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Title: Fuel
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Factory Finish-1000 Grit polished

Radius of Gyration-2.52 (low)

Differential-.050 (high)

Hook Potential-25 (25 scale)

Track Flare Potential 7+ inches

Length-5 (10 scale)

Backend-10 (scale)

Cover Stock-Super Sure Grip Traction Plus (tm) Particle

Weight Block-Cyclotron Core(tm)

Color-Orange and Black


Available Weights-14-16 Pounds

Logo's Roto Grip Fuel (tm), "4 Prong Star" Center of Gravity
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Wilbert on July 19, 2002, 12:03:26 PM
The Fuel is an even arcing ball for medium to medium heavy oil.  The ball gives you control and a heavy roll for excellent carry.  For those that have used Pulses, Tour Powers, or El Nino 2000s, but would like something that could handle more oil this is it.

An interesting characteristic of the ball is that when the lanes start to dry, you can go deeper and cross more boards.  The ball continues through the pins with very little roll out.  With an arcing ball, I expected a hit flat when I started crossing boards, but this did not occur.

The ball was a 15 lb, 2-3 inch pin, with 3.75 top before drilling.  The ball was drilled with the pin 4 inched from the PAP and at the same level of the fingers.  The CG and mass bias stacked was stacked under the pin.  I throw medium to slow speed without a lot of hand.  However, the amount of rotation I put on the ball matches my speed to get results.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: CompEdgeProShop on August 28, 2002, 12:11:55 AM
Hey everyone. This is my first roto ball, but I have been throwing Storm products for years now. I've had this toy for a few weeks now. I drilled it with a 4" pin and the star strong, small x-hole 2" past my axis. All I have to say about this ball is WOW. I have bowled on a couple different conditions with this ball. One was a sport 38', the other was a typical house shot 10-10 puddle in the middle. This ball hits like a ton of bricks, carries most off hits, which is a plus. The only negative I have found is you miss left, good-bye. Other than that this is a piece of equipment everyone should have in their bag. Hook I'd have to give the ball a 10 out of 10. Length 6 out of 10. Overall 9.5 out of 10. This ball is definantly the first must have in while.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: BowlPro on September 01, 2002, 11:39:51 AM
Put Some Fuel in your Game!

After a very busy summer of Trade Shows and learning about the "Fuel" a few months ago, we were excited to finally get the chance to drill one and try this baby for ourselves! We used a "Label Leverage" drilling with the pin 3-3/8" from the PAP and the CG. in the palm area.

Looking at the weight block design my first impression is that this ball will not produce very much hook unless I rip the cover at release! Boy were we Wrong! This ball FLAT OUT MOVES!!!! With its Super Sure Grip Particle coverstock this ball "Even Shined-Up!" will get down the lane and make a Very Strong "Angular" move to the pocket! with the hitting power of two "Semi-Trucks" Loaded from end to end! This ball crushes everything! including ten pins and seven pins!

*Side note,
(Roto-Grip balls are made by Storm for those of you who did not know)

We started out on a broken down league condition for our test and found this ball was too strong out of the box rolling only 4 frames. With a trip to the ball spinner and some "Black Magic" ball polish, this ball came to life!

We were able to play anywhere on the lane! We could go down & in! We could play inside out! We could play up the ditch! it did not matter where we stood, we could get this ball to the pocket and strike!!

The new core design with the added "PowerHalo" allows for this ball to "Retain" alot of energy for the break point and then gives it the muscle to turn the corners hard! And with the added PBT technology,(PowerBall) this ball has tremendous hitting power!

Those of you who do not have good release skills will find in this ball one that will "Forgive You!" Those of you who can change your release to adapt to different lane conditions will find in this ball a tool that will replace three balls in your bag! The coverstock has a great range depending on how you adjust it!

Overall, this is one ball that impressed me the most this summer at the Trade Shows, and will be one of those balls that just does not get alot of attention because of the "Roto-Grip" label still does not having alot of Proshops around the country who carry and promote their products! Many bowlers will miss out on this great ball because of that!

We are Highly Recommending this ball to all bowlers and suggest that if you want to experience the power of a Roto-Grip ball? Get this one Today!

Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: MichiganBowling on September 13, 2002, 08:57:16 PM
I have to agree with BowlPro on this ball.  When I first saw the weight block of this ball, I just didn't think it would work.  A sphere with 2 half rings?  That ball is going to either not hook at all of turn around and come back to me half way down the lane.  hahaha.  As it turned out, it hooks and hooks a lot.  Rotogrips idea of creating a ball with continuous backend worked!!!  It makes it's move toward the pocket and keeps on driving.

My fuel is still factory finish as I have not toyed with the surface as of yet.  I'm simply afraid to lose the great reaction I have with it now.  The only thing I have to worry about is leaving a lot of 9 pins because it drives so hard through the pins.  I rev the ball up quite well and this ball needs carry down for me to be able to throw it right now.  The shell has held up very well and hasn't changed a bit during the month I've now had the ball.  It's not the typical "sponge" that some of the older particles were.

This ball is highly recommended for bowlers with little or no hand and also highly recommended to high rev players who run into carry down occassionaly (yes that's sarcasm, we all run into carry down hehe).

This ball has seen a major explosion in the area I live in.  I've never seen a smaller market ball do this well in my area.  Good job RotoGrip.

I grade this ball at an A, 94%
UPDATE:  I just have to up the grade on this ball.  I've now had it 2 months and give it a grade of 97%.  Yes, this is one of the best balls I've owned in recent years.  Extrmely versatile and gets better with time.  Unbelievable ball for oily, medium, and dry lanes!  Get lined up and throw 12 with this one!
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Deadbait on September 13, 2002, 11:06:12 PM
3" pin, 3.2 TW, 15#.   RH stroker type.  High track.   Pin even with fingers, 3/4" from ring finger.   MB below, and 1" to right of thumbhole.   38' fresh oil, AMF synthetics, typical house pattern.   Out of box seems like a ringing 10 pin or 4 pin every squared up pocket hit.  3/4 or 1/2 pocket hits, pins traveling to side and on the deck.   This ball a little different.   Don't know what yet.  Going to tweak the surface some for this bowler and see what happens.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Bill on October 03, 2002, 09:03:57 AM
Hank from Roto-Grip was nice enough to send us one of these balls to test, and I would like to say thanks and sorry for taking so long to post a review.

We drilled this up of a lefty that likes to swing the lane.  We used Storm Xtra Polished on the ball with the Box finish.  We laid it out with a 5 by 5 stacked drilling.

The bowler used this on a second shift condition with light to medium carrydown.  He was able to play inside of 3rd arrow and swing this ball out to around the 5th board and have the ball boom back to the pocket.  With the layout this bowler had a booming arc reaction with a ton of energy at the pocket.  As the night moved on the bowler had to move deeper to get enough head oil to get the ball down the lane.  

The Fuel is a great ball. As with any other aggressive particle ball you will need to put this on in the bag when the head dry out, and grab a Silver Steak or Retro Roto Blue.  Bowlers looking for a strong arcing reaction with an aggressive shell, I recommend this ball. This is another strong release from Roto-Grip and we are looking forward to drilling the Silver Streak Pearl, Sonic X, and the next Fuel.

Thanks again to Hank at Roto-Grip.
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Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Chris Postel on October 03, 2002, 01:52:19 PM
I had this beauty drilled up "sorta" 5 x 3 but with pin below ring finger w/weight hole on PAP and left it with it's sheen finish.

I used this ball the first time on wood lanes with some pretty heavy oil.  It came back ok, but just rolling mellow and then crashing the pocket. Shot 649, not too shabby.

I then used this ball on the shot that I had it drilled up for.  ABSOLUTELY NIIIIIIICE!!  I'm used to shooting on 7-7 synthetics with some out of bounds and with some good backend reaction.  THIS shot was 10-10 wet, 9-5 dry, and 5 out.....BONE DRY and not to mention SCREAMING BACKENDS.  

So anyways, I pulled this baby out and gave it a shot, and a good one too!  Shot 268...192...265 for 725.  Not bad considering I tried to do extra with the ball in the second game and not letting the ball kill the shot. This ball just loved staying in the dry area and then just coming back and blasting the pocket like a couple of Biker buddies in a bar fight with some computer nerds!

Two things I have noticed so far is that not only is this ball very controllable (possibly the best I've thrown in a while besides the Pearl Assault) but this ball is officially the "go-to" ball for harder shots.  And another thing is that you can't, and I repeat, CAN'T do anything extra to make it do more, because it doesn't need the help.  It'll just do the work itself.

Roto-Grip has made a customer out of me!  Good ball guys!!
That Is All,
Chris P
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: RotoGrip3 on November 18, 2002, 04:02:06 PM
This review is on the Roto-Grip Fuel.I got this ball a few weeks ago drilled it stacked.It is a fingertip.Anyway this ball destroys every pin!!If you throw it a bit right it will hook back with ease.When you hit the pocket the pins blow up.The first couple games I bowled with it was 240,300,299 to shoot a 839 .The first game sucked because I had to get used to it.The lane conditions were disgusting(oily) but did not effect ball.My pin p is 3-4 I think cant remember.All and all this ball kicks @$$!!!I rank this ball 11 out of 10.Thank you Roto-Grip for a exellent ball!!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: john_kleist on November 19, 2002, 10:21:02 PM
I am a high revs, high speed bowler.  What a HOOKER!  This ball requires a whole lot of oil.  I tried using this ball in out of box condition and I couldn't find a place to throw it.  But on the oil it is absolutely incredible.  I shined it all the way up and immediately following I shot my first ever 299 with this ball.  When it comes to an oil ball this is it.  This ball has absolutely NO PROBLEM with any over/under reaction.  So if you are looking for something very predictable on the oil this is a great ball.  If you bowl in a city like Pittsburgh and there aren't any centers with enough oil for this ball then choose something less aggressive.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: GRMREAPER81 on November 19, 2002, 10:37:49 PM
I have been away from bowling for 2 1/2 years. Found it hard using old equipment. Really struggled with todays condition. I'm in my 50's, but still have a high ball speed. Used to be 205 average, since I came back I struggled to average 180. Just got the Fuel, and am fairing much better. Been around 580 for 2 weeks, and had 264, 628 tonight. This ball is excellent on medium to heavy oil, with higher ball speed. I now have hope to get back to respectable average.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: SKIP on December 05, 2002, 03:40:36 PM
I did not keep this ball for long and that was a major mistake.  She was a monster on the lanes.  Drilled 3 3/8 stacked weight hole on my PAP. Ripped the rack consitently.  I traded it for the Response(BIG MISTAKE). Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side but it's not.  Awesome ball w/  excellent carry.  This one handled oil and carry down very good.  Nothing stopped it but a lot of polish.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: David Lee Yskes on December 09, 2002, 03:13:36 PM
OK, well i got this ball drilled up Sat 12-7-02, and it was drilled 4x3,  Pin 4, cg 3, with a weight hole at a 5 o'clock pos, below the thumb.  Anyways i got this ball because, i needed a ball for heavy oil, and since it was a particle, ball, i would give it a try.  I used it for 4 games on Sunday in a scratch tournament, and i bowl at this house in a regular league and it normally puts out a heavy amount of oil from 10-10.  And i was able to play inside of 4th arrow to 15, and still have it make it to the pocket, were any other ball i have wouldnt make the turn.  Well, i will say that this ball hits, a ton, left only 2 -10pin, in four games. I did, hafta take a scotch brite pad to it, by hand, cuz in outa box condition, it wasnt enough to play in the soup.  But the scotch brite did the job.  Anyways, i plan on leaving this ball as is, and not changing the cover stock again.  I will say that when this ball finds dry, it will turn hard.  I did leave two pocket splits, one a 7-10, and a 4-9.  But besides that, this ball is a great heavy oil ball.  Oh and this is my first ball since 97 that wasnt a STORM ball, but since it is made at the STORM FACTORY, i figured why not, lol. anyways, i give this ball a 10 outa 10 great ball ROTO GRIP
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: cooksey on January 18, 2003, 03:16:57 PM
Ball Specs: 15lbs. pin to the right of the ring finger gc kicked out about 2" from center weight hole in thumb quadrant. Got this ball used. In factory condition I found this ball did well on mediums but wasn't enough for heavier patterns. I bowl mostly on wood lanes that aren't stripped but once or twice a week so carrydown is always present. I scuffed the surface with a green scotchbrite and the ball came alive. It still gets thru the heads but gave me a better midlane reaction and a smoother backend. Carrydown does not seem to effect this ball. When it makes its move it keeps right on going. It is a very nice arc to the pocket. I have a swamp monster and this ball is definitely stronger. I haven't been able to throw it on a sport shot yet but I can't wait. If you need a medium heavy oil ball to cut through the carry down I would highly recommend this ball. My specs are in my profile.

Thanks for reading, cooksey
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: 9orbetter on January 26, 2003, 04:55:40 PM
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Michael W Walls on February 01, 2003, 01:12:46 AM
Drilled this ball 2 5/8x3/ out 2 5/8..1/4oz finger weight, 7/8oz side weight, Xtra hole on PAP..I polished this ball with Storm diamond gloss to 5000..Starts rolling mid-lane with a strong arcing backend....
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: bowler0821 on February 15, 2003, 10:25:47 PM
I drilled this ball up a couple days ago I used it for the first time to day shooting 629. This ball is drilled with the #4 layout and letter b on the drill sheet. This ball does not seem like it will hook but it goes out and makes a strong move not a flip but a hard arc. Works great for playing straighter up in oil great ball. I will post a another review after I use it more.

If the ball is hooking too much, move left or go to a weaker ball.

Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: rotomike on February 17, 2003, 04:11:26 PM
Strong finsher for a particle ball.  Was not expecting the amount of mid lane read and finish that I got with this ball.

Not enought oil in this market to use the ball on a consistant basis.  

On the Sport shot league it has been a very good performing ball. It is easy off the breakpoint with plenty of hitting power.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: teflon on February 18, 2003, 06:46:24 PM
Pin above ring finger, CG kicked out 1" to positive side, mass bias in strong position. Pin, cg and mass bias are just about lined up.
Gets through the heads nice and clean, reads the mid lane and rolls, then a very hard hook to the pocket, almost a flip, but not quite. It almost acts as it has a double hook when you bounce it off the dry. The particle cover does not jerk off the dry, just a nice strong rolling hook. i have found my best results just playing a small swing from 15 to 11, keeping it in the oil. The house I bowl puts out a crappy 10-10 with a ton of carry down, my silver streak wont turn on the backends for comparison.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: joemonty on March 02, 2003, 10:48:21 AM
I've been bowling for only 7 months, but I've become ridiculously serious about it. So I bought a Fuel (and 2 other balls, a Fuze Eliminator and a Fuze Navy) on Ebay.

Drilled pin over and right of ring finger, CG slightly right. Designed to break a little earlier and swing to the pocket on mid-heavy and a long pattern.

Out of the box, this seemed a little to long for me on my league conditions, so I took it down to 600. Without a lot of speed, this was too aggressive. With my hands high, I throw 18-19MPH, low (hip) I throw 15-16.5. After polishing the ball, I can throw it off my hip and if I hit my target (5-10) straight down, it CRUSHESSSSSSSS (Gollum would love this ball!) the pocket! (I mean Crushes, in case that wasn't clear). This ball has a beautiful arc and stores power for the winter! And did I mention that it CRUSHES the pocket. Lots of stares (People think a scud has hit). it's so strong that I'm going to go get a similarly drilled 15#.

Great job, do not ignore RG balls. My Eliminator review will be posted shortly.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Mr Scary on March 19, 2003, 11:59:51 AM
Specs: 15 lb., drilled stacked with a weight hole to bring the side weight back to ľ.

This ball worked great for me on a down and in shot.  I carried the world, but I had problems using it in GR because of the lack of oil, so I gave it to my wife about 2 months ago.  This is just what she needed.  It creates so much area, and just blows the pins away.  In the short amount of time she has had this ball, she has shot 8 games of 260 or better, including 297, 757 series in the GR womens city tournament.  I have recommended this ball over and over and over again to friends who throw the ball down and in.  If you throw with this style, donít miss out, great investment for a great ball.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Psychoballtester on July 08, 2003, 06:24:25 AM
Yep,me again,this Iím giving a review on the Roto Grip Fuel.The first one!Anywho, I actually got this 2 months ago.I didnít review it,because I hadnít become a member as of yet.Here we go,this ball was bought used.This RG fuel of mine was dull,not a polished one.I had this REDRILLED a 1/2Ēinch ABOVE  were the ďoriginal guysĒ layout was.Mine was the semi usual Low RG strong layout,but this time the 1/4Ēinch shorter than my usual too.Well its my fault for coming in 10 minutes before a pro shop closes,bonehead me.I guess he was in a looked kinda odd,but I donít feel like replugging it again,later I explain why.Iíll give you all the ďReaderís Digest versionĒ.Actually the very first time I threw thing,It was cool.Heck man!I was glad he goofed the 1/4"inch,this ball works real well with our friend the OIL!Ya throw it out,this thing rolls and rolls and then breaks(in a rolling ways).As if someone behind me had a ďremote controlĒ.I had some good 200ís,nothing over 235,but I was ok with my RG!I bowl a few more times within a week and half,same thing!
Darn it!!I forgot the oil stats,here again,didn't I!!That first night was med/heavy oil,these more recent nights were lighter oil.Ok,I was bowling good,NOW the NEW thing Iíve noticed was this Fuel is like an OIL VACUUM ball.They tire you out when the lane dries up a little,so I had to throw it a little harder and faster.Man,I thought my S-Freak got me tired!Oooooooooooooooff!I get splits too!Annnn,no big,that is why I bring other balls.That day was OK.I bowled only one 200 that night,no biggie.Well another test night(TONIGHT,about three hours ago,July 7th)yesterdays kind.I bowled with this again.Medium oil with weird oil splotches.I was told a league was here earlier.Ok,fine,Like I said before this ball works really well with oil and it did it again tonight(July 7th),ur,a,for a awhile.
Doogone if that RG didnít vacuum up the last of the oil.So from now one if the lane starts drying up or I see myself getting tired.Iíll just get a DRY ball or L-oil ball to save my strength for another time.My N-hawk M2 saved me from embarrassing dryness!!Overall rating ď A-ď.Itís a GREAT ball,just keep it the bag for oily days or nights and YOUĒLL BE fine.OH YEAH ALSO INVEST IN A LIGHTER ONE TOO,say ya bowl a "16",use a "15" or "14".Its up to you.I used to have a Top Fuel,but I had a Wrong leverage mistake on it and I sold it the same night,NO REVIEW there,until I buy a brand new one,then Iíll think about. (I know,I know,my drillboy drills or replugs my stuff at least twice a week).On this its my fault too.I have ta remember to take my time when selecting a GOOD leverage shot!Also get to that darn pro shop an hour before they close or earlier.Be cool everyone at B-ball Reviews,Iím gonna go ta Lulabyland now!!
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Jeffrevs on December 09, 2003, 09:59:42 AM
See profile for more info.....

WOW, I can't believe this ball is being discontinued, but what a nice ball!  More versatile than one would think.

My Fuel is drilled 4 strong in box condition (have polished it as well with nice results).   I bought this ball to combat a HEAVY headed 42 ft 7-7 house shot on an old guardian 18 ft./wood house.  Carrydown is horrendous...especially when they don't strip the backs

Anyhow, ...up 7, this ball does the trick with a nice strong predictable arc/strong arc to the pocket with GREAT continuation!.  This ball hits too good sometimes!

I also have used this ball on brand new Brunswick Pro Anvilanes on a fresh medium-medium heavy shot with screaming backends......

With proper cover prep and a versatile drill, you could use this ball from fresh mediums to heavier shots !   If you need a carrydown fighter, or you have a longer / sloppier shot, go find one, won't be dissapointed !
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Pro Street on February 19, 2004, 11:42:34 PM
2 words describe this ball. " HOLY SHI*T!!!" This is a very versatile ball. I have a lot of bowling balls like the Fuel. But Roto Grip has done something new for me. Its givin me a terrific oil ball. This is one of the best oil balls out there in my opinion. I have pretty much the same specs for this ball as all the others I have. 3.76 top weight 3-4 inch pin. Drilled full board. But it is only 15 pounds. That one less pound lets me put alot more revs on the ball. Which is probably why it hooks so much for me. The Fuel was the ball that got me started in bowling about 2 years ago and it has stuck with me the 2 years. I have thrown many good games with this ball including my 2 600 series when I was 13. The only bad part about this ball is dry lanes. Im bowling on lane 10 and end up standing on lane 7 just to get the ball to the pocket. This is my favorite bowling ball. Too bad its discontinued. I would just like to say that they should have kept producing the Fuel. If you can pick one up DO IT!!!

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Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: loose5682 on May 13, 2004, 05:22:55 PM
Purchased this ball from Jeffrevs on the site and I have been nothing but impressed!  The ball came to me with a 4x4 drilling on it, and the cover was around 600-800.  I toyed around with the ball, threw it a little, and then took it down to a true 600 grit wet-sand.  WOW.  Easily the smoothest ball i've thrown, there is no hint of snap anywhere out of this ball.  Very very aggressive, I find myself being able to open up lanes a little more with this ball, the backend continuation is phenomenal, especially for a dull particle, and the hit at the pindeck is great as well, again especially for a dull particle.  This really can only be thrown on true Heavy oil, and MAYBE a little bit of medium-heavy, anything else lower than that and you'll know to put it up.  Anyone looking for something that will move early and often should give this ball a good long look.
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Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Mr Pantera on January 30, 2005, 11:26:20 PM
Ball Specs
Roto Grip- Fuel
15.8lbs after drill
Drilled Sarge Easter
( pic of ball on my profile )
Drilling is I think 12:00 Label Leverage

Lane Conditions used are various. Works the best on medium to heavy conditions obviously since thats what it was made for

Reaction out of the ball was what I expected. With the out of box condition it really made the turn on oil. Scotch Brite to the ball smooths out that snap at the breakpoint a little bit. Just recently polished it with Diamond Gloss and took it out yesterday, very good on medium conditions polished.

This ball has allot of hook. Hooks about a few boards less than Bully with same cover on both. But this ball is allot more controllable.

Control with this ball is iffy. It is very responsive to hand movement and has a tendency to overreact when ball is thrown bad.

Hit with this ball is very nice. It keeps the pins low. I do leave the occasional 10 pin, 9 pin, and also 8 pin. But that is mostly my fault for a little to much hand when thrown.

Readability with this ball is a little unreadable to tell you the truth. Im not really sure if the ball will hold line very well when thrown so I kind of hope for the best when I release it.

Overall this is my favorite ball from Roto. I use this ball at my current house which is known not to oil lanes properly, and damage bowling balls. I only use it there because this ball was my first *high end* ball and it has allot of games on it. I threw my best ( not score wise ) game with this ball, 266. I threw the first 5, left a 4-9, and then struck out. Every shot was flush in the pocket and no cheap messengers. All pins were thrown to the back
This ball gets a 8.9
Great Job Roto!
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Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: Rich Thompson on February 07, 2005, 03:16:59 PM
Currently carry three from Roto-grip, a Silver Streak, Global Assault and the Fuel.  So far all of the balls exceeded my expectations, but the Fuel by the most.  Drilled it up 4" and it rolls so smooth.  The hook pattern is a half way between an arc and a hard flip.  Carry is incredible, but be prepared to see a lot more 9 pins.  Rate it a 9 out of 10, get one while you can.  They have become harder to come by since they were discontinued.
Title: Re: Fuel
Post by: magicman on January 13, 2006, 11:48:40 PM
First off a little about my style(or lack of). Lefty who's been bowling for about 30 years on and off. Normally I stand 15-20 board swing it out from say 10-11 board to 5 and put a strong finger lift from about 7:00 to 1:00. The house I bowl on is usually med-heavy with carry down from earlier shifts. Most bowlers are using ultimate infernos, backyard bullies or something for more lane oil. I had been using a El Nino 2000 for the last few years and been ave around 220-225 at the end of each season. I've tried alot of other balls(mainly Storm) but always end up back to the 2000. Lately i've been leaving alot of 7 pins flush and 6 pins if high.I decided to get this ball from buddies on closeout for 50.00. I drilled it up to go longer and finish strong 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 I believe. all I can say is that this is the hardest hitting ball i've ever thrown. It's just unbelieveable. Out of the last 3 weeks my games have been 278,258,158,288,226,191,300,226,265. It has got guys coming up to me asking what ball it is, if it's new, where can they get one and so on. I'm telling you this one's a Bad Mutha F'er on the lanes. The only problem is that it does suck up the oil and by game three it's time to bag it usually or split city. Have beat my season high game (300) and series (791) plus my ave now will be over 230. Don't miss the boat because this ball kicks some serious arse!
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