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Title: Epic
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
The EPICtm is a revolutionarily designed high performance asymmetrical ball from Roto Griptm. Once again we have taken technology to a higher level with our brand new Maxiumustm core. This asymmetrical weight block has an RG-Differential of (.050) for maximum flare potential along with a Mass Bias Differential of (.024) for a spin rate of EPIC proportions.

The coverstock surrounding the Maxiumustm core is our aggressive Ultimate Visiontm solid reactive, made from the finest Grade "A" reactive urethane found on the market today. The EPICtm was designed to give you a quicker spin rate for better mid-lane, and energy retention all the way to the pit.


Factory Finish  800 machine sanded  
Track Flare Potential  7+ Inches  
Lane Condition  Medium - Heavy Oil  
Cover Stock  Ultimate Visiontm Solid Reactive  
Weight Block  Maximustm Core  
Color  Fire Engine Red / Royal Blue  
D-Scale  73 -75  
Available Weights  14 -16 Pounds
Spin Rate  9 Seconds (15lbs)  

Core Dynamics

16 lb.  2.52 (Med-Low)  .050 (High)  
15 lb.  2.53 (Med-Low)  .052 (High)  
14 lb.  2.59 (Med-High)  .055 (High)  

RG: X-axis  RG: Y-axis  RG: Z-axis  Mass Bias
2.534  2.583  2.559  .024 (15lbs)
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: rotomike on July 16, 2005, 08:53:35 AM
Initial impressions during drilling:

My shop has 2-3 staffers that believe (emotionally speaking)a good ball has to spin up in at least 9 seconds, great balls spin up in less than 5(regardless of lane conditions and bowlers Although not meeting these stringent requirements they have begrudgingly fallen in love with the RSX....


The Morich fanatic in the shop grabbed it from my hands threw it on the determinator (pre-drilling) and after seeing the spin time walked away mumbling quietly with his head down.

The other staffer offered to buy it from me for full retail on the spot.

Drilled it 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 (pin x cg).  It drilled very easily. Easy to layout. Color looks great.

I will throw it on 2 different Sport Conditions this weekend and I will post a performance review after.
Mike Sinek
Roto Grip Advisory Staff
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Title: Re: Epic
Post by: rotomike on July 17, 2005, 09:27:25 PM
Performance Review.

As promised I bowled on 2 different Sport Condition and a House pattern.

40 foot high density sport pattern - Layout 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 (pin x cg)no hole. Left ball with box finish (800 machine sanded). I basically played straight up 8. Ball read the pattern very evenly with a strong but controllable move off of the break-point. The strength of the core allowed great recovery for shots that missed slightly wide of target.  As the lanes broke down I was able to make small adjustments with my feet and eyes to hold the pocket. The reactive cover will allow me to stay with this ball longer when the pattern breaks down.  The ball hits phenomenally. A keeper for Sport conditions.

29 foot medium density sport pattern - Pattern was way too short to do any thing other than play roll-out off of the end of the pattern.  Ball still retained enough energy to hit very well when I hit the pocket. This ball is not designed to work on a pattern this short.

42 foot house pattern - Fantastic lane coverage and recovery. Superb hit from all angles.  I changed hand positions to play straighter and the ball responded like a champ.  Classic Roto Grip hitting power.

 I will be drilling another one off label.

4 seconds
Mike Sinek
Roto Grip Advisory Staff
Kingdom member for life
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: RonCase823 on July 19, 2005, 07:05:20 PM
Need a ball to hook? Here it is. I drilled this one with the mass bias 1" from my VAL and the pin 4.5" from CG. This ball has hooked on everything I've thrown it on. You just have to watch if it starts too soon it may roll out, which isn't always a bad thing, just ask Amleto. If the roll out isn't your thing a litte pollish is all you need. This ball may be a bit much if your an animal, but for most of us you can create more area with this one.
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: Admiral50 on July 20, 2005, 09:31:53 PM
I drilled mine 3 3/8 x 5.  I was looking for this ball to shine on heavier oil.  This ball read the midlane quicker than any other Roto Grip ball out.  Not only did it rev up quick it still had plenty on the backend.  I bowled on a fill in shot at a center with synthetic heads and wood backends.  So there was plenty of oil in the heads with not much backends. I will let you know how it reacts on heavier oil.    

The HIT on this ball is Phenomenal.  If you didn't match up well to the Fuel line don't be afraid to give this ball a try.  It is flat out AWESOME!!!

Thank you,
Justin Godfrey
Roto Grip Ball Test Staff
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: tloy on July 28, 2005, 10:47:33 PM
I got this ball drilled up Monday 7-25-05. Had a chance to throw it twice in league and about six games of practice. The drilling I decided on is very similar to my Retro and RS1 where the pin is over the ring finger at about 4 1/2" from my pap and the cg is stacked under the ring finger at about 3 3/8" and the mass bias just about 1/16" to the right of my thumb. I tried the ball first polished and this did not suit me so I took a burgundy scotch brite to it and the hit it with storm step 1 and then some rubbing compound rough cut.

Then off to the lanes today for some practice at lunch. I shot games of 235, 183 and 279(7 2 and 11 in a row). This ball really has some impressive recovery!!!!

Comparing this ball to the Retro and RS1 I would say it definately carries and has better backend.

Tonight in league I shot 243, 221 and 232 for a 696. I would recommend this ball to anyone looking for a strong reactive.  Polished it definitely gives more length than the Vision and I don't feel it is as condition specific. Great job Roto Grip!!!!!!!
Todd Loy
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: vivasrv on August 02, 2005, 04:29:09 PM
very impressive hook all the way through the lane.  More movement and MUCH stronger hit than any Roto Grip I've thrown yet.  Drilled the first one strong about 4X4 with a hole on axis.  Read pattern very well but will hook early if it sees some dry.  I shined this one and worked great on a house shot.  The same ball with surface gave me a good look on a very tight PBA regional pattern (5).  Drilled a second one about 6X4 pin above fingers CG kicked out a little with hole on axis.  This one is smoother but still as strong as it needs to be on the backend.  Looking forward to trying these two on some more conditions.  If you're looking for a ball to that will cover boards and hit the EPIC will do it for you---It's definitely in the class of the Infernos and Vertigos.  It will be an excellent heavy oil ball that can be shined for medium conditions.

Roto-Grip SW REgion Staff

Title: Re: Epic
Post by: D McLaughlin on August 03, 2005, 05:23:29 PM
Talk about an oil monster!  Not only did this replace my GPS for the juice, it basically embarassed it.  Strong mid lane move that just flat out wouldn't quit.  Forget the 'Saw stories, the Track touts and the BigB BS about their stuff in heavy oil!  The Epic has positioned itself in another class, way above the other "heavy oil" houseballs being sold today.
Weekly bowling league...$25
Pitcher of beer....$6
Taking a Lane#1 user's wallet with a RotoGrip ball that costs half as much....PRICELESS!!!
Some balls are overpriced and over-hyped....for everything else...there is RotoGrip.
Losers always whine about their Buzzsaws.  Winners go home and thank their RotoGrips.
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: ODriscoll on August 04, 2005, 03:58:45 PM
The Epic continues Roto Grip strong performance line.  Drilled it as if the new USBC rule went into effect.  Incredible footprint, The ball appeared to be 30 pounds as it rolled down the lane, extremely heavy roll with demolishing hitting power.  It provides continuous movement off the spot and through the pins.  If you haven't drilled a Vision or Epic you really have a huge hole in your arsenal.  The "Ultimate Vision" coverstock is the best in the market today.  Easily excels on any of the medium to longer condition but is a step above on tougher patterns.  If you like the short oil, shine it up!

I would like to thank Roto Grip for continuing to make the best product on the market today.  With the USBC trying to establish credibility in scoring along with Sport Bowling and the PBA.  It's nice to be part of a team that is already making equipment of the future.  

all Hail the King!

Kelly O'Driscoll
Roto Grip Staff
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: gperry on August 05, 2005, 11:20:13 AM
Clearing the deck? That won't do this Ball justice! I have mine drilled 3 x 5 with the RG in the track. This ball reads the mid-lane well and still has enough energy to make the turn. My first set out of the box was a 765. I had no trouble getting the 10 out, but did leave a few 4 pins. This ball worked great for me on the house shot. It seemed to open the lane up on the inside and blow the rack apart. If you are looking for a ball with continuous hook this is it. I can't compare this to another ball because it has no competition. There is no doubt this one is KING OF THEM ALL!
Greg Perry
Murfreesboro TN
Roto-Grip Test Staff
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: big hank j on August 07, 2005, 08:29:11 PM
What a great ball!!!  I drilled my 15# Epic - with 2 1/2" pin, drilled 4 3/4 x 4 1/4 with the pin under and between fingers, CG slightly swung out.

I decided to give this ball several chances before reviewing.  I am very impressed with the mid-lane strength of the very controllable back ends.  I believe this is the strongest yet most controllable ball that Roto Grip has come up with.  

I left the surface just out of the box and used on a medium plus streaked pattern.  This ball has tremendous adjustability and I can't wait to use it on more oil.  

Thanks everyone at Roto Grip!  This ball is another good one for our arsenal.

Hank Jordan, Roto Grip Advisory Staff
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: STEVEN HAUK on August 09, 2005, 10:36:22 AM
This review is on my EPIC .I drilled my 15lb Epic with a 2 inch pin. I studied this ball for a while , then i decided to drilled this ball pin under the bridge between my fingers , kicked my cg out 1 1/2 with little drill 21/32 bit with a 1 inch deep.This is the most aggressive ball out on the market today.This ball goes through the front and the mid-lane verey smooth and very strong .This ball does not use up the energy throughout  the whole lane. I left this ball straight out of the box .This ball helps open the lane up more .
I bowled it in league go 266 279 227 268 for 1041 in the house shot pattern. I tried on the sports condition shot 694 series for the tougher sports pattern that we have. I strongly recommend to everybody.

Thanks everybody at Roto Grip .
This ball is great for our market


Title: Re: Epic
Post by: bruceklebejr on August 18, 2005, 01:01:07 AM
i drilled my roto grip epic over the label pin above finger..mass bias below thumb...and the coverstock like a mirror...let me say this ball makes an l-turn
on the back and it brings its self back to the pocket with great cleans all 10 out really nice...the ball gets down the lane really smooth and makes a strong turn at the watch this ball you power players play deep in the tweeners out there and strokers you might want to keep this ball to a 1000 grit finish in the oil...but if you want to go right up the pipe a little shine will do...
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: Mr Scary on September 13, 2005, 11:16:30 AM
15lb. Pin under my ring finger with CG kicked out a bit.  Medium coat of polish.

Fantastic overall ball.  This one is my go to ball.  I have this one drilled up to start hooking a little earlier, which was a good choice.  This one starts up early, but continues hooking through the pins.  Great arc, and even better hitting power.  This ball can be used on many different types of shots with very high success, but keep it away from extremely dry conditions.  Roto Grip has gone above and beyond with this one.  Perfect cover stock to core combination.  
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: Mike James on October 02, 2005, 02:43:00 PM

 Let me start off 1st that I usually throw Track and some Columbia equiptment...was looking for a good resin ball and reading the posts here decided on the Epic....specs are as follows....15lbs drilled stacked leaverage and considered a stroker....went practice with it the other day....freshly oiled on synthetic lanes...left the ball in out of box condition....threw a couple shots with my Phenom Unleashed that has a couple seasons on it to compare the shots.....the Epic got down the lane nice but boy what a turn it made...a good 4-5 board difference than the P.U....tossed a few shots even wider and still came back...very impressive....left a couple 10 pins on a few shots but that could be because i was so far left and hitting too much oil inside...but we'll see what leagues does...may polish it a bit perhaps....msg me with any questions......Mike
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: slowjenius on October 03, 2005, 08:25:37 PM
I'm a power player per say as in I play down and in with medium revs and a high speed. I had this ball sanded down to 500 grit and all I gotta say is wow. It is crazy good and it hits with sooo much power and just sends the pins flying. I do leave quite a few four pins with it though, but thats because of my style. This is definately a keeper and I am gonna get another roto fairly soon, probably the RSP
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: Mike James on October 05, 2005, 10:55:37 PM

Let me start off 1st that I usually throw Track and some Columbia equiptment...was looking for a good resin ball and reading the posts here decided on the Epic....specs are as follows....15lbs drilled stacked leaverage and considered a stroker....went practice with it the other day....freshly oiled on synthetic lanes...left the ball in out of box condition....threw a couple shots with my Phenom Unleashed that has a couple seasons on it to compare the shots.....the Epic got down the lane nice but boy what a turn it made...a good 4-5 board difference than the P.U....tossed a few shots even wider and still came back...very impressive....left a couple 10 pins on a few shots but that could be because i was so far left and hitting too much oil inside...but we'll see what leagues does...may polish it a bit perhaps....msg me with any questions......Mike
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: John Brodersen on October 15, 2005, 09:55:26 PM
Ball specs 15 lbs 3 oz, 3.06 top weight, 2.5 inch pin.

Drilled the Epic 4.5 X 75 degrees, pin below ring finger and mass bias about an inch right of the thumbhole.

This ball is S T R O N G ! ! !

With the surface left in out of the box condition (800 sanded), the Epic displayed a strong, early mid-lane read and had strong continuation on the back end.  This ball started earlier and had more hook then I was looking for so altered the surface to 1500 satin.  This added some length but the ball still displayed the same characteristics as described above and remained very strong.  To date, the Epic is the biggest hooking piece of Roto equipment I have thrown.  If you are looking for an oiler in the outstanding Roto Grip lineup, this is it.  

John Brodersen
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: Roto Runner on December 31, 2005, 11:46:10 PM
This ball was drilled with a hook/set type of motion Pin @ 4 1/2 and the MB right of my thumb . I compare this ball to a black cherry from Lane#1  I used to have that ball. I have 3 epics . The epic is my go to ball . Won a spot into a Pba Tour stop with this ball . I feel this ball  arc's compared to the hyper balls oracle vision and the rsx . This ball is much different than  any other rotogrip ball in the past .
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: kegler78 on January 13, 2006, 05:59:24 PM
after much research decided to drill up a 15# EPIC. 4b drill pattern with pin above fingers, centered & leverage drilled with 1 3/8 x 2 axis hole. this ball is strong as advertised. shot first series with it on ths (41 feet tapered on synthetic lanes - amf) 279,265,279 - 823 series. left 2 ten pins only!! ball has nice midlane readability and strong arc with plenty of pop on the pin deck. this is my first r/g ball. after this display though i think more will be in my bag pretty soon. for anyone having trouble leaving the 10 pin give this ball a try - controllable but powerful - great job roto-grip.
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: kegler78 on February 10, 2006, 10:59:31 AM
update on my purchase of the epic. have now put 30 games on this ball and have noticed that it will not turn and hit as when it was new. just recieved info that the matte covers on these new balls are not desirous of being cleaned on a regular basis unlike my other equipment. be advised if you have one of these new generation balls with this matte cover and it takes on a shine do not "clean" it as in the past - have your pro shop put the out of box cover back on it and do not use any cleaner unless you need to remove something from the surface (ball mark, dirt, smudge, etc.)
Title: Re: Epic
Post by: Raven829 on October 16, 2006, 03:45:19 AM

Layout- Approximately 4.5 x 4.5MB, just inside my VAL.  Pin is directly below my ring finger, 1.75 above my midline.  There is a weight hole just below my midline on my VAL.  

Bowler profile- 5.25 x .125 up (varies some due to releases).  I am a medium/high track tweener with average ball speed.  My revs slightly outweigh my speed.  Right handed.  

Lanes and conditions used on- I have used this ball on just about everything, including Guardian and HPL synthetics.  Conditions include THS and USBC Sport conditions varying in length.

I have owned this ball since August of 05.  It was bought and drilled by William Clark in Des Plaines, IL.  He recommended this ball to me when I asked him about a solid reactive, which at the time I lacked in my arsenal.  

I will review this ball based on my experience on 3 different lane conditions.

Condition 1- USBC Sport pattern on brand new HPL synthetics.  37 feet, almost a 1:1 ratio.  This pattern for me was incredibly difficult.  Because there is virtually no room for error, my swing would tighten up and I would not throw the ball well.  The Epic was probably the best ball I had on this condition.  The key to bowling well on Sport conditions is controlling the backend, as length is easy to achieve.  The Epic would make a very strong move on the backend.  It was not a snap, just a very hard arc.  I really can't say much more because I didn't bowl very good so I couldn't get a good read on it.

Condition 2- THS on old synthetics with Guardian.  This condition was very wet/dry.  It also broke down very fast and often unpredictably.  When the shot was fresh, the Epic killed it.  I would play 13 at the arrows to a breakpoint of about 8.  The ball would pick up in the midlane, and make a very strong move to the pocket.  Carry was excellent at this angle.  Unfortunately, the midlane oil would go very fast.  When forced to move left, the ball on these lanes would burn up too much energy, thus reducing carry.

Condition 3- THS on brand new HPL synthetics.  My Epic is the best on this.  Due to the better surface, I do not have to adjust as much or as fast.  I could play the same line as on the Guardian with tremendous results.  This is usually good for 2 or so games.  Again, when I move everything left, it starts to waste too much energy getting back to the pocket.  At this point I usually make a ball change.  

I have gotten the most use with box surface.  I did try it once with a coat of Ebonite Factory Finish Polish.  This gave me a completely different, and worthless ball.   It became over/under while killing the backend move.  I have it at box and haven't touched it since.  Mine has probably over 200 games and reacts like new.  

The key to this ball is to have enough midlane oil to help it get to the breakpoint.  This ball will ignore up to moderate amounts of carrydown.  The move is not a snap, even on dry backends.  It is a very strong arc that is continuous and offers trememdous carry.  It is absolutely the best ball I have ever owned.  It is responsible for 2 300's and a 298 in the past year.  I have also shot numerous 700's with it.  It is ALWAYS the first out of the bag.  If I can get it to the breakpoint, I will use it as long as I don't have to hook the whole lane.  

This was my first review here.  I hope it was informative enough.  Any comments or questions on my review are more than welcome.  Just send me a PM and I'll be glad to help.


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Title: Re: Epic
Post by: toomanytenpins on February 21, 2007, 12:14:24 AM
i have been pretty hard on just about every ball i have thrown so if you are reading this review after reading any of my other reviews you know this must be truth. I am a low rev low speed (14-16 mph) high tracker and have thrown quite a few different balls. This ball imho is one of the best balls made. from med light to med heavy this ball screams off the corner and carries more weight than a dump truck. it keeps the pins low on off pocket hits and delivers with  the sound of thunder when you crash the 1-3. As long as my fundamentals are sound this ball delivers. this ball responds to variances in hand position as the lanes transition so well that even as the lanes break down small changes will keep it in the strike zone. this ball makes me look like i know what i am doing. this is the second one i have had (1st cracked). roto replaced it and this one is like i never even changed balls . I would and do recommend this ball for anyone wanting something for ths and second shift on tougher shots. Its 10 boards stronger than my no mercy and is just a touch weaker than my battle.I think i may get another one and take the surface down with the same drill ,you could easily build an arsenal with just this ball.
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Title: Re: Epic
Post by: rbblvr619 on October 16, 2009, 06:52:58 PM
All I have seen on here is great to amazing reviews for the Roto Grip Epic. I recently got a used 15lb Epic with only 3 games on it. I am a high rev, high speed player. [500+ revs, 17+ mph] This is my first Roto Grip bowling ball and I am quite confused with the ball motion. I normally throw hammer and I got a free Ebonite Evolve from Teen Masters this past summer. So I'm not a real diverse ball thrower. But the Epic is drilled with the cg offset under my ring finger with about a 2 inch pin. Don't get me wrong now, the ball hooks. But I was playing up 8 on a regular house shot and the ball was getting down the lane but just over hooking a little bit. I moved in deep and stood at 35 and swung it out to 10 and the ball just started hooking REALLLY early. I took my Raw Hammer Acid and threw the same line and it got down lane and went high flush. I bowled 8 games trying to adjust to it but I just couldn't find out how to get that ball to roll like I want to. I would like to know some of your opinions about if I should polish it up a little and then try it up 8 again. What I was really hoping to find out is have any of you tried polishing your Epic? Please message me or something and tell me of your experience.