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Title: Cell
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Coverstock: Cytoplasmic™ Solid Reactive
Weight Block:Nucleus™
Ball Color:Turquoise / Navy / Black All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
Ball Finish:2000 Abralon
Hook Potential: 7" + (High) on a scale of 1-10 Low-High
RG Differential: 0.048 (Medium-High Flare) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
RG Average: 2.52 (Medium-Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
Recommended Lane Conditions: Heavy Oil
Description: The all-new Cell™ is an evolutionary design infusing our highly advanced asymmetrical Nucleus™ core with our Cytoplasmic™ solid reactive coverstock. This combination sustains high differential throughout the lanes and produces continuous hook on the heaviest oil patterns.
Allow your game to evolve...
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: TBS1 on December 27, 2007, 04:59:14 PM
Drilled 4x4 pin buffer of 2 1/2 inch.

This ball has such a strong mid-lane pickup (for me) that it is almost scary.
The back end motion is not "flippy", but more of a strong continuous arc.

This ball was strong enough to recover from any angle, but OOB finish is a little bit too strong for my tastes on the THS.  

Tried it on the "Viper" pattern last night and it played well from 15 to 5 using a mild hand position.

James McCarter
The Bowlers Solution INC
Roto-Grip Staff Member
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: rotomike on December 29, 2007, 08:41:36 AM
I drilled the ball with the pin 5" from my PAP above the fingers and the MB 3" from my PAP the balance hole is small and on my midline.

I placed the ball on the determinator and noticed that the ball spun to the MB in 6" seconds stabilized and then moved on. The continuation of a Symmetric ball with the strong move of an Asymmetric.

Took it to the lanes: Box finish for the reviews below.

41' med wet THS - Phenomenal reaction same motion that I saw on the determinator. The continuation off of the spot was great.  THE BIG ADVANTAGE is that the ball did not jump when I missed into the dry.  It arced strongly but did not over hook.  The hit is very impressive, strong pin action.

PBA Shark 44'- I was anxious to try this ball on the new Shark pattern due to the fact that the new Shark pattern has a bit more friction wide of third arrow.  I have been using a 800 Horizon Solid with pin low 4"x4". The Cell was about 5 - 8 boards stronger than the Horizon with my feet and I did not have to alter my ball speed for this long pattern. The Cell will also be a great ball for carrydown.  This ball motion is strong.

PBA Cheetah 35' - The pattern was way too short for this ball with this layout. I could stand as far away from the edge as I wanted and as long as I got it to the 2-3 board it came back. Hit was huge.          

Overall - The continuation off of the spot is the most impressive part of this new monster.  The fact that I could use it in box form on both a THS and on Sharks says a lot for the cover on this ball.  Any one who has trouble getting a ball to finish will love this ball.

BTW my ball speed is in the 19 MPH range with a rev rate of about 350 - 375 .
Mike Sinek
Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: mttmar1975 on January 09, 2008, 02:37:43 PM
I got my Cell a couple weeks ago and have had some pretty good sets with it.  I shot 774 a couple weeks ago(highest set ever) and then have been shooting pretty consistent 660 or above.  Last night i went 256-225-229, for a 710.  I was throwing it on a house shot with some carry down.  The ball is great and I have room so even if I miss a board or two I still hit the pocket with some force.   This ball is going to help me bowl better more consistently and Im excited for that!!!
Matt Martin
Roto Grip Inc.
Marketing Manager
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: rotomike on January 10, 2008, 10:36:44 PM
For those of you that are old enough to remember.....

My teammate and I had Excaliburs in our hands while the rest of my pair had black U-dots.

Drilled my 2nd Cell pin 4" from PAP low with the cg kicked out and a low hole.  MB is 4" rom PAP.

Tonight we bowled on PBA Shark 44' and a wet version at that. By the end of the 2nd game of our 4 game set my teamie and I were ten boards deeper than our opponents and still moving in while our opponents couldn't get their balls to turn the corner.

I cannot say enough about the continuation off of the spot the Cell has.  It doesn't just make a strong move like an Odyssey it has continuation through the pindeck.  One famed ball company rep says you should watch the ball roll through the triangle at the end of the lane.  This ball gives the player a look that I have not seen in a long time. I thought that the new oils might have erased this look for all except the high rev players but the Cell puts this look back in the hand of strokers and tweeners.

You would be a fool not to try a Cell.

WAIT!!!!!  Did I mention the price of the ball is affordable???

Super performance at a reasonable price!!!!

Yeah this sounds like a sales pitch but after what I have seen the past two weeks with the Cell in the hands of many players you would be a fool to not give this ball a try!!!!!
Mike Sinek
Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff
Kingdom member for life
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Wu Shu on January 11, 2008, 10:27:59 AM
Wgt: 14lb
Pin: 3 to 4 in
Lay-out: Pin over the ring finger with the c.g. and Mass Bias' and a small wgt. hole (5/8 side)
Style of Bowler: Tweener 14.89 to 15.35 mph
Average: 192/199
Surface: Mid-shine w/Blk Magic
Bowling Surfaces: Wood & Synthesis (2 different houses)

This ball has a very strong arc movement off of the breakpoint and simply kicks the pins off the deck. My sets have been 629 & 649 in two tournament.
On Wednesday 01-09-08 in Riverdale, Maryland, I used a very popular ball maker and shot 199 & 222.(First 2 games) For the last game I brought out my CELL, moved 4 boards to the left with my feet and 2 boards left with my eyes and I went the next 11 strikes. (299) I left the 4 pin, because of lack of ball speed not because of anything that the ball would cause. For Medium to Heavy oil conditions this ball is a monster, a most have in your arsenal. I will be getting another one (Out of the box finish)to use on heavy oil patterns. I would also like to thank Mr. Mike Sinek of Sports Plus/Carmen Dons in Alexandria, Va. for convincing me to try this ball.

Wu Shu
A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth your effort.  L.D.G.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: olererack on January 11, 2008, 10:45:16 PM
Roto Grip Cell Bowling Ball
I Used  a Drilling Called
for a symmetrical balls.

45° Drilling Angle- Hole On Axle  5in Across 1/8 up
The Cell Keep the pins low and ready to roll over (what if any pins left)
Reaction  response was recovery, versatility, hook, & Great  carry potential,
This Ball I call controlled My Ampere  version for Bowling.
If you liked the Roto-Grip - Odyssey or  the Epic Quest.

It’s an No Brainerd
This the  Ball Needed for that missing space  between your Equipment
The Cell reads heavy Oil patterns well and is very smooth off the break point.
Does not over react with lesser quality shots off the hand.
It’s forgiving.
Reaction on  medium Oil:
The Cell keeps it’s versatility  & continuation  strong backend  
Thanks to Roto Grip management Team.
The Cell Has a strong Asymmetrical  Nucleus core,
Cytoplasmic Solid reactive cover stock,
This combination retains it differential throughout the lane,
Result= continuous hook on heavy  to medium oil pattern,

Weight Block:
Nucleus Core 14-16lbs
RG = 2.52
RG Diff= .048
MB= 017

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: LarryH on January 16, 2008, 06:28:06 PM
Cell & Pluto...another super combo for bowlers of any average & a 70 year old lefty Stroker, I can attest to the any age statement. My Pluto has a 3 inch pin just below the ring finger with X hole..My Cell came with only a 1 1/2 inch pin which we placed 1 inch below ring finger with x the results..1st tournament Jan 5-6th..Phoenix Senior City using both the Pluto & Cell. Started team event with Pluto & with a little more oil to start I had a problem with 7 pins going up 5, so I used the Cell for the 10th frame in the 2nd game & 3rd game & finished with 268-699. The next day in singles I started with the Cell & after 1 & half games it started to over react in the shorter pattern, so I switched to the Pluto & shot a 3rd game 268-710. Just a reverse from the day before. After changing lanes for doubles I stayed with the Pluto for a 275-726..Singles & ALE 2136 was high scratch for Tournament...I have found that using at least a 3/4 side hand rotaion gave me a very strong carry with the Pluto. Flush & all pins in the pit...light hits blew the pins away, but, I have to keep the speed up for this super carry......4 days later in a Thursday pm league at a diff. house the Pluto gave me a 300-744(I got slow in 2 frames of the 3rd game for 7-10s, both on X's..shot down any change for 800( like I said before keep the speed up on the ball....Not done yet! 3 days later, just last Sunday in the Phoenix Senior Masters finals(diff. house again) I had 7- 2 game matches & went 6 & 1 for the win....again using the Pluto the 1st 6 matches, but, after 2 frames of last match, pluto thumb started hanging, so I ( you guessed it) brought out the Cell & shot 494 for a 12 pin win...I had to move 4 boards right with the cell(yes, lefties do move)& keep hand behind ball out to break point & it comes back as smooth & hard as any Mid-heavy oil ball I've had. One of the bowlers in the tournament & watching the finals had already read up on the Cell & planned on getting one, but after seeing what it can do, he now plans on getting TWO, plus a Pluto......It just goes to prove..Action speaks louder than words..Larry Hoffman,Roto Grip Advisory Staff
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: vilecanards on January 23, 2008, 01:24:29 AM
Extremely happy with my first league outing with the Cell... 218,233,220(671), on a second-shift pair of lanes that had play and carrydown from a mostly down-the-middle, plastic-playing first-shift. The lanes are normally oiled in the morning, 39 feet and buffed to 42 feet, with NO dry boards on the outside, creating a slight out-of-bounds area for the first three boards.  This ball was drilled pin-above-ring, 4x4 with the MB kicked to the right of the thumbhole approximately 2.5", and a weight-hole slightly above grip center and about 2" inside VAL. As everybody else is saying, this ball comes off the breakpoint very hard, but not snappy, and is continuous throughout the rest of the lane and pin-deck. This allows me to play to my strength.... ballspeed(17 to 17.5 at pindeck). A lot of other balls I've used force me to play further right of center so that my medium rev-rate can get me back to the pocket, and I wind up with over/under reactions while playing dangerously close to the out-of-bounds. With the Cell, I can start pretty much straight up the 6-board and slowly migrate back in, so that by game three I was playing a slight belly-shot from 10 to 5 on the line I had already burned in. The only mistakes/opens were 1 split and 1 washout, that I just got lazy with my speed. I had 24 out of 36 possible strikes, one of which was a bit high, leaving the 4-9 until messengers came off each side-wall taking them both out. Yes... this ball has CRAZY carry!  I have a feeling this ball will see PLENTY of time on anything above medium-oil, and is now the first out of the bag for me!

on edit: I did stone an 8 and a 9 as hard as I've ever left them, which kept me from having a low 700, but I guess that's to be expected with higher ball speeds.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: robrevs on January 26, 2008, 01:01:45 AM
Drilled my Cell 4X4 (strong),sanded to 2000, then polished. WOW!!! Ball gets down the lane, makes nice strong, but not overly strong move to pocket. This ball carries everything...light, flush, and high flush... throws the pins around big time. Track dried up and I just continued to move in. Ball seems like there is no quit on the back. I am a low track player, medium speed, higher rev rate and bowl on a typical house pattern (old wood house, though). Am looking forward to throwing on some of the PBA Patterns.

Throw Roto Grip or settle for second place!!!

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: John Brodersen on January 26, 2008, 06:47:18 PM
Ball specs – 15 lbs 2 oz, 2.32 top weight, 2.5 inch pin.

The Cell was punched using the dual angle layout method, 4.5” pin X 45 degree drill angle X 65 degree VAL angle.  This put the pin just under the ring finger and the mass bias (RG) on the VAL.  The CG ended up 2.5 inches directly under the pin as it was 1 ½ inches left of the line drawn between the pin and the mass bias (RG).  An X-hole was not needed.  The Cell arrived polished, which is different than the 2000 abralon finish described by the literature.  

I’ve had a chance to throw the Cell on a slicker house condition and also on the Storm Dream Challenge tournament condition (challenging) and all I can say is what an amazing ball motion.  Even polished, on both conditions, it read the mids very good and provided a very strong, controlled and continuous motion to the pocket.  The Cell also provides explosive hit and carry.  This is definitely a ball that you want at least one of in your bag because the ball motion is so good and different than other shells.  The Cell design is very innovative, has a tremendous cover / core match up and is being offered at a great price point.

“Dr. Boomerstein” -  sorry Hank ;^)   -  and his crew have really created a monster with this new release.  I know it’s early, but this is a very strong candidate for “Ball of the Year”.

John Brodersen
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: MoonsLefty on January 30, 2008, 09:04:31 AM
All, I can say is IMPRESSIVE.

I drilled my Cell using the Dual Angle method. I used a 60 degree drill angle, a 5" pin, and a 40 degree angle to the VAL. This layout places the pin above my middle finger, and the mass bias in a strong position. I had to place a small hole on my PAP just to tame the ball down a little, and to make it legal.

This is the first ball out of my bag almost everywhere I go right now. I don't know if I have ever seen a ball flare this much. The track flare is almost all the way around the ball. Like I said I placed a balance hole on my axis point, which is 5 x 1 1/8, and the flare ends up about 1/2 an inch from the hole. Even though the ball flares as much as it does, I would expect it to roll early, but that is not the case. My Cell clears the heads, picks up a nice midlane roll, and the just NEVER quits. This allows me to move inside the rest of the lefties and then lets me bank off of them which is what I like to do a lot of the time, but with this ball I can keep my speed where I like it to be. I can throw it as hard as I like and still get great recovery. This ball is going to be in my bag for a long time.

Hank you have a great ball, keep up the good work.

Rob Haverstock
 Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: EboHammer4ever on February 01, 2008, 08:12:41 AM
Drilled up my first of probably many of the Cell Wednesday night and threw it for the first time yesterday afternoon on fresh house shot and all I can say is a couple of my current RG balls will be collecting dust for a while.  WOW!!  Mine came with a 3" pin, 2.25 ounces of Top Weight and the CG was about an inch left of the pin/MB line (I'm right handed so this was a nice surprise)  Drilled mine with the 4 x 4 pin/MB layout with the 2 1/2" pin buffer which put the pin about 1/2" above an to the right of my ring finger, MB 3 inches left of mine thumb.  This ball is fantastic and does what everyone at Rotogrip and online says it does.  Our house shot is 41' long top hat so its pretty wide open.  I could throw this to the ditch and if I threw it smooth, it would turn the corner and throw the headpin screaming across the deck, if I got it inside it would hold line, rev up and drive through the hole.  This ball has some surprise backend reaction for this layout.  A couple shots I overthrew and didn't think it would recover, but was a wrong as it has a pretty good skip/snap almost type of reaction as well as a hard arc.  Very nice.

Then I compared it to some of my others.  Epic Quest drilled pin under, 45 degree layout box finish.  This ball is intended to replace my Battle as my heavy oil ball and this ball just rolls for me nice and heavy so I can square up let it eat but for me its needs some dry boards to make it turn for me (think the layout isn't what I should have done, but it works)  The Cell is by far 5 to 10 boards stronger and more versatile then my Quest.  NO CONTEST!!

Next was my Odyssey with the same layout and recently brought back to box finish.  This I use when the lanes have opened up and I would say the Cell has more backend then the Odyssey by far.  Very nice!!!

The only current ball that I have other then these 2 that might come close is my Horizon Solid drilled 4 x 3 low hole which revs really strong for me and I have no fear of that ball not getting back to the hole.  I will have to compare these 2 sometime.

In closing, in my opinion, Rotogrip just needs to keep cranking the Cell out as fast as they can cause everyone is going to want one of these and I will definitely be getting another one.  Believe the hype and what everyone has been saying, this ball does what they say it does!!

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: XXXXXXMEN on February 04, 2008, 08:28:36 AM
All I can say is WOW! This ball is monster The CELL is very forgiving. I bowled some very good game with this ball. I am right handed   and usually playing 2nd Arrow. This ball is very hard hitting,I JUST BOWLED WITH THE CELL AND GOT A 202 202 193 191          :Arsenal:

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: 7pinalways on February 04, 2008, 05:07:01 PM
Just like Roto4ever I to got my Cell last Thursday night.  I got it drilled 4x4 with a 2in buffer.  The house shot is a little drier than most houses.  So i got to only throw it for about 4-5 balls before I had to leave.  I actually practiced with it yesterday at another house.  All I can say is MAN!, This ball doesn't stop.  Being left-handed, I usually don't have to move that far in, but I quickly found out that no matter what, The Cell with this drill Needs OIL!!!  I absolutely love this ball.  I can get firm, or even slow hook if need be.  The carry is unbeilable.  I left more 8's in a 5 game set than I left in my lge all year.  I will get my wife one and probably get another one myself!!!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: bradford82 on February 04, 2008, 06:12:54 PM
Ok I got the ball it had a 1-2 inch pin. So i punched it up with the pin under my ring finger and the cg somewhere between 4-5 oclock from there. The shot is either a 38 or 41' shot buffed down to 44', so its a long shot and most people play up the boards nice and comfortably. Along with the Cell i also happened to get a black widow bite and drilled it up as strong as i could. I threw both in practice just to see which one was going to be more confortable with. The Cell was moving the whole way and had a huge snap and drive at the end that carried like crazy. The bite wasn't moving as much even though the flare was HUGE on it even though it was a very strong smooth Arcing ball.

I actually started deeper with the cell then i have ever been able to with any other ball, which was great, i feel much more confortable swinging it a little then trying to play up the boards. The other nice thing was i could actually throw it faster and it would still come back.

Now heres my one problem i have with the Cell. It went from moving 5+ more boards then the bite to 2-3 boards less in a matter of two nites. And i actually cleaned the ball between each game. It has quit moving the whole way like it was. I had only thrown the bite a matter of a couple times so it wasn't like the bite got a track and got stronger. Maybe i cleaned it too much? Im going to maybe bake it already and hit it with a abaron pad to see if it comes back to life. But 6 games and it dies out already with cleaning between games is unexceptalbe. I want the beast that came out of the box back.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: E-Strong on February 05, 2008, 05:29:06 PM
Using the Duel Angle Method to lay this out, my layout was 40\3.75\30. Or, translated into "old speak", this was basically a 3.75 X 4 drilling. 3.75 inches Pin to PAP, 4 inches Mass Bias or RG to PAP. Left this in box finish at 2000 abralon. My stats, VERY high track player (10 to 11 degrees axis tilt, I'm right on my thumb and middle finger with the first track), 30 to 45 degrees axis rotation, medium to medium\high revs and ball speed from 16.5 to 19.5. Sweet spot is straight up 5 or 10. First time out of box shot 166, 224, 264 for 654. Ok, you're thinking, oh boy, a 654, BIG DEAL. LOL... Here's the info. First game was a warm up, just messing around to see where this ball can come back from. Well, it didn't matter. As I adjusted hand positions and ball speed I could hit the pocket from ANYWHERE on the lane. Left more 10 pins as I moved left of 25 but that happens anyway. I flagged most of my one pin spares as I shot another strike ball to warm up instead of making spares. Second game was about the same until I warmed up and hit my sweet spot (up 10) and finished with the last 6. Yes, I yelled "Hambone!" on the 4 bagger and everyone thought I was on crack. Third game I started with the front 7, that's an Andy Varipapa 300 after the front 6 for those who keep track, left an ugly 2 5 7 8 in the 8th and didn't convert, then punched out a Hambone, er, 4 BAGGER to finish for 264. Considering I felt like I bowled like @ss I should of had a 300 and would have shot 700+ if this was league and I was serious and warmed up. The shot BTW was a medium easy house shot, fresh oil on a medium volume. Nothing too easy or too hard, just typical. To just grab this ball, brand new out of box, show up cold and tired and bored and almost punch a 3 and a 7, WOW! That speaks volumes. I plan on getting a second one of these drilled with the pin under the fingers about an inch or so above my grip center for a smoother reaction. This one here comes left and it's continuous no matter where you're at on the lanes. Ball speed and hand position will determine what lines you can play. I was able to play over 30 and strike, and I was able to play up 5 and strike. When I was over my "comfort" zone, I owned the pocket, only poor execution will prevent you from bowling well with this ball. More updates to come.

2/19/08 Update:

Found in box finish this ball is very very strong on most medium shots. You do need oil for this. I gave this a fresh 2000 abralon sanding and then hit it with a very light coat of Storm Reacta Shine. Was able to use it all 3 games in league with very little need to move. Also shot 279, 258, 238 on burnt up Brunswick Anvil-Lane again with the 2000 and light polish on top of it. Two stone 9's in game two kept me from a 300. So far this is one of the best balls I have ever thrown. The coverstock adjusts very easily and if you know how to match up to the oil volume, lane surface and pattern, YOU are the only blame for not bowling well with this ball. Now the only question is it's durability. We'll see how the coverstock holds up after 100+ games. I'm guessing it will. More updates to come.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Spider Ball Bowler on February 10, 2008, 03:40:14 PM
Left handed, ball speed 15-16 mph, high tracker, medium revs, ball left in OOB condition.

I had this ball laid out in a way which would be considered about 4x4.  I am not 100% sure of my PAP, but it would have to be close.  It ended with the pin above and to the left of my ring finger, with the cg stacked below and a little left, the MB is just left and under my thumb.  I had to have an x-hole drilled to bring it back legal.

First off I expected this ball to wheel like mad.  I usually put control drills on my stronger equipment, but wanted to have something with a stronger overall reaction.  I have had a chance to throw it on 4 different lane conditions so I feel it is time to post my review.

First condition - League Bowling,Medium Length, Medium Oil, Wood, Basic House Shot, small out of bounds inside the 5 board.
I was playing with my feet on 18 and putting it out from 12 to about the 8-9 board at the arrows.  I was really dissapointed with the reaction on this shot.  I was waiting for it to come screaming off the corner when it hit the back ends, but it did not.  On this shot it was very heavy rolling, and did hit well when it got to the hole.  I figured it was possible it was burning off too much energy and not leaving enough for the backs.  I still scored well enough with it, but overall not happy with the reaction.  I switched to my Pluto and it was much much better suited for that condition.

Second Condition - League Bowling, Longer Pattern, Medium-Heavy Oil, Synthetics, Huge WALL (dry on the outside, flood in the middle)
I was playing with my feet on 17 and throwing it with the same line as I did on the other pattern.  This pattern has more than enough oil in the heads that there was no way it would burn out on me, so I was excited to throw it.  Again this ball just rolled super heavy, hit okay, but had nothing on the backs.  I really was thinking that it would come off the corner hard and it did not.  I tried moving a tad further inside, to really get it into the oil, but that did not work either.  So I used it for about the first 5 frames and after going XX9/X and leaving nearly a 7-10 on the next ball I switched to my Black Widow Pearl.  I got a lot more movement on the back ends and scored much better with it.  

After using it in my two leagues I noticed a couple things.  One is that for me this ball rolls...very very heavy.  When it gets close to the pocket, it sends pins flying all over the place.  For me it is super speed sensitive.  If I got too fast it will shoot right past the break, if I got too slow, it would dip duck and dive through the nose like I was in the movie Dodgeball.  So far, I was extremely dissapointed with this ball.  However seeing this type of reaction made me think it might be better suited for when I am seeing a tougher type of tournament shot where I need something that rolls heavy and smooth....

Third Condition- Practice Bowling, Medium length, Medium oil, Wood, tons and tons of carrydown.  It was an open bowling condition, and I have never seen that much carry down in my life.

This ball was pretty much useless.  I started off playing a similar line to the other places I played, and it went dead straight.  So I took some speed off and it worked a little better.  I then moved my feet left and changed my target.  It worked better in this scenario, but still did not do much of anything.  Switched to the Pluto, squared up, made sure to keep my ball speed in the 14-15 MPH range and sheeted it for 8 in a row.  The next game I stuck with the Pluto and it worked extremely well.

After the 2nd game, the lane man came and said he needed to oil the lanes.  So we waited, and since there would be fresh oil, I decided to take out the Cell again.  

Fourth Condition- Same House, Medium length and medium oil, freshly stripped, squeaky clean back ends.

Feet on 17, out to 10....first shot I got arrant and went way left, I laughed thinking wow that was a bad shot...the Cell came STORMING back.  I mean it looked like someone kicked it right and I had gotten it out around the 2 board.  The ball flushed the hole and put 10 in the pit.  I looked at my buddy and was like wow, this ball finally did what I thought it would do and that was WHEEL.  The next shot I hit my target but threw it slow and it crossed and left an 8 count which I spared.  I decided then to keep up my ball speed and throw it out to the channel and see if I could continue to get this ball to hook like it was.  The result was 9 strikes in a row.  The ball was flying, and hit very very hard (which is has on any condition).  I was really excited about it now because finally it did what I wanted it to do.  I ended up shooting 276.  On the last ball I had a little kid run up on me when I was in my back swing and I started laughing and tugged it badly and left the big 4 lol.  

We got 2 more games, so I stuck with the Cell for the next game.  I shot in the 220's because it started hooking so hard I was leaving 6 pins.  I made an adjustment to the right, and it was working again.  At this point I was very impressed and happy to have purchased this ball.

In the 3rd game I decided to go back to the Pluto because after throwing them both I was pretty spot on thinking I had a good 1-2 combo and when the Cell started to go I could switch to the Pluto and move a board left with my feet and continue to have success.  Practice is always the best time to play around and see if my assumption was correct and it was.

Overall I am not happy with the Cell on my league conditions.  I will not give up on this ball yet, because I can see the upside of having a ball that rolls super heavy like it does.  Another plus is how the ball sends the pins flying when I am in or close to the hole.  In all of my bowling ball experiences I have not seen a ball throwing them around like this ball does.

I am going to continue playing around with it and see if I can find a better suited line or hand position that will make this ball better for me in my leagues.  I have a tournament coming up next weekend and will definately be bringing this ball to see if the heavy rolling action can help me out.

In no way do I feel this is a bad piece of equipment.  On the right condition I can see this ball giving me some super scores, unfortunatley on the league conditions I have seen it might not be the best suited ball for me.

If you read any of the other reviews you can see that this ball is a very fine piece, but I wanted to post my experiences on the different shots so that people can see how this ball reacts to different peoples style of play with different drillings.

If you have any questions send me a PM.  I will try and update this review once I bowl with the ball more on tournament conditions.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE:  What I have found now after using this ball in a tournament condition, it is a great piece to have.  I am still finding it difficult to get going on my league conditions, but that is okay since I have other pieces I can use.

I bowled in the Michigan Majors on the 16th of February, and ended up +96 with a 284 the 2nd game.  The ball allowed me to play straighter, but gave me a good heavy roll, and hit just as well as I imagined it would.

I missed a lot of spares, like an idiot, and had one pair, that I could not do anything right.  (7 pin, 9 pin, 8 pin, strike, split, 10 pin, 8 pin, game over)

If you can't find use of this ball on your league shots, put it away, but make sure it is in your bag for tournaments, you will not be dissapointed!

2nd Update:  I purchased a Black Widow Bite, and got the reaction I was looking for when I purchased the Cell.  So I decided I was going to make some surface adjustments to the Cell and see if I could make it more useable on my league conditions.

My first thought was go with 4000 abralon, but didn't feel like waiting, so I put $1.50 in the ball polisher at the bowling alley (yea I know everyone says don't do that, but I have had nothing but success by doing that) and what I got was a completely different ball.

The ball still gets the length that it was getting when it was solid, but now it actually has a nice smooth, but much stronger arc to the pocket.  I polished it last night (3-18) and threw it in my Tuesday night Sweeper.  I proceeded to go 238, 239 in qualifying.  Then 256, 234 in my two match play games.

The ball still does not wheel for me, but it gives me a reaction I do not have in my bag.  

I am completely shocked, because I actually thought by polishing it, it might kill the reaction all together, what a pleasent suprise.  So if anyone of you went with a strong drilling like I did, and are not seeing the type of back end you were looking for....change the surface.....
Formerly SGC300
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: SenorRotoGrip on February 11, 2008, 09:44:28 AM
Drilled with a 5" pin/pap, 3" pin buffer, MB Strong, for tight back ends/carry down. So far the Cell has done its job when I have bowled on this type condition. Makes a nice move off the break point  with excellent energy retention.
Clean up front, smooth transition off the break point. Strong hit keeps pins low. A great complement to my Epic Saga's and Battle's. Surface is easy to work with using either Abralon pads, grit paper, or scotch brite pads.  
For heavy oil volumes, tweak the surface to 1000 or even 500 Abralon. The Cell will get through the oil, no problem, and retain energy for strong pin carry.
Since its inception, the Cell has been the ball of choice on recent PBA National Tour TV finals, being used by Danny Wiseman(2 shows, 1 Win), Tommy Delutz, Mike Scroggins(2 shows,1 Win), and  Jack Jurek.

Senor RotoGrip
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: ODriscoll on February 18, 2008, 12:24:48 PM

Drilled 3" pin buffer above the finger.  Mass bias at 45 degrees.  
I left it out of box finish at 2000 abralon which was way to strong for a house pattern.  I think it hooked at the arrows.  I tried it on a 39' sport pattern and also found it too strong.  I brought down the cover with a 4000 abralon pad and still found it too strong.  I wasn't able to throw it effectively until I added a light shine.  

This is probably the strongest ball I have ever thrown.  By watching the motion I would swear this ball is illegal.  Hank Boomershine's intent was "to design an asymmetrical core with the characteristics of a symmetrical core."  

This could be a new revolution in ball design.  It's very smooth and powerful with no quit in it.  The coverstock is easily adaptable for most medium to heavy oil patterns.  Stay away from the drier lane surfaces as the ball is much too strong.  The ball has had immediate success, with 3 wins now on the PBA tour since it's release in late December.  A special shout out to the "legend"  Chuck Groat, who also dominated the field at the Miller Masters.  He found hook when no one else had it with the Cell.  

I understand the demand has been strong for the Cell.

Be warned if your not throwing it, someone is throwing it at you!

Hank, Roger put me on the list I need 2 more!  This ball is great.

Kelly O'Driscoll
Roto Grip Staff

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: PaulMc on February 18, 2008, 04:53:26 PM
I drilled two of these; one with the pin up and a strong drill (5x4) and the other with the pin under (4x4) and an extra hole.  The first time I threw them, I thought they were borderline unfair.  They both hit incredibly hard and carried everything.  They are aggressive but get down the lane further than you would think and don't get 'tired' when they get to the pocket.

The first time I used one of them in league, I shot 750+ and literally lost only two hits (both of them were questionable shots).  All the other non strikes were on shots bad enough to not hit the pocket.

I feel like with the different layouts, these balls give me good looks on a variety of condition with oil.

Paul McCordic
Roto Grip Amateur Staff Member
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Krakken on February 19, 2008, 02:49:53 PM
Right hander, high speed 19-20mph, med revs 370/380rpm

I have it laid out 5x3, pin right above my ring finger cg and MB out near my VAL.  It has a small x-hole right on the pap.

OOB condition threw it for the first time on Shark last night and went 244 right out of the gate.  207 205 214 after that, but those were errors on my part that caused the scores to drop. A few pitch outs and a 3 board tug here and there

This thing flat out kills pins.  Light hit sends messengers all over the place, high hits trip the 4 pin and the 4-9 easily, High Flush sends pins though the back wall.

Great ball for heavier volumes. It out hooks my Odessy by 5 boards with continuous drive through the deck.  I can't wait to try it on Scorpion.  The Roto Grip Staffer that I know said it is not a good ball for 99% of house conditions.  They just don't have the length and the volume that you need for this ball.

Another excellent Roto Grip Product.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Mike James on February 20, 2008, 01:42:28 PM
1st off...Got the ball drilled stacked leaverage as all my equiptment is and gives me the best results...I'm considered a stroker with medium revs....ball is 15#lbs with a weight hole on the pap mid gripline.

Went to practice on synthetic fresh oil this house is more oily than most bumper shot houses i've bowled in...I threw it OOB for this review...the ball is something i've never seen before...about half way down the lane it stood up!! i've got the Secret Agent and it doesn't do that.

There is no way anyone can throw this ball OOB and score(Scroggs must had been on one hell of a pattern to throw dull or had pin-up).....and being a stroker is a disadvantage with this ball because if you move in deeper it just skids...remember it's a reactive and needs some dry boards to do its thing...also its not skid snap so being in the oil too long becomes a problem.
Had to throw the ball hard and away from the pocket just to get it back and left a few 10pins..(stood 17 out to 5)...needless to say this ball must have polish or you can wait till you bowl 60-80 games then when it dies you will have the ball your looking for.

I took it right after bowling to get the sheen knocked off it and want to take this coverstock up slowly...will review back after another session...msg me with any questions....Mike
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Locke on February 20, 2008, 02:49:50 PM
Like Mike who reviewed the Cell today as well, I got my ball drilled stacked. I have to disagree. This ball is amazing. I am a 19 year old youth bowler. I averaged 205 when I bought this ball. I had hit a wall throwing older equipment. After getting this ball I have improved my overall average to 211 by averaging around 225 over the last several weeks. The first day I threw this ball was on a heavy oil house shot with large amounts of carry down from two shifts of leagues. This ball does not care about what the oil is like. It comes back hard from outside no matter what the condition is. I didn't touch this balls cover at all. Now unlike Mike I do throw about 18 mph at release with around 400 rpms. As I got settled into this ball it really developed a rather strange reaction. I have never seen anything like it before. The reaction would start like a matte finish ball getting ready to arc back into the pocket, but then it just seemed to float out there waiting. I have had this ball move more then 10 boards in less then 7 feet. I have never seen anything like it before. I like this ball so much I just got another one. This one is one of the "pro cg" balls offered by I am hoping to use this one to get even more of a skid snap reaction out of this one. This ball is a must for any serious bowler. There is a reason it has been the ball of 3 PBA title winners since it came out.

As a side note, I was able to use this ball playing INSIDE on the Cheetah pattern. For anyone who has never thrown on that pattern, you don't do that.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: charlest on February 26, 2008, 12:36:45 AM
Ball: 16 lb, 3" pin
Drill: Pin is 4.5" from PAP, 2.5" above the midline
MB: 5" from PAP, approx 75 degree PAP-pin-MB angle.
Surface: 2000 grit (stock)

Bowler: 5"x0" PAP, 20 degree tilt, 35-40 degree rotation, 16-17 mph ball speed
rev rate: 250 - 300, right handed

Oil patterns and Lane Surfaces:
1. Medium-light to medium house oil on Anvillane surface
    Just too light for this ball and my release/delivery. Started 1st game standing up against the the ball return and trying to throw it fast - not my strength. Couldn't get it far enough out to burn off some energy. If I pulled it inside, going no further right than 11 board AND did not come around it -- Not sure how I managed to shoot over 200. Put it away for 2nd  and 3rd game.

2. Medium heavy oil pattern on Guardian overlay with pine backend. This house is very well taken care of, the heaviest oil pattern in 4 counties. Outside of 5 is drier but not one dry, inside can be a virtual flood. I bowled on this pattern/surface combo as my main test bed, because it's the only one heavy enough in my area to use the Cell (and my only practice for Nationals.) I bowled on it in various stages of use, including some very dry in the 5-10 board area and some mild to huge carrydown in the 5 - 10 board area.

   The Cell seemed in its glory on this pattern for me and my release. I had a good deal of release AND targeting forgiveness. The only time I left solid 10 pins was when I both pulled it inside of that area AND threw it too fast. Hitting power was above average as was carry power. The pocket seemed a little extra wide as it does on a couple of my Lanemasters balls, which is as big a complement as I can give a ball. Balls that should have left weak or solid 10 pins just slapped them out.

   When it came to carrydown, considering it was solid resin and not particle and it had a relatively fine 2000 grit surface, it handled much more than I thought it would. When carrydown got heavy, I did have to go around it; that was not unexpected.

    The best aspects of the ball are its targeting forgiveness and its ability to not overreact with the stock finish on its designed oil pattern. As the lanes got dry, this combination allowed me to easily see what was happening and avoid those sudden jerks of movements that many  other strong balls make when the lanes begin to dry or carrydown begins to affect the ball's path.

        It was so easy to comfortable with this ball and to see what it was doing when it was right and when it was not quite right. That is a major benefit. It makes me wonder is an earlier pin and a finer finish  could make this into a benchmark ball for lighter oil.

Surface Changes:
A. I only tried a finer surface, 4000 grit once and did not test it thoroughly. I will try to add to this review
when that is finished. When I did try it, it hooked a lot more on medium, because it saved energy so
well. I was surprised at how much more it did hook.
B. I imagine this ball could handle true heavy oil, if sanded to 1000 grit (or lower) and if drilled stronger
than mine was. Since I could barely find what I regard as true medium-heavy oil, I have not tried this.
Since I intend to bring this to Nationals, I might use it at a tough, heavier condition like the BTM.

Ball comparisons:
I compared it to two other medium-strong balls, Legends New Standard 2 (NS2) and the original New Standard (NS) which are very different balls. Both are drilled pin over ring finger and CG stacked below (5"x4"). The NS, a light load particle, was sanded to 2000 grit Abralon; the NS2, a heavy load particle was sanded to 4000 grit Abralon.

With these drills & surfaces, the NS is good for medium to medium-heavy oil and the NS2 is good for medium-heavy and slightly more oil. Both, due to their coverstocks and the same core, give me area and hitting power than many other medium-strong balls (No, I haven't tried every one ), and a good deal of target forgiveness.

Compared to the NS, the Cell gave me more room left and right, as wide a pocket and slightly less carry power, all of which surprised me. It was totally unexpected. This puts the Cell very high up on the scale of "I want it" rating. Compared to the NS2, I also got more area but the NS2 is a stronger ball. I had to stand 3-5 boards deeper.

The NS balls, being particles require sooner moves when the lanes dry out, but they handle carrydown slightly better for the same reason. I can stay with the Cell longer and make smaller moves with less dramatic ball reaction when the lane changes - a major bonus.

Another major feature:
I got so comfortable with the Cell's reactions and abilities so quickly that it made it even easier to use than I expected. That is one of the major benefits of my NS, one of all time favorite balls. I am so comfortable because it is so predictable, in almost every drilling and every surface I have tired. So far the Cell is just that way.

I have to get a 2d to play with other drillings and other surfaces. What more can I say but that?

"None are so blind as those who will not see."
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: EboHammer4ever on February 28, 2008, 11:27:02 AM
Drilled Cell #2 Tuesday night.  Ball came with 3-4", 2.65 ounce T.W and the CG was about 1/4" left of the pin/mb line.  Drilled it 5 x 3 (pin & mb) which put the pin about an inch about my middle finger and the RG 3 inches to the right of my thumb.  Weighthole 4 1/2" over to bring it to 3/4 side weight. Tried it OOB on our house shot and it read the lane sooner then I thought so I polished it with Bean's Secret Sauce and bingo!!  Remember the backend the Paradigm had, here it is again.  Ball gets through the front well, starts to read the midlane, but saves all of it for the last 5 feet then turns dead left and drives through the pins hard.  Compared to my first Cell (4 x 4) this one has about 5 more feet of length and a much harder backend.  I got this one to be a ball to go around the carrydown when my first Cell runs into trouble and I think I've done it.  I think I would be able to play straighter with this one as well.  

One downside I can see with this ball is that the cover is so stronger, that it picks up everything and needs a cleaning after about six games for me personally.  But Ebonite Clean and Dull does the trick.

In my opinion, this is by far the best ball I've ever thrown.

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Los300 on March 02, 2008, 12:40:33 AM
I drilled a Cell after seeing a lot of positive things out of it and hearing nothing but good about it from all directions. I left the ball in OOB condition and saw that it picked up in the late midlane and saved a ton for the back leading to tremendous carry. Once the ball is exposed to dry, it will dive left and not quit. I got the ball so I had a ball with a heavy mid and strong back and I got it. No wonder why so many guys on the Tour like this ball. So basically stay aggressive through the ball and it will let you have a good time.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: ZBAR on March 05, 2008, 01:32:20 PM
I picked up this ball yesterday.  I rushed down to another house and threw it for 3 games before I had to bowl in league.  The place I throw at normally has medium to heavy oiled lanes with no backend to them at all.  This ball was hooking on all cylinders.  I have never thrown a ball that hooked as much as this thing has.  It always keeps consistent with the pocket.  It almost seems like it has a magnet to the pocket.  


Title: Re: Cell
Post by: tloy on March 12, 2008, 06:40:42 PM
Ok after having this ball for 2 months I feel like I can give it a good review. Ball is drilled 3 x4.5 with a 45 degree MB.

Ball is very strong off of the break point. I tried the ball box 2000 and 4000 but have found for me, slow speed low revs 600 grit works best. I have averaged over 220 on my Tuesday league for the last 6 weeks. My book is 205-210....

Ball carries excellent on all hits. Love the combination of strength and control this ball gives. For me I get the same strong move I get with my Battle but better carry with the Cell. I plan on ordering another one next week!!!!
Todd Loy
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: toomanytenpins on March 12, 2008, 11:13:01 PM
i wasnt going to offer a review ,but i think i owe it to roto. Let me say first off i hated this ball with my first drill,pin 4inches from pap with cg kisked out 45 degrees,that put my mb 3 inches right of thumb. Ball was burning up and i didnt even know it .drill was way too strong for me. I am a low speed low rev player so i couldnt get the ball to turn over on the shots i was playing on never enough oil. I sent it back to roto i griped and moaned as i read all the rave reviews and comments i was trully upset.
   Then i decide since i had it i wasnt going to give up i had it redrilled.Pin above and right of ring with mb just right of thumb.Its only been a week since the redrill ,but i see what all the hype is about. Its the most versatile ball i have ever thrown . Say you are bowling with a polished ball on a loose shot,you are getting to the pocket ,but you arent carrying.Pick up the cell throw it out and watch it brutalize the pins.i left so many 10 pins with the first drill it was sickening now if i leave a pin it was a speed or release issue and it doesnt happen often. This is the best carrying ball i have ever thrown.light hits pocket hits off pocket hits ,scouts,whatever you need this ball delivers. Trip sevens ,tomahawk 10's, if you make a decent shot, not a great shot,a decent shot ,you will be rewarded.
    the ball holds line great.You wont have to move much once you get lined up.In the good games i have thrown with it i havent moved more than 2 boards. I havent thrown a good set with it yet because i am still learning what i can and cant do. Usually when the lanes go away you have to change balls ,not with this one drill it tame and you could use it all day on just about anything. I was bowling today and the shot was pretty burnt. My pluto ,(polished over 2000),was hooking too much,even with loft and no hand.I couldnt find a consistent shot. I picked up the cell with loft and no hand and it found the pocket no problem. Its weird to see a ball with so much hook revving down lane on what you know is a fried shot,and watch it hold line and tear the pocket up.And i dont even have to increase the speed.
    I know its long,but the cell deserves it ,after all my bad talk about it I want anyone who is thinking about a ball for any purpose for any shot,regardless of your style or ability, buy a cell. dont over drill it,and watch your avg. climb.
my style, the art of bowling without bowling
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: peter300 on March 16, 2008, 11:20:26 AM
I just wanted to say that the Cell delivers as advertised. This ball is truly remarkable. I drilled my Cell with the recommended 5 x 3 layout, with the RG in the B position and used the ball in a recent tournament which had the Scorpion (41 ft) oil pattern. I left the surface with the original box finish because of the pattern and lane surface (Proanvilane). The ball allowed me to be aggressive with my shots as I could miss left (I’m lefthanded) and the ball would still read the pattern and not shoot through the breakpoint. I played the pattern looking at the 6th or 7th board and could leak the ball to the 3rd board. The ball really performed well. I could see why Mike Scroggins loves the ball and why every lefthander, and lets not leave out the righthanders, who want to compete on PBA patterns should have one.
Later, I practiced on the Viper (37 ft) oil pattern and found that the box surface was a little too strong, so I shined the ball with Storm’s Reacta Shine. The polish gave the ball a few extra feet of length and stored energy so I could move in on the Viper and play where you need to play, which is around the 12th -13th boards at arrows to about the 6th or 7th boards at the break.
Hopefully these comments will help you decide on your next ball purchase.

Peter Hernandez

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: handshake300 on March 18, 2008, 07:01:42 PM
Its a pretty consistent, hard arcing ball. It works well on many conditions, for every type of bowler. Funny, it kinda reminds me of my dull urethane blue hammer, but harder backend. Overall I think Hank & Roger have  something special here. I would reccomend this ball to any bowler.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Housequake on March 18, 2008, 07:05:06 PM
This is the second Roto-Grip that I have purchased. The first being the Saturn. The Cell is an impressive bowling ball. It works extremely well on oily to medium lane condition. However, you must know when to put this ball up. As far as the top dollar bowling balls the Cell is the best value on the market.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: ROTONW on March 25, 2008, 06:05:57 PM
I had plenty of high expectations for my Cell. I must say I was not disappointed. My game is in the high tweener range with rpms running around 360 and ball speed around 17 mph. In looking for a ball for heavy volumes and/or longer patterns, I usually look for strong coverstocks with lower RGs and fairly high differentials and adjust the surface as needed; the Cell certainly fit that description.
With its out of the box finish, I was not expecting to get a decent look on a typical house shot, but since it was what after I drilled it up, I thought what the heck and what happened was not what I expected. I moved almost an arrow inside the oil line and kept it tight in the oil. The Cell easily pushed down the land and hit with what can only be desribed as explosive hit. After 10 shots I had not lost a hit. I I began to move further and further inside to see how much room I could create and found I virtually had the entire lane. It was amazing to see how much room the Cell created as wall as the hit the Cell produced. The ball was so impressive I had people gathering around to ask what type of ball I was throwing.
While very, very impressed, I was a little concerned about the performance of the Cell on a true heavy volume pattern/ and or long pattern. I figured if the ball looked this good on a house shot, it may not be a true oil ball. Well, I need not have worried.
At a center that featured a 42 foot Sport-compliant pattern, where everyone was struggling. I pulled out the Cell and it dug into the oil early and gave me a very controllable srong move off the back of the pattern without overhitting the backends. The Cell allowed me to create a little room wide of my target that others simply did not have.
This ball is a must in any serious tournaments bowlers bag and those that dont have a Cell are giving away pins to the those that do. The Cell is the must have ball of 2008.

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: iwonn92 on March 30, 2008, 03:11:42 PM

What a great ball! I drilled mine last week and was very impressed on how well it worked. I used it out of the box on a tighter house shot {40 feet} and it rolled great. I then shined it up with Storm's #2 polish and threw it on other patterns, such as the PBA Viper pattern, and was just as pleased. In my opinion its an asymetrical ball that rolls like a symetrical one, so you get the best of both worlds. Roto has come up with a winner! I am looking forward to their next release!

Eric Forkel
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: norbt on April 08, 2008, 06:54:19 PM
I am a Senior bowler, age 68.  My book is around 215 and I am averaging well over 220 in the month I have been using the CELL.  It hooks more than any ball I have ever used and hits very hard.  I leave a lot fewer 10 pins because of the strong back end.  I would recommend this ball to everyone.  NorbT
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: PrecisionRotoGuy on April 09, 2008, 02:10:48 PM
Quite simply the best ball I've ever thrown. I"ve drilled 3 of them for myself and countless others for customers. I have never once gotten a complaint about this ball. One customer even tipped me $100 after drilling him one!!!

Ultra smooth, ultra controllable, tons of hook, plenty of energy to carry through the pins (meaning tremendous carry)... Pretty much everything you could want. It doesn't work well on ultra dry or for people with really low ball speeds, but outside of that, a near perfect ball.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: BowlingIcon2 on May 01, 2008, 12:25:24 AM
Ok, im gonna be honest here. I heard so many good reviews about this ball, I had to buy it. I am a high rev, high speed bowler. When there is alot of oil on the lanes, I usually cant find a ball to move that well, unless I slow down the speed. So i decided to purchase the cell.

I got this ball drilled to just hook, I wanted the ball to read a little early and just flat out hook. I found that when I bowled it on oil and I wanted to swing the lane. It just rolls out. I hated the ball. But then I decided to keep the speed and revs up, yet throw a more direct line. WOW. This ball is a beast. I through about 11 games over 250 in a month, and ive shot 289,279,and a 300 in 24 hours. This ball is phenominal. It just hits so hard. Carrys everything.

Im glad I played around with it. It just seems like a ball ment for everyone. At first I assumed it was for low rev slow speed bowlers. But this ball is extreamly versitle, and I recommend to anyone. Roto Grip, just might have a ball to take Ebonite down with =)
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: gr8scott6 on May 09, 2008, 09:12:32 PM
I REALLY like this ball! I am a Lane Masters guy, but I also throw a couple balls by Visionary and RG. This one is a real peach. Mine is a "Pro Pin" drilled stacked leverage.

First time I used it was in a pro shot league on the TOC pattern (about 50 feet of oil, gutter to gutter). Virtually everyone else was having trouble even getting to the pocket. I went straight up 7 with slower speed, and this ball absolutely crushed. If I hadn't had some bowler error and bad luck (pocket splits in the 9th and/or tenth of every game!), I would have been in the 650's. As it was, I just missed a 600, when almost everyone was struggling to get into the mid 500's, and a number of pretty good bowlers didn't even break 5. I had the high game on my pair all three games.

Second time was late night in another house with some pretty fried lanes. I moved all the way left on the approach and shot about 22 out to about 10, and scored over 200 every game but two out of eleven, and my last game was a 266.

I am adjusting the surface just a smidgen: I'm giving it a coat of Bean's Secret Sauce followed by a coat of Doc's Magic Elixer. Hopefully, this will cause it to go just a tad further down the lane and keep it from absorbing as much oil.

I'm VERY pleased with this ball!
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: IrishMike837 on May 20, 2008, 04:03:53 PM
I wanted to wait a little while before I wrote my review on the Cell.  When I first got it about two months ago I layed it out specifically for the U.S. Open.  Not only did that layout fail for that tournament, but I was unable to get the ball to work on any pattern in a consistent manner.  I was beginning to think that it might not be as good a ball as everyone had told me...then I got another Cell and used a different drill pattern.  This ball is absolutely amazing and is not only the best ball in my bag, but maybe the best ball I've ever thrown my entire life.  I started two Summer PBA leagues a week ago on Monday and Tuesday nights.  I've now bowled 12 games in those leagues all on the Shark pattern, here are my three sets (4 games): 931, 929, 1000.
I used the Cell for all of these sets and am averaging close to 240, well above anybody else bowling in either of the leagues.  I've had some huge games in these sets too, including 280, 275, and 267, I also almost shot 800 last night (785).  Many people that are bowling the league are saying that I'm making the shot look easy, and that is due in large part to the Cell.  If you don't have one, get one.  If you do have one, get another one.  This is the best ball on the market and it is sure to transform your game.
Mike Keily - Roto Grip Amateur Staff

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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: comebackdon on June 14, 2008, 05:27:58 AM
15lb 2" pin below right center with the CG kicked slightly to the right under the ring finger. No weight hole needed.

Only thrown 3 or 4 games with the Cell, but I couldn't stop saying "WOW!!"  As long as there's oil, this ball will expand your shot by 3 boards or more! I drilled this ball for a sport shot and I can't wait to use it.  One interesting characteristic is that as long as you trust the ball and give it room, it will reward you with tremendous carry. If you try to point it, it will cut trough the nose like a Samurai and leave designer splits. Compared to the other 11 balls in my arsenal, this one gives the feel that it's got an extra motor that kicks in just when you need it.  It was truly a surreal feeling for the first several shots.  This is the ball that the Blue Alien was supposed to be at a lot less money.  Seems versatile enough to drill two to increase your play in the transition.  It will flat burn up the lane, yet responds to 2-1 and 4-2 moves to the left with no loss of power and carry. My last Roto Grip was a blue polyester over 25 years ago and it was one of the best balls I've ever owned.  This new line of Roto-Grips promises to return to their former glory. What a ball!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: mcgoo32 on June 15, 2008, 03:16:53 PM
I have been a hammer fan for along time. Once I saw the reviews on the Cell and in person. I bought the Cell to try it out.
I bought 15lb Cell and drilled it 4"pin 60 degree angle. I throw the ball around the third arrow which is the 15 board. The ball reacts well for me. I like the how the cell has Improved my game alot. In the last week on two of my leagues I bowled 200+ games and was amazed at how well the ball was for me. I never thought that Roto Grip would have a ball that would ever get me to change from a Hammer ball. I was wrong about Roto Grip. Now I can say that Roto Grip has me going away from Hammer. Roto Grip Cell is the best ball on the market today. I also bought the Pluto to compliment the Cell as a second ball. I have found the two balls to be the best two ball combo that I have ever bought. I would recommend the Cell to any one but a beginner bowler. Roto Grip is the King of then all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: jerncare on June 28, 2008, 10:49:17 AM
I have to agree with everyone that the Cell is a great ball..... when it is new. I have had mine for three or so months and it has died off. I'm figuring that it has 75+ games on and has been cleaned regularly, plus a couple hot water and dish soap baths. I have also resurfaced it to try and bring it back. Nothing has worked. When I first got the ball I could hit anything from anywhere, the Shark pattern was my favorite with this ball. Now I cant even get it to move on the Cheetah. I have a Pluto and that moves more and is more predictable than my Cell. If you are looking to get this ball be prepared for the maintenance, maybe even buy two and use them evenly. That might help it last longer. I find that there are quite a few "Mid-range" balls out there that absorb oil slower and still retain their hitting power and movement off the backend. The Cell is great, its just that the dream doesn't last as long as it should.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Blistershurt on July 07, 2008, 03:07:24 AM
I got my Cell a few months ago per my driller's recommendation.
Bowler info: Pap is 5 1/2 over and 1/2 up, ball speed is 18-19 mph, 275-300 rpm, axis tilt is very low (less than 10 degrees), axis rotation around 20 degrees

Drilled up 5x3, MB at 45 degrees, pin buffer is around 2 inches

I've tried this ball on multiple surfaces and oil patterns.

I started off with Box Finish (2000 grit) and decided to take it up, because I had to adjust every shot because of how much oil this ball burns up. On a house shot I had to play inside of 20 to get the ball to the pocket and not past headpin.
The ball at OOB was very smooth off of the break dispite how flippy the drill I have on my Cell is.
This ball is very strong on a THS and will easily handle most THS's with extra speed and an ultra inside line.

With my revs, I brought up the surface though to 2000 polished, and threw it, it was still very smooth off of the spot, just with a touch of added length, although polish made the ball read not as well, so I brought the ball up to 4000 and polished it, just to test because I dont face too much oil. I didnt like it too much at this surface and the shot really turned into a hockey stick shape and the carry improved.

I'm going back to 4000 polished once my NM gets here, just because of the added carry, and how much more controllable it is on a THS.

I'm using it at 4000 right now and I love it though. On a THS it goes fairly long and is smooth off of the spot, and more of a medium-heavy ball allowing it to be used all night.

I've tested this ball on Two PBA shots as well.

Well, this pattern is 41 feet long and a heavier shot, so most people use lots of surface, but I kept the Cell at 4000 and loved it.

I could play deep inside with the Cell around 20 and out to 13, or I could play from 15 to 7, or I could throw the outside down and in lines.
The Cell really allows the Scorpion to be molded to how you want to play, this ball is probably my favorite look on this shot.

Viper is 37 feet long and a much harder pattern to score on.

With the Cell at 4000 I found two lines, I could play inside (but if you miss a board left it goes to the 7 pin) or I could play down 10 and have the ball hold, then hit.

Overall, the Cell is a very versatile piece of equipment that should be in everyone's bag and it handles surface change well.
Any questions? PM me.
Nothing hits like a Hammer, baby.
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: twistedtony989 on August 04, 2008, 06:00:01 PM
Plain and simple...this ball dominates. When there is a heavier shot, a nice firm straighter shot is awesome, always carry, and always flush.  When there is lighter oil the inside shot crushes the pins.  And the best part is, when this ball begins to slow down, or die out I take some Scotch Brite to it, and off with another adventure.  This ball is the most versatile ball i have ever encountered.  This Roto Grip ball is of the finest pieces of art i have ever seen.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: laddog54 on August 27, 2008, 04:20:19 PM
Short review as I have only 2 games on my Cell so far. Pap about5x1/2, speed 16mph, revs approx 300. Ball drilled 4x6 with the pin above and right of the ring finger and the mass bias next to thumb. Got the Cell on Sunday and tried it out in my Travel League at a new house(resurface wood lanes) I have never bowled at. Shot was about37,38 feet light with oil over the previous nights Rock and Bowl. Pretty much became a reverse block with more friction in the middle and less outside and very little back end. Decided to throw the Cell 17 to 8 and stay out of the slop outside. Go 220,256 with the first 8 the second game befor a ten pin and operator error split in the 10th. Ball was smooth as silk and had a nice hit to it without being to sensitive. I could even get it into the out of bounds and it would move enough to leave only a 7 or 2 pin. Will update after winter league starts(wood) and next travel league stop on synthetics.

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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Mikelj on August 28, 2008, 08:29:10 PM
I have two Cell ball drilled.  One with the pin above the finger and one with the pin below the fingers and the mass bias kicked out to the VAL.  These ball hit like nothing I've ever had in my bag.  The midlane reaction is great and the continuous backend provides carry even on off-pocket hits.  I am a lower rev player  and this ball gives me the backend and pin action I always desired.  This is the first and sometimes the only ball out of my bag.

I can't wait to see the new pearl cell.  This should be in everyone arsenal.  

This ball is so exciting to watch going down the lane, other bowlers are in my leagues are taking notice and I am seeing more on the rack every week.

This ball works best on heavy and medium oil.
Mike Johnston
Roto Grip Advisory Staff
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: thegame on August 31, 2008, 03:18:25 AM
I've had my Cell for quite a few months, and it is the ball everyone says it is.  I keep it with a 1000 abralon surface, and use is more often than not as the first ball out of my bag on all the PBA patterns except Cheetah, and rarely find a use for it on house conditions, as I prefer to use longer, less aggressive equipment for that type of shot.  Mine is drilled pin just under the ring finger and the MB kicked out to the right, weight hole was not necessary.  The Cell is close to my Break and Attitude Shift in terms of overall hook, but the Cell is very smooth, predictable, and has fantastic pin carry.  Could be a heavy oil ball, could be a medium oil ball with the right layout and surface.  Wish I had taken it to Albuquerque in June for Nationals, may have just put my over the hump I wasn't able to get past there this year.  Definitely one of the very top balls of the year from any manufacturer in my opinion.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Tess7654 on September 04, 2008, 01:09:32 PM
I have drilled 3 cells 1st 5x3 mass on val 2nd 5x4 mass on val with low weight hole and 4x4 mass in strong posistion. 1st I would like to say that its been a very long time since I have been so impressed with a ball. Its amazing how forgiving the Cell is for being such a strong ball. I cant ever remember having 3 of the same ball and bowled so well with each one. I have had 300 with all 3 of them, won a regional title with the 5x3 mass on val and won 4 local tournaments with the other 2. I am still amazed at how smooth this ball is compared to other big hook balls...its almost like cheating at times when using Cells. They way they continue through the pins is crazy and also the pins stay low which usually creates better carry. For anyone who hasnt drilled a Cell and is in the market for a new ball just read the reviews and watch people use wont be sorry for trying a cell.

David Tessman
RotoGrip regional staff.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Mr Scary on September 19, 2008, 08:24:31 AM
Pin above the bridge with the CG kicked out just a bit.

I have had mine for a few months now, and have posted a few honor scores with it.  The ball has a great mid-lane read and continues hooking through the pins.  The hitting power is incredible.  Take a minute and watch someone who is throwing a Cell, or check out a video on you-tube.  The pins fly differently with the Cell than with other equipment.  Check the racks in your league or in tournaments to see how many people have Cell's.  The Cell is a must have.
Chris Slagter
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: RonCase823 on October 02, 2008, 12:38:08 AM
Have 2 cells and thats almost all I need. I'm a right handed power stroker on staff with Rotogrip since 2002, so I've thrown all the Rotgrips and this ones the best(although also check out my review of the Cell pearl).
Ball 1 Drilled with the pin and mb 5 inch from pap which put the cg just off center of grip and shinned it up. Ball clears heads with ease the turn very well and smooth no jurking motion. Can play straigther with speed or slow hook it, I've had lots off success both ways.
ball 2 ,Pro pin, Drilled pin 5 inch and mb 3 inch cg just off center of grip, left this one dull. It works in more oil with a more diffined snap. Can also gho straight or slow hook with this as well. With these two set up I feel I can cover most lane conditions from PBA shots to house shots. With out a Cell your just not trying.
  Get this ball, Good luck.Ron Case
P.S. Did you see my natural(all 10 pin strikes) 900 sieres in a no-tap tourn with the shined Cell.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: tdub36tjt on October 06, 2008, 02:07:57 PM
I just recently gave in to all the hype and purchased a Roto-Grip Cell. My stats are:  speed 17-19 mph, rev rate around 300, pap 4 9/16 over and 3/8 up, and low axis tilt.

I have had a chance to throw the ball a couple weeks now and in two different houses. The layout puts the pin to pap at around 5" with the mb to PAP being about 4" and about a 2" pin buffer.

The first house is a 42' heavier oil house shot. At this house I have always struggled first game due to the heavier oil which would generally result in a lot of weak 10 pins. Now that I have the Cell this is no longer an issue and I am deeper than I generally am at this house. I am starting around 17 at the arrows to about 7 at the breakpoint. The first game has now become my better scoring game. At this house the Cell starts to make its move in the midlane and has a controllable but fairly angular breakpoint.

By the 2nd game I found myself making about a 4 and 2 move to the left and still find myself carring just about anything that makes it in the pocket. The only problem I have found with this ball at this house is that I end up putting it away once they dry up a little more. I have put it away 2 weeks in a row when I should have just moved left and kept throwing it. I have never thrown a heavy oil ball that allows me to keep moving left without fighting roll out and endless 10 pins until I got the Cell.

The second house is actually a very different house shot. It creates an OB outside of 5 and has high friction in the middle of the lane. Similar to a reverse block but not as drastic. I have found that the Cell is the only ball in my bag I can play the extreme outside with any consistency. My other heavier oik balls will get squirty and not want to hook (These include the NVD and Noize). Playing the inside part of the lane, keeping my breakpoint between 10 and 12, the Cell has allowed me more room of error than any other ball on this pattern. It has given me and extra boards or 2 of room at the breakpoint not to necessarily get to the pocket but to carry due to the continuation it creates.

Overall, I am very impressed with the way the ball continues through the pocket. Most of all I can't believe the way this ball allows you to get deep, get the ball in friction and still keep enough energy making it through the pin deck to carry those pesky corner pins. I will still have my occasional ringing 10 but the flat 10's are few and far between. The other great thing about his ball is how controllable it is. It very seldom over reacts unless it is time to make a move. My only knock on this ball so far is that I have to refresh the surface once a week or so, but that is with almost any ball.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: tloy on October 07, 2008, 12:33:52 PM
Just recently got my 2nd Cell. I got this directly from Roger due to my Battle cracking(Thank you, Roger)This ball I had laid out 4x4 with a 1.5" pin buffer. I have never had a ball this strong in my life. I am a right handed stroker with med to low speed and can swing this ball like I am a cranker. I have yet to see any quit in this ball, I just need more oil!!!! I must admit I had my doubts about the Cell replacing the Battle in heavy oil but not any more.  I cannot wait to get the Cell Pearl. Roto definately is onto something big with this line of balls. Keep up the great work Roger, and Hank!!!!!

Todd Loy
Roto Grip King of Them All!!!!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: kens101 on October 08, 2008, 12:31:00 AM
Ball Specs-
2.5 to 3 in pin
Drilled 4x4
In between Stroker and Tweener. 17mph

Played 30 games so far.

39 ft Medium THS - I like to play as direct as possible but this is just not possible with this ball and set up. Starting over the middle arrow out to around 5, I have to keep up the ball speed. It just crushes the pocket. Unfortunately just too much ball so if it does come out, I will stick with it thru maybe the first game.

42 ft Medium-Heavy THS oob outside 10 with brand new slick synthetics - This ball is money. 19 to 10 and it will just walk in and crush the pocket. I might move 2 boards during the 4 game set. It does not have much issues with carry down either which is a huge bonus.

Likes - It is just amazing how this ball rolls. It is almost cheating because the ball can auto correct itself from a majority of bad releases. It packs a demanding punch at the pocket. Pin carry is just awesome.

Dislikes - Like most heavier oilers, it does need head oil and will puke on the backend or not hold line without head oil. Not that this is a bad thing but it does rev up early and will burn energy.

Maintenance - After dealing with a couple of dead ball early syndromes from previous equipment (not from Roto-Grip), all of my equipment gets hot baths after 12 games. It is hit with cleaner after the night is finished and wiped with a cloth before the following throw. This ball has not lost anything yet after 30 games. I will update if it does not make it passed 100.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: srlunatic on October 08, 2008, 04:01:56 AM
Ball Specs: 15lbs w/3 in. Pin and 2.5 oz Top Weight

Bowler info:
Pap is 5 1/4 over and 5/8 up
High Tweener - 17 mph's normal...325'ish Rev Rate...
Low Axis Tilt, High Axis Rotation

Drilled 5 x 3 with a 2 inch Pin Buffer and weight hole on P4.
Statics: 5/8 finger, 3/8 side.

I have only been able to test this ball on a couple varieties of house shots.  One my typical league night shot, the ball is migrating off it's axis at about 12 feet and dead at 20..*laugh*.  I have to get seriously deep and then can only attack for about 4 shots of practice before it is too much ball.  A second house shot has a touch more head oil with a larger pool in the middle and I can a slight bump shot from 25 to about 15 and the Cell is serious money.  Very early revving, yet very continuous and while strong and controllable off the break point.  The hit is quite phenomenal and the ball just drives through the pins like a Monster Truck over those poor cars.  Again, I can only play this line for about a game and that is it as will start the burnup process.  

I am completely impressed by this ball and can't wait to find some serious oil to give it a go.  We will be starting up our PBA Experience league and can't wait as should have many opportunities to throw it.  The pro shop I work in has sold quite a few to many strokers and they are just tearing it up with this ball.  

Overall a great ball at a great price!  Figure this will fill my heavy oil ball slot for quite some time to come.


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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: HangingBananas on October 09, 2008, 02:29:00 AM
The Cell…what a BALL!! I personally have NEVER heard a bad word spoken about this ball and I know why.  This ball is the strongest and hardest hitting ball I have thrown since back when I threw an original No Mercy. Hands down this is my “go-to” ball in every occasion… WAY TO GO ROTO GRIP!!!!  I cant wait to throw your new Cell Pearl because I’m sure it will be just as much of a beast as the original!!!
1. Roto Grip- Cell
2. Ebonite The One- Remake
3. Ebonite- Gamebreaker
4. Spare Ball..duh
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: lil League Coach on October 11, 2008, 04:09:36 PM
My specs:
PAP -  4  1/2  right  1 /2 up

-I drilled 2 of these:
Ball #1:  5  x  3 box finish. Pin ended up above the middle finger cg/mb  kicked right with axis on the midline.
  House patterns- Ball rolled alot through the fronts and had a strong continuous backend movement.
  SPORT: This ball was great on the fresh due to the length and the smooth roll on the backend. Once carrydown set in I had to switch to somethin with a little more kick.
  OVERALL: Great addition to the line

Ball #2: pin under middle finger (2" below finger) cg in thumb quadrant MB kicked right.
  House Patterns: This ball owned house patterns with my ball speed and this low pin this ball gave alot of room for error and still hit the hole.
   SPORT: Ball was good on the longer oil patterns that sport bowling has out (scorpion, Shark- with a dull coverstock)
   OVERALL: I rolled a ton of good scores. With this drill pattern and great piece by Roto Grip it matched my game to a tee!
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Roto-Mat on October 12, 2008, 10:46:10 PM
My bowling stats:

PAP: 5.75” Over .25” Up
Average Speed: 18.5 MPH
RPM’s: 400+

Ball(s) Stats:

“Early” Cell
Pin Location: 4” From PAP
Mass Bias Location: 20 Degrees (ends up being past my VAL)
Weight Hole Location: On PAP
Personal Favorite Surface: Gray Or Red Scotch Brite

“Continuous” Cell
(Layed Out Using Roto-Grips “5x3” in their drilling chart)
Weight Hole: On PAP
Personal Favorite Surface Condition: Gray Scotch Brite

“Straight” Cell
Pin Location: 5.5"/Directly Under Bridge
Mass Bias Location: 70 Degrees
Weight Hole: None
Personal Favorite Surface Condition: Highly Polished

“Trick Layout” Cell
Pin Location: 6" from PAP WAY ABOVE Ring Finger
Mass Bias Location: 45 Degrees (Above and Right of Thumb)
Weight Hole: 3.5" Over 1" Up
Personal Favorite Surface Condition: Polished or White Scotch Brite

Conditions I Would Consider Using The Ball On:
Medium/Longer Patterns
Medium/Heavier Volumed Patterns
Clean To Sloppy Backended Patterns
Medium to Higher Volumed House Shots

The Cell was the ball that I have been looking for since the discontinuation of the Epic Battle. Believe it or not, the Cell can cover even more territory than what the Battle did, and I contribute this to the great cover/core combination on the Cell. As long as the cover is prepped properly for the condition, I can’t see any reason why a Cell wouldn’t fit the bill on anything outside the shortest or driest of patterns (and even then, if a person has higher ball speed and tilt the Cell could still fit the bill). Of my 4 Cells, I would categorize them like this:

“Early” Cell:
As the name implies, this ball is very early. Even when I prep the surface with Gray (or even white) scotch brite, this ball burns up energy quicker than nearly any other ball I have ever drilled (which is exactly what I drilled it for BTW). I had fairly good success last year at the Bowlers Journal by switching to this ball and playing straight up the outside with softer speed along with end over end roll.

“Continuous” Cell

This is the first time I’ve drilled a ball with this particular layout, and it surly will not be the last. I would consider this my bench mark ball. For me, this ball has very quick and early revs, but no early burn out as I have seen in other balls. I suppose I could say that it almost has a urethane type of roll on it as it doesn’t really jump off the spot but is very continuous when it reads the end of the pattern.

“Straight” Cell
The name I gave this Cell is a bit deceitful. The reason I named it that is because that is the way this Cell darts through the heads when playing down and in. I love using this ball on house shots where you have to play near the oil line, or on shorter sport patterns where you can play near the gutter. I had great success using this ball last year at the Roto-Grip Challenge at Nationals.

“Trick Layout” Cell

Named for the Tommy Jones layout. I would consider this to be my most versatile and angular Cell ounce for ounce. I am able to use this particular ball on a wider variety of conditions longer than the other Cells. However, unless you have a higher rev rate, I would not recommend this layout.

Conditions that I would not consider using these balls on:
Low Volume Patterns
Extremely Short Patterns

Roto-Grip Balls Up or Down:
Ball Up In Reaction: A stronger Surfaced/Drilled Cell
Ball Down In Reaction: Cell Pearl or Grand Illusion

Thank you for your time in reading this review. I hope that you have found it to be helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Mat Henning
Roto-Grip Staffer
Champions Bowling Services

Mat Henning
Roto-Grip Staffer
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Champions Bowling Services
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Aloarjr810 on October 17, 2008, 07:01:50 PM
Pin Length-4"
Ball Weight-16lbs.
Cytoplasmic Solid Reactive
Pin to PAP 3"
CG to PAP 3 ½"
MB to PAP 6" located in the thumb hole.
5/8 diam.  Weight hole

RH, Medium/Low Rev's, High Track 13 degree's axis tilt, speed 15.5 mph at pins.
PAP is 5 7/8' x 5/8"up
O.O.B. 2000 Abralon, also tried 4000 Abralon, also tried 10,000 grit polish,also tried 500 Abralon, also 400 & 800 grit wet/dry and gray scotchbrite.
Brunswick Pro Anvil lanes the pattern is a medium total length about 41' including the buffed area.
Too start with after trying several finishes on the coverstock, I found the Cell was very smooth and predictable no matter which surface was used.
The strength of this ball depends on the the amount of rev's applied to it. I found that with lower rev's you need more surface to handle the oil better. ( this goes with what was said in BTM's  Jan.08 issue about the ball.)
On the fresh pattern  as I shined the ball, it would increase the length it got ,thus wouldn't read the dry early enough for me. Which forced me right with it, while I could hit the pocket with it. The carry wasn't there, there was a lot of corner pins/light hits.
The place where the shined up ball worked best was on a dry lane. Shined up with the 10,000 grit polish, the ball was fantastic. The ball was consistent and had amazing hitting power.
On the fresh/oilier pattern I found the duller surface worked better for me. It would read the dry better, while still getting good length. The ball produced a strong driving roll, which carried the pins well keeping them low.
I would say if you have lower rev's. If you want to use the ball on fresh or oilier shots it needs have more surface, then put away as the shot goes. If you want it for the drier times then shine it and wait before you pull it out of the bag.

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: tapout18 on October 18, 2008, 02:56:06 PM
This ball is simply amazing my first night with it i shoot 737 i was the only person to have it in our league after it was released we only had 10 teams on not a typical house shot but everyone had a hard time getting a solid reaction out of the ball but me. the ball revved up fast with a smooth transition i have never had this much confidence in the recovery of a ball it was great. I got a 4 inch pin drilled to go long with the pin placed about 1.5 inches over my ring finger. Needless to say the next week my dad had a cell the guy i was bowling had a cell and so did about 7 other people this ball is amazing and the results are the proof my dad ran his high game of 289 with his just weeks after getting it while raising his average 12 pins on the last half of the season. If your looking for a solid ball reacton and a good read of the lanes this is the ball for you. Thanks Roto Grip for creating such great products!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: ocbowler on October 30, 2008, 01:48:11 AM

Right handed stroker 14 lb. ball with 2 in. pin 15 mph est. 200 rpm

pin just below ring finger about 3.5 in. from pap

Reporting after 30 games:

I am just a good but not great league bowler and definitely not a pro, lol! I have left the surface stock and let me tell you on nights I could use this ball it's almost impossible to misss the pocket. If I missed left( up to 2-1/2 boards) it would hit the dry and angle back. If I missed left( up to 1-1/2 boards) it would hold the line longer and gently arc in the pocket. I understand all reactive balls can "read" the oil pattern but this ball does it so magnificently it seems to have "eyes"!

Don't get me wrong I am not saying this is "magic" ball and there is no such thing. Nothing will overcome major operator errors. About 3 times it went Brooklyn because I did not clean the oil trace in the thumb hole and dropped it. A few times I hung on to it a little too long causing it to kind of over-react and went through the nose. Otherwise with a clean release it would never over-react.

On games I could not use it( too dry) my average's about 185. On games I could use it I averaged almost 220! Lucky for me it's pretty versatile and I've been able to use it quite often. I just have to find the right line to roll it. On heavy oil I would stand in the middle and target between the 1st. and 2nd. arrow. On medium I would move left about 4-5 boards and target the 2nd. arrow. Nothing deeper than between the 2nd. and 3rd. arrow.

For the drilling and the line I play it favors lighter hits and most really light hits would carry for a strike. It's really exciting to see all kind of rolling and spinning messengers on the left side tripping pin after pin until none's left standing! High hits would sometimes leave a 4 or 4/7 or even 4/9 splits. With a heavier ball it'll probably leave less 4's and 4/7's.

The coverstock appears to be quite durable too. It does not get scratched easily and does not appear to be so dull that it would absorb oil fast. I clean it every 3 games and After 30 games on newer synthetic lanes there's no loss in reaction. It also has not worn a ball track yet just some duller "traces" in the area.

In my opinion, this is not a "true" heavy oil ball but more versatile. I also believe that it benefits "strokers" much more than crankers. Anyway, if there's a "Hall of fame" for bowling balls it definitely belongs there! AMAZING!

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: gteraka on October 30, 2008, 04:27:51 PM
Right handed bowler using a 16 lb cell

pin just below  the finger bridge about 5 in. from pap
------ x(CG)


When I first used this ball about a year ago, it was fantastic. I cashed in just about every tournament and my average was way up. I thought to myself, this is cheating using a ball like this!!  Well, after a while the cell lost its bite and I quit using it for awhile. I called Roto grip and they told me how to revive the ball. So I got out the bucket and Dawn foam and cleaned the ball real good, then I went and abralon padded it back to its original box finish.

After that the ball was back to its old self. I have 2 cells, one drilled rico pattern and the other as mentioned above. I am going to buy another one this Christmas, maybe a cell pearl.

Great job Roto Grip!  

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: erikspice on November 21, 2008, 01:35:05 PM
I've posted reviews on here before but hesitate to post until the ball has 100 plus games on it.  I'm here to say that this is the best ball I've owned so far.  This is truly the ball for wide variety of players.  This game has brought my game to a new level.  I've said the same thing when I bought my total NV but that ball seemed to die on me, even with proper care.  The Cell is an absolute monster.  It hits and carries just about everything.  I don't think anyone is going to come out with a ball close to this one.  Keep in mind that this ball requires TLC after every 30 games or so otherwise it wont give you the same reaction.  10 out of 10
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: mcgoo32 on November 21, 2008, 06:06:20 PM
I have been using the Cell for at least 7 months now. It is my first ball out of the bag. I am in a winter league and I carry a 163 avg. and have gotten several 200+ games with the Cell. I find the Cell to be the best ball out there right now. I find the ball keep hitting the pocket the same as it did right out of the box. After the length of time i have owned the Cell i find that it takes some up keep. When u up keep the ball like it is meant to be keep up u can see a big difference in how the ball reacts. From time to time u need to get the oil out of the ball and that will help bring back the reaction along with the every day cleaning. I don't believe that this ball is going anywere for a long time. If they had a bowling ball hall a fame. I think that the cell would make it in to it with top honors. Don't hesitate to pick up a Cell today. U will see how much ur game will change. If u don't u will regret it for a long time.  Roto-Grip is king of them all.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: tomcat on November 22, 2008, 04:16:00 PM
LOVE THE BALL, own the Cell Pearl also. VERY VERY forgiving ball. Hats off to the weight block design and cover stock.

My Advise, If you are trying to decide between the cell or cell pearl, pick the original Cell unless you are used to throwing long arching ball motion.  If you don't work allot of boards...The original cell will be easier to control and read your hand motion, more flexible over more differing styles. You won't regret it, and have more fun.

I have bowl 40 league games with it, high of 299. Very easy and predictable arching motion that does not over read the the dry areas. Great inside line ball, for me Right/Tweener/med rev, Synthetic lanes, I play range of boards 22-16 out to 10-7 at break point, it grabs goes and never stops...the continuous non-defecting motion limits the 10 pins.  You will find once it hits the buffed area, it does everything they say it does, gradual arching, BOOM. I have thrown hammer balls for years but once I saw the pin action and how the cell balls finish on the decks. Call me crazy, but Cell's have their own unique pin action. It is hard to explain, like a mixing snowplow!!! The pins don't fly up, they stay low. My Hammer equipment hits hard and clears the deck but the pins would fly up and would leave 10 pins, the Cells I have notice more 7 and 4's if I miss...rarely 10's.  I feel for me easily has added 20 pins to my average. Last year, I was usually a 198-210 average, now 215-225.  640-700 series are common.  High so far this year 299/806. Not hard to figure out why the Cell is the number one ball, well worth it the investment. Great compliment to my cell pearl.  I noticed now that if the cell starts to jump early or not make the corner, just grab the cell pearl and throw the same general line area.  The biggest down fall of the ball is my teammates expect me to strike on every ball I throw...ARG!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: sunnydae2008 on December 18, 2008, 01:43:33 PM
Well, I'm sorry to say this is my first review of a bowling ball.  Sorry because I think one of the most hyped balls of all time(the Cell), is a piece of crap.  I only rolled one high deuce(254)with this ball and I haven't climbed into that realm since.  In fact, the ball doesn't even move like the video ball reviews claim it to move.  I swing the ball out, guess what, it ain't coming back.  I tighten up the line and it runs into the head pin.  I try to make minor adjustments with my footwork and the ball won't even make it to the headpin.  It either moves too much, or not enough.  I'm going to get it plugged and redrilled.  Perhaps that'll help.  Then again, perhaps not.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Old Villager on December 19, 2008, 01:04:34 PM
This ball has been the answer to my bowling prayers. I have been a low 200 avg bowler for about 15 years and this year I have only been in the mid 180's with a Lane Masters Black Pearl Particle and Lane Masters Sure Strike, both 14 lbs. I have been ready to quit because I thought my better days were behind me. I just bought a USED 15 lb Cell and only had the thumb redone. Shot 677 for first 3 games with 7 & 8 strikes in a row. As you can tell I missed most of the spares as I was not used to the ball reaction yet. But I was able to shoot 3rd arrow when I never could before because of speed and lack of hand. This ball carried everything near the pocket. Only left 2 10 pins for the 3 games, which I usually leave a lot of 10's. The ball is drilled to the #1 layout and NOT to my PAP and it does exactly what the layout states, a continuos  gentle arc hook. Thanks Roto Grip, you have renewed my passion for bowling.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: mike1127 on December 31, 2008, 08:04:52 PM
This is my 1st. review on BR. I'm a power stroker who usually plays straight up the boards, around first arrow. my ball speed is 17-17.5 mph by Qubica. Medium revs and medium axis tilt. My cell is set up with the pin on grip center, about 1" above the fingers, with the mass bias at about 2" right of my thumb hole. Pin, CG, and Mass Bias are in line. No extra hole. Many people have said it, and I have to also, WOW!!! This ball is awesome. I got it on 12/06 and was pleased with the results, shooting a 722 (Blue Valley Lanes, Wind Gap, PA). The ball gave me what i was looking for, some length with a strong aggressive backend. The next week (12/13)i shoot 754 (same lanes), and I'm getting happier. then on 12/20 i shoot my first 300 game and an 815 series with my Cell. Then to keep things going, i shoot another 300 game and an 802 series the follwing week (12/27). This ball is getting better as the track starts to settle in, and I couldn't be happier. This ball is everything all you good folks said it was and more. It's strong move to the pocket, and continuation through the pins is amazing. Thanks Roto Grip. Can't wait to get the Cell Pearl for another set of lanes I bowl on!!!
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Post by: StrikeXXMaster on January 04, 2009, 01:55:52 PM
Drilling 5x3 I LOVE IT.I threw my CELL on an inside line sliding at 25 to 15 at the arrows to about 8 at the breakpoint for the first two games. First game was 202, second game was 193 last game was a 191 Ball Finish 1000 Abralon
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Post by: keeones23 on January 07, 2009, 02:23:58 AM
Right Handed
15-17 mph
300-325 rev rate
High track

15lb 2.5 pin
Drilling 5x3

Arrow 3rd

Honestly what is there left to say about the Cell? It didn't win ball of the year for nothing.

This was my first Roto purchase. I'm thoroughly pleased with this ball. The overall ball motion is exactly what I was looking for in an oiler. At first I was nervous because of how much it flared, and how much oil it picked up. The ball is a sponge but at the same time it hasn't lost any of the power at the pins.

Ball Motion- The Cell is clean through the heads not great but good, very good in the midlane, and great on the backend.
Hit and mix is second to none, and the continuation through the deck drops jaws. I can usually get through just about two games before making a ball change.

I love this ball and i'd give it a perfect 10/10

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: bluefrog2 on January 10, 2009, 05:07:10 PM
Bought this ball on recommenations from a couple pro's in the shop.  They said the ball "just strkes".  Sure glad I took their advice.  Never had a Roto Grip ball before.  I hit the jackpot!!  I don't know how to drill the ball, just let the pro's do it.  I had it drilled to hook as soon as it hits the lane.  It does not overhook and leave me splits.  I either hit em' light and carry messenger strikes or crush the pocket. I'm a tweener.  I already have a 299 game with it (got too nervous on the last ball) and just got a 300 with it last month.  Extremely pleased with this ball, one of the best around !
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: jfbwazzup7200 on January 11, 2009, 11:55:15 PM
This is just the right ball for pretty much anyone and everyone bowling today.  While, my normal shot is right-handed, somewhat slow, with a relatively low rev-rate, this ball can do it all!  Out of the box, with the pin drilled just under the ring finger, I went right to the PBA Chameleon pattern and threw the ball straight up the 7-board (about 4-5 boards outside the line I normally play with my Total Inferno).  The ball read the lane perfectly and hit like no other ball I have ever seen.  I also tried swinging the ball from the left side out to about the 5 board on a relatively fresh house pattern and the ball still read the lanes early while still kept enough power to explode the pocket.  Believe me, if you are looking for a heavy-oil bowling ball that will react strong and push through the pocket like a wrecking ball, this is the ball for you!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: strikecing on January 18, 2009, 11:36:26 AM
EEEEEWWWWWWWWW Baby does this ball hook.  Got mine used and redrilled with pin up above the ring finger.

Evn with this ball with a length drilling it still picks up earlier than most anything I have ever had.  real want to get another one and drill pin down and a pearl.  This ball picks up in the mid and makes a strong arch and it keeps the pins low and moving. Great Ball by Roto Grip!!
high score: 300 (1/10/07 Tropical Storm)
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Post by: jwhaleyii on January 21, 2009, 04:32:51 AM
My Cell is 1000 abralon finish and is drilled 50x30x4 1/2

 I bought this ball for something that i could use for medium heavy oil. It has been an ok ball, bought it about 5 months ago. I like it ok but i'm not impressed with it, still trying to work with it. It has been higher maintenance than i'm use to and how everyone is so impressed with the ones they have i didn't get that with mine. I have went up to 4000 abralon down to 800 with this ball and it is just not working out if anyone has any advice about it i would appreciate it. My cell pearl out hooks it by 5 boards on every lane condition. I don't understand. It doesn't hit all that hard either. When it is on its way back to the pocket it just quits. One would think that it is burning up so i took it to 4000 abralon and then it just slides and never gets in too a roll. In my opinion the cell pearl is five times a better ball.
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: gianf33 on January 23, 2009, 10:00:41 AM
My name is Giancarlos Marrero. I am a sophomore and I'm part of the Monmouth University Bowling Team. Roto Grip came to us this year for deals on equipment. I did not know what to expect because I have never used Roto Grip before.

My friends recommended I try out the Cell. The first game I practiced with it was with my team on the Scorpion pattern. I shot a 248 and I'm just a stroker. I never had a ball that I could hit 11 at the arrows and 6 as a breakpoint on a fresh Scorpion pattern! Last year after all the tournaments we did I averaged 185 overall. So far this year with the Cell in my arsenal I am averaging 195 overall. I have already shot a 300 in a tournament in Delaware last month.

The first college event that I used was on a pattern from 2005 that nobody knew how to play ahead of time. All the power players were playing right of third arrow and they were all struggling. As a stroker, I found my best line to be left of the fourth arrow as a mark and the ten board area as a breakpoint. I managed to average 197 that day. Even though I'm a stroker, I've found times to play left of fourth arrow before but never on a fresh college pattern. The Cell allowed to play a line all day that the crankers were not even trying.

If you want to take take your game to the next level, I recommend purchasing the Roto Grip Cell!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: jfbwazzup7200 on February 12, 2009, 12:47:48 AM
This is a follow-up review on the first one I posted on this ball.  Before I forget, I bowl in colligate leagues and tournaments for Monmouth University and had yet to try a Roto-Grip bowling ball until this season.  Our team became sponsored by them this year and we all got some equipment, so I figure why not give it a shot?  The way I see it, there are a few different types of bowling balls:  the ones that just don't work for you, the ones that are amazing but die out after a couple hundred games no matter how much you clean it, and the one's that seem to never want to quit.  I've had this bowling ball for about 5 months now and it's the first ball that comes out of my bag for any sport bowling pattern.  After about 350 games, it still reads the lanes early while still saving energy for unbelievable power in the pocket.  The most amazing thing about the ball, however, is not only its durability, but its versatility as well.  4 of the 7 bowlers on the team got a Cell and drilled it to fit their style of bowling (one cranker, two tweeners including myself, and a full-roller).  No matter what type of bowler you are, this ball will work for you, hands down.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: HenTz on February 12, 2009, 04:06:43 PM
I bowl for the monmouth university bowling team. Every one of us are currently using a roto grip bowling ball. From my observations, no one has any problems or dislikes with this ball. It is one of the best balls i have ever used. It hits hard and puts up big scores. I look forward to seeing what else roto grip comes out with. I'll be the first one in line to buy it! I enjoy using this ball. It works on all oil conditions. It hooks a crazy amount. It has only made my game better. I reccomment this ball to any type of bowler. It can only make you better.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: bennett300 on February 22, 2009, 03:23:32 PM

Just recently started using my brothers cell and I love it. This ball is great in medium to heavy oil. It gets into a nice roll then strikes. It is not a good swinging ball from what I have seen, but if you can throw it from like 18 out to 12 it was perfect. I shot a few 700s with it the first few times out then an 870! 290 300 280. This ball hits like a tank on synthetic. I have medium to high revs and throw the ball around 17.5 mph.

Thanks roto grip
No bowlers are created equal.  We all have our our talents.  It just depends on how u use them.

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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: tabasco77 on February 24, 2009, 07:14:39 PM
I have bowled with this ball for about a year now.  Bowl about 6-9 games a week with it.  I am amazed how well the ball has held up all this time.  I regularly clean this ball with rubbing alcohol.  Just today I practiced 6 games with it and got 1246.  On league nights I just try to throw it between the 1st and 2nd arrow and let the ball do the work.  My grandfather got this ball first and shocked me on how well it curved so I had to go out and get one!  I was using a columbia wow before this and it just died.  I'm averaging probably in the upper 190s with this ball.  The pin and cg are between the fingers and thumb.  I highly recommend this ball to all who ask me about it.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: kruzicka on February 24, 2009, 10:53:37 PM
My Cell is laid out with a 4”x 4” mass bias layout.   I have the most success with the Cell on longer and heavier patterns.  The ball starts rolling early and is very controllable down lane on harder conditions.  Bowling on a normal house shot the ball starts up too early for me and makes it hard to control.  

When the lanes are tighter, this is the ball I choose.  I would recommend this ball to anyone that needs more hook on heavier conditions.¤t=DSCN12270017.jpg
Kristen Ruzicka
University of Nebraska Omaha
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Title: Re: Cell
Post by: taylorgerard on February 24, 2009, 11:12:03 PM
I received my Cell through the RotoGrip Collegiate Program.  It is drilled with a 4 ½” by 2”pin to PAP.
I first used my Cell on the house pattern at our home center, which is dry on the outsides and heavy in the middle.  I have also thrown it on heavy long patterns such as the PBA Scorpion Pattern.  The Cell gave me a good reaction on these patterns which had good control in the middle of the lane.
The Cell is my favorite ball to use on longer, heavier patterns, similar to my Grand Illusion.  It’s very aggressive in the middle of the lane and has good reaction on the backend.  It also has good pin reaction.
I would definitely recommend this RotoGrip ball for oily conditions.

Taylor Gerard
University of Nebraska Omaha
RotoGrip Collegiate Program
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: wsubowler768 on February 25, 2009, 02:45:17 PM
Recently I got a cell drilled with a 4'' pin and mb on my val.  I was looking for a heavy oil ball and I think i finally found it.  This layout works wonders.  Normally on heavy oil patterns I have to play straight due to my ball speed. But with this ball for the first time I was able to follow the pattern inside as the lanes started to break down.  The ball blended the pattern well and never got too jumpy on me.  I would recommend this ball to those who are looking for a heavy oil ball that hits the pins like a Kenworth truck and a very predictable strong reaction.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: rlm on February 28, 2009, 06:21:20 PM
Just got my Cell drilled with the full-roller layout and it is ripping up the lanes.  I am surprised at how much I can control the break just by ball speed.  After considerable experimentation with my mark between the first, second, and third arrow - it looks like the third arrow is the best for me.  I don't have to throw as hard and it is a more relaxed shot.  I am stringing strikes now like I never have before.  If I can get a piece of the headpin, pins are flying.  I would not try to make a ten pin with this ball.  It only flipped of me one time when I tried to power over a dry spot.  It worked even better for me after the oil carried down.  What a great ball.  Roto Grip forever.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: splitcity on March 10, 2009, 11:59:44 PM
well i know im in the minority here but this ball isnt what i wanted or expected. it either skids too long or gets to jumpy. it is SO speed sensitive! it just seems like i have to wait forever for it to turn, and the carry even when i blitz the pocket is suspect at best. this ball is not for me! i wouldnt recommend this ball to anyone who throws fast or hard, because you will be waiting a while, although im sure its just a bad combination and it would work fine for the right bowler. just count me out. 4/10
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Proposition on March 31, 2009, 12:51:40 AM
I first got this ball maybe 2 months ago. To this day I have only had one 250+ game with this ball. Now maybe I need help or maybe its me. I had it drilled to be aggressive on the lanes, but with a fresh lane of oil it will not move. Maybe it's not the ball to use on synthetic lanes. I also found out that because of the coverstock used on this ball you have to clean it every 6-9 games. So if there is someone who can tell me different I wouldn't recommend this ball to no one who has synthetic lanes in there local bowling center. I will update once i have had the ball resurfaced to see if that brings it back to life.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: nd300 on April 02, 2009, 01:49:04 PM
Ball weight:16 lbs
Pin---3 inches
Top weight:2 3/4 oz
Surface:I tried it at several different Abralon grits,and settled on 800 as a heavier oiler/carrydown ball.
Drillingin under ring with the Cg kicked out 45*.
Weight hole:Yes,in the positive thumb quadrant
Lanes:Brunswick Pro Anvil
Oil pattern:THS with carrydown is usually when this ball comes out of the bag. Lately,with warmer weather and a cleaning of the wicks on the oil machine,the pattern has been flatter.
 Likes: At this surface, I get immediate reaction with a good consistent arc into the pocket area. Tossed right,it does recover fairly well. Coming in behind the head pin light does result in 7 pins. The ball also flares like mad---almost 8 inches--no BS here. I do have to play fairly deep with the ball with this drilling and surface choice,but this choice also wasn't meant for a straight shot.
 Ball maintenance is a MUST with this ball. I noticed that after just three games,it picks up a good amount of oil. Normal maintenance for me is rubbing alcohol after every three games ,with an oil bath of hot water and Dawn about every 6-8 weeks,so it simply makes me pay attention to this.
 Dislikes:None to this point. I do have 100 games plus on this ball which is why I waited to post a review.
 A definite ball for a heavy oil/carrydown spot in just about anyone's bag,with appropriate drilling and surface adjustments based on usual specsPAP,rev rate,ball speed,line played,etc,etc.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: rotogripbowler4life on May 18, 2009, 05:00:53 PM
This ball was a monster when i got it, loved it but it has definitely died, had the pro shop try everything to bring it back to life, rejuvy, hook again, even had some people comment and say he did not prepare the surface properly, so i had him do it again just to make sure. Nothing saved it which is a shame cause it was great!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: BowlProJr on June 14, 2009, 11:27:55 AM
There is a reason the Roto Grip Cell was ball of the year last season and this past season the Cell and Cell Pearl were two of the hottest balls around.

The Cell is one of the most versatile balls currently on the market.  Versatile in both to the driller for matching it to most style of bowlers and also to the bowler for surface adjustments to match lane conditions.

It is recommended to seek out a professional pro shop operator who truly understands the modern cores and coverstocks, not just the older ones.  There is hardly any bowler who should not benefit from having this ball in their arsenal.

To clear up some other misconceptions about this ball.  Anyone who thinks they will get a violent reaction (snap) out of this ball is greatly mistaken.  This ball is designed to be smooth, it is designed to read the mid-lane, it is also designed to roll.  If you want a more violent snap then you are looking for the Cell Pearl, if you are seeking not so much a violent snap but a very agressive movement, then you are seeking the Rogue Cell.  But the cell is the one of the bunch which smoothes out the reaction point for control and consistency.  Don't mistake me, the Cell is capable of making a strong movement, but is not by design going to make a violent one.

Ball maintenance is always key, with every ball, no matter what one might think.  Most of the ball companies are currently designing their modern bowling balls to absorb oil and an extremely higher rate than any ball of the past ever did.  They do this to give us more performance like we've asked for.  But also because it is good business for them.  If they can reduce the life span of their bowling balls and still give you performance, then they expect you to buy a new one to replace it, increasing their sales.  I say instead of replacing balls you like every 3 months, take your ball maintenance practice to the extreme.  Always use a microfiber towel while you bowl to wipe the oil from your ball after every shot made, this is by far the best thing you can possibly do to extend the life span of your ball, it will also help keep a more consistent reaction as the lanes break down.  Then immediatlely following your bowling session, use a good and USBC approved ball cleaner (one that does not alter the surface) to clean your bowling balls, before you pack up and go home!  I recommend "Rip's Motion Potion".  This is the second best thing you could do for your ball.  And finally, every once in awhile you will need to have the surface of your ball reset to the finish of your preference.

Remember that this ball maintenance plan is not just for the Cell, but for all bowling balls.  This is very important.

A balls performance once it has been lost can be mostly restored, never fully restored, but close to it.  If performed properly, a hot water bath combined with a light resurfacing, emphasis on "light", is very effective at restoring ball performance.  I like to call it "rejuvinating the surface".

Now that i've cleared all that up, I will say the Cell is currently one of the best balls on the market, I strongly recommend it for almost any bowler, a rare few exceptions.  It will be a great asset for Heavy to Medium oil conditions depending on the bowler's style and skill set.  It can be successful on Light oil if it is a fresh shot, but probably will not get more than a game, maybe two of peformance with ease before you will be battleing with it.

For your bowling success,

Title: Re: Cell
Post by: neverbackdown_x7x on July 12, 2009, 10:09:24 PM
Layout of Cell:

Bowler's Spec:
5 1/4" PAP
15-16 mph
Medium rev rate
Right Handed

The Cell basically has a stacked layout on it to give a strong early arc on the lanes. I had alot of success in the past with the Epic quest and really wanted to try another Roto ball. But once I got the Cell after reading all the hype about it I wasn't entirely impressed with the Cell. In some ways I was more disappointed.

Majority of the conditions I've tried it on has been a THS and I found it having a better ball motion playing down and in with it at 1000 abralon dull. Playing straight up the 10 board it gave me a very strong arc and pin carry was decent at times. Sometimes I would hit it dead in the pocket and leave the 7-10 split or even the 8 pin standing. If I move to the left and play it 15-18 board to about the 7-5 board at breakpoint I get alot of inconsistent reaction and most of the time it would come up short right of the pocket rather than burning out.

The only real benefit that I got from this ball was playing it on a 42ft heavy oil pattern. Keeping it dull at 1000 the Cell can handle the longer pattern with a slower ball speed and keeping the breakpoint close to the pocket. For some reason the carry is better on this condition than playing it on a 38'-40'.

How do I rate this ball: 5/10
I may be one of the few bowlers that was disappointed with the Cell but it's not bad for the longer patterns but it just didn't meet my expectations overall. It is a few feet sooner than my NVD with a smoother backend reaction but the carry on the pins were so-so. Maybe in the future, I might have better luck with another Roto ball.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: CHawk15 on October 30, 2009, 05:10:53 PM
Roto Grip Cell

Pin/CG Distance - 3"
Topweight - don't know
Layout: 4x4 stacked


Midlane Read with strong predictable backend.


This ball was starting to grow on me before it cracked in half.  I was using it in practice to get a feel for it because the ball reaction was a little different and took a little getting used to.  Unfortunately, it spent a little too much time in my bedroom with the switch grip out being placed too close to the fan and it cracked.  So I'll talk about the ball reaction I had with it before that happened.  

This ball was very strong in the midlane and very continous through the backend.  As long as there was enough oil to get the ball through the front 20-25 feet of the lane, this ball would read the midlane and continue through the backend and kept the pins low that created some very good carry, even on the off hits.  I can see why alot of pros were using this ball when it first came out.  The one thing that has been talked about is how much of a sponge this ball is, well unfortunately I can't confirm or deny this because of how this ball met it's end.  

The other thing about this ball that struck me is that even with a stacked layout, I was able to play outside, track and inside angles with this ball which is rare for me.  Usually I have trouble with the breakpoint getting erratic when I'm going around the side of the ball more trying to cover territory, but not with this one.  I remember a practice session on a Sunday night in a bowling center that has some serious friction outside.  So I tried to used the Cell playing a deeper inside angle using a breakpoint a little further inside.  I was easily playing 20(arrows)-7(bp) with no loss in carry or trouble with the ball rolling out.  

In closing, I think this ball would've been best suited for tighter league shots or the Scorpion and Shark PBA Experience patterns where a little more control off of the friction is needed.  This isn't a ball that's going to create a skid/flip reaction, but has perhaps the best continuation of any ball I've ever seen.  I do believe this ball is a sponge and is a ball that requires regular maintenance in order to work properly.  I just wish I would've had a little more time to throw it on some different conditions.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: Genorok on November 04, 2009, 09:44:27 AM
I'm a tweener, don't have my specs on me at the moment. I have the pin up, and a weight hole about 4 inches away from the pin to level out the hook. Before having that hole punched in it, the ball had a bad angle and left many tens and fours.

For the most part I enjoy this ball, it is fairly reliable and very reactive. I don't like that it doesn't show much of a lane transition when I use it. It just shows 5-7 pocket shots in a row then it jumps an extra 5 boards without showing any 9s or 4s or 7s from a higher hit or sharper angle first

I have found that it works great for the first game or two on most of the kegel patterns. On the middle road pattern this ball gives about 3 boards of room and hits like a truck on every shot.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: logan87 on January 06, 2010, 08:15:06 PM
Great Ball for Oil.  I drilled my cell with a dual angle drilling of 45x35.   I haven't had an opportunity to throw it a lot because i drilled it for the maximum oil.   With 500 abralon on it's cover, the ball will react no matter how much oil is out there.  It continues to roll through the pins and has not rolled out yet.   Bowling for wright state, this ball has been great for the longer sports patterns we face.  

I recommend this ball to anyone who's looking for a new weapon at the highest point of their arsenal.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: xxdeuceswild87xx on January 07, 2010, 01:11:58 PM
I'm a Wright State University bowler and I have had he opportunity to throw this ball.  The Cell is a versatileball tht can be used on many different conditions. Adding this piece equipment to your arsenal is never a bad choice.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: skevr on March 01, 2010, 01:02:21 PM
Great Ball!!! Had one sitting in the garage so I polished it up and went on to toss my first 300 game!!!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: bobo1 on March 11, 2010, 11:21:32 PM
The Cell is an excellent oiler. Early hook, strong in the middle, and roll
on the pin deck. excellent carry. The cover is exceptionally strong. Therefore it is overly surface sensitive. To much surface  is a killer, and it will roll out. As with many balls of this kind less is more. Both with drilling, and surface. I still regularly use this ball in oil.
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: BeastModeBowler on September 23, 2010, 09:34:52 PM
I absolutely Love this ball. It's my go to ball for oily lanes because it's so aggressive and it hits amazingly!! I can use it to go up 5 and roll back up or go more inside and anything in between (depending on the lane conditions). Either way it's outstanding!
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: DirtyD on January 29, 2011, 01:46:33 AM
LANE CONDITION: First impression originated on 38 ft. modified house shot.

pap 5 1/2" by 3/8" up  325 rpm      4" by 4" 1 3/4" pin buffer.       


Just drilled it up for a heavy oil tournament ball and tried it out on the pattern listed above just to get a feel for what it would do. Blue collar bowler with a mindframe for what I am looking for with respect for what I bought it for.
I wanted nothing but a ball to turn to when the "oh $h%t!" thought came to mind right after the first ball you throw in practice skids too far and gives the worst angle towards the pocket you could ever immagine having. What I ended up with based on my style and expectations is a ball that can be used for its directed intentions which is a predictable,no doubts, late midlane read in heavey oil with cutting edge pin carry. I got just that and even though it flares and is drilled too much for the pattern I tried it out on, I felt that the personality I expected the ball to behave with is exactly what I spent the cash and drilled it for. I've thrown hundreds of medium heavy balls throughout my career but this one is a no brainer when it comes to a hard to handle tournament shot. Just throw it it like we all know how,let the ball do the work,and it will, predictably and assertively. The Cell is on our side. Perfect match between core,cover,and predictability.All new products these days come equipped with words to hype  and sell like their the next best thing since duct tape but at the end of the tournament AND PROPER LANE CONDITION MATCHUPS, results are the only thing that counts.When you're like me,strapped for cash in a crazy economy,yet still driven to be competitive in the bowling game,the Cell is something any lover of the sport could never go wrong with. If you throw a good shot, the ball will not feed you any bullcrap with overall lane read, if your shot is off, admit its you, make a better shot next frame, and be happy you got a ball that rewards you for your efforts. Well worth the $100.00 I spent to get it. 











" The heart, Ramone, shoot for the heart, its the only way you're gonna stop me" - Clint Eastwood
Title: Re: Cell
Post by: tonykcgee on March 05, 2011, 04:24:42 AM
Ever owned a hermit crab, I had one...the Cell is like a hermit crab.  If you ever had a hermit crab you will know what I am talking about
....hermit...crab...just like the Cell