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Hyper Cell Fused
« on: February 07, 2018, 05:03:04 PM »
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The Roto Grip advances the popular and successful line of Cell bowling balls with the Hyper Cell Fused. This ball has the fan favorite Nucleus core that is covered with a the strongest Roto Grip Hybrid coverstock to date, the eTrax-H18 Hybrid Reactive coverstock and finished with a 1500 grit polish. eTrax stands for Enhanced Traction and pairs well when facing medium oil to medium heavy oil.

Color: Jet Black/Silver/Violet
Core: Nucleus (14-16#)
Coverstock: eTrax-H18 Hybrid Reactive
Finish: 1500-grit Polished
RG: 2.52 (for 15# ball)
Differential: 0.056 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil-Medium/Heavy Oil



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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2018, 06:32:47 AM »
Hyper Cell Fused Review:

I tested the Hyper Cell Fused on a fresh THS (Typical House Shot) and was able to get comfortable with this ball very quickly. As you can see from the video the hitting power of this asymmetrical ball is outstanding. I got length although it noticeably read earlier in the mid lane than the last Cell ball, the Hyper Cell Skid. This is most likely due to the solid within the hybrid.

I played between 18-20 with my feet and targeted 9 down lane. This ball is very forgiving as if I missed right it would recover to the pocket and if I was a little inside it would hold. From what I can see early on it is similar to my No Rules Pearl that is sanded to 3000 Abralon.

I think bowlers, especially strokers and tweeters, will find this ball to be an asset within their arsenal. I'm definitely excited to use it the next night of league!



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Hyper Cell Fused Review
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2018, 11:08:36 PM »
The Hyper Cell Fused comes armed with the E Trax H-18 Hybrid cover and the Nucleus Core with an RG of 2.52, Diff of 0.056 and PSA Diff of 0.018. I drilled mine 4.5x5.5x2 with no extra hole. When I first started throwing this ball I noticed that even though this ball is asymmetrical, it is very clean through the front part of the lane and makes a strong but not too angular motion.  I can see myself using this ball on patterns greater than 40 41 feet depending on the volume, on the fresh or after the first couple of games.

PJ Haggerty

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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2018, 01:40:29 PM »
Roto Grip Hyper Cell Fused Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

The Cell line has been my favorite line of balls over the past several years.  The original Hyper Cell still goes everywhere with me and I was excited to hear the Hyper Cell Fused was being released.  The Nucleus engine is still under the hood, but the Fused has a new hybrid cover (e-Trax H18).  From what Iíve seen so far, this is a nice step down from my Hyper Cell and No Rules Exist. 

Iíve drilled my Fused as: 5 x 4 Ĺ x 70.  This puts the pin above my bridge and the mass bias just to the right of my thumb.  The Fused is very strong and also takes surface very well.  It comes out of the box pretty shiny, but I changed my surface to 2000 to take some of the shine off.  There definitely has to be a good amount of oil on the lane to use the Fused, so Iíd recommend drilling it for the longer patterns. 

Go drill another great addition to the Cell line!



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Hyper Cell Fused review by Wes Toney
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2018, 11:23:43 AM »
The Hyper Cell Fused has the nucleus core made famous by the whole Cell line. That core is wrapped in the e-Trax H18 coverstock. This ball is an asymmetrical hybrid that comes 1500 polished.  I left mine polished and I am glad I did. This ball is super clean thru the fronts, makes a nice turn down lane and does not quit as it goes thru the pins. This ball will help me to blend out the house shots when they get/start out wet-dry.  I can get left and "big wheel" this ball to the right.  If you need a ball with a strong backend and super clean thru the fronts the put this ball in your bag today!

Luke Rosdahl

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Hyper Cell Fused by Luke Rosdahl
« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2018, 09:28:01 AM »
If youíre looking for a lot of hook, or specifically a lot of backend, the Fused is going to be the ball of choice.  It features the Nucleus core from the Cell series, but has a new hybrid cover on it. Despite the shiny out of box finish, itís still an aggressive ball, and just keeps coming on the backend.  I find it to be best either for very straight games that need help with some punch on the backend, or for higher rev games to get very deep and be able to be firm with it without worrying about it getting down the lane OR finishing on the backend.  If you miss your Hyper Cell Skid, this is that ball, but with a little more punch.
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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #6 on: March 08, 2018, 09:02:33 AM »

Length: 40ft

Volume: medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


If the Code Red and No Rules Pearl had a baby the Hyper Cell Fused would be the outcome!!! For me the Code Red was at times alittle too smooth when it started to make its move and the No Rules Pearl was alittle too clean at times. I found myself having to give the Code Red alittle extra tilt off my hand to get it to turn the corner sometimes and then vise versa with the No Rules Pearl, I had to make sure and stay behind the ball on the NRP to get it to read the lane alittle sooner and pick up. Well the Fused the perfect compliment for me between those 2 motions. I went with my normal 65*5*45 layout on it and what I got was the length of the Code Red with the the change of direction and continuation of the NRP. On alittle longer pattern this ball was very good when the lanes started to transition, it isn't too clean to go passed the break point and it wont pick up too soon. It is a great ball to go to when the front part of the lanes starts to go away you need just alittle more clearance that the strong solid balls wont give you. This ball will be a must for the regular tournament bowler.

Nick Smith
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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #7 on: March 09, 2018, 09:49:55 AM »
I absolutely LOVE the Hyper Cell Fused. This ball seems to work on absolutely anything, whether you need to keep the ball in front of you for longer oil conditions, or if you need to move in and open up the lane, the Hyper cell fused is for you. The eTrax-H18ô Hybrid Reactive cover wrapped over the ever so popular Nucleus Core is a HOMERUN!!! I drilled my Fused with a 60x4 1/8x75 with a P3 Hole. My axis is 3 3/4 over and 7/8 up. Go out and get this very versatile HP4 ball today! #OwnIT

Erik Ramos

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Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #8 on: March 09, 2018, 02:37:04 PM »
Weight:  14 lbs.
Pin Length:  4Ē
Drilling:  30 X 3.5 X 20
Pattern Length: 40 ft.
Pattern Volume:  Medium
Pattern Type:  House
Right Handed

The Hyper Cell Fused has the proven Nucleus Core from the popular Cell line, wrapped in the newly created eTrax-H18 coverstock, for enhanced traction.  This is a hybrid cover stock.  This ball comes out of the box at 1500-grit polished, with a high flare potential.  The color is a very attractive Jet Black/Silver/Violet, which can be sanded for earlier grab. 

I have used the Hyper Cell Fused on house patterns, and a modified house pattern.

For our 39 ft. house pattern, I used the  Hyper Cell Fused at the 1500-grit polished box finish.    It got through the heads with ease, and was very angular exiting the pattern, continuing through the pins. This ball hits hard!  It allows me to open up the lane more than Iím usually able to.

On the 40 ft. modified house pattern, I again used the Hyper Cell Fused at box finish and it was plenty strong enough for the shot. I was able to play a couple boards further right on the 40 ft. pattern, than on the 39 ft. house pattern and  I had no trouble getting out the corners.  It has lots of energy coming off the pattern and continues through the pin deck

The Hyper Cell Fused is a great ball for fans of the CELL line.  It is very strong off the pattern, yet I was able to play a couple boards further out than I would with the No Rules. The Dare Devil Danger is my ďgo toĒ ball when the Fused becomes too much for the breakdown.  The Fused has earned a permanent spot in my bag.

Carol Teel
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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #9 on: March 16, 2018, 01:46:38 PM »

Pattern: Modified House Shot
Layout: 50x3.5x40

I am very pleased with my Hyper Cell Fused! After throwing it a few times in practice, I realized that it was a bit more 'skid flip' than I what I was looking for. I lightly hit it with a 2000 pad (by hand) and was able to get the reaction I wanted.

When my Son!q is starting too early, I can easily make the change to the Hyper Cell Fused and get to striking again. I found that I had to move a board or two right when switching to the hyper cell fused. In a different tournament, also on a modified house shot with an out of bounds around 5, I was able to start with my Hyper Cell Fused and play relatively straight - sliding about 19-20 with a breakpoint around 8. As the day went on, I followed it left and was able to stick with the Fused for all 9 games that day.

The Hyper Cell Fused has a solid spot in my tournament arsenal - Open Championships, Women's Championships, Queen's, etc. I see myself rolling it and playing straighter with it at the start of a tournament or it being something I change to when needing a little extra length with pop.

Jasmine Snell
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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #10 on: March 17, 2018, 08:10:02 PM »
Length:  41'

Volume:  Heavy

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  THS


This Hyper Cell Fused is going to be one of those balls that stays around for a while. The original Hyper Cell Skid was good, but this ball is amazing!
First off this ball has great shelf appeal as well. So off to do some practice with the Hyper Cell Fused, on a fresh fairly heavy 41í house shot on synthetic lane surface. The Hyper Cell Fused was super clean through the fronts and responded great in the mid lane with a super strong continuation through the pins. I started off playing 10th board out to 5 and the Hyper Cell Fused didnít overreact when I hit the drier boards quicker. Wasnít paying attention to the scores but after two games with it, I had shot 280 and 290. As the lanes broke down moving left was easy, the Hyper Cell Fused stayed clean through the fronts and never lost any backend reaction. For MY game I was able to get further left with recovery from the break point and even with miss room inside and out. With the Hyper Cell Fused ball motion, I canít wait to throw it on other patterns. As clean and as strong as it is I canít see much of anything this ball wonít handle. Gonna be a must ball for every style of player.

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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #11 on: March 21, 2018, 09:52:48 AM »
The HyperCell Fused is the latest HP4 release from the crew at RotoGrip. The eTrax-H18 Hybrid Reactive cover is the wheel around the engine, the crazy popular Nucleus Asymmetrical block. I drill for a bunch of Roto-Heads and all of them were stoked when they heard about this ball. I drilled mine using a 5x4x2.5 and this ball was a flare monster...the five inch pin location still created flare rings that just about encompassed the ball...crazy. In my head I was assuming a look on the lane that resembled the Storm CodeRed, but what I saw from the HyperCell was way more energy down lane. We bowl on a THS with 42ft of Kegel Current conditioner, it's not hard to hit the pocket but I have lower axis tilt and at times when I get my feet in the pattern it's tricky to bounce my stuff back. I had no problem looping the Fused around the corner and still retaining great hitting power. This ball is worth the price of admission! I've drilled the Fused for a bunch of people so far and I am happy to report that four of those people have had honor scores with it....woooo!!! Go grab a HyperCell Fused from your local shop, you will not be disappointed. It looks awesome, It hits like a ton of bricks and you'll toss pretty high numbers with it. Great release from Chris and the Gang! #ownit


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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #12 on: March 21, 2018, 10:43:23 AM »
I drilled my HYPER CELL FUSED 65 x 4.5 x 35 and threw it box finish before hitting it with a 3000 abralon pad. I put a weight hole 6" from the pin on my VAL to increase the flare somewhat. I plan to use it as a ball down option for when my stronger cover balls like the NO RULES EXIST and/or IDOL are running out of energy and pinging corners.

I have had the chance to throw this now on a couple of THS patterns, a modified longer house pattern, The PBA Don Johnson 40 ft pattern, and a 45 Kegel Challenge Pattern. The HCF is strong and definitely makes a pronounced move off the back of the pattern. With the surface and balance hole tweaks that I have made the HCF is a little too much ball for the regular house patterns, it is definitely in play on the longer patterns as a ball down choice when my NO RULES EXIST or IDOL start to straighten up, the HCF picks up the pace with a good crisp move to the pocket.

Put this one in your bag if you are looking for a stronger ball option on THS or want to tweak it to be a stronger option on longer patterns,
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Re: Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #13 on: March 23, 2018, 10:49:42 AM »

Length: Medium

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

The Hyper Cell Fused is the latest Cell release and it is a good one.  The combination of hybrid reactive eTrax-H18 cover stock and the proven Nucleus Core gives the HC Fused a strong continuous motion.  Did not be misled by the continuous motion, HC Fused will turn the corner at the end of the pattern.  The HC Skid was one of my favorite Asymmetrical bowling balls and I was hoping for something a little stronger and maybe a less dynamic on the backend.  The HC Fused is all of that and more.  The shiny Hybrid shell can be sanded to allow for more versatility.  I used mine right out of the box with no surface alterations and I found that the eTrax-18 hybrid shell is a little sensitive to the dry boards.  With that being said compared to the HC Skid or the Storm Intense, the HC Fused was continuous and readable.  I had confidence that if I threw it well the HC Fused was going to react whether inside or outside of desired target! The Intense sometimes has a tendency to squirt or dig in on me especially on a house pattern or my angles would have to be wide open.  That is not my ďA GameĒ.  My rev rate is around 300 and have medium ball speed.  My ďA GameĒ is straighter and closer to the dry outside boards and usually a BIG HOOKING Bowling Ball is not necessarily the answer.  But what I noticed with the HC Fused is that I could begin a touch closer to the dry boards and chase the pattern left with ease.  The HC Fused really blended the over under really well for being shiny.  Something else I noticed with the HC Fused as the session continued and lanes began to break down the HC Fused really shined.  It had the perfect blend of mid lane control and stored energy for the backend.  Not a ton of Sid Flip but roll with a strong finish.  The layout I used was pin over the fingers and Cg kicked out with a weight hole down.  Offhand I do not know the exact Dual Angle coordinates but it is close to 50 or 60 X 5.5 X 45 that is based off my Axis point which is 5 5/8 over and ĺ up.  The overall performance of the HC Fused exceeded my expectations! 

The Hyper Cell Fused is a great addition to the HP4 Line and also the entire arsenal from RotoGrip. 



Daniel Schaden
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Roto Grip Hyper Cell Fused
« Reply #14 on: March 25, 2018, 08:54:00 PM »
The new Asymmetrical ball in the Roto Line is he Hyper Cell Fused.  Using the very successful Nucleus Core and wrapped with the new Hybrid cover (E-Trax H18). I drilled mine 4 x 6 x 2 and left the cover box.  I personally get a lot of length and great motion down lane.  A lot of bowlers tell me how much the Fuse hooks overall.  Mine might bebecause of my low PAP and weak MB.  But it is a very popular ball and is selling like crazy and has been on backorder from Storm/RG almost as soon as release date.
For me it a ball down from Storm Code X.  Great addition to the RG Line.

Brian Watson
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RPM - 400
Speed - 16
Tilt - 16

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