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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Coverstock: Cytoplasmicâ„¢ Solid Reactive
Weight Block:Nucleusâ„¢
Ball Color:Turquoise / Navy / Black All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
Ball Finish:2000 Abralon
Hook Potential: 7" + (High) on a scale of 1-10 Low-High
RG Differential: 0.048 (Medium-High Flare) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
RG Average: 2.52 (Medium-Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
Recommended Lane Conditions: Heavy Oil
Description: The all-new Cellâ„¢ is an evolutionary design infusing our highly advanced asymmetrical Nucleusâ„¢ core with our Cytoplasmicâ„¢ solid reactive coverstock. This combination sustains high differential throughout the lanes and produces continuous hook on the heaviest oil patterns.
Allow your game to evolve...



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Re: Cell
« Reply #16 on: February 04, 2008, 06:12:54 PM »
Ok I got the ball it had a 1-2 inch pin. So i punched it up with the pin under my ring finger and the cg somewhere between 4-5 oclock from there. The shot is either a 38 or 41' shot buffed down to 44', so its a long shot and most people play up the boards nice and comfortably. Along with the Cell i also happened to get a black widow bite and drilled it up as strong as i could. I threw both in practice just to see which one was going to be more confortable with. The Cell was moving the whole way and had a huge snap and drive at the end that carried like crazy. The bite wasn't moving as much even though the flare was HUGE on it even though it was a very strong smooth Arcing ball.

I actually started deeper with the cell then i have ever been able to with any other ball, which was great, i feel much more confortable swinging it a little then trying to play up the boards. The other nice thing was i could actually throw it faster and it would still come back.

Now heres my one problem i have with the Cell. It went from moving 5+ more boards then the bite to 2-3 boards less in a matter of two nites. And i actually cleaned the ball between each game. It has quit moving the whole way like it was. I had only thrown the bite a matter of a couple times so it wasn't like the bite got a track and got stronger. Maybe i cleaned it too much? Im going to maybe bake it already and hit it with a abaron pad to see if it comes back to life. But 6 games and it dies out already with cleaning between games is unexceptalbe. I want the beast that came out of the box back.


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Re: Cell
« Reply #17 on: February 05, 2008, 05:29:06 PM »
Using the Duel Angle Method to lay this out, my layout was 40\3.75\30. Or, translated into "old speak", this was basically a 3.75 X 4 drilling. 3.75 inches Pin to PAP, 4 inches Mass Bias or RG to PAP. Left this in box finish at 2000 abralon. My stats, VERY high track player (10 to 11 degrees axis tilt, I'm right on my thumb and middle finger with the first track), 30 to 45 degrees axis rotation, medium to medium\high revs and ball speed from 16.5 to 19.5. Sweet spot is straight up 5 or 10. First time out of box shot 166, 224, 264 for 654. Ok, you're thinking, oh boy, a 654, BIG DEAL. LOL... Here's the info. First game was a warm up, just messing around to see where this ball can come back from. Well, it didn't matter. As I adjusted hand positions and ball speed I could hit the pocket from ANYWHERE on the lane. Left more 10 pins as I moved left of 25 but that happens anyway. I flagged most of my one pin spares as I shot another strike ball to warm up instead of making spares. Second game was about the same until I warmed up and hit my sweet spot (up 10) and finished with the last 6. Yes, I yelled "Hambone!" on the 4 bagger and everyone thought I was on crack. Third game I started with the front 7, that's an Andy Varipapa 300 after the front 6 for those who keep track, left an ugly 2 5 7 8 in the 8th and didn't convert, then punched out a Hambone, er, 4 BAGGER to finish for 264. Considering I felt like I bowled like @ss I should of had a 300 and would have shot 700+ if this was league and I was serious and warmed up. The shot BTW was a medium easy house shot, fresh oil on a medium volume. Nothing too easy or too hard, just typical. To just grab this ball, brand new out of box, show up cold and tired and bored and almost punch a 3 and a 7, WOW! That speaks volumes. I plan on getting a second one of these drilled with the pin under the fingers about an inch or so above my grip center for a smoother reaction. This one here comes left and it's continuous no matter where you're at on the lanes. Ball speed and hand position will determine what lines you can play. I was able to play over 30 and strike, and I was able to play up 5 and strike. When I was over my "comfort" zone, I owned the pocket, only poor execution will prevent you from bowling well with this ball. More updates to come.

2/19/08 Update:

Found in box finish this ball is very very strong on most medium shots. You do need oil for this. I gave this a fresh 2000 abralon sanding and then hit it with a very light coat of Storm Reacta Shine. Was able to use it all 3 games in league with very little need to move. Also shot 279, 258, 238 on burnt up Brunswick Anvil-Lane again with the 2000 and light polish on top of it. Two stone 9's in game two kept me from a 300. So far this is one of the best balls I have ever thrown. The coverstock adjusts very easily and if you know how to match up to the oil volume, lane surface and pattern, YOU are the only blame for not bowling well with this ball. Now the only question is it's durability. We'll see how the coverstock holds up after 100+ games. I'm guessing it will. More updates to come.

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Re: Cell
« Reply #18 on: February 10, 2008, 03:40:14 PM »
Left handed, ball speed 15-16 mph, high tracker, medium revs, ball left in OOB condition.

I had this ball laid out in a way which would be considered about 4x4.  I am not 100% sure of my PAP, but it would have to be close.  It ended with the pin above and to the left of my ring finger, with the cg stacked below and a little left, the MB is just left and under my thumb.  I had to have an x-hole drilled to bring it back legal.

First off I expected this ball to wheel like mad.  I usually put control drills on my stronger equipment, but wanted to have something with a stronger overall reaction.  I have had a chance to throw it on 4 different lane conditions so I feel it is time to post my review.

First condition - League Bowling,Medium Length, Medium Oil, Wood, Basic House Shot, small out of bounds inside the 5 board.
I was playing with my feet on 18 and putting it out from 12 to about the 8-9 board at the arrows.  I was really dissapointed with the reaction on this shot.  I was waiting for it to come screaming off the corner when it hit the back ends, but it did not.  On this shot it was very heavy rolling, and did hit well when it got to the hole.  I figured it was possible it was burning off too much energy and not leaving enough for the backs.  I still scored well enough with it, but overall not happy with the reaction.  I switched to my Pluto and it was much much better suited for that condition.

Second Condition - League Bowling, Longer Pattern, Medium-Heavy Oil, Synthetics, Huge WALL (dry on the outside, flood in the middle)
I was playing with my feet on 17 and throwing it with the same line as I did on the other pattern.  This pattern has more than enough oil in the heads that there was no way it would burn out on me, so I was excited to throw it.  Again this ball just rolled super heavy, hit okay, but had nothing on the backs.  I really was thinking that it would come off the corner hard and it did not.  I tried moving a tad further inside, to really get it into the oil, but that did not work either.  So I used it for about the first 5 frames and after going XX9/X and leaving nearly a 7-10 on the next ball I switched to my Black Widow Pearl.  I got a lot more movement on the back ends and scored much better with it.  

After using it in my two leagues I noticed a couple things.  One is that for me this ball rolls...very very heavy.  When it gets close to the pocket, it sends pins flying all over the place.  For me it is super speed sensitive.  If I got too fast it will shoot right past the break, if I got too slow, it would dip duck and dive through the nose like I was in the movie Dodgeball.  So far, I was extremely dissapointed with this ball.  However seeing this type of reaction made me think it might be better suited for when I am seeing a tougher type of tournament shot where I need something that rolls heavy and smooth....

Third Condition- Practice Bowling, Medium length, Medium oil, Wood, tons and tons of carrydown.  It was an open bowling condition, and I have never seen that much carry down in my life.

This ball was pretty much useless.  I started off playing a similar line to the other places I played, and it went dead straight.  So I took some speed off and it worked a little better.  I then moved my feet left and changed my target.  It worked better in this scenario, but still did not do much of anything.  Switched to the Pluto, squared up, made sure to keep my ball speed in the 14-15 MPH range and sheeted it for 8 in a row.  The next game I stuck with the Pluto and it worked extremely well.

After the 2nd game, the lane man came and said he needed to oil the lanes.  So we waited, and since there would be fresh oil, I decided to take out the Cell again.  

Fourth Condition- Same House, Medium length and medium oil, freshly stripped, squeaky clean back ends.

Feet on 17, out to 10....first shot I got arrant and went way left, I laughed thinking wow that was a bad shot...the Cell came STORMING back.  I mean it looked like someone kicked it right and I had gotten it out around the 2 board.  The ball flushed the hole and put 10 in the pit.  I looked at my buddy and was like wow, this ball finally did what I thought it would do and that was WHEEL.  The next shot I hit my target but threw it slow and it crossed and left an 8 count which I spared.  I decided then to keep up my ball speed and throw it out to the channel and see if I could continue to get this ball to hook like it was.  The result was 9 strikes in a row.  The ball was flying, and hit very very hard (which is has on any condition).  I was really excited about it now because finally it did what I wanted it to do.  I ended up shooting 276.  On the last ball I had a little kid run up on me when I was in my back swing and I started laughing and tugged it badly and left the big 4 lol.  

We got 2 more games, so I stuck with the Cell for the next game.  I shot in the 220's because it started hooking so hard I was leaving 6 pins.  I made an adjustment to the right, and it was working again.  At this point I was very impressed and happy to have purchased this ball.

In the 3rd game I decided to go back to the Pluto because after throwing them both I was pretty spot on thinking I had a good 1-2 combo and when the Cell started to go I could switch to the Pluto and move a board left with my feet and continue to have success.  Practice is always the best time to play around and see if my assumption was correct and it was.

Overall I am not happy with the Cell on my league conditions.  I will not give up on this ball yet, because I can see the upside of having a ball that rolls super heavy like it does.  Another plus is how the ball sends the pins flying when I am in or close to the hole.  In all of my bowling ball experiences I have not seen a ball throwing them around like this ball does.

I am going to continue playing around with it and see if I can find a better suited line or hand position that will make this ball better for me in my leagues.  I have a tournament coming up next weekend and will definately be bringing this ball to see if the heavy rolling action can help me out.

In no way do I feel this is a bad piece of equipment.  On the right condition I can see this ball giving me some super scores, unfortunatley on the league conditions I have seen it might not be the best suited ball for me.

If you read any of the other reviews you can see that this ball is a very fine piece, but I wanted to post my experiences on the different shots so that people can see how this ball reacts to different peoples style of play with different drillings.

If you have any questions send me a PM.  I will try and update this review once I bowl with the ball more on tournament conditions.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE:  What I have found now after using this ball in a tournament condition, it is a great piece to have.  I am still finding it difficult to get going on my league conditions, but that is okay since I have other pieces I can use.

I bowled in the Michigan Majors on the 16th of February, and ended up +96 with a 284 the 2nd game.  The ball allowed me to play straighter, but gave me a good heavy roll, and hit just as well as I imagined it would.

I missed a lot of spares, like an idiot, and had one pair, that I could not do anything right.  (7 pin, 9 pin, 8 pin, strike, split, 10 pin, 8 pin, game over)

If you can't find use of this ball on your league shots, put it away, but make sure it is in your bag for tournaments, you will not be dissapointed!

2nd Update:  I purchased a Black Widow Bite, and got the reaction I was looking for when I purchased the Cell.  So I decided I was going to make some surface adjustments to the Cell and see if I could make it more useable on my league conditions.

My first thought was go with 4000 abralon, but didn't feel like waiting, so I put $1.50 in the ball polisher at the bowling alley (yea I know everyone says don't do that, but I have had nothing but success by doing that) and what I got was a completely different ball.

The ball still gets the length that it was getting when it was solid, but now it actually has a nice smooth, but much stronger arc to the pocket.  I polished it last night (3-18) and threw it in my Tuesday night Sweeper.  I proceeded to go 238, 239 in qualifying.  Then 256, 234 in my two match play games.

The ball still does not wheel for me, but it gives me a reaction I do not have in my bag.  

I am completely shocked, because I actually thought by polishing it, it might kill the reaction all together, what a pleasent suprise.  So if anyone of you went with a strong drilling like I did, and are not seeing the type of back end you were looking for....change the surface.....
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Re: Cell
« Reply #19 on: February 11, 2008, 09:44:28 AM »
Drilled with a 5" pin/pap, 3" pin buffer, MB Strong, for tight back ends/carry down. So far the Cell has done its job when I have bowled on this type condition. Makes a nice move off the break point  with excellent energy retention.
Clean up front, smooth transition off the break point. Strong hit keeps pins low. A great complement to my Epic Saga's and Battle's. Surface is easy to work with using either Abralon pads, grit paper, or scotch brite pads.  
For heavy oil volumes, tweak the surface to 1000 or even 500 Abralon. The Cell will get through the oil, no problem, and retain energy for strong pin carry.
Since its inception, the Cell has been the ball of choice on recent PBA National Tour TV finals, being used by Danny Wiseman(2 shows, 1 Win), Tommy Delutz, Mike Scroggins(2 shows,1 Win), and  Jack Jurek.

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Re: Cell
« Reply #20 on: February 18, 2008, 12:24:48 PM »

Drilled 3" pin buffer above the finger.  Mass bias at 45 degrees.  
I left it out of box finish at 2000 abralon which was way to strong for a house pattern.  I think it hooked at the arrows.  I tried it on a 39' sport pattern and also found it too strong.  I brought down the cover with a 4000 abralon pad and still found it too strong.  I wasn't able to throw it effectively until I added a light shine.  

This is probably the strongest ball I have ever thrown.  By watching the motion I would swear this ball is illegal.  Hank Boomershine's intent was "to design an asymmetrical core with the characteristics of a symmetrical core."  

This could be a new revolution in ball design.  It's very smooth and powerful with no quit in it.  The coverstock is easily adaptable for most medium to heavy oil patterns.  Stay away from the drier lane surfaces as the ball is much too strong.  The ball has had immediate success, with 3 wins now on the PBA tour since it's release in late December.  A special shout out to the "legend"  Chuck Groat, who also dominated the field at the Miller Masters.  He found hook when no one else had it with the Cell.  

I understand the demand has been strong for the Cell.

Be warned if your not throwing it, someone is throwing it at you!

Hank, Roger put me on the list I need 2 more!  This ball is great.

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Re: Cell
« Reply #21 on: February 18, 2008, 04:53:26 PM »
I drilled two of these; one with the pin up and a strong drill (5x4) and the other with the pin under (4x4) and an extra hole.  The first time I threw them, I thought they were borderline unfair.  They both hit incredibly hard and carried everything.  They are aggressive but get down the lane further than you would think and don't get 'tired' when they get to the pocket.

The first time I used one of them in league, I shot 750+ and literally lost only two hits (both of them were questionable shots).  All the other non strikes were on shots bad enough to not hit the pocket.

I feel like with the different layouts, these balls give me good looks on a variety of condition with oil.

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Re: Cell
« Reply #22 on: February 19, 2008, 02:49:53 PM »
Right hander, high speed 19-20mph, med revs 370/380rpm

I have it laid out 5x3, pin right above my ring finger cg and MB out near my VAL.  It has a small x-hole right on the pap.

OOB condition threw it for the first time on Shark last night and went 244 right out of the gate.  207 205 214 after that, but those were errors on my part that caused the scores to drop. A few pitch outs and a 3 board tug here and there

This thing flat out kills pins.  Light hit sends messengers all over the place, high hits trip the 4 pin and the 4-9 easily, High Flush sends pins though the back wall.

Great ball for heavier volumes. It out hooks my Odessy by 5 boards with continuous drive through the deck.  I can't wait to try it on Scorpion.  The Roto Grip Staffer that I know said it is not a good ball for 99% of house conditions.  They just don't have the length and the volume that you need for this ball.

Another excellent Roto Grip Product.

Mike James

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Re: Cell
« Reply #23 on: February 20, 2008, 01:42:28 PM »
1st off...Got the ball drilled stacked leaverage as all my equiptment is and gives me the best results...I'm considered a stroker with medium revs....ball is 15#lbs with a weight hole on the pap mid gripline.

Went to practice on synthetic fresh oil this house is more oily than most bumper shot houses i've bowled in...I threw it OOB for this review...the ball is something i've never seen before...about half way down the lane it stood up!! i've got the Secret Agent and it doesn't do that.

There is no way anyone can throw this ball OOB and score(Scroggs must had been on one hell of a pattern to throw dull or had pin-up).....and being a stroker is a disadvantage with this ball because if you move in deeper it just skids...remember it's a reactive and needs some dry boards to do its thing...also its not skid snap so being in the oil too long becomes a problem.
Had to throw the ball hard and away from the pocket just to get it back and left a few 10pins..(stood 17 out to 5)...needless to say this ball must have polish or you can wait till you bowl 60-80 games then when it dies you will have the ball your looking for.

I took it right after bowling to get the sheen knocked off it and want to take this coverstock up slowly...will review back after another session...msg me with any questions....Mike


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Re: Cell
« Reply #24 on: February 20, 2008, 02:49:50 PM »
Like Mike who reviewed the Cell today as well, I got my ball drilled stacked. I have to disagree. This ball is amazing. I am a 19 year old youth bowler. I averaged 205 when I bought this ball. I had hit a wall throwing older equipment. After getting this ball I have improved my overall average to 211 by averaging around 225 over the last several weeks. The first day I threw this ball was on a heavy oil house shot with large amounts of carry down from two shifts of leagues. This ball does not care about what the oil is like. It comes back hard from outside no matter what the condition is. I didn't touch this balls cover at all. Now unlike Mike I do throw about 18 mph at release with around 400 rpms. As I got settled into this ball it really developed a rather strange reaction. I have never seen anything like it before. The reaction would start like a matte finish ball getting ready to arc back into the pocket, but then it just seemed to float out there waiting. I have had this ball move more then 10 boards in less then 7 feet. I have never seen anything like it before. I like this ball so much I just got another one. This one is one of the "pro cg" balls offered by I am hoping to use this one to get even more of a skid snap reaction out of this one. This ball is a must for any serious bowler. There is a reason it has been the ball of 3 PBA title winners since it came out.

As a side note, I was able to use this ball playing INSIDE on the Cheetah pattern. For anyone who has never thrown on that pattern, you don't do that.
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Re: Cell
« Reply #25 on: February 26, 2008, 12:36:45 AM »
Ball: 16 lb, 3" pin
Drill: Pin is 4.5" from PAP, 2.5" above the midline
MB: 5" from PAP, approx 75 degree PAP-pin-MB angle.
Surface: 2000 grit (stock)

Bowler: 5"x0" PAP, 20 degree tilt, 35-40 degree rotation, 16-17 mph ball speed
rev rate: 250 - 300, right handed

Oil patterns and Lane Surfaces:
1. Medium-light to medium house oil on Anvillane surface
    Just too light for this ball and my release/delivery. Started 1st game standing up against the the ball return and trying to throw it fast - not my strength. Couldn't get it far enough out to burn off some energy. If I pulled it inside, going no further right than 11 board AND did not come around it -- Not sure how I managed to shoot over 200. Put it away for 2nd  and 3rd game.

2. Medium heavy oil pattern on Guardian overlay with pine backend. This house is very well taken care of, the heaviest oil pattern in 4 counties. Outside of 5 is drier but not one dry, inside can be a virtual flood. I bowled on this pattern/surface combo as my main test bed, because it's the only one heavy enough in my area to use the Cell (and my only practice for Nationals.) I bowled on it in various stages of use, including some very dry in the 5-10 board area and some mild to huge carrydown in the 5 - 10 board area.

   The Cell seemed in its glory on this pattern for me and my release. I had a good deal of release AND targeting forgiveness. The only time I left solid 10 pins was when I both pulled it inside of that area AND threw it too fast. Hitting power was above average as was carry power. The pocket seemed a little extra wide as it does on a couple of my Lanemasters balls, which is as big a complement as I can give a ball. Balls that should have left weak or solid 10 pins just slapped them out.

   When it came to carrydown, considering it was solid resin and not particle and it had a relatively fine 2000 grit surface, it handled much more than I thought it would. When carrydown got heavy, I did have to go around it; that was not unexpected.

    The best aspects of the ball are its targeting forgiveness and its ability to not overreact with the stock finish on its designed oil pattern. As the lanes got dry, this combination allowed me to easily see what was happening and avoid those sudden jerks of movements that many  other strong balls make when the lanes begin to dry or carrydown begins to affect the ball's path.

        It was so easy to comfortable with this ball and to see what it was doing when it was right and when it was not quite right. That is a major benefit. It makes me wonder is an earlier pin and a finer finish  could make this into a benchmark ball for lighter oil.

Surface Changes:
A. I only tried a finer surface, 4000 grit once and did not test it thoroughly. I will try to add to this review
when that is finished. When I did try it, it hooked a lot more on medium, because it saved energy so
well. I was surprised at how much more it did hook.
B. I imagine this ball could handle true heavy oil, if sanded to 1000 grit (or lower) and if drilled stronger
than mine was. Since I could barely find what I regard as true medium-heavy oil, I have not tried this.
Since I intend to bring this to Nationals, I might use it at a tough, heavier condition like the BTM.

Ball comparisons:
I compared it to two other medium-strong balls, Legends New Standard 2 (NS2) and the original New Standard (NS) which are very different balls. Both are drilled pin over ring finger and CG stacked below (5"x4"). The NS, a light load particle, was sanded to 2000 grit Abralon; the NS2, a heavy load particle was sanded to 4000 grit Abralon.

With these drills & surfaces, the NS is good for medium to medium-heavy oil and the NS2 is good for medium-heavy and slightly more oil. Both, due to their coverstocks and the same core, give me area and hitting power than many other medium-strong balls (No, I haven't tried every one ), and a good deal of target forgiveness.

Compared to the NS, the Cell gave me more room left and right, as wide a pocket and slightly less carry power, all of which surprised me. It was totally unexpected. This puts the Cell very high up on the scale of "I want it" rating. Compared to the NS2, I also got more area but the NS2 is a stronger ball. I had to stand 3-5 boards deeper.

The NS balls, being particles require sooner moves when the lanes dry out, but they handle carrydown slightly better for the same reason. I can stay with the Cell longer and make smaller moves with less dramatic ball reaction when the lane changes - a major bonus.

Another major feature:
I got so comfortable with the Cell's reactions and abilities so quickly that it made it even easier to use than I expected. That is one of the major benefits of my NS, one of all time favorite balls. I am so comfortable because it is so predictable, in almost every drilling and every surface I have tired. So far the Cell is just that way.

I have to get a 2d to play with other drillings and other surfaces. What more can I say but that?

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Re: Cell
« Reply #26 on: February 28, 2008, 11:27:02 AM »
Drilled Cell #2 Tuesday night.  Ball came with 3-4", 2.65 ounce T.W and the CG was about 1/4" left of the pin/mb line.  Drilled it 5 x 3 (pin & mb) which put the pin about an inch about my middle finger and the RG 3 inches to the right of my thumb.  Weighthole 4 1/2" over to bring it to 3/4 side weight. Tried it OOB on our house shot and it read the lane sooner then I thought so I polished it with Bean's Secret Sauce and bingo!!  Remember the backend the Paradigm had, here it is again.  Ball gets through the front well, starts to read the midlane, but saves all of it for the last 5 feet then turns dead left and drives through the pins hard.  Compared to my first Cell (4 x 4) this one has about 5 more feet of length and a much harder backend.  I got this one to be a ball to go around the carrydown when my first Cell runs into trouble and I think I've done it.  I think I would be able to play straighter with this one as well.  

One downside I can see with this ball is that the cover is so stronger, that it picks up everything and needs a cleaning after about six games for me personally.  But Ebonite Clean and Dull does the trick.

In my opinion, this is by far the best ball I've ever thrown.



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Re: Cell
« Reply #27 on: March 02, 2008, 12:40:33 AM »
I drilled a Cell after seeing a lot of positive things out of it and hearing nothing but good about it from all directions. I left the ball in OOB condition and saw that it picked up in the late midlane and saved a ton for the back leading to tremendous carry. Once the ball is exposed to dry, it will dive left and not quit. I got the ball so I had a ball with a heavy mid and strong back and I got it. No wonder why so many guys on the Tour like this ball. So basically stay aggressive through the ball and it will let you have a good time.


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Re: Cell
« Reply #28 on: March 05, 2008, 01:32:20 PM »
I picked up this ball yesterday.  I rushed down to another house and threw it for 3 games before I had to bowl in league.  The place I throw at normally has medium to heavy oiled lanes with no backend to them at all.  This ball was hooking on all cylinders.  I have never thrown a ball that hooked as much as this thing has.  It always keeps consistent with the pocket.  It almost seems like it has a magnet to the pocket.  



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Re: Cell
« Reply #29 on: March 12, 2008, 06:40:42 PM »
Ok after having this ball for 2 months I feel like I can give it a good review. Ball is drilled 3 x4.5 with a 45 degree MB.

Ball is very strong off of the break point. I tried the ball box 2000 and 4000 but have found for me, slow speed low revs 600 grit works best. I have averaged over 220 on my Tuesday league for the last 6 weeks. My book is 205-210....

Ball carries excellent on all hits. Love the combination of strength and control this ball gives. For me I get the same strong move I get with my Battle but better carry with the Cell. I plan on ordering another one next week!!!!
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Re: Cell
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i wasnt going to offer a review ,but i think i owe it to roto. Let me say first off i hated this ball with my first drill,pin 4inches from pap with cg kisked out 45 degrees,that put my mb 3 inches right of thumb. Ball was burning up and i didnt even know it .drill was way too strong for me. I am a low speed low rev player so i couldnt get the ball to turn over on the shots i was playing on never enough oil. I sent it back to roto i griped and moaned as i read all the rave reviews and comments i was trully upset.
   Then i decide since i had it i wasnt going to give up i had it redrilled.Pin above and right of ring with mb just right of thumb.Its only been a week since the redrill ,but i see what all the hype is about. Its the most versatile ball i have ever thrown . Say you are bowling with a polished ball on a loose shot,you are getting to the pocket ,but you arent carrying.Pick up the cell throw it out and watch it brutalize the pins.i left so many 10 pins with the first drill it was sickening now if i leave a pin it was a speed or release issue and it doesnt happen often. This is the best carrying ball i have ever thrown.light hits pocket hits off pocket hits ,scouts,whatever you need this ball delivers. Trip sevens ,tomahawk 10's, if you make a decent shot, not a great shot,a decent shot ,you will be rewarded.
    the ball holds line great.You wont have to move much once you get lined up.In the good games i have thrown with it i havent moved more than 2 boards. I havent thrown a good set with it yet because i am still learning what i can and cant do. Usually when the lanes go away you have to change balls ,not with this one drill it tame and you could use it all day on just about anything. I was bowling today and the shot was pretty burnt. My pluto ,(polished over 2000),was hooking too much,even with loft and no hand.I couldnt find a consistent shot. I picked up the cell with loft and no hand and it found the pocket no problem. Its weird to see a ball with so much hook revving down lane on what you know is a fried shot,and watch it hold line and tear the pocket up.And i dont even have to increase the speed.
    I know its long,but the cell deserves it ,after all my bad talk about it I want anyone who is thinking about a ball for any purpose for any shot,regardless of your style or ability, buy a cell. dont over drill it,and watch your avg. climb.
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