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Epic Quest
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »

Coverstock: Ultimate Vision Solid Particle
Weight Block:Maximus
Ball Color:Purple / Navy / Forest All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
Ball Finish:1000 Abralon
Hook Potential: 7 +(Medium-High) on a scale of 1-10 Low-High
RG Differential: 0.050 (High Flare) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
RG Average: 2.52 (Medium-Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
Recommended Lane Conditions: Medium-Heavy Oil
Description: Roto Grip introduces A Brand New wonder into the world, The Epic Quest.â„¢ Continuing the legacy of power, the Questâ„¢ utilizes the Maximusâ„¢ Core - one of the strongest medium/low RG asymmetrical shapes since 2005. Endowed with our Ultimate Visionâ„¢ Coverstock for supreme grip and consistent performance through medium to high volume oil patterns, we feel confident in saying; "Your search has finally ended!"



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Re: Epic Quest
« Reply #16 on: January 08, 2009, 02:38:44 AM »
bought a Epic quest few weeks ago at clearance price
drilled it pin over ring finger about an inch higher
cg mid palm kicked out right and drilled thumb hold where RG is

this ball really shocked me because i was hoping for an aggresive ball with a lot of continuation through the pins.
what i got was a semi aggresive ball with great recovery and hold that i don't have to fire down the lane
i can just be easy and let the ball do the work which is really nice

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Re: Epic Quest
« Reply #17 on: January 27, 2010, 01:43:03 PM »
Got this ball as an after-thought. I was in the shop to pick up a Nomad Pearl, and saw this just sitting on the shelf, with dust all over the box! 14lber.

Drilled this ball with my favorite Tommy Jones drilling. Pin very high, about 2.5",angled just right of the ring  finger hole and about 5" from my PAP. Cg in my palm, and RG just above my thumbhole.

Didn't really know what to expect from this ball. I have a Battle, but it got brittle and fell apart.

With this drilling, ball has a lot of length,but it still revs so hard, it comes back from anywhwere! Smooth as silk!(typical RotoGrip reaction)

Right now I am thoroughly enjoying throwing my Nomad Solid on medium-hvy to mediums, and then breaking out this bad boy, which just ignores carrydown!
Shot 697 recently on LIGHT OIL! Go figure!

Great revving ball! Very continuous through the pocket. I am in love with Roto again! Keep up the good work. Another well-kept secret!
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