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« on: August 13, 2015, 01:41:50 PM »
Description: The Roto Grip Haywire takes the Middle Roll 70 core and pairs it with a 80H Micro Bite Solid coverstock that has been finished with a 2000-grit pad. This combination provides continuation on the heaviest of lane conditions.

- Color: Navy/Peach/Sky Blue (colors may vary from the picture shown)
- Core: Middle Roll 70 (14-16#)
- Coverstock: 80H MicroBite Solid
- Finish: 2000 Grit Pad
- RG: 2.50 (for 15# ball)
- Diff: 0.043 (for 15# ball)
- Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil



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Re: Haywire
« Reply #16 on: November 30, 2015, 10:02:20 PM »
The new Haywire by RotoGrip combines the Hyper Cell shell and the Disturbed Weight block.  This combination creates a devastating yet versatile ball motion.  The Haywire has more length than the Hyper Cell but more overall ball motion than the Disturb.  That just means that the Haywire will stay in your hands longer because you can keep moving left and the still get around the corner.  The drilling that I used in my Haywire was pin over my ring finger with no hole.  My characteristic are: PAP 5 over and 1 up, ball speed about 16 mph and my release is slightly up the side of the ball. 
I compared the Haywire to the disturbed and Hyper Cell.  What I noticed right off the bat was the backend motion was noticeably more than the other two balls.  The Hyper Cell rolled great on the tighter patterns until I had to move left and go around the carry down.  The Hyper Cell was just too early and not enough, the Haywire was able to get down lane and gave me a strong backend motion.   The Haywire compared to the disturbed would be described as the Disturbed on Steroids.  More overall ball motion but still very readable, the best of two worlds. 
The Haywire will be the first ball that I use if I am bowling on medium or even long patterns because it is that VERSATILE. 

Darren-Team X

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Re: Haywire
« Reply #17 on: December 02, 2015, 08:39:47 AM »
Length: Various

Volume: Various

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc.) House, Sport, Viper, Shark


The Roto grip Haywire is an absolute fantastic ball to have in your bag. Very smooth in the front followed by a continuous strong controllable backend. I have thrown this ball only a few times on each pattern as i was testing different angles of play and this ball recovered from almost anywhere. I have 2 Roto Grip Disturbed's and 1 Roto Grip Deranged. When i found out Roto Grip was using the Middle roll 70 core, I knew this ball was a must have for my bag. I highly recommend this ball to anyone with any style as the Haywire can fit each individual's needs differently.

Darren D.
Team BowlerX
Miami, Fl


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Hawire review by Storm Staffer Matthew Kemper
« Reply #18 on: December 05, 2015, 06:19:51 PM »
Roto Grip Haywire Review:
Lane Type: Wood

Length: 41ft

Volume: 21ml

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: Very strong through the pocket.  Ball recovers well from the outside.  The shape of the reaction is easy is too read


The Haywire is Roto Grips newest HP3 Line release.  The ball is factory finished at 2000.  The ball is wrapped by the 80H Microbite coverstock which is found on Roto Grips Hyper Cell.  The core is the Middle Roll 70 which is found in the Disturbed.  This combination makes the Haywire a Hook Monster.

I drilled my Haywire with a 60x5x65 layout.  I wanted a pin down layout to help get the ball roll a bit earlier and read the midlane sooner for heavier oil pattern.  The combination of ball and my layout is exactly what I was looking for.  The ball rolls great in the mid lane and is still very strong in the backend creating a lot of room for error.  I can miss right and have the ball hold and as well as miss right and be confident that the ball will recover. 
I would recommend this ball for anyone looking for a strong ball for a great price.  This ball will be great for the lower rev players who need a little extra ball strength to create some hook.  This ball will also be great for more experienced bowlers looking for a ball for longer oil patterns and heavier volume patterns. 


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Re: Haywire
« Reply #19 on: December 08, 2015, 03:48:57 PM »
Lane Conditions: Medium
Typical Conditions:  House
Type of Lane: Synthetic
What part of the lane did you play? Fourth Arrow
Weight of bowling ball: 15
RPM: 450
Surface of bowling ball: Factory/Box
What grit was the surface of the ball? 2000 w/ lane shine
Likes: Color and Hook Potential
Dislikes: Hates the dry

The Haywire is a hooking machine!! It is probably the most aggressive symmetrical bowling ball I have ever thrown.  I am so glad that another ball came out with the Disturbed core and the Hyper Cell cover.  Who would have though those two features would be on the same ball!! I knew this one would be a favorite of mine as soon as I heard about that combination.  The Haywire is a great addition to the HP3 line to go alongside the Unhinged and now Critical.
I was able to throw the Haywire at the Greater Tulsa Open team even last month.  For us, the lanes got very wet/dry in a hurry.  The Haywire allowed me to play deep in the oil and still gave me the motion I needed down lane to kick out the corners.  Granted, I had to keep the ball straighter through the heads because if it leaked right, it would hook instantly.  That is my only concern with the Haywire,  Other than that,  I have never been able to get inside and still have the recovery with any other solid cover until now.  The Haywire is a must have!!


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Re: Haywire
« Reply #20 on: December 08, 2015, 10:01:10 PM »
When information was released about the Haywire I was really excited to get my hands on this new release since it was a Hyper Cell cover and Disturbed weight block.  Well this ball did not disappoint in any way as it rolled exactly how I thought it would. It picked up very well in the midlane yet very continuous because of the weight block. I compared this to my original Disturbed and found it to be much stronger than the original Disturbed.
   I put my favorite layout of  4 pin to pap distance with a 1 inch kick from my center grip and thought that the ball rolled very well. I used many different releases and played multiple parts of the lanes with this ball during practices and tournaments finding success with this ball in many different parts of the lane. It is very versatile on the lanes and you can see that by watching anyone throw it on the lanes. None of my teammates at Wichita State are disappointed with this ball as almost all of them have one in their bag.
   I rate this ball as a 9/ 10 for as I really enjoy throwing it but nothing can compare to what my Disturbed and Hyper Cell do. Every right-hander should have this ball in their bag especially as a 2 ball because it seems to be an ideal ball once the lanes open up.


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Haywire ball review
« Reply #21 on: December 08, 2015, 11:20:59 PM »
Intoroducing newest ball to the hp3 line the haywire.Roto grip has done a great job by building this ball and adding it to there line up,hands down this ball will be fore sure a ball of the year no problem in my eyes.Everyone that ive drilled this ball for has nothing bad to say about it.Thing that i like most off about this ball is the cover stock and the box finish on this ball,the box finish seems to work well for everyone that ive seen throw this ball,has alot of roll tons of mid lane with some really good backend motion.Ball really looks to me asylum and disturb slamed togther,and those were to great balls,with the disturb core this balls rolls like a ball ive never seen before in there line up that what make it unique in my eyes.So to all you bowlers out there dont wait drill this beast of a ball up and start seeing a reaction in you bag like no other,great job thumbs up to this build.


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