserk
« Reply #19 on: December 10, 2012, 09:44:39 AM »
As a member of the Wright State bowling team, I am very satisfied with my new Berserk.  This ball was able to give me recovery on the back end that my other balls weren't able to do.  I'm able to use this as my benchmark ball on fresh conditions to give me a good read of the lane.


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Re: Berserk
« Reply #20 on: March 19, 2013, 03:05:55 PM »

Length:18ft buffed to 32ft

Volume:30 units

Roto Grip Berserk
PAP – 5 over and ½ up
Ball Speed:  15-17 mph
Rev Rate 300-350
Right Handed
Layout 45x4.5x45 (pin up)
Surface Preparation:  Polished

What I wanted from this Ball:  To be much stronger than the Bandit and more hook than the outlaw.
Result:  Less backend flip than the bandit and more stronger arc than the outlaw.

I tested this ball on our at home house condition on our wood lanes.  The house pattern is heavy oil 16-18 ft. and buffed down to 32 ft.  Our typical house pattern is not an easy pattern and usually creates carry down on the outsides of the lane and a massive snap in the middle.  An out of bounds typically forms quickly and the mid-lane becomes very dry. 

I found this ball to not be as skid flip as I expected.  On our house pattern, the Berserk gave me a good skid through the front part of the lanes and a hard roll to the pocket.  Once I moved right on the approach and allowed the ball to do its thing, it started hitting awesome.  I found that the more arcing effect and heavy roll allowed me to tame down my normal line I play and give me a slightly smaller swing to my shot and still carry the pins well.  When I got the ball out to the out of bounds, it didn’t react as well as I expected.  I took it into my pro shop and put some surface on it and it started to recover well.  I decided to polish it back up with a surface of 1500 on it to try an get a happy medium.  I found out this combination worked well for me with this ball.  I used 800 grit polish for a little more tack on the ball. 

Compared to my bandit and outlaw, this ball rolls much sooner and creates much more of an arc.  I will utilize this ball when the back ends of the lanes are flying and I want a bit more gradual break and a heavy roll to carry out the corner pins.

I have Drilled up berserks for various customers and have only positive feedback.  One customer with a higher speed likes the earlier roll a lot and the other customer has a lower speed and we polished his Berserk to the max.  It gives him an awesome backend reaction with no defelction.

I highly recommend to anyone purchasing the Berserk to not over expect this ball to skid and flip at the backend, but to use this ball for an earlier roll condition with a large arcing entry angle.

Sean Baker
Roto Grip/Storm
Pro Shop Staff

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS


Likes:Heavy roll and large hooking arc

Dislikes:Not as skid/flip as I expected



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Re: Berserk
« Reply #21 on: March 26, 2013, 01:47:00 PM »

Speed: 18.5-19mph
Rev Rate: 400
Surface: Box

 The Berserk for me was exactly what I wanted a hybrid ball to be like. It offers more length than your usual solid but is much smoother than a pearl down lane. With this smooth reaction this ball becomes a great choice for league bowlers looking to use it on their weekly house shot. You are able to rely on a consistent reaction and a smooth controllable hook that is sure to finish down lane. The ball really came alive for me when I got about 15 games on it and had got the track on the ball. The Berserk is very continuous when it starts to hook and is able to finish through the full rack. I also was able to use this ball during my college tournaments on some fresh sport shots and was able to use the Berserk longer than most starting balls because of the smooth reaction and the ability to still finish strong down lane. This is a great ball to have in the bag regardless of the lane conditions.

Tim Hulings- Junior
Robert Morris University (PA)
Roto Grip Collegiate Staff

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): All Types- House, Sport, and Challenge


Likes: Reliable consistent reaction, Finish through the pins

Dislikes: None