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Epic Battle
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
As the weak are eliminated, an EPIC BATTLEtm rages on! Roto Grip has forged the most effective weapon for the battlefield and puts it in the palm of your hand.

Armoring the EPIC BATTLEtm is the new Ultimate Visiontm solid particle coverstock. The unique blend of a super strong base reactive material in combination with a light particle load gives you traction in the heaviest of oils.

At the heart of the Battle is the new Maximus IItm weight block. This low RG (2.48) / High Differential (.050) core creates a Mass Bias Differential of (.026) that generates an earlier move in the lane, then delivers a bone-crushing backend reaction.


Factory Finish  800 machine sanded  
Track Flare Potential  7+ Inches  
Lane Condition  Heavy Oil  
Cover Stock  Ultimate Visiontm Solid Particle  
Weight Block  Maximus IItm Core  
Color  Crimson / Steel / Charcoal  
D-Scale  73 -75  
Available Weights  14 -16 Pounds
Spin Rate  5 Seconds (15lbs)  

Core Dynamics

16 lb.  2.47 (Low)  .046 (Medium-High)  
15 lb.  2.48 (Low)  .050 (High)  
14 lb.  2.52 (Med)  .040 (Medium)  

RG: X-axis  RG: Y-axis  RG: Z-axis  Mass Bias
2.483  2.534  2.508  .026 (15lbs)



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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #16 on: February 23, 2006, 03:30:24 PM »
Hey guys,
I got my ball drilled with the pin 4" from pap and a strong MB setting, balance hole half inch below the pap on the verticle.
Tossed my stacked AMF torque to see how the lanes were playing and it barely moved.
Layed the Battle out there about 15 to 7 and had a really good midlane roll and smacked the crap out of the pins...tried to trow straight up 7 and still got a really good turn into the pocket...only tossed one game with it sofar to try it out, but will add more later...even the driller was suprised at how well the ball got up and turned to the pocket, as the pin placement is a little high.
Even trying different lines still shot a 210 out of box...I am very pleased with this ball.
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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #17 on: March 08, 2006, 05:35:56 PM »
ok ball came with a 2 inch pin and 2.8 ounches top. had it drilled like this:

( some thing to that extent)

I was very suprised this ball cleans the heads farelly clean and is a screamer later on the lane. Ball does need oil especially if you have any sort of hand. So if your looking for a aggresive ball get this one!!!!


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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #18 on: March 11, 2006, 04:56:52 PM »
I drilled the Battle 5 x 4 and typically use it on crowned house patterns.  The ball walks up just a little through front and mids.  It makes a not to drastic angular movement allowing nice predictability and hits WAY HARD.  Perhaps the best feature of this ball is its ability to take polish.  It can easily go longer and longer if needed.  With the box finish it will try to make up ground on the backend regardless of bumpers.  An A+ Ball from RotoGrip.
Herb Walsh - Colorado Springs - Valley Bowl
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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #19 on: March 16, 2006, 04:45:12 PM »
I just had the ball drilled up a month ago and before hand for the house shot I was using a Pure Fuel by Roto Grip and needed something with more hook.  What I got was nothing short of amazing.  I first tried it in a place I had never been before because I couldnt wait any longer and shot 700 out of the gate with no warmup.  In league play I am averaging almost 15 pins higher with it and find that I can easily use it in both shifts I bowl every week (7 games in one night).  I have also just shot my high sanctioned series of 804 just this week.  I played around with an EPX for about a month and liked it but it seemed to jump early and didnt finish hard when moving deep inside.  This ball also reads early on the lane but doesnt make its move as early as the EPX and no matter where I am playing on the lane the ball leaves plenty for the pocket.  I have not seen a ball hit this hard before in my life.  I would have to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a ball that is versatile and hits like nothing else.  The only thing I can say as far as maintenance is that I find it best to clean it every 7 to 10 games and go over it lightly with a green pad every couple of weeks to keep the reaction consistent.  A+ for Roto Grip

John Brodersen

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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #20 on: March 19, 2006, 05:07:05 PM »
Ball specs – 15 lbs 1 oz, 2.88 top weight, 2.5 inch pin.

Drilled the Battle (solid particle) 3.5” X 55 degrees, pin below and slightly right of ring finger.  Extra hole 57/64 located 1.5 inches below PAP and ¾ of a inch inside VAL, pitched towards mass bias and away from the weight block.

The surface was left in OOB condition when first thrown.  With this surface and drill the Battle exhibited the earliest lane read of any ROTO ball I have thrown.  It still reacted with a good mid-lane arc and did not roll out as I was expecting based on the early read.  The look through the pins is very different, as it seems to “push” the pins into the pit.  I then added a light polish to the Battle’s cover.  This definitely helped get the ball a few feet further through the heads and made it a little stronger but still very controllable in the mid-lane and backend.  Mr. Boomershine and the outstanding crew at RotoGrip continue to come up with outstanding new products and have definitely released their best heavy oil ball to date.  Just ask Tyler Jensen for his opinion on this little nugget.

John Brodersen


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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #21 on: March 20, 2006, 12:21:47 PM »
Background: Left Hand Power Tweener

Balls:  2 Epic Battles  Both 15lbs  both have 3-4 pins with low top weights

Lane conditions:  1 house old wood with guardian, 1 old amf sythetics, 1 all wood, 2 new synthetics basically all shots and lanes

I have two of these monsters:

First one   driilled it in the 3x4 drilling with pin 2 in out from ring and above one inch.  Mass bias and pin stacked under pin.  Left this one in oob condition.  I used this on most condiitions.  The condition I use if for is med heavy to heavy.  It clears the head very cleanly then reds the mids well and makes a very angular entry to the pocket on heavy i usually use this around 15 at arrows and swing to 5 and it comes back like no other.  All balls hit hard the way i throw them but this is one of few that impress me with the carry i get out of it.Usually when I hit the pocket that hard I leave a lot of crazy stuff like stone 9s and 8s and fst sixes not with this gem since I received this ball if i can throw it it is in my hand.  Dont want to put it down.  For being a solid dull particle it has a verystrong angular backend like a reactive on med heavy to heavy.  I suggest you only use on this condition if you leave in oob condition otherwise it wont save the energy.  Wonderful piece.  
Second one is drilled with pin above bridge cg kicked 3 inch from center of grip with mass bias in strong position with mb about 4 inches left of thumb.  I polished this with brunswick factory finish high gloss.  I use this one on med  to med heavy oil (use this one lot more often).  Have had multiple award scores with this one.  This one clears the heads a lot easier and makes the same move as the other just on the lighter conditions.  Seems to work well on all surfaces.  Basically I got this one after the first so i could throw this wonderful ball a little more often.  And it did fit the bill.  Give this ball a solid 9 out of 10(reserve the 10 out of ten for the ball that produces the 900 for me. lol)  Keep these gems coming roger and for all those out there not using rotos let this be your first try you wont go back!!!!!
Boy do I love bowling, stone 8,stone 9, ringer 7,fly by 10,fast six got to love this game.  Short look at what most of my games look like with a few strikes peppered in between.  Isn't it wonderful.


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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #22 on: March 24, 2006, 05:15:14 PM »
To see my personal bowling specs please see my profile.

Pics of my (3) battles can be seen here:

Ball(s) Stats:

Strong Battle
Pin Location: 5"/Under Ring Finger
Mass Bias Location: 70 Degrees
Weight Hole: On PAP
Personal Favorite Surface Condition: Red or Gray Scotch Brite

Medium Battle
Pin Location: 5.5"/Over Ring Finger
Mass Bias Location: 70 Degrees
Weight Hole: On PAP
Personal Favorite Surface Condition: Gray or White Scotch Brite

Favorite Battle
Pin Location: 6" from PAP WAY ABOVE Ring Finger
Mass Bias Location: 45 Degrees (Above and Right of Thumb)
Weight Hole: 3.5" Over 1" Up
Personal Favorite Surface Condition: Gray or White Scotch Brite


Conditions I Would Consider Using This Ball On:

Longer Patterns
Heavier Volume Patterns
Tighter Backend Patterns
Most House Shots
Almost any condition on Anvilane

These Battles are insane for the amount of conditions that they are usable on. Very good core/cover combination with the Epic Battle. If I find myself bowling on longer/tighter/heavier patterns I can use these Battles without nearly any worry of squirt past the midlane. The most amazing thing to me about these balls is how well they roll in the oil with out destroying the pattern and making that part of the lane unplayable. On longer patterns, I can use either my Strong Battle or my Favorite Battle from inside angles near the pocket and these balls will still read the mid lane and get the corner pins out. If I am bowling on a shorter/heavier pattern, I can use my Medium Battle or my Favorite battle with out fear of the ball over-reacting once it comes off of the dry. If I am faced with a condition that is giving me tighter backends, I can pick any battle amongst the three and use the one gives me the best look throughout the lane. And on anvilane.........I have always had some sort of trouble with Anvilane in the past (on most patterns outside of dry/medium dry) with getting a good midlane read. These Epic Battles were the answer for me. Even on really long/heavy patterns on Anvilane I have used my Strong Battle with red scotch brite with GREAT success.

Conditions I would not consider using these balls on:

Low Volume Patterns
Short Patterns
Poorly Maintained Wood Lanes/Guardian/Lane Shield

Since these balls have a quick spin time and read the LANE so well, these balls had a tendency to burn up a little too quick for me on these types of conditions (even if heavier oil was applied to bad lanes). I tried polishing my Medium and Strong Battles to get a good look on these types of lane conditions, and the only one I had marginal success on was on the lower volume patterns.....but there was always another ball in my bag that would handle this pattern better. For me, The Battle is far better off being in a dull(er) state and being used on those patterns made for it.

Roto-Grip Balls Up or Down:
Ball Up In Reaction: Does Not Exist (Yet)
Ball Down In Reaction: Regular Epic or RS-P

As far as finding a ball up in reaction.....My strong Battle with red scotch brite is just a beast. Finding another ball stronger is unfathomable and probably un-needed (at this point in time). The Battle is simply pure usable hook and roll.

Finding a ball down in reaction is a little bit tricky. It depends on what I am reading on the lane. If I am finding that the head oil is going away BUT not to the backend creating carry down, I can go to my Regular Epic (Pin drilled 5" over ring finger mass bias 70 degrees) and play near the same part of the lane as my Medium or Favorite Battle. I may have to move 3-5 boards right depending on how chewed up the pattern is getting. If The head oil is going away with a bit of carry down, I can switch to my RS-P (Pin drilled 5" above ring finger mass bias 70 degrees) which can get down the lane a little bit better than the Battle can, but can still roll through the carry down.

Caveats for others to consider:

As I have drilled this ball for other bowlers, here are something’s to consider:

DO Place the pin far (5"+) From your axis if you have a higher rev rate
DO Place the pin above your fingers if you have a higher rev rate (unless you face a ton of oil)
DONT Place the mass bias in your track (I haven’t done this but have seen what happens when other drillers have done this)
DO Play with the surface until you find what works best for you
DO Change balls when you need to. If this ball is burning up move left or put it away.

One more thing..........

On my "favorite battle" I placed the pin about 2" above my fingers. It looks like the Patrick Allen or Tommy Jones drill. I drilled this ball for a tournament that was coming up where the gutter plays extremely well. Well it turns out that this ball didn’t really like to play the gutter all that much. As a matter of fact, this ball likes nearly every other condition I have been on since I drilled it. For me this layout (almost) COMPLETELY ignores the heads and reads the midlane EXTREMELY well.

Also, the Epic Battle shirts are one of the best looking bowling shirts I've seen.

Thank you for your time in reading this review. I hope that you have found it to be helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me and I will try to help you as much as I can.


Mat Henning
Roto-Grip Staffer
Champions Bowling Services

Steve Richter

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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #23 on: March 24, 2006, 06:53:37 PM »

The Epic Battle is the first real “chew through the snot” ball from Utah in any of the three brands in quite some time, if ever.

This is now a ball that can compete on a level playing field with the Ultimate Inferno and Strike Zone balls in their ability to roll out of heavily oiled lanes.  The light loaded cover works great in the factory finish, but you need oil up front, or a speed adjustment to keep it on line when going straighter.  And, don’t be afraid to challenge it to go as far left to right as you want.

The New Maximus core revs quickly, but still gives an angular motion on the back of the lane.  Shining the cover, or smoothing it with 2000 Abralon, enhances that motion.  The 2nd Battle I laid out never bucketed on all of the patterns I threw it on – it always found a way to get back to the hole.

If you’re been waiting for the Storm plant to produce a Big Boy Ball for the heaviest of conditions, you won’t be disappointed by the Battle.

Steve Richter
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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #24 on: March 25, 2006, 07:52:58 AM »
I have mine drilled up with the pin over the middle finger with everything kicked out toward the negative axis point. I kept about -3/8 to -1/2 side weight and a little bit of finger weight. The ball is exceptional, it gets through the heads clean; revs up in the mid lane; does not want to over react on the backend; and just explodes through the pins. One major plus is this ball tends to be very versatile. I have drilled up one for a team mate with no hand and lots of speed. He is able to keep within his comfort zone throughout the night, even with all the right handers using the same line as him. I can not wait to get this ball on some real oil.
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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #25 on: March 25, 2006, 02:33:33 PM »
Background: Tweener with medium to slow speed.

I would usually drill my balls with the pin out 4 to 5" but I wanted to see what would happen with this ball drilled stacked leverage.  I figured it would roll up a bit early but that I could polish it to help it get down the lane if need be.  I use 14lb equipment so the RG is higher than you get on 15 or 16.  First used it on a house shot and was surprised at the length I got out of the box.  It was very forgiving with a distinct angular motion to the pocket.  If I got it wide onto the dry boards early it would hook and hold but if I tugged it into the oil it would still recover well on the backend.  The pin action and carry was great.  Left a few 8 and 9 pins.

Bowled in a Senior East regional on pattern #2 (36' flat 5 board to 5 board). On a shot that played pretty tough all weekend (+37 to qualify and +8 to cash)many players were complaining about having no area. I was consistently 2 to 4 boards left of those around me and had about a 3 board area I could play with.  I was also carrying light hits where not to many around me were. I eventually lost in the round of 8 to someone also using an Epic Battle (he shot 279).

This is one of the best balls I've ever drilled up.  So far I see no weak points at all. It is obviously not a dry lane ball but as long as you can find some oil on the lanes you should be able to score with this puppy.


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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #26 on: March 26, 2006, 07:51:04 PM »
This has to be one of the most interesting balls ive thrown in a long time. The layout used is a 5in by 5in. Pap being 5in. I used 3M polish out of the box. The ball motion reminds me of the Big One but with more backend reaction. Compared to the Big One I'd say it was about 4 boards stronger. I say this ball is interesting because unlike most lite particle balls you notice a diffrence in the way the lane moves in a short period of time, however, this ball did not destroy the lane area at all, in fact it took longer than the Big One! Overall this is a great ball by Roto Grip. And I plan on drilling more of their stuff.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #27 on: March 28, 2006, 07:46:44 AM »
Let me first start off by saying that you will be noticed when you throw this ball.  I was drooling over the original Epic, but the Battle is unbelievable.  If you are looking for that heavy oil ball look no further.  I drilled my Battle pin over middle finger and mb to right of thumb.  This ball is a good 3-5 boards stronger than the Epic. For me it just goes through the pins so much better.  You can really see how fast this baby reads the midlane, but she has plenty of punch left on the backend.  I have drilled a few for customers and everyone loves this ball.  One gentleman who is a straight guy, said "You really can buy hook in a box"  Not only am I loving this ball but every one I drill loves it as well.

Do yourself a favor drill one up, you won't be dissapointed.

Thank you,
Justin Godfrey
RG Pro Shop Staff


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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #28 on: April 10, 2006, 09:42:12 PM »



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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #29 on: May 15, 2006, 05:44:47 PM »
If your looking for a ball for the oil, the Epic Battle is " THE " ball that your looking for.

This ball is versatile, aggressive, and makes long oil patterns look non exsistant. After bowling with this ball myself, and drilling several of them for customers I can honestly say that I have not seen a ball that can get threw the oil as well as this one does.

800 box finish for this ball has worked well for me playing deep on the average house shot, and has worked well on each of the sports shots that I have tried it on to date. As for other bowlers that I have drilled this ball for the response has been the same this ball is the confidence builder and the first ball out of the bag, strokers and crankers alike.

As I have stressed to all of my customers you are only going to get the peak potential out of this ball as long as you take care of the cover, you can not let the cover get slick, oily, or generally dirty. As long as you take care of the cover this ball will take care of you.


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Re: Epic Battle
« Reply #30 on: May 23, 2006, 11:18:55 PM »
The Battle is an oil ball that doesnt quit. Its like the Duracell bunny's German cousin on amphetamines.

Best thing about the Battle in my opinion is that they didnt go overboard on the particles. If you find that the combination of heavy load particle covers with strong cores make a ball hit like a queer marshmallow, then you need to give this ball a chance.

I can use the Battle on medium/heavy with dry backends - just get in deep and hit the pocket with a banana shot - or if the going gets soupy, I just play up the boards. I wouldnt usually get the chance to see an oil ball slide much, but when i do see the oil the Battle revs up like Road Runner's legs, and then disappears off towards the pocket in a puff of smoke.

Smooth compared with the Epic on their intended conditions, as the Battle gets started slightly earlier. Can handle carrydown better as well, so its a good ball to switch to if you started with the Epic and it begins to scoot.

I shot 278 straight out of the box with mine. Best combination of strength and smooth power i've ever come across. I'm well pleased and it payed for itself extremely quickly.
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