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Dare Devil
« on: December 09, 2016, 05:36:27 PM »
Take a chance, be a Dare Devil! The Roto Grip Dare Devil bowling ball introduces the Madcap core which is an ultra-low RG symmetrical core. This core is wrapped by the Amped Pearl coverstock and finished with a 1500 grit polish which offers great downlane action with awesome response to backend friction and perfect entry angle. This ball was designed to handle medium oil conditions.

Color: Teal/White/Black
Core: Madcap
Coverstock: Amped Pearl
Finish: 1500-Grit Polished
RG: 2.48 (for 15# ball)
Differential: 0.041 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil


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Re: Dare Devil
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Type (THS,

Dare Devil

What a great release in the HP3 line. This is going to be my favorite ball ever....I have thrown this ball on just about all patterns. I have put more polish on it for dryer patterns and have dulled it down on some heavier patterns. On the dryer patterns, I never had any problem getting the Dare Devil down the lane, and with the backend that this ball has the amount of miss room I had was ridiculous. This will be my American Express Card, never leave home without a Dare Devil or three in my bag. For me I feel that this ball and I can pretty much match up to most any lane condition. The ease the Dare Devil gets down the lane, the read in the mid lane and the strong continuation through the pins are absolutely awesome. Can't wait until the solid Dare Devil Trick comes out. This one-two Punch is sure to knock out the competition. Excellent job Roto Grip.





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Re: Dare Devil
« Reply #17 on: February 23, 2017, 08:08:06 AM »
The Dare Devil is the latest pearl covered bowling ball released in the HP3 line from Roto Grip. THe Dare Devil has a new core shape called Madcap core which produces an RG of 2.48 and a differential of 0.041 in 15 lb balls. The Amped cover with a Teal/white/black color combination looks great sitting on the ball rack, and rolling through the pocket!

I drilled my Dare Devil using a 4 ¾ x 5 ¼ x 2 ½  layout during the PBA Fall swing in Las Vegas. The first I used it was for the team challenge event, playing outside going up about 7-8 on a 42 foot pattern that played somewhat tight. The Dare Devil rolled excellent  and gave me an unprecedented strike percentage when I made great quality shots, enough so, that fellow teammate Liz Kuhlkin commented “ I think you’ve struck every time you’ve thrown that ball!” Truth be told, if I could’ve executed slightly better that day, I would’ve definitely been able to help my team out more, and push us up higher in the standings as I could not of had any better ball reaction. I have since used my Dare Devil on a variety of different patterns from high scoring to low scoring. The Dare Devil is a ball that I can play out when they are tighter, and chase in as the pattern breaks down. The Dare Devil was also a key factor in winning a doubles tournament with my good buddy Jeremy Gilbert. The best way I can describe my Dare Devil is it is the best combination of an Optimus and Marvel Pearl. The Dare Devil is clean and easy through the heads just like my Optimus, but has the rounded off slightly smoother and continuous down-lane motion like the Marvel Pearl. Comparing the Dare Devil to the Deranged, the Dare Devil reads the lane a little earlier and also has a touch more continuation, compared to the hook set motion of my pin over ring Deranged.

The Dare Devil not only rolls great, but looks great as well. I am always honest with my reviews, and if I have a better ball already in the bag, I will be honest and say it. With that said, it also goes for when I really like a ball, I’m being honest about it. The Dare Devil is a really great ball for me, and I believe it will be a great ball for many of you. Thank you for reading my review of the Roto Grip Dare Devil. Own It!
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Daredevil by Luke Rosdahl
« Reply #18 on: March 04, 2017, 04:52:49 PM »
The Daredevil is the latest ball from Roto Grip in the HP3 line.  It's a big backend ball that revs very strongly, but doesn't hook nearly as early as you'd expect it to, it gets down the lane very easily.  It has a very hard arc on the backend, it's strong, but not jumpy off the friction.  For me it's best from angle after transition forces you inside.  It revs strongly enough to keep it stable in the midlane without hooking early, and the transition to the friction is smooth enough that it doesn't dive or cut through the pins, it goes through them properly and keeps them low.  This is a ball that allows you to really get a handful at the bottom without it grabbing early and without it being too strong through the pins, but still rolls heavy enough to be consistent from deeper angles.
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Dare Devil review - Mark Tarkington
« Reply #19 on: March 14, 2017, 03:17:41 PM »
Right Handed
Ball weight:  15
Rev Rate:  400
Ball Speed:  17.3
Axis Tilt:  7
Axis Rotation:  45*
PAP:  3 3/4 horizontal, 7/8 up
Layout:  40 x 5 ½ x 40

The Dare Devil is a good long/strong ball for late shift or tournament burn.

I like the shape I get down lane, when everything else seems to be a bit strong.  It is sharp enough to get back where a ball up would burn up.

It clears the fronts with ease and corners with no problems.  The cover is a bit stronger than I had anticipated, so it can stand up a bit quickly if the middles are jumping.  I’ve found that I can give it just a bit more room and still get it back when this happens.

The Dare Devil definitely has its place in my bag for the upcoming tournament season.
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Re: Dare Devil
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Re: Dare Devil
« Reply #21 on: July 26, 2017, 06:06:26 PM »

This ball is very clean through the fronts all while having a strong mid-lane read and reaction. The Dare Devil is perfect for when you need a ball to read and roll but your solids with surface are picking up too early. It'll give you the length needed to clear the fronts and not blow pass the break-point. A must have in your arsenal and a very good bail out ball if you aren't throwing it already.

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